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Just Bad manners

Save a lot at 10700 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60628. store #24931 First of all most of the people who work here is numb to be polite. No customer skills. One of the worker was at entrance, no smile, almost angry to see customers. Talking about attitudes! Do they teach any manners? Or they are over-familiar when the matter is continence for them. They says their store hour is 8am to 10pm but they don't let customers in by 9:40pm and worker will tell you without hesitations, "WE ARE CLOSED!" Last time when I went there, they really didn't have any thing in shelves. So many empty spaces in store, a stranger and I had a conversation about it in store. I wish they change their manager and whole crews to trained crews like Aldi!

Poorly Cleanliness Management

Most Save a lot stores in the neighbourhoods of people with colour is poorly keep than the stores of people without colour. I don't know why that is considering its the same money being spent in all location but you will notice the cleanliness in the different location in Memphis TN.

bad management

Shopped at store #176 in jax. Fl. Only two register open with both lines down ´╗┐the aisle. When cashier called for a manager it took him 20 mins. their were 3 people with the tan shirts on just sitting in the office. This store is like this ALL the time. It should be looked into.


Dry ridge save a lot in the last 4 years has really changed. I stopped shopping there years ago but now with new crew and clean store I love it


I have Been comparing prices and the your price is 30 cent higher than Audie's I will be doing my shopping their,

Our Save-A-Lot

We love our Save-A-Lot. Easy parking. Good selection. Good prices. And Great People. Also close to our home. Really like the people. It's the store off 141 close to 44.

horrible managment

I got banned from there because of a worker not liking me so management said i could not go in the store based on the employeeedisliking me which is un fair and wrong


This store is absolutely the most terrible store i have been to. The way they treat management is unbelievable . Pathetic, they don't even deserve 1 star


i went into the store in Roslindale, MA to grocery shop. At the frozen food section there were whole tilapia fish just laid inside a bin out of the wrapper (at least 4 of them). I told a stockboy and he stated he'd put them back in the wrapper. I kindly told him they should be disposed of. He threw them away with his bare hands, didn't wash his hands after and just went back to stocking the shelves

The staff was very nice

Every time I visited the store"s in new orleans the meat is always fresh and the staff are always friendly.

Cold work place

Save A Lot on Morse Rd in Columbus Ohio 43229 is so cold inside the workers are froze. It is 62-63 degrees in the store except the managers office which is 72 and he keeps the door closed atleast 3/4 of the way so the cold doesn't get to him. We wear 2-3 sweatshirls everyday and still freeze. Customers are complaining we complain but nothing is ever done. People are calling off from being sick. (I wonder why) Please do something in regards to this. These conditions are not how you treat your employees.Thanks, hope you will look into this.

Bad management

I went to the store on hamilton in cincinnati oh. There was only one register open and the line was wrapped around the corner. When the cashier called for a manager he didnt come out. She called again and he came out with an attitude. The problem was the 5 for 19.99 was not ringing properly. The manager made a ugh sound that made the customers feel that he did not care about the problem. Also they have lost their Wic licencse why no reason was given just a note on the door stating no longer accepting Wic. There was a flood and a foul smell coming from this store. I will think twice about going in here again. I

rotten meat

Went to the store located on south rossler st in cheektowaga ny. Bought beef sirlon brought it home to make a meal for my family and the beef smelled so horrible. My husband went back to the store to exchange it for ground beef but since the ground beef was $3 more, the manager refused the exchange and then because my husband got upset that she wouldn't even smell it she threaten to call the police. Most store would try and make the customer happy due to the fact that they don't want a bad rep, lynn I guess doesn't feel the same way...she feels its ok to sell rotten meat and get children who would have ate this meat food poisoning. Will never shop there again and will make sure everyone I know who shops there never goes back.

Take care of your employees!!!

I recently went to the save a lot in Lackawanna ny 14218 on abbott road. Apparently the inside door is broken and it is freezing in there...the employees are freezing at the checkout and the customers as well...Please do something immediately...we are expecting a snow storm and the current temp is 22 and the chill factor is 12....Please please please....do something about this situation!!!!!!!!!!!!


the manager of the sav-a-lot in dry ridge,ky came from his home to help with a coupon i had and the check out personal could get it to work. i want to thank him for his prompt attention over this matter. his employee called him to explain the problem and i thought he went above and beyond by coming back into the store and helping him. my thanks to Ben Jackson manager of sav-a-lot in dry ridge, ky.


I first discovered Save-A-Lot when I lived in Las Vegas. When I moved back to Duluth, MN I found there was a store here and began shopping there. I have found that their brands are pretty much equal as national brands and a significant savings. HOWEVER, one particular cashier is extremely rude to me when I go in. About a month ago he ran into me with a cart and didn't stop to see if I was hurt or to apologize....anything. I would have said something to the store manager but he is very young and I have seen him roll his eyes when customers ask him questions. I have considered not returning to the store.

Tipton Grove Unsweeten applesauce

Why do you make a container that is so hard to remove the good product from, totally sucks.

Threatened by an emoployee

Yesterday my husband was verbally assaulted and threatened with physical harm by an employee(Whitney Maddox) at 3030 Monroe st. Toledo, Ohio store #46. He was at his register tending to a customer when her onslaught began. The security guard plus the other cashiers stood and watched. Today he and she had a meeting with management and the Union Rep because he wrote a letter to management telling them about the incident. He told them he was afraid for his safety. They said they can fire them both or fire nobody. They would just work on different shifts. The HUGE problem with that is she came in on her day off.


Where do I start. The store is located in Parsons, Ks. It's a very dirty store. The meat cutter seems to be drunk everytime I'm in the store. He's cussed out several customers and is just rude to people, and what's worst of all the manager just turns and looks the other way. Plus the manager is rude to customers and other employees. After what I've seen I will no longer be shopping there.

very pleased

Today as I cashed out at the save s lot store in Goose Creek Sc 29445. The cashier was young and about 7 months pregnant she was cashing out a Marine in a wheel chair. The new manger came out and helped the gentleman put his bags in the car. I thanked the Marine for his service as I helped with putting the bags in his cart. Then I thanked the cashier for going above and beyond. However I did get the chance to thank the New Manger. This is my word Thanks to him..

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