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We are frequent shoppers at Trader Joes and would love for a store to be in our city of Maricopa, AZ. Currently, the closest store is 20 miles away in Chandler. Our community is growing and I believe T.J's would do very well here. Fry's in Maricopa is the Nations leading store. We have a Basha's and a Walmart. Trader Joe's would be a wonderful asset to our diverse town. Please consider!


To those who are so mortified at finding a stray bug or worm in your produce, you could garden a whole and get over it. I'd WAY rather find a bug in my food than be eating ROUNDUP ( glyphosate) and PESTICIDES that I CAN'T see! Do some research on glyphosate and GMO's, and you'll see what I mean!


corporate secretary very rude.

watch out for their parking lots

TJ's parking lots are 2 small and 2 crowded. Hard to get in and out. Beware of their employees who climb on your car if they dont like what you're doing.

tj is great

Just went to trader joes for first time . Omg I love it . I live in bensalem pa and the closest one is 30 min away . Not close. Please bring one closer . I keep seeing all these gross trashy super markets opening . You would do so great in the area . Pleeaassee come to out area

need location sussex nj

Pleaseeeeeeee open a store in sussex nj..franklin has many abandoned lots that would be excellent. We do not have any decent priced organic food stores here..theres one small local store close by so overpriced and not much selection...not.helping my attempt to go all natural...

Poor quality gingersnaps

The New ginger snap recipe is very poor. I will not buy them again

Triple Ginger Snaps the new

What a mistake to replace a VERY popular item, the original Triple Ginger Snaps, with a VERY bad copy and not even close. The color is not as rich, the taste is not the "come back for more". Just read the Google sites devoted to the original Ginger Snaps and you will realize what a big mistake this is. The imitation was returned to the store in Tucson and I will never buy them again.

Orange Cranberry Tea Scones and Cranberry Pistacio Biscotti

For your buying office: I discovered these two items during the holidays in Cary, NC. The Mgmt. said they are only seasonal! How can you do that!!!! They are the best and I want them both year round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please keep making them and shipping them! They are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trader joes in Florham Park , NJ I clearly the worst experience I have had. The management is completely lacking integrity. Every incident of abuse can be found in the store.. What a shame a great company is falling to pieces...

Shame on TJs!!!

Shame on TJs for thumbing its corporate nose on Store #10 in Upland, forsaking it for expansion stores # 214, 215 and 216 in Rancho Cucamonga, Claremont and Chino Hills!!!!

Dead Fly

How can a dead fly be in your Trippled wash salad bag? I have stricked food restrictions and almost biting into a fly made me Throw Up.....How discussing . Called Corporate and they gave me a number that only takes messeges? Will an attorney wake you up. Or is this how Trader Joe's treats all customers ?

please open a store

I do almost all of my shopping at your Palmdale CA store. You have a wide selection of healthy foods at a very good price, checkers are always friendly & helpful and cheking out is always as quik as possible. I only have one problem. I'm moving. There is no Trader Joes near by. Please consider opening a store in the Apple Valley / Victorville area. I think that a store would do very well there.

Food Safety

Bought bag of small zucchini in Asheville, NC store on December 28, 2013. Just opened it and there was small worm, about inch long, and large hole in one of the zucchini where the worm had been.

snow peas -

Just bought a bag of snow peas last night 1/29/13), sell by date 1/2/14, opened tonight to cook found 1/4 are not in green!


A moment ago I wrote you regarding Chocolate Candy Bars. Then I read all the comments. So I will add mine. When I lived in San Marino, CA. my son Allan went to school with the son of an owner of TJs . I have been living in the Philippines for the last 20 years and I miss Trader Joe's and Marie Callanders, so when ever I return to the states I Stock Up, and Pig Out

Please open TJ store!

There is perfect location in Tourist area on the ocean side where Food Lion used to be, no supermarkets around within several miles. People in the neighborhood are suffering not having any grocery store around, I am sure TJ store will do great here. Here is the address: 101 East Granada Blvd., Ormond Beach, FL 32176

tj's to kansas city northland

Please bring Trader Joe's to the Kansas City Northland. I drive over 50 miles just to shop at Trader Joe's. No one in the KC Northland has the quality organic products that you do. I have many food allergies and have found your products lower the allergies. I love your fresh veggies, meats, chicken, olive oil, pizza dough. wine, and your breads.

Are you kidding with opening the lids on these jars? I was having company and could not get the jars open to make my recipe an hour before guests arrived. My son who is 23 couldn't get the jar open. I tried banging the top...running it under hot water. I finally had to bring the jars to my neighbor and after multiple attempts finally got them open. As I sit here now, once again, trying to get another jar open for tonights dinner. I'm unsuccessful. I am not going to bother my neighbor again. Needless to say, I like the taste..but not the opening process

Admired until...

I have been an ardent customer of Trader Joe but today was dismayed to know of their support of Planned Parenthood. A woman's body is hers, but the baby's body belongs to the baby and the US has already murdered in some very cruel ways...over 50 million of them. Please reconsider this illogical madness and sin against God's creation.

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