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I WORKED AT RUBY TUESDAYS IN GULF BREEZE UNTILL TODAY i went in at 4 and their were termites flying all over the kitchen area by 4;30 they sent someone to the store for insecticide. their were poison covered insects flying into the food being prepared by 5 and when corporate was called to ask about shutting down they said it was not that big of a deal and to stay open. they were knowingly poisoning our guest. by 6 i clocked out and walked the 7 miles to my house and all night i have not been able to live with myself i am stressed out and need to tell someone incase our guest get sick i didnt know who else to tell so i looked up u on the web. please take this seriously it was not just a few bugs we are talking hundreds of poison covered termites landing two or three at a time on peoples food and on the cooks faces.

worked there and they r soo dirty roaches n never wear gloves drops food on fllor n re uses it

Wow, where do I start! "There is no place like home." Home being the Ruby's in the Marley Station Mall, in Glen Burnie, MD. My husband and I have been going there since the doors opened. We have tried others, but none quite measure up. Great service, smiles are abundant, accomodating servers, great food (always hot and on time), it was just simply home for us. We could go there to celebrate, and just even if I had to sit and think about things, there was always that welcoming attitude there. We recently moved to Herkimer,New York and the closest Rubys is 40 mile away in Amsterdam. Since we moved here, we made the trip to Amsterdam, and it was nice, but it wasn't home. There really does need to be a closer Rubys to Herkimer, say maybe Utica, New York. Oh how I miss my Ruby's. The service could not have been better, the food not fresher or hotter, the smiles brighter, and just the way that they accommodated their customers. The management there, well what can I say, it is quite apparent that the "trickle down" theory works, they are truly the best, most professional, and hands-on. I have over 40 years experience in the food/beverage field, I have been there when the kitchen has a melt down, or when the order is not in and certain items may not be available,when they are slammed, and never once has the management or staff shown it to the customers. All the while the back of the house managers were working hand in hand with the staff to produce the orders in a timely fashion, the front of the house managers were visiting with the tables to make sure that they were accommodated. What a great place you have in the Marley Station Mall location. I can't wait to have a reason to go back to Maryland, just to re-visit my "Ruby's". I know that alot of this sounds maybe to good to be true, but I pride myself in my knowledge of food and beverage, and from Chris Kratski, right on down to the hostess at the door, you all have corner the market on what a great Ruby's is and should be at the Marley Station Mall. My email address is:mummy431@yahoo.com if you wish to contact me.

the Newport,TN Ruby Tuesday, is the absolute worst the staff are disrespectful and your order may not be what you think, I ordered a steak dinner and when i received it, the steak taste more like (deer meat) so i asked for the manager and the general manager came to my table i expressed my complaint to him and he said blame the cook. I asked to speak to the cook and a kid no older then 16 came out so i told him my problem he explained that the restaurant`s general manager buys deer meat from a local butcher because it`s cheaper. I am going to contacted my attorney and the general manager has some serious explaining to do.

dear sir/ mam, I have eaten in many of your fine establishments across the u.s. I for the most part have been very satisfied with the food and service. All of this bragging of your Ruby Tuesdays came to a hault when i had dinner in your Newport,tn establishment. The amount of sexual harassment that the waitresses put up there was inexcusable.I asked to speak to the manager and to my surprise the man that stood up was the man harassing the waitresses. I told him that what he was doing to these women was wrong and he stated to me to sit down and eat or leave. I asked him for the corporate office number and was refused. the young adults that work the kitchen area were so busy playing and laughing that it took 30 minutes for my order to come out only to find that the food was served on a dirty plate and the chicken was under cooked severely. The stink from cigarette smoke coming from the kitchen was awful. I notified the health dept. and channel 10 news of this situation. sincerely mike

(store) springfield ,missouri 2725 n. glenstone. Took a friend there for her birthday,ended up being insulted by the waiter, he said something that was inexcusable. Called the manager the next morning he also said it was inexcusable and would take care of the problem..He asked if i would except a gift card and i said no but he insisted .I waited a week and nothing came so I called back and talked to a female manager.I told her the situation and she kinda laughed but gave an apology. She sent the card and it was a lousy 20.00 card.. I mean who do these people think they are?They apparently didn't reprimand the waiter the way the night manager laughed and when you spend a lot of money in a place you would think they would at least give you enough for a meal for 2!!!The disrespect,the food is not the problem it's the staff!!!!

Please watch what you say , RUBY TUESDAY will fire someone because of your complaints, a person called and said they seen my picture in the paper for a crime. In which I didnt even commit, and i was fired because of there complaint. 0 complaint tolerance from the guests or to Corporate Office. Now i dont have a job and rent is due at the end of the month. Further more I am a victim of the economy in every way , I have even been homeless while I was employed at Ruby Tuesday, the Oppurtunity that Ruby tuesday gave me, allowed me to aquire a Lovely 1 bedroom apartment. The same job that put me back on my feet , I pray wont put me back under. The Position at Ruby Tuesday was great. Im Hurt they dont stand behind thier employees more. If they care so much about criminal history. It should begin with the hiring process. They have so many felons working for them, who are great people and productive people just like anyone who run those establishments. I personally was charged with a misdemeanor. Ruby Tuesday never approached me to discuss the situation. They just presented me with the alternative of not being on the schedule any more. I am sad to say I not employed there. I never saw it coming. I still loved the position . I am a person of prestige, honor, integrity who can back ground check for any position. It is a shame to be treated so poorly because a stranger is able to call and say whatever they want whether some of or any of it be true or false.This has Truly changed my life with my new financial obligations still at hand, and no other source of income I fear the worst. The worst part of it is to be told how wonderful your job performance was before they let you go. I litterally begged for my job. I just couldnt believe it. Its sad at this particular resturant has several employees that do not have the work ethic I am accustom to. Overall they have an excellent team, whom i will miss. I wish them all the best of luck and prosperity. Sincerly former Devoted Ruby Tuesday Employee

there is a good spot in Plymouth,Ma where Uno closed. It is at exit 5 where the shops of Plymouth are

My boyfriend and I have just returned from dinner at one of your resturants (Farmington Hills Michigan, on 12 mile and Orchard Lake Rd. We had a coupon for a free entre, although we were seated right away and our order was taken right away as well, we were told that we could make our trip to the salad bar, which we did (could have used a fill up on some of the items there, some items were a bit soggy as well), We again seated ourselves and ate our salads, then we ended up having to wait almost another half hour for our BURGERS and fries to arrive (a rather simple order I might say, and they were OVER done, though we both had ordered them MEDIUM WELL done. We ate, then had to ask for our bill, (took while for that as well, we previously asked for more ketchup and some more napkins, which took awhile to get as well), we were almost done with the meal by the time the ketchup arrived. We finially got the bill, we gave the waiter our coupon for the free second burger, but then about ANOTHER 10-15 minutes later the waiter arrives to tell us that this coupon isnt valad for our purchase!!! No where on the coupon does it state we can't purchase a burger with this coupon to get a free one (these burgers still were rather costly and we added a salad bar to the meal whereas IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A VALAD ORDER! My boyfriend had gone out for a smoke, then returned to see my and the manager "argueing", yes pretty much argueing over what was valad and what was not, the coupon does state ENTREE OF YOUR CHOICE, so what the hassle? After I told the manager I planned on contacting their Main office, he relented a bit and took off $10.00 off the bill, but I felt it a bit too late, there were other customers who were looking on, that's not good for business, and I seriously doubt I will be going to your estabalisment any time any in the near or far future. Terrible case of customer service I must say. The meal was average, we had burnt, dried out and WARM fries served with our burger, whish was just okay. Would like to seriously contact a supervisor or someone high in the ranks about this horrible experiance. Certainly ruined our evening. Won't be back, at least not to this location.

Last night after we were seated in the Ruby Tuesday's in Maryville our waitress came with straws and water. But as she put one glass of water on the table she slightly turned her head to cough in her hand. With that same hand she placed the other glass of water and straws and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sick." We immediately got up to wash our hands. Soon she came back and said she was going home because she was sick (and she looked it!). NOT a good start for a meal. Before we were finished other waitresses were vigorously cleaning the floor around us with one of them on her knees picking up crumbs, etc. with her hands! Not very appetizing and a disgusting atmosphere! My husband ordered a "medium" bison burger that was not good - over cooked (just like it was the last time). We did not complain because it was late and we were tired but I'm not sure even your coupons will entice us back any time soon. With all the new restaurants in Maryville, I think it would be good for you to be on your toes!

I recently learned of what your employees are subjected to. First they are required to be at work at 8:45 on Sunday for brunch but they are not allowed to clock in until they get a customer. How can that be legal? The store I visited said no one comes in until 11:00 so they sit and wait for 3 hours with out pay. I noticed that the sign on the door said they opened Sunday at 11:00am. It doesn't take a genius to know why no one shows up until 11:00am. Out of the tips the waiters and waitress get they have to give a percentage to the hostess and the people who bring the food out. That is probably the same at all restaurant but if not why do the waiters and waitresses have to pay your employees. Then if people are not leaving good tips, their tip percentage goes down and they are punished by getting fewer tables. How can they be held accountable for what customers decide to tip them. That new show undercover boss would be a great idea for the CEO just go under cover without being on the show.

Dined at one of your rest. in Bloomsburg, Pa. on Sunday. Love the look of the open kitchen. It gave a great view of all the kitchen staff not wearing hair nets or hats while prepping and cooking food. Mentioned it to the waiter, within in minutes everyone had their hair covered. The assistant manager was gracious enough to let us eat for free. very nice on her part,respectfully refused since that was not the motive for the comment. This was my first visit to this particular rest. and very apparent to me that the kitchen staff was not observing basic hygiene standards or observing state law, so if a customer notices what is with the staff. Maybe another class session is in order of the importance of being mindful of state standards. This note is only to make you aware, not for the intention of people being fired, discount meals, or free meals Respectfully, pk

I had dinner at your restaurant in Harrisonburg ,va.... I was seated and wait on to get my drink and food order... The salad bar was good, but I was never apporched by the waitress if I need anything else with my meal or refeel on my drink .... She did come back and ask if I want deseret, but was done and ready to go.... I was there a good 40 - 45 mins. I use a gift card to pay for my meal... I noitice she was waiting on her other tables who had 4 to 8 people at a table and going back and asking them if they need anything else... plus she never noticed me at my table even tho she had to walk by me to get to her other tables...I am very unhappy with the service there.... My co worker told me she got bad serve and recieve food late and this is before I went to your restaurant today ( April, 12 ,2010 )in Harrisonburg,Va Thank you, Mr. R. Hale

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