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Just a note to say your company better start doing more comparative pricing.went online looking, I am in the market for a full set of solid dumbbells and to my surprise i found your store to be nearly twice as high as say academy sports or Walmart on the exact same item.we have a new academy sports here in Hiram,Ga two miles up the street from your store as we go by there is a few cars in your lot and there's is full, everybody where i work have already commented on how low there prices are in these tough times the consumer is looking hard at prices! I don't think its healthy for a large town to only have one of any specialty store its not good for the consumer and i'm sure you don't want to close a store.

I responded to a post on Craigslist offering employment for a promotion on August 3rd and 4th of 2012 where I was instructed to create a profile on eventprostrategies.com. I was told it would pay $17 an hour. Upon completion of the profile I received a call to see if I'd be interested in the job which I was told consisted of passing out flyers promoting a new Sport's Authority. I agreed to accept the job, filled out paperwork online with the website eventprostrategies.com including providing them with my driver's license and social security number, which I thought was kind of odd. They sent me a confirmation saying the job hours, location, and manager name and whom I'd be working with. I was told I would be the supervisor of another member they hired and would get paid $1 more then the other staff member for taking and uploading pictures for proof of work, which I did and do have and would be glad to provide to ensure we did the work and receive payment for our work and to prevent us from taking this a step further with the authorities. The person I was told I would be working with was said to be named Sarah Jenkins, they provided me with her number. Then on August 3th, 2012 I called the person who booked me at eventprostrategies.com named Teresa (480)-203-3889 to confirm everything and she said the other person I would be working with cancelled. I found this out through calling which I find very strange they didn't inform me. But that's just the beginning, then I called the person named "Sarah Jenkins" and someone answered and said that's the wrong number and no one was there by that name. So is there really a Sarah Jenkins? It looks like I was scammed and gave my personal info. out online for a fake job offer. When I went to the Sport's Authority I asked for the manager evertprostrategies.com told me to ask for, and there was no one there by that name, instead someone else who appeared to be the manager said he thought the promotion was for next week and said he had no affiliation with eventprostrategies.com but suggested the booking was handled through corporate. This is very unprofessional and their is a huge lack of communication and understanding between all parties involved. The person at eventprostragies.com then offered to book my mom as a replacement for "Sarah Jenkins" whom they said cancelled and said they would pay my mom $16 an hour. We both did the job from noon - 4 pm on August 3rd, 2012. They said my mom would have to make a profile in 2-3 days, but she did the same day so she could receive confirmation of booking. My mom set up her profile on EPS and after we both provided our personal information and completed the first day's work, no one responded. I've sent several emails and placed several calls to both EPS office and the ESP staff's cell phone's which we were told to use. I was able to reach another staff member of EPS named Skyler (480)-466-5891 on August 4th, 2012 3 hours before we were scheduled to work that day, whom I spoke with regarding confirmation of my mom's booking. I asked for her to send an email confirmation like I received and she said it would be no problem and she would send it if I texted her my mom's name. So I did this and waited an hour and never received anything. Then my calls and texts to both Teresa and Skyler have since gone unanswered. This is before we were scheduled to work Saturday August 4th from 11 am - 4 pm. Because the store manager said he had nothing to do with the company and didn't assure us we would get paid, and because our calls to the EPS office, staff member's cell phones, and texts messages all went unanswered asking for confirmation of my mom's booking, we decided it would not be worth it to risk working another 4 hours with no guarantee of getting paid. Because of EPS none of your flyers were passed out on Saturday and your grand opening promotion marketing is greatly affected and limited as to whom will turn out now. If this isn't a scam, it's the most unprofessional unorganized unbelievable worst company I've ever seen! They give Sports Authority a horrible image and a bad representation! If you google them there are many negative reviews and complaints. They do not pay people they employ for over a month which is also illegal.

Hello I am a Latham NY sports authority customer who has spent over $550 in the last month there and on more than one occasion I have had a less than desirable interaction with Emanuel – I guess he is the store manager. He was rude and very cocky to me and seems to have no customer service skills whatsoever and to be quite honest it seems to be somewhat of a theme in that store. A few sales people seem to have the same attitude. First my interaction with Emanuel – today I went in to see if there were any good deals on softball bags and noticed the store had several softballs out of the package and beat up – almost looked used. Well I bring them up to the register (the salesman working in the area didn’t want to give me the time of day when I asked what the price would be) with one in the box – after the girl @ the register had to call 3 or 4 people he finally comes up (I stood there for like 10 minutes) – he wouldn’t even look at me and said I would have to pay full price for these! These balls were VERY beat up – with black marks – looked like they were used and no box. I try to point this out to him and he just said hed rather send them back or throw them out then sell them to me at a discount – way to treat a frequent shopper. The last interaction I had with him he wouldn’t match the price of a bat at another store since it wasn’t Dick’s – I guess I understand that - but he is very rude and acts like he is above you when you try to ask him a question. I am a Veteran and paying customer and will probably not go back until my points are redeemable (I have compiled a good amount) I am a supervisor in a call center and know good customer service – he is terrible and the salespeople seem to follow his lead.

I can now see why Sports Authority is closing its stores, I know I won't be shopping there ever again.

Good Afternoon, I would like to introduce you to our company, products and services. We are the leading manufacture of labels and tags in Southern California. We are committed to provide you with the best service and fastest turnaround. We'd like to have the opportunity to bid on your labeling requirements.

I had recently shopped your new Salem NH store. I was going to purchase a pair of Nike running shoes at a cost of $80.00 however, I didn't have my credit card on me at the time. When I was ready to check out, I told the cashier that I didn't have my credit card on me, but I did have proper identification indicating my drivers license number. street address, and city/state. The cashier had indicated that she didn't know how or if she could process the sale without a credit card. At this point, she contact a MOD. A tall thin bald headed man. The MOD stated that without the card, they couldn't process the transaction. He stated that the card had the expiration date on it and without that information, he couldn't complete the sale. This MOD then asked me if I had the account number on me. "DUH" if I had the account number on me then I most likely would have had the Sports Authority card on me as well. I left the $80.00 pair of shoes on the counter and left the store dissapointed. I then went to Bob's which is just down the street, and found the same shoe in my size. I went to check out and did'nt have my Bob's card on me as well. The cashier asked if I had my drivers license on me and if so, they could pull up my account using my drivers license number which she was able to do and I purchased the shoes. Macy's, Dick's, Bob's, and numerous other retailers are able to process a transaction in the same manner by using the drivers license." Sports Authority" is the only retailer that I've come across that is unable do so. This is the 21st century and The Sports Authority is back in the 80's. How many other sales have you lost. What concerned me the most, was that the MOD didn't seem to be in the least bit concerned. Prior to my retirement, I had more than 25 years as a regional buyer for Sears and if one of my managers showed a lack of interest or concern as this MOD did, he most likely wouldn't be working for me very long. Judgin by the number of markdown racks I saw on the floor, I don't believe that you can afford to loose business to another retailer.

I started working at the Henderson Sports Authority 3 weeks ago. I am an Assistant Manager at this store, I just had my first and I do hope my last encounter with the District Manager, Kevin Mitchell. I have never worked for a company that had such a poor district Manager. My first phone call from him was the most rude and demeaning phone call I have ever encountered, He did not welcome me aboard or speak to me thanking me for joining the Sports Authority team, but instead spoke to me in a rude demeaning way. The last few days it has been hot as you know what. The customer count was real low, I know that they do not take that into account for low sales but if customers don't walk into the store you can't sell them anything. I was told that our numbers were to low that we were not doing our job and that I better get them up or else. Mind you I have only rang up 48 customers I still am trying to learn my job as well as learning all the other duties for my position, we have a customer awards program we have to push on the customers and I do mean push, retail is retail we all know these things happen, but to get a phone call from the DM and I am threatened that I better get my numbers up or ELSE as he put it. Poor I do mean Poor management skills. there was a lot more said but in a summary I was threatened and abused in a way that no one should have to take, I was told that he was this way so my other Managers have had to put up with this ABUSE many times before. You may think I am crying about this but ABUSE IS ABUSE. I will be filling a complaint with HR but we all know were that will go. I WILL GO for being a trouble maker,we will see. Over all not enough hours to help customers no one on the sales floor, so no customer help, this means very unhappy customers and I don;t blame them. I do hope it gets better.

On Sunday, July 1st my girlfriend and I went to the Brick NJ store to purchase the anti gravity outdoor recliner shown in the flyer. When I get there, I looked but they were sold out. We went to the front counter to see if any were available elsewhere. The girl made a call to another store and found the beige one we were looking for. She had that store put a hold on it and the Brick NJ store manager would pick it up as a transfer to Brick and call me by Tuesday to come in for it. I waited till Wednesday July 4th and decided to call the Brick store to find out the status on the chair. The girl answered and I explained my situation. She put me on hold for a bit and the store manager picked up on the call. I explained again to her about the chair. She told me unfortunately when she went to pick it up, it had already been sold. Apparently putting something on hold for a store transfer doesn't mean squat, or someone dropped the ball. I waited patiently for 3 days for this chair and NOTHING ! I'll never set foot in Sports Authority again. This was my first experience in Sports Authority and it will certainly be my last. I'll spend more money somewhere else rather than give them a dime. Corporate will hear about this....

I shopped at the Westlake Village, CA - Sports Authority and had such an awful shopping experience. When I asked the sales person for help, he was so disinterested and unhelpful. Luckily there was another salesperson there who was helpful and courteous, and helped me find the merchandise I needed. I plan to write to the corporte headquarters about my shopping experience but after reading a number of these messages on this site, I realize that the problem is probably not with the poor customer service but how the company is being managed from the top. Just like how Circuit City went out of the business because of poor customer service, if the management only thinks about the 'bottom line' and not about their employees or customer service, Sports Authority will end up such like Circuit City. With all the businesses going under, and people out of work, it is no wonder that our economy is in the tank.

I actually got onto this website hoping to find contact information for our district manager. I wanted to complain, but didn't want to put my name to anything. I saw some of the other posts and figured I had nothing to lose in voicing some of my concerns. I recently started working at a SA in New Hampshire and although I really like most of the people I work with, my manager is SCARY! She is so pessimistic and never has anything positive to say about anything. The employees work their tails off and it is never good enough. I am not sure if the stress she causes everyone is worth the paycheck. The whole team gets along really well, but as soon as she walks in the spirit of the team quickly diminishes. Managers are so supposed to be encouraging, take care of the employees, provide positive feedback to employees, and encourage comradery among team members. All she does is bring people down, point out everything that is wrong, and threaten you. I am not sure who made her manager, she just came from another store, but OMG! The store would function so much better if she wasn't there. It is the employees that make the store, not her being the manager.

Today I went to Sports Authority with the hopes of purchasing my first golf club set. I patiently waited for a sales rep to assit me. After waiting approx. 15 Minutes I walked back to the fishing department thinking I could purchase a fishing and hunting combination license, Same problem no one around. You could see sales people in groups walking the isle's and having fun.I left and went shopping at Dick's sports had a great time and yes now I'm fishing and golfing.

I bought a new pair of Nike Monarch IV tennis shoes on 6/14/12 from the Sports Authority in Greenwood Village Colorado. I paid 49.00 for them. Two days later I went back into the same store to look at other shoes when I noticed that the shoes that I bought two days earlier were on sale for only 19.99. The sales rep also noticed the sales price and told me that I just needed to bring in my sales receipt in order to receive a credit for the difference. The very next morning, I brought my receipt and the shoes in the box (they had never been worn), back to the store in order to receive my credit. The cash register clerk went back to the shoe display and returned telling me that those shoes were not on sale. I indicated to the manager that the day prior, those shoes had been on sale for the 19.99 amount and requested a credit. He responded that those shoes have never been on sale for an amount anywhere close to that. When I pushed that they had, instead of responding that the store had apparently made a mistake in showing the display price, he implied that I was lying in order to receive a credit. Really? I walked out angry that I had made a special trip, when all it would have took is an apology and an admittal that they had made an error, and I would have accepted that. Although I am sure it doesn't matter to them, this customer has a memory like an elephant. I won't be returning to any SA stores in the near future.


On 15 May 2012, I ordered a package deal of a slingshot with ammo from the Sports Authority website. On Monday 21 May 2012, I received the slingshot WITHOUT AMMO via the USPS and phoned the customer support phone number. I was told that (because items are prepackaged) they would have to send me another slingshot and I would have to remove the ammo and return the unopened slingshot, postage prepaid! Also, they told me they would refund my original order's postage as a courtesy. The next day I received an email from Sports Authority stating: "…We regret to inform you the TRUMARK Fiber-Optic Slingshot, item number 11451343, was incorrectly displayed online as it does not come with ammo…We are currently working on having the webstore updated with this information. I immediately phoned customer again and they confirmed that they were not going to send me the ammo or refund the postage! I told them I was not responsible for their false listing and since it is apparent they leave it to their customers to discover their errors, I expect to be paid for doing the job and will accept one order of ammo as payment! They refused! I informed them that if I had known no ammo was included, I would have purchased a cheaper slingshot! They continued to phone me back offering me % off next purchase, gift certificates, etc. I told them I wanted the ammo they advertised and nothing else! All I want is the slingshot ammo!

I frequently shop your Webster Texas location on bay area blvd, I always deal with a gentleman named Frank. He is definitely an asset to your company. My wife and I really only shop there because of him. He really knows how to add on to our purchases, lol, but he always looks a step ahead for us. I would actually hope one day he would have his own store.

I purchased an R11 driver on July 17th, 2011 in Concord, California, saleman was very polite and seemed to know what he was talking about. He offered me a 2 year warranty, explained to me and my wife that if anything ever happened to the driver that I could bring it in and they would take care of it. So on May 11th s Friday, the head of the driver broke, rattling noise inside of it, didn't see any damage to the outside of the head. I went to sports authority in Dublin, California, walked up to the register and told the employee what was wrong with the driver. He told me that he could not do anything, I would have to contact Taylor made. I explained to him that's not what the person who sold the driver said. He then called the store manager to the front, she came up and he explained to her what I had said. She rudely tells me there is nothing they can do, this went back and forth for a few minutes. She told me to go back to the Concord store, but there was nothing she could do, she also told me to call the 1-888 number, which I did. I told the same story, again, there is nothing Sports Authority can do, I need to call the manufacturer to get this resolved. Not sure if it's just me, but I did spend a sum of money in SPORT'S AUTHORITY, not at Taylor Made and I have purchased other golf equipment at various Sport Authority locations. Not sure why in the hell sports authority couldn't take the club and deal directly with Taylor Made. I wasted my entire lunch trying to get this resolved, plus the 2 year warranty that Sport's Authority pocketed. Funny thing is I called Taylor Made, started to explain to him the problem, never mentioned Sport's Authority, but yet he knew that it was Sport's Authority that would not take care of a SIMPLE PROBLEM. I asked him why they even deal with stores that treat PAYING CUSTOMERS LIKE CRAP. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A SINGLE ITEM IN SPORT'S AUTHORITY AGAIN. IT'S MORE OF A RIPOFF OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY Looking at all of the post, not many 5 star ratings for Sport's authority, lot more 1 star. The Corporate office should do something about this, trust me, I will tell me story to many of my friends and tell them to shop elsewhere. Very upset with how customers are treated.

I went to Somerville Ma location #174 on Thursday 4-5-12 browsing. Saw Tommy Armour Torch golf balls on sale on an endcap. 3 for $16. Great price no money. I went back on Saturday 4-7-12 to purchase them. I went directly to the endcap (the ball were my only reason for goiung there) I did not see them. Then I looked on the backside of the endcap and Yes! they were still on sale. I grabbed 3 and went to the register. I gave the girl my 20% coupon. She rang them in and the final sale for 3 for 16 balls were 49.89. I brought to her attention they were on sale. She called the floor girl cassandra. She strolled to the front as I waited. Waiting for 10 minutes I finally went to her so she could not miss me. I explained the endcap sign and sale. We went ther she saw it called the mngr VAN. He told her to scan them-(we already had they are ringing at 19.99) so she takes 3 and rings them in as we waited in the cashier line behind 3 people.Surprisre to them all they are still scanning at 19.99. Cassandra again calls VAN. Then tells me that she can no longer help me and VAN will be up he is in a meeting in the backroom. (WITH WHOM!!! there are only 2 employees and 1 mngr on duty (per cashier). So I waited joke d with customers and the cashier for 15 minutes. Van finally approaches we go to the endcap. THE SIGN IS GONE!!! Van tells me they are not on sale and the sign was NOT there. I just saw it today and was in 2 days ago that is why I am here today and I have now been here for almost 45 minutes!! I built this display I know they are not on sale says VAN, your could have been her a week and 1/2 ago but DEFINITELY not 2 days ago!! I asked him if he was calling my a liar! Then he accussed me of moving the sign from one display to another. I told him to get CAssandra over here. THE SIGN WAS THERE!! Then I seen he has the sign in his hands. I took the sign and demonstated how it was on thge endcap. You are making a scene. Yes I am I responded because not only are you calling me a liar you're accusing me of price changing. I then tookt the sign and 3 balls procceeded to the counter and told the cashier I am not leaving until I get the balls. NOW IT IS PRINCIPLE. VAN came up and said I wiil sell you nothing get out of my store. I then turned and approached every customer and told them that VAN works under the ethics of BAIT AND SWITCH SALES!!! I didnot move from the register allowing no other customers to buy anthing. After about 10 minutes of thisVan finally decided that honoring a sale sign was the right thing to do. No he sold me the balls "TO GET ME OUT OF THE STORE!!!) Finally rang the sale in said he would not honor my coupon because I came in the store yelling and screaming and demanding. No I did not I had been patient until you VAN decided to call me a liar and make ridiculous accusations. As I said to him WATCH THE VIDEO SURVELLIANCE and all the truths and misbehaviors will be seen. Almost an hour to buy balls, and it should have only taken 5 minutes. I have never been treated or excuse me MISTREATED-ABUSED by a incompetent manager. I did end up telling him he needed to take some management classes because he was a "Jerk" in his mannorisms. He then began to verbally abuse me. Get out of my store, you have a GREAT LIFEignorantly, over and over and over again. He then left the register and began to bad mouth me and the situation to every person/customer that would listen. Grow up and do your job! MANAGE!!!Is this the way SA works-obviously because I have read the previous comments and bad attitude from management seems to be a national epedemic. How sad. I actually sent a complaint to the contact us section, with a memo on the site that says I will receive a response within 24 hours. It has been 272 hours and no response. Does anyone in the company care or are concerned at such negativity? Such poor Management, such dishonesty and IGNORANT behavior from VAN. WATCH THE VIDEO YOU WILL SEE I CANNOT BE THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS BEEN TREATED WITH SUCH DISREGARD AND PATHETIC BEHAVIORDicks and Modells may be more expensive however I have never been embarrassed, humilated or discusted with any visit to their locations. I have been a loyal customer and did not (nor does anyone!) SUCH DISGRACEFUL BEHAVIOR.

So, I was recently, informally let go. Yes, I knew it was a seasonal position, however, they never officially told me I was being let go after the seasonal time. They just didn't put me on the schedule. No managers said anything to me and they seen me too. Anyway, I have been waiting for my W-2 so I can do my taxes and I never recieved them so I called them early February. They said they would send a request to send them again. Here I am, in MARCH, called them this week, they said they would do the same thing. I want and need to do my taxes. what the hell? I never had any problems with anyone and yet this is happening!

Seriously people, you NEED to get a life! Have none of you ever worked in a retail setting? Only thing worse is food service! A friend told me to look at these sites to see the rantings of the bottom of the food chain. It is comical right up to the point where you point out the name of some poor guy/gal who gets paid to follow policies that they have no say in forming. People, get a life and get a job and find a better outlet for your frustrations than exibiting your poor literacy skills on a web post that has no direct link to the company you're pissed at!

I was recently employed at Sports Authority. I always stood for the company but the company never stood up for me. I worked different departments and I was damn good hard worker. They never looked at the good I was doing, they just saw my color and saw that I messed up and that it was a good way to get me out of there. I was terminated after being verbally assaulted and managers were called but no one came until the situation had gotten way out of hand. Employees wrote statements agreeing the guy came crazy at me. But I know the real truth behind me being fired because some of the employees told me it has a lot to do with my color. So now I'm going to let it all out and maybe I might just call the local papers and make a big deal out of this. So here goes. Even though I knew all their deals were not clear cut AT ALL, I still adhered to their rules for these fake deals. While working there I was not allowed to leave after bleeding through my clothes from being on my period, and this happened more than once. I had an eye infection and I was unable to drive so I was told to take a cab or catch the bus on a Sunday night. One specific cashier would call in over half the week and I and another girl was constantly being asked to cover her shift and this lasted for about 4-5 months. Several days I worked more hours than my schedule said. Also they would keep us way past our scheduled hours....ILLEGAL!!!! People were working full time but never offered full time benefits. A girl was caught by police in the store parking lot with drugs. She was not fired. She was asked to resign only after other employees went to corporate stating how unfair that is especially since the environment is supposed to be drug free. Why wasn't I at least allowed to resign instead of being terminated?

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