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Horrible Management in Craig, Colorado

Bad eating conditions and bad management.

horrible management

These people don't have a clue.....The hirer up the chain the dumber they get...wish someone teaches them how to treat people .


so me and my son pulled into the pizza hut in Bentleyville pa and I smelled a foul oder, the girl who works there was smoking pot. walked over to her , told her it was inappropriate. she laughed at me, I asked her name she told me her first name but wouldn't give me her last. went inside to find out she's the manager there. I had one of the girls to write down her name Kim Telegraphis. whoever hired an employee, let alone a manager without drug screening is very disturbing. I hope they make better choices in the future.

it was already said

I was going to write a review of the lousy service at the Worth, IL. Pizza Hut, But it's all been said. Suffice to say, this one is no different.

I took a survey online to get a coupon for 10$ off a 20$ order after wasting my time only for them to say this coupon is not honored at my location what a rip off

Worst service in Smyrna Pizza hut at south cobb parkway

Worst service in Smyrna Pizza hut at south cobb parkway

they need responsible people here

i order a pizza in sacramento ca by fulton ave and the person who took my call was laughing and wrote my phone wrong i found out waithing for my pizza hour not deliver i call them there inresponsible am not going there no more

Working conditions

The Pizza Hut I work at currently cares more about not having to work hard than food safety. Arkansas

Slow deliveries

Order my pizza at 830pm 2 hr later and still no delivery. Call the store they said it just left 5 min ago Last time ordering from Pizza Hut welcome papa john

Poplar Bluff, Mo location

In case you're considering it… I advise against eating

No piZa

Somewhere in NC. I know there's a Pizza Hut somewhere in NC and amazingly after speaking to the manager after 1.5 hours and the pizza still has not arrived is perfectly acceptable.

ordered last night and today it still hasnt came yet

I ordereda pizzafom the call center last night a 10 min. till 10 and its after lunch the next day I still have no pizza

Horrible service

After waiting for 20 minutes while the employees talked and laughed in the back I finally had someone take my order. Then they told me they were pretty much closed down for the night!! Pizza Hut in Nashville AR is a joke

New items on menu

I absolutely LOVE the sweet peppers you offer. I am addicted to them. I really love the flavored crust you now have. Please keep these onn the menu. We are now regular fri night pizza hut fan's

bad service

I go into the Pizza Hut on Cat on Street in New Orleans and they have the worst attitudes. They talk about the customers like a dog. They mess up your order.

I was wondering if i can get my W-Forms, i use to work for the pizza hut in Canyon Texas, about 4 months ago.

Pizza Hut Israel

Pizza Hut in Israel should be shut down in the Rishon Lezion Area by Cinema City, It is the worst Pizza Hut I have ever seen in my life and I travel a lot, after this Pizza I was Ill, they had no clue how to cook a Pizza and Pizza Hut should be saddened to have their Name attached to this Branch.

Less Toppings

Today I called in an order for a Supreme Large Classic Pizza. What I got was a slimmed down of the toppings on the large pizza. This is a disappointment to my Family's dinner.


I ordered a pizza / w wings got it a half hour later than I was told it was cold. I called and got a credit. Witch was ok with me however I redeemed my credit and was given a. Nasty attitude along with a. Uncut pizza. I love pizza hut just NOT this one!!

2nd time I've ordered my favorite sauce drizzle on my pizza and received no sauce

2nd time I've ordered my favorite sauce drizzle on my pizza and received no sauce it has completely ruined my evening I don't think I will return because next time I order it it probably won't be on it if I won't a plain regular pizza I will go somewhere else

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