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Good Store

This is regarding the store in North KC, MO. The store is always clean and neat, the staff is friendly and helpful. The produce section looks good and the shelves are kept organized.

Poor Treatment

Save A Lot treats there employees unfairly.

keep our store on 67th western in chgo

why are you taken the best store out of our area. Well it would be a mistake and your chain will suffer when we take action on all save a lot store for the lack of concern. We need our store.

Sav a lot

Cashiers are very nasty and rude. West Union SC is the worst of the worst. They usually only have one register open and god forbid you ask to own another register.


The store in charlestown. WV. it is big because it use to be an old Acme market. Great value and meats are fresh at Hancock and charlestown. Great value

It Is as ghetto as one can get.

The female cashiers are rude and very disrespectful to those of a different nationality then themselves. Franlkin Avenue Store New Orleans.


Save A Lot is a disgusting store. There workers are rude and ghetto.I wish I could give negative stars

I have been to store 3 times this week looking for advertised specials on steak. they have nothing and keep saying they will have it the next day. I got there at 8:00 A.M. on all 3 days and they claim they are sold out. my neighbor told me they never had it and it is just a hook to get people in. will never go back there again.

very positive

I recently learned of Save A Lot. I have shopped there several times now and I give them an 8+ out of 10. The main short coming for me was; they need bigger stores with more products. I consider it size wise comparable to Aldi. Some of the prices/products are better then Aldi and some are not as good but all are prices are better then the regular stores.

Bad peaches

I have been buying Shelbys Grove peaches at Saver A Lot for along time. They were always very good. recently when I bought them they looked very pail and tasted very bad. what happened to the good peaches. Then I noticed what was wrong, I noticed on the can product of CHINA What is the wrong with you SAVE A LOT. this was a very bad move.

Disabled Shopper

FYI: If you are disabled and need to use the cart to take groceries to your car @ 85th Holmes Rd. location you will be chased down and hollered at for using the cart because you are disabled. Watch out for a crazy blond she might pull a gun out for using the cart outside the store!!!!!!!!

poor manager

I work at save a lot gastonia nc store number 476 and the manager cerina is horrible she takes sides with the people she likes and lies on other employees she isnt supposed to give anyone 40 hours except the full time employees but she gives some part time employees 40 hours while some of the employees get no hours at all she talks about people behind their backs and when someone reports her she makes up lies she writes people up for the same thing she does/do not do we are tired of the way she treats us and someone needs to make it stop


I am very disappointment in the cleanliness of the Save A Lot located at 999 Lake Forest Blvd, New Orleans, La. We have been patronizing you since the storm in 2005 and we do not deserve to have a new library, hospital, state of the art park & etc. and yet have a filthy store with paper, bottles and bags all over the parking lot. It looks like it has not been pressure washed since they open. Please help us keep our city clean. First impressions are important and with new stores opening in the area we will take our business elsewhere. We need your HELP.

Lexington Save-A-Lot store

I go to shop at save-a-lot in Lexington. how do I get a job there? The store manager is real friendly to the employees. I see this black brother rubbing all over a white girl at the check out. I need a boss like that. how much do a job pay there? I could make more money there than on street.

Just Bad manners

Save a lot at 10700 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60628. store #24931 First of all most of the people who work here is numb to be polite. No customer skills. One of the worker was at entrance, no smile, almost angry to see customers. Talking about attitudes! Do they teach any manners? Or they are over-familiar when the matter is continence for them. They says their store hour is 8am to 10pm but they don't let customers in by 9:40pm and worker will tell you without hesitations, "WE ARE CLOSED!" Last time when I went there, they really didn't have any thing in shelves. So many empty spaces in store, a stranger and I had a conversation about it in store. I wish they change their manager and whole crews to trained crews like Aldi!

Poorly Cleanliness Management

Most Save a lot stores in the neighbourhoods of people with colour is poorly keep than the stores of people without colour. I don't know why that is considering its the same money being spent in all location but you will notice the cleanliness in the different location in Memphis TN.

bad management

Shopped at store #176 in jax. Fl. Only two register open with both lines down ´╗┐the aisle. When cashier called for a manager it took him 20 mins. their were 3 people with the tan shirts on just sitting in the office. This store is like this ALL the time. It should be looked into.


Dry ridge save a lot in the last 4 years has really changed. I stopped shopping there years ago but now with new crew and clean store I love it


I have Been comparing prices and the your price is 30 cent higher than Audie's I will be doing my shopping their,

Our Save-A-Lot

We love our Save-A-Lot. Easy parking. Good selection. Good prices. And Great People. Also close to our home. Really like the people. It's the store off 141 close to 44.

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