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I am very upset and frustrated with the way you do business. I was advised by one customer service rep over the phone and by a representative in the office of your Eastland, Columbus, Ohio branch. Not only that I would have until the 8th to pick up my items, but also that if I needed to stay longer than the 8th I would be pro-rated if I didn't stay the entire month. I was told today by a very rude representative that "Nah not the case" and told me I would have to pay the entire months storage cost even though I would be getting the remainder of my things out today. I was advised that I only had until the 6th to get my things out. I literally only have six paintings, one dining room chair, a roaster, and a heater in the storage. Not to mention I would have got everything out of the storage yesterday had I not been miss informed by two of your employees. This is nothing but a bate a switch tactics on how you do the payments and leasing time period. I was told by a CSR today over the phone that since I was moved into the unit on the 30th of March, which I advised the rep at the facility that I would have to move in til the first, that I was pro-rated for the last day of March and paid a $1 leasing fee for march and then 16.49 for April and now would have to pay the full amount of $132.00 for May even though I'm not going to need it passed today. Not to mention the only reason why I didn't get the rest of my belongings out on the 6th was because I was advised that I had until the 8th. Reading through the comments the 8th is not just an arbitrary date. This is something that use to be and the employee made a mistake and now I suppose to pay for it. I don't think so. I will report you to the Ohio Attorney General office and cause you problems in Ohio that you would have wished that you let me get my little things out. This 132.00 will cost you way more money than what you believe. None of your reps have any idea of what your policy is. The rep on the phone today couldn't even explain how I only paid 16.49 for the month of April, when I got the $1 special in March and not April and why your company was able to pro-rate for march and not in May. As I said this is extremely frustrating, and I will pay this money as the paints have sentimental value to me but I will report you to the Attorney General and show them your own page as proof of my statement about the 8th and of your numerous violation just in the five months in this year of people who went out of their way to make a statement on your page.

I upgraded my storage unit on 5/5/2012 at 305 s union blvd Lakewood, co 80228.I went from a 5x10 to a 10x10 and was told by Casey that I had 24 hours from the time I came in and paid to switch the unit that I had 24 hours to move out into the new unit .At the time Carmen was present also and asked me if I could be out the unit by 2 pm on 5/6/2012 because someone could go online and request the unit because that was the only one she would have available. I told her that I would try but 4pm would be better due to the fact that that would be 24 hours for me to move the storage she said 2 o’clock would be great but if it can’t be done until 4’olocok that’s fine as well the customer trying to get that storage would just have to wait. At around 12:00pm Carmen called my phone leaving a message stating that the storage needed to be vacated and that I had only 20 minutes to get my things out of the unit because she had rented it to someone eles.My husband showed up around 1:00pm and Carmen told him that he needed to move the items from that unit to the other unit and stated that we had to have everything move at 9:30 am that morning which was not the agreement. She also told him that she would have are things removed from the storage unit and rent the one that we currently where moving into .And have are thing taken from the property period and have use escorted from the premises. We have been customers of Public Storage since 2010 and have moved are items from different storage units at the 305 s union blvd locations thorough that time. Carmen has poor customer service and something needs to be done and the policy on moving to a different unit should be followed I have a message on my answering machining that she left that is rude. And when I talk to Carmen about the situation she was very rude I asked her for corporate number and she kept talking over me she didn’t want to hear what I had to say I am a paying customer I enjoy doing business with your company but with managers like this It makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

Aside from the very poor human interaction and customer skills their employees possess, which most of the rants here seem to pertain to, it should be noted for future Public Storage customers that Public Storage has since April of 2010 raised the rent on existing storage units 3 times for an aggregate increase of 31%. Not bad if you are on the receiving end and have no guilt but it is pure extortion of whomever you have pinned in the corner. So beware that if you use Public Storage facilities, past behavior indicates that they will jack up your rent once you have moved in - repeatedly.

Absolutely the worst storage company ever!!!! Price increases constantly and NO customer service!!!! DO NOT EVER use this company.

If I could give a zero star rating I would. Don't ever use Public Storage, they're rude, employees are clueless and use harrassement. I had a unit at the store on Goshen Lane in Gaithersburg, Md store #08078 never in my life have I experienced such horrible customer service!!!!

I think public storage is full of it and thats not what i wanted to say first off i have two storage units not in my name and the smaller unit is more than the other and every time i go to pay the price always increases and my stuff sstuff is going to be off tomorrow due till all the extra charges and late fees i will never do business with again and everytime i call to get information on the account but they wont tell me anything because the account is not in my name but when i go to pay no questions is asked bullshit is what that is.

4/2012 I too was FORCED to purchase their insurance even though I offered to have my insurance agent immediately fax a statement or copy of my policy to prove my renters insurance covered this. ILLEGAL ! I've contacted the Attorney General and am waiting to hear back from Public Storage's Corporate office as I left a message with the VP of Operations John Reyes. I am short on time but will be moving my possessions to another business ASAP.

Just went to Public Storage near me and I found dumb and dumber working there. After being treated like a low life and being told what to do like I was a child I pick up my purse and told them where to stick their storage units. I was told that I HAD TO PURCHASE A LOCK THAT WAS "GOING TO BE OBSOLETE IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS" AND THAT I MUST BUY INSURANCE ON PAPERS, BOOKS AND MISC THAT I WAS GOING TO STORE (WASN'T STORING ANYTHING OF MONITARY VALUE. I went to another local storage unit and got the first 2 months free and could use any lock I wanted and NO INSURANCE!

Public Storage are a bunch of used car salesmen con artists. They NEVER honor the online registration rate when you go into their facility. You are forced to also purchase insurance, which they also are profiting from. The amount of paper used to sign up customers is insane...they are literally deforesting the planet with this massive waste. The employees are rude and adamant. They stalk and harass you by phone and email immediately after registering online...even after putting your move-in date in the computer...for you to immediately come in and pay. They also move up your move in date in an attempt to screw you out of the space you pre-selected and the rate given online. This company is a massive fraud. GO ELSEWHERE...YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU CALLED THEM!

In fact, many employees would like to "report" and warn customers about ps (public storage) but don't know how. Nobody wants to lose their job. We would have discussions about how embarrassed and ashamed we are having to treat customers in such a bad fashion. PS investors would probably like to know how deceptive PS corporate is toward investors. Many property improvements look good "on the outside" but they are a facade. They are a cover to a rotten apple. Also, investors should know how rotten the employee morale really is - due to ps greed and mistreatment of customers and employees. I would love to give more information if I know that it would reach stockholders and perspective customers. Post it on the website.signed p

Dear Ann, PS in Virginia started $10 phone back in 2007 or 2008. They also stopped us from taking payments over phone directly from our customers. In 2011 they changed late fee date from original contract date (often 15th, 12th or in some cases the 10th and even the 8th. Now everyone is the 6th. In Virginia ps is on monthly billing (rent due on 1st regardless of day rented), not anniversary billing (rent due anniversary day of your rental. Anniversary means if rented on 17th then next rent due on 17th. Rented 23rd, rent due 23rd. NOTE: Only exception to all these "systems" is when customer pays prorate upon moving. To confuse customer even more, many employees orientated toward simplistic sale are relegated to avoid explaining this to customers. Thats because ps will find a way to fire you IF YOU DONT RENT ENOUGH UNITS with lock and insurance. And they keep changing the bonus structure to further demoralize employees - ALL FOR STAKE OF THE STOCKHOLDERS. SHORT TERM PROFITS. Anyhow, If your original contract had late fee applied after 17th (midnight of 17th) and ps changed late fee date to the first (which means no grace period in California) then they really changed date late fee hits. Customers often get misled and confused at difference between due date and late fee date. They erroneously think that "late fee date" is really "due date for rent. Thanks, signed p. If a stockholder is reading this and you want to be invested in a fair, ethical , honest company then contact me. If your only goal is immediate profit at expense of long term growth and your customers and employees - then don't call me. If you say you have been making a profit with ps stock for years which seems "pretty long term" to you then contact me for details on my statements. REMEMBER, Enron and Termites take a LONG TIME before their work is exposed.

The Public Storage facility I where have my storage at is located at 380 Crenshaw Blvd. Torrance, Ca.90503. Public Storage acquired it from Americas Best Storage last year and even though the hours of employee on site presence went down along with the service my monthly payment increased from $142 to $178. Additionally, there is now a $10 fee for paying by phone and because my payment date (the 17th of each month) was changed to the first of each month a $26 late charge I must pay each and every month because my husbands disability check arrives on ther 17th monthly. If there is a regional Vice President I request that person be given the message to review and respond to, a $62 monthly increase (excluding phone charge)for nothing is unethical at best. Thank you Ana Perez 23008 Arlington Ave. Apt. 11 Torrance, Ca. 90501

I am not understanding some policies like why do you charge a full month's rent when its not going to be in use any longer. Its not like I haven't paid every month that I have been there. I am living on a small fixed income and now that I am able to move Why do I have to pay for a full month when I just need it for 3 days. I will be glad to pay for a week, but for a month... If I was moving in you would be glad to pro-rate me in so why not pro-rate me out. If you can ans my question, and I beg of you to please do This is plumb crazy.

I rented a unit I saw online. It was a special for $112 per month. Upone arrival, I was told I had to get the insurance from public storage. I told the lady their I have renter's insurance. She then told me I would have to bring in the policy, but I could not rent without insurance. So I signed up for the insurance. I was going to bring in my policy, but I did not until about a year later when I called for a the local regional manager. He told me that it is not a requirement. I then called to cancel the $8 insurance. That was a bad experience. However, it got worse. I then received a notice that my monthy rental was being increased by $8. Funny that it is the same amount as the insurance.

I am very busy as most people are these days. The ability to pay on line is a preferred way to pay by most. Went to go online to pay 1/4/2012 and the online system is not working properly? or is it possible it is a way to potentially collect late fees??. When on main screen, main screen, account summary states the monthly payment is due (the normal monthly payment). When click on manage unit the system shows the following from left to right: move in date, unit details, unit size, last payment (12/4/11) and $amount paid (which was paid in full), then......due now which is blank! Next line from left to right: under monthly summary: states rent, rent tax and total. Next payment due: is 2/1/11, rent, rent tax and total with a click "Make A Payment" button. When click on the make payment system takes me right back to the Account summary page!!!! Magically this is all happening just prior to where they are able to access a late charge for non-payment. ???? Please to all ...be advised!

I have been a client for many years. My relationship began at the brand new La Mirada location years ago. I certainly don’t mean to be an “asshole”, however since Adriana has been let go the level of professionalism and competence had diminished. On Monday, December 05, 2011 (2:21 p.m.) DJ called (left a message) and indicated that I had vacated the unit and had a balance of $29.84. I will admit, I had a “knee jerk” reaction and didn’t know whether to call my attorney or the police. My first thought was that someone broke into my unit and took the valuable equipment stored there. A little while later, DJ returned a call (left a message) and indicated that she had made a mistake. People make mistakes. I was almost over it. On Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Tony called to follow up my unit transfer. Only problem, I did not transfer anything. Again I was upset because I have valuable equipment stored. I am not sure of the solution to these problems, but perhaps further training will alleviate these shortcomings. I would like to say thank you for your time and I hope that these problems come to an end.

you guys suck no customer, service rude, no call backs and you have over charged by $200 00 and then lock me out. You should be sued and will. If there was a rating of -10000 thats what I would give you Jhon dow L.A. CA

I want to remain anonymous since I am currently renting a unit at your Hoboken facility. I am contacting you because I'm concerned about the rude behavior your employee (black gentleman, named Ken?) exhibited to a fellow customer who was trying to inform Ken that the elevator keypads were broken and that customers could not get to there units. Ken was condescending, rude and arrogant, insisting the elevator was ok, when in fact it wasn't. I'm concerned about future treatment and access to my unit. It's convenient that Public Storage's "contact us" form on their website is not currently working. However, as a customer who runs his own small business, I would never recommend Public Storage, rather the contrary, and warn hard working potential customers of the disrespectful "district managers" (as least that's what Ken at the Hoboken facility calls himself) that you have to deal with. If Ken had spoken to me like that, I'm sure I would have vacated my space immediately. Ken should be fired.

My experience with public storage has been horrible. I pay on my unit every month as well as insurance. Needless to say it was all for nothing. My daughter goes to the unit to put her summer clothes in and find my unit burglarized. Any and Everything of value was taken. 4 TV's, Front loader washer & dryer set, 2 lawn mowers, Leather sofa and love seat, side by side refrig., tower smoker etc.... Everything my husband and I owned in the world. Called the police and made a report and called the Willis Insurance (Fraud) to make that report. Willis comes back with declined. Public Storage... no help. DM... please this place is a joke. DO NOT UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH PUBLIC STORAGE. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF ANY MORE WAYS THEN ONE!!!! IT WON'T FEEL GOOD!!!!! AND THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE!!!! OH WELL SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!

I would like to add that they use false advertising, to lure you in, by saying just a $1 moves you in. That $1 went to $13, then to $23, to $36 then $68. Their response is, Nothing...............No one tells you up front! Everytime I check it's a higher rate. Their customer service is extremely poor. Police? What? They should check on the one at Curtner.

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