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I too, want the Sunkist Fruit Gems. They are hard to find, but one of the best candies ever made. PLEASE, PLEASE bring them back!

I write this with great sadness, because until last month I thought Trader Joe's was the greatest: loved the merchandise and the friendly, helpful staff. Unfortunately, however, apparently the corporate management doesn't care about their customers. I was involved in an accident that is still causing me a great deal of distress several weeks after the incident. I was told to report same to their insurance rep, who informed me the store had decided it was not liable, despite the fact that it was the fault (albeit inadvertent) of one of their employees. Calls to their internal claims department have repeatedly been ignored and apparently they have no intention of honoring their responsibility. I have no idea where to turn at this point to deal with the pain engendered by this; I can no longer bring myself to shop at this store and am warning everyone I know to do so at their own risk. I guess I'll have to look into the small-claims court option, unless anyone has another idea...?

Please think about bringing a store to Central New York..You can look into the cities of Skaneatles or Cazanovia... I think they would more than support a store like yours in those communities, and people would come from the surrounding cities as well... or even better come to Armory Square in Syracuse.. We just got an Urban Outfitters as well... the surrounding community is a bit artsy.... we would love to have you here!

I have always been very happy with Trader Joe's and shop there whenever I can. Yesterday I was really pleased that one of the bottles of wine purchased at your store had a braille label. I just wanted to point out that the braille was misprinted. I would like to be a solution to the problem and consult with you on braille labels. I realize that it was not your store's brand, but if I could be of any assistance in putting out correct braille, I would be happy to do so. I am interested in seeing braille written correctly to help the population of us who really appreciate the effort of companies to provide braille labeling. You can contact me at: lyne@cox.net.Thank you.

How come you take away the Sunkist fruit Gems (Circular) and give us these square pieces of Greek acidy jellies? You guys are like Costco, get people hooked and then give them something substandard and not re-fill something that you've been selling for at least 3 years. Take the Greek candies and shove them up your Greek candy aisle and bring back the fruit gems. What's wrong with your buyers, are you going to lose 2 cents to make a point, You idiots, charge 50 cents more and bring them back, I like flavor not acid!!! Marc in San Francisco!

Trader Joe's has totally lost site of the cruelty's of the most horrid example of genocide and horror in the history of the world In a recent flier there was a comparison to Sophie in Sophie's Choice having to decide which of her children must die and which would live!!! with the choice between which vegetables to serve. What an incredible lack of sensitivity and crass comparison to a horror beyond description. How can the corporate offices due to reverse such a despicable reference?

I've been a fan of TJ's for years. Call me naive, but I thought they had a completely consumer-respectful standard. Not so, sorry to say. Since November (or maybe before, but that's when I discovered this bit of duplicity), they have been shrinking the packages of Simply Mango Slices by 2 oz. a package, and charging the same amount as the former larger size. This is no different than the shrinking of cereal boxes by companies like General Mills and Kellogg's. It's sneaky, and it puts TJ's in the same bottom-line category as any other corporate company where it's all about the bottom line. When I brought this to the attention of my TJ store manager, she agreed this was rank. And then she said, "But everybody else does it, we're the last ones." Like that makes it better. Sorry to see the standards slip, but in this country, that's hardly news anymore.

Somehow, I overlooked the rating when I wrote the above message. "Poor" is now more reflective of my opinion of the entire TJ company. And reading some of the more recent messages, I see I'm not alone in my new assessment of the company culture. I don't expect as much from the Ralph's, Vons and Gelson's around me. So I won't be as disappointed, when I switch back to the stores that make no pretense about looking only at their bottom line.

I'll start by saying..I love TraderJoes! Now, moving from Mass to Maine 4yrs ago, I definitely missed my TJs. Finally, You are here. I've visited twice, opening day and a week later. The Plus side, big store, friendly staff, variety. The down side, 1. 2x I've had to park around the corner in a ditchy parking lot(not yours) This makes me feel like a bag lady with a cart. 2. Where are ALL the prices listed, I wouldn't buy what I wanted for fear I'd go over my budget.The staff said just bring it to the register and we'll scan the $. Embarrassing and time consuming.3.Wheres the incentive to bring your own bags??? And some items are missing from the Mass stores in Maine?? I'll continue to shop at TJs cause I love it. But hurry up and get the kinks out please!

The California Farm Fresh Eggs that you sell for $1.49 in your Bakersfield store, have an imprinted small box on the side of the carton that states "May not contain California eggs" The exact same brand also sells for 99cents in the 99 Cent Only store. SHAME ON TRADER JOE for such deception. I see your phone number for your Headquarters is nowhere to be found on your website. Too important for customer phone calls? Even if you Google TJ Corporate HQ and try to get through, Tried to email them with the form on their website, and when I click submit my feedback, nothing happens. Luckily a 24 hour WINCO supermarket opened in my area, with even better prices and real California Farm Fresh Eggs from Petaluma, CA for only $1.19 This is what happens when companies like Trader Joes, get too big for their britches. Their founder was bought out and the store no longer gives a s--t about their customers.

I have been a very loyal customer of the Palm Desert Trader Joe's Store. However, on this occasion, the check-out cashier was engaged in a very long conversation with another male customer, which was only purchasing a bottle of wine. While I stood for a five minutes plus listening to their conversation, which had nothing to do with groceries, I proceeded to voice my displeasure in waiting in line, and proceeded to complain to the cashier. He turned to me and stated, "when I am ready". I then told him to stop the conversation with the other customer and help me check out, as I had a very heavy load of groceries. He became very unfriendly towards me, and as I thanked him upon leaving the store, I had no response from him, either by apologizing to me or thanking me for shopping at Trader Joe's.

While working for Trader Joe's at the Stockton, California warehouse (Mike Campbell's building) I witnessed a shocking site of illegal labor and OSHA non-compliance. Trader Joe's has known for years now that they have outgrown this facility (it is far too crowded and VERY dangerous as there is no room) and refuse to move location. The solution? They go through temporary work services (Cornerstone Staffing, Select Staffing, etc.) as they broke their union in favor of hiring a multitude of illegal aliens which a hidden on their night shifts and bread departments. All safety meetings are conducted in Spanish, the supervisors themselves (Fuguerra) cannot even speak English. Moreover, even legal hispanics who do not speak Spanish are called "coconuts" as they are brown on the outside and white on the inside, dispicable. If you buy from Trader Joe's, you are creating a demand for illegal labor. It is an awful feeling to be a legal citizen, born and raised in this country and yet I am pushed aside in favor of illegals who supposedly only take the jobs we Americans don't want. I don't think so! Beware!

I live in Golden Hills . I shop in Hillcrest while the store in nice the produce has been less then fresh . I called the store and spoke to the manager who is very nice . She suggested corporate be told and they were less then nice. I reported it to Tiffany at corporate and she said ok have a nice day did not do anything about the prb . I then called back and spoke with Nikki who claimed Tiffany would not speak that way but she did . That is the truth . Nikki did nothing for me as well and said it could be reported to the store only . That she and Tiffany are the only way to corporate . They are a blockage a hindrance . They are doing the company an injustice by not allowing any complaints to get to the top people . It is a no win situation and after years of supporting the company I feel I have no choice but to boy cott them . Regrets , Elizabeth I would love to hear from them !! Judezoni@aol.com

I have been having probs with the Hillcrest trader joes . Not the workers but the quality of the produce . It has not been fresh or not stored properly . The main issue with Trader Joes is they are sadly stingy . They will return items rotted but not correct the root cause of the prb . The corporate offices are just a way to thwart actual change and keep all complaints with in the company from not circulating to the powers that be . They could actually improve if they wanted to do so but sadly they have no interest in real customer service . I am sad about this because years past they were an AT quality store . They have specialty items that are good but the produce is priced to high and the quality is low . I would love to see them make an effort to work with us the customer who they are nothing with out . I guess if we all take some business away from them and give it to vons and albertsons or jimbos and henrys they may wake up and say wow ..what did we do to loose the market share of the food industry . I think its time to re invest in better workers in corporate . Take heed , Nothing goes on forever with poor customer service .

Please, please, please consider opening a Trader Joes in Franklin,Ma. 02038 on route 140....this is the center of town ...I know this would be very profitable for trader joes...Thanks I will keep bugging you guys till you do!!!!we need Trader Joes here so bad.Okay enough with the whining!!!!

We live in Newbury Park, Ca where a store just opened a short time ago. Previously we had shopped at the Westlake Village store. At Westlake there was a wine specialist names George who was absolutely wonderful. He remembered his customers an what they liked but he was transfered somewhere when the Newbury Park store opened We were hoping that the New store would also have this level of service but as of this date there still doesnt seem to be a wine specialist at the store if there is we have never seen him Is this a new style of management?

I recently transferred from the Green Valley store in Henderson, Nevada. Partly to be close to my relatives in Chicago, and partly to start a new life with my fiance. There is also an underlying reason for this move. The management at the Green Valley store is inept, specifically the manager TJ Tweeten. It boggles the mind to figure out how he was promoted to this position. He developed his staff to become simple-minded, corporate drones. I've worked for the company for a long time and did not like what I saw or experienced under TJ's administration. My store in Chicago is nothing like what has happened to the Henderson store. Here we still care about the customer and do whatever it takes to provide the best in customer service. Trader Joe's is alive and well in the midwest. Well, at least for now. I've heard by the grapevine that Mr. Tweeten is being transferred to a new store in Nebraska. Woe is them!!! My family is also from Nebraska as well. I wonder how long they will put up with his inept leadership. Maybe they are just transferring him to get rid of the problem in that region. There is also a rumor that the Henderson store will be closing. I know Fresh & Easy markets have taken a foothold in that specific area and sales are well under projected marks. Anyway, keep shopping at Trader Joe's and come say, "Hi!", to me if you shop in Chicago. I'm the tall, gorgeous Redhead!!!

I was told by one of the management employees to contact corporate about having TJ's bring back your Ceasar Salad dressing that was refrigerated in the fresh vegetable refrig area. I was told you have discontinued it. Your Ceasar dressing on the shelf (non refrigerated) is vinegery and oily! Please consider returning your Ceasar dressing immediately. Thank you. I shop at the TJ's in the following locations: Lake Ave, Pasadena; Hastings Ranch, Pasadena; South Pasadena on Mission St.; La Canada-Flintridge store on Foothill Blvd. Thank you. Could you let me know.

We just had a new store open in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. When the store opened I was so happy that we had a store only 5 minutes away. At the beginning the store was well stocked and had many items to choose from. Within the 2 months, when I go there, their shelves in the produce department are bare and when I ask if they have any more they go to the back and said no but they are expecting a shipment tomorrow. When I go back they have only put a few things out and still no selection, when I bring it up to the staff at the registers they tell me to go tell the Manager, I don't think it is my job to tell the manager, they as staff should say I will bring this to my managers attention, they have no sense of customer service. So now it appears I will have to go to the Redondo Beach or Torrance store to get what I need. At least those stores are always stocked and the staff seems to care. So sad that this is a new store and they do not seem to care about anything.

I love Trader Joes and any time I can get to Las Vegas I load up. What I would love to see is a store either in Bull head City or Laughlin NV..We have had a population explosion in recent years and I am sure that the store would have ample business to support same as there is a marken in Laughlin called Adolpes which has survived over 20 years in spite of vrey high prices. Many laughlin residents that I know come across the river (about 8 miles) to do their shopping. By the way, I adore your candied ginger and buy 6 or 8 packs when ever I am lucky enough to get to Vegas. I have searched the internet and it would appear that no one else caries what I am looking for. Do you ever ship? Safedway is starting. Get in on the ground floor!!!! My address is 1097 Mobile Lane Bullhead City AZ 86442

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