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you guys suck no customer, service rude, no call backs and you have over charged by $200 00 and then lock me out. You should be sued and will. If there was a rating of -10000 thats what I would give you Jhon dow L.A. CA

I want to remain anonymous since I am currently renting a unit at your Hoboken facility. I am contacting you because I'm concerned about the rude behavior your employee (black gentleman, named Ken?) exhibited to a fellow customer who was trying to inform Ken that the elevator keypads were broken and that customers could not get to there units. Ken was condescending, rude and arrogant, insisting the elevator was ok, when in fact it wasn't. I'm concerned about future treatment and access to my unit. It's convenient that Public Storage's "contact us" form on their website is not currently working. However, as a customer who runs his own small business, I would never recommend Public Storage, rather the contrary, and warn hard working potential customers of the disrespectful "district managers" (as least that's what Ken at the Hoboken facility calls himself) that you have to deal with. If Ken had spoken to me like that, I'm sure I would have vacated my space immediately. Ken should be fired.

My experience with public storage has been horrible. I pay on my unit every month as well as insurance. Needless to say it was all for nothing. My daughter goes to the unit to put her summer clothes in and find my unit burglarized. Any and Everything of value was taken. 4 TV's, Front loader washer & dryer set, 2 lawn mowers, Leather sofa and love seat, side by side refrig., tower smoker etc.... Everything my husband and I owned in the world. Called the police and made a report and called the Willis Insurance (Fraud) to make that report. Willis comes back with declined. Public Storage... no help. DM... please this place is a joke. DO NOT UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH PUBLIC STORAGE. YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF ANY MORE WAYS THEN ONE!!!! IT WON'T FEEL GOOD!!!!! AND THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE!!!! OH WELL SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!

I would like to add that they use false advertising, to lure you in, by saying just a $1 moves you in. That $1 went to $13, then to $23, to $36 then $68. Their response is, Nothing...............No one tells you up front! Everytime I check it's a higher rate. Their customer service is extremely poor. Police? What? They should check on the one at Curtner.

I am only sorry you can't give zero stars or even negative stars. The facility on Jefferson blvd in marina del rye is working with a robbery ring. Thousands of dollars were stolen from a space and the management were useless and even worse evasive about answering questions about previous robberies. There was at least one which they were very evasive about. They actually had an incident report but did not have the number of the space that was robbed if you believe that! There is no security system unlike EXTRA SPACE which has a sophisticated system of security. Your personal code disables the alarm @ EXTRA SPACE. I believe there is a robber ring that is being facilitated by management. Do not use this facility.

Excellent customer service which is important to me. Megan and Jeff at the Telegraph St. facility in Reno, NV know how to do their job, truly an asset to this company. It was refreshing to deal with employees that knew how to do their job while being professional and personable. I have rented from both the Telegraph St. and S. Virginia St. storages with no complaints. The District Manager, David Bristol sets a high standard that both facilities certainly meet. I highly recommend both locations if you need a clean and secure self storage with excellent customer service.

My rating is for Public Storage in Austin,TX at 8101 N. Lamar. Today, one of the employees called me to the office. He said my disable husband is barred for coming onto the property. I asked why, "Was he disruptive or call someone a name." The employee answered, "No, some customer are afraid." I told him he can't bar a handicapped person because people are afraid. He said he can if "customers are afraid." I said it sounds like they need to be educated. This same employee called the police when my husband's wheelchair broke down at that location.

In July of this year,I rented a unit using a credit card for automatic pay on-line.In September of this year, I lost my credit card & reported it to my credit card company who immediately cancelled the card & cancelled all on-line payments & they advised me to contact all with which I had on-line payments.I contacted the Public Storage facility that I deal with & they advised me that they could not take the new credit card info over the phone & that I would have to appear in person to provide the new number.I immediately went to the office 10 days prior to the due date and gave them my new card number.I was not told that I had to do anything to reinstate the pay on-line.I received a late notice 10 days after the due date & when I called the office to question this, I was told that I had to re-register on line for the automatic payment & when I went on-line to re-register there was my new credit card info and a late charge. When I called the office about the late charge I was told that only the district manager could waive the late charge. I called the district manager & described the situation & he said it was company policy not to waive late charges until after I had rented one year.In my opinion, this is a bad policy as how do you expect customer loyalty if you can't accomodate them on what was an obvious misunderstanding.In addition, he said that this situation was my fault not theirs so he would not waive the late charge.When I said that I felt that this was their fault not mine as someone should have told me when I brought the new credit card info in that I needed to re-register for pay on line & that I could do that right there & then. This guy was not only unsympathetic,but rude. Basically, he said tough luck. P.S.This guy called me from either his home where he had me on a speaker phone with screaming kids nearby or an amusement park with children running around him-when questioned, he wouldn't say which!

I rated this storage experince a 4 because overall it was good. There were a couple of things I didn`t understand, such as why the public storage here in Columbus , OH does not give the option of buying or renting the special lock for the units.I was told that the lock had to be purchased from them and insurance was mandatory. I might add that I will probadly never use this type lock of again.The first month free it came with a lot " must buy extras " my total first month cost was 57.00, this was August 2011. In September 6, 2011, I received a call from a clerk, reminding me that a payment was due by the 7th. 69.00 payment was made on the 6th of September. On Octocber 5,I my removed all of my items. After,I left she (the clerk) called the say, that I owned 18.00 to cover the 1-5 October. I told her I didn`t think so, because my payment are from the 7th of the month to the 7th of the next month. It sounds as if she is trying to nickle and dime me. I say that because there was no mentioning of this kind of payment in the paperwork,pleas help me understand. My unit #3004 at the Public Storage on 4600 Hamliton Rd. Columbus, OH. Thanks

Public Storage has a United States pattern of juggling numbers both finanical and dates to make it appear consumers are late on payments; changing locks alleging break-ins that they never report to the police, nor advise consumers; turning off auto pay, ignoring complaints and selling off personal property without legal notice required in all states. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime according to the FBI and Public Storage sold my paralegal office that was already filed in a divorce action. I think a class action suit is in order to stop Public Storage from its continued fraud and monopoly against consumers. If each person in each state could look up the BBB number of complaints and send that number to me, I will file a complaint and ask for an injunction to stop and close down Public Storage. My email address is: Nowletsbehonest@Yahoo.com. I have evidence that Public Storage picks the units that want and others they allow to move. Unfair business practices!!! All these complaints do nothing....LETS DO SOMETHING NOW.......

My unit is in very poor condition. Rent was due on the 1st of September, I get a social security check on the 2nd wednesday of every month. So on August 27, BEFORE my rent was due, I paid 1/2 a month's rent to bring it up to September 15 as the due date, when I had plan to pay a full month's rent keeping it at 2 weeks in advance all the time. Today, September 7, I went to the facility and found that I was locked out. My attorney is not happy about this as I had paid the 1/2 month's rent PRIOR to the due date, which by law should EXTEND the due date to the 15th.

Public Storage is very unprofessional.The managers are ridiculously ignorant and don't know how to uphold business ethics. I was charged a 150 dollar late fee as they changed owners from american storage to public storage when I owed only 2 months.They would not itemize the charges, I don't think the idiot manager knew what itemize meant. When I questioned the charges he screamed,yelled and walked away from me. They sent me a postcard charging me in one way and when I got there they increased the price by $89.00. He acted as if dare I question where my own money is going. This happened at 367 Southern Blvd. in the Bronx. BBB Shut them down RIGHT NOW. Until they do nobody put their stuff there. In this economy making so much money and being so devilish. There has not been one business to give the working class a break in this depression, not recession that they want you to think it is. The USA is becoming money grubbers who are destroying the core values of humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just discovered after renting a unit for 7 years that my belongings have been sold for 80.00. I received no notice prior and supposedly it occurred July 20. Is that even legal im in Pennsylvania where can I find out the law and is there any way to get anything back? I just want my pictures and my deceased grandmothers things im so devastated

Dear recruiter, I think that you are 100% wrong for my level of supervision is high and my education and skills are at master lever graduate, why would you sent the same letter 8 times? Is there a specif reason why? I do qualify for you promise 6 months training, I my not qualify for immediately supervision that i do qualify even without training. For sure, after 6 months training I can do the job with excellence. I just finis MBA master in business administration and I am looking for a career. More important that those things are that I am like that one this very side, I am the only one historical on this very site, so, what you need to do is just to give me that one, place all the things that need to be done to me, and that's is all, I can do any job ever exist in this universe. I apply in more then one region, in all those I am not qualify?? Irina P.

714 524 7855 ipalincas@gmail.com Dear recruiter, I think that you are 100% wrong for my level of supervision is high and my education and skills are at master lever graduate, why would you sent the same letter 8 times? Is there a specif reason why? I do qualify for you promise 6 months training, I my not qualify for immediately supervision that i do qualify even without training. For sure, after 6 months training I can do the job with excellence. I just finis MBA master in business administration and I am looking for a career. More important that those things are that I am like that one this very side, I am the only one historical on this very site, so, what you need to do is just to give me that one, place all the things that need to be done to me, and that's is all, I can do any job ever exist in this universe. I apply in more then one region, in all those I am not qualify?? Irina P.

Never go to 2345 Lansing Illinois public storage ... They made me drive 65 miles one way to pay at the facility to retain a unit .. why couldn't I do it over the phone? Then I requested a 48 hour pass and they said no problem.. I called 3 times just to confirm because I rented 2 hauls back to back and had people follow me to help me unload.. Needless to say, it's 2:30am and now we are all camping in their parking lot because I can't get in.. There is no 24 hour emergency contact to get ahold of anyone... Just a heads up, don't deal with Ashley, she rather play on her cell phone when your signing papers and asking questions.. Better yet, she may not be an employee here after I get done ... I'm going to call corporate in the morning.. This is down right unacceptable...

I have rent a storage unit in Elgin Il. and I'm not happy about the lack of light and people living in the storage units on the upper floors. Now I notice that I have been billed through my checking accout twice in one month, this month August 2011. I also found out to contact the corporate offices is next to impossible other than to call them and get the usual corporate runaround. The units I talk about is on Bigtimber Rd.

Your facility at 471 C Street,Chula Vista, CA 91910-1604 is staffed by the most careless and incompetent of people. Daniel(the Assistant Manager) was attempted to write up a contract for us. Anytime anyone else entered the office, he would drop what he was doing and regardless of how long it took, he made us wait. He did this for five different parties and just made excused when it came to completing our contract. When Daniel was confronted by what he was doing, he just made one lame excuse after another. I don't know about anyone else, but I am sure most of us understand that anyone ahead of you in line has priority and should be taken care of first. We left completely perplexed and angered by his apparent indifference. We will never return or recommend this facility or any other Security Public Storage site to anyone else we know.

We stored some belongings in a Public's storage unit for two months in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Our moving company went today to load our belongings onto the moving van and there was noticeable mold on our white couch. I'm sure there must be mold on other things but maybe can't see it due to the darker colors on other stuff. We didn't have insurance on our belongings so Public's say they are not responsible. They did say that they have had multiple other complaints about this same problem and that it has been an "unusual" year weather-wise and there is nothing they can do about it. They said the climate controlled units are worse. We just had a regular unit. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and if there is any recourse we can take? I would think that if they have had multiple other complaints, wouldn't there have been an obligation to notify the other renters that this is a problem? I had been by there twice over a two month period to pay the rent and nobody ever said anything about this problem. They had my email address as well. If they would have notified us, I would have our stuff out of there immediately. My worry now is that they said they would charge us if we left anything in the unit and the moving truck was leaving today and we had to load it onto the truck with our other belongings to get it out of there. I hope the mold doesn't spread. If anyone has any legal advice on this issue, please email me. tracysauv@yahoo.com

Never rent from Public Storage!!!! My husband lost his job in Febuary we have run through all our savings just to keep a roof over my childrens head and food on the table we had to down size to a smaller place to live and unfortunately had to get a storage it was suppose to be temporary until he found a job.We fell behind on storage payments,we had to choose food for children or storage, when late fees kept piling up it only got worse we called and stopped by to let Denise know MANY TIMES THAT we need our things that we will catch up ASAP. She kept saying no problem. Finally had money to pay and remove our property THEY I DON'T KNOW WHEN (I WAS NOT NOTIFIED) HAD GONE IN STOLE ALL OUR THINGS WITHOUT NOTICE INCLUDING MEDICAL PAPER WORK I NEED FOR THE CHILDREN (OUR OLDEST IS VERY ILL) PAYSTUBS WITH MY SS NUMBER ON THEM BOXES OF PAPER WORK WITH MINE AND MY CHILDREN PERSONAL INFORMATION NOW WE ARE wide open TO IDENITY THEFT MY PARENTS THAT HAVE PASSED ALL THEIR PAPERWORK AND SOME VALUABLE THINGS THAT WE CAN'T REPLACE SOMEONE HAS ALL MY PERSONAL PAPERS AND NOW MY PERSONAL INFORMATION THIS IS WRONG TO TREAT PEOPLE THIS WAY I RECEIVED A NOTICE AT THE FIRST OF THE MONTH STATING THEY WERE GOING TO PAINT THE DOORS TO STORAGE THIS MONTH! THEY HAD OUR ADDRESS AND E-MAIL TO ATLEAST GIVE A 24 HOUR NOTICE OR SOME COMMUNICATION THEY WRE GOING TO STEAL ALL OUR THINGS WITHOUT NOTICE THERE HAS TO BE A LAW TO PROTECT US FROM THIS WRONG Strangers going through our personal things NOW I KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO BE RAPED YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW IN THIS WORLD!!! I am seeking a lawyer to stop this from happening to someone else.

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