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Long wait for carry out

I waited on a carry out for 45 minutes and it wasn't busy. After asking about my order the cashier says this is not fast food and it will be another 25 minutes. Because the kitchen is backed up. Well it will be a long while before I go back. This outback is in winston-Salem, NC

chicken tenders

Every time my wife orders the chicken tenders, they are terribly overcooked, even when she requests that they not be overcooked. Your chicken tenders are a disgrace--I would be ashamed to offer them to customers. Your kitchen staff needs training on how to fry them correctly.

service, food St.Augustine.fl

My husband and went to outback in St, Augustine,fl. Three weeks ago bad service ,bad food. The place should be closed down. I have texted, e-mail them no one cares. This company will or should be closes doors very soon.

We signed in at 6:17, not seated and served until after 8pm. The food was absolutely delicious but the service was terrible. Our soups came with our meal and were cold, ended up packing them up and taking home. There definitely is some problems in the Roseville MI location they need to work on.

over charging

we went to the Baytown, tx Out back on Dec 3rd. they double charged my card. i have been trying to get it off now since then. i placed a tip on the card after it had been run ..well when i got home they had charged me double .. it was two days and they took one 40.00 charge off , and left one on added 44.00 (this one was with the tip) .. i am fed up dearly with this, are they so freaking stupid that they think i should pay two times for a meal ?


Hilliard Ohio store location would not except my gift card that had $16.02 on it saying it was invalid. I called to verify the amount twice and it was accurate. What a waste of time. Horrible service they could have verified it just as I did and credited my bill. Horrible service manager a joke.


Called the customer service line at corporate and it is a voicemail. Have called the Denton Outback three times and have been promised that the OVER charge on credit card would be refunded. I started 08-06-14 and I STILL do NOT have the credit. Next will be the fraud dept.raud dept. of my credit card dept if I do not get a call from my 11-18-14 message on voicemail so I m waiting for results.


After reading the NOTE: I am more furious!!!!! Why say it's a review for headquarters - When the complaint will not reach them!

messed up big time

Then we got the checks mine was 127 dollars so I gave them the money in cash. My brother got his for 350 and he got charged for a extra family's bill. I then got my bill back saying I owe 180 instead. They also charged me for a child's meal that we never ordered. We asked for a manger the waiter came back and said he was busy with someone else and there was nothing he could do the bill was closed out. He did tell the kitchen manager, he came back and said if we came back ask for him and he would give a appetizers..Sorry I am from Seattle. I would never go there again after that serve.

Miserable Company

This company is a joke. Went to the Bedford NH location on Saturday night and was treated poorly by management and staff. Asked to speak to a manager and he refused to come to the table. Upon leaving I learned of additional harassment that was suffered by my party. Call back to demand owners name and number. Manager gave me a number and told me to call back Monday after 2. Called back and amazingly enough the owner is not there and the number he originally gave me is a fax. Called the customer service line at corporate and it is a voicemail. They have lost my business completely.

Who changed the potato soup recipe? It is terrible. We have always enjoyed the potato soup at your Outback location on Tittabawassee Rd. Saginaw, MI 48603. The waiter said that the soup is now made by someone other than the restuarant at that location. Please, don't ruin a perfectly good soup at this location.

the blinds were so dirty every blind in the restarant was filthy I coulndnt see my menu so I tried to open the blind I ended up with so much dust on my table

Anniversary Dinner


Love your restaurant

I often eat at your location in St. Charles, MO. I am always greeted as soon as I walk in the door that is being held open by a smiling employee. The wait is never unreasonable, and the food and service is exceptional. I really love the bloomin' onion. We sometimes eat at the bar and find great service there as well.

bad choice

hi I had a bad experience with the service , I feel like I was profile my the server, coz I was Africa American . as well as the food it really bad , so what every u do the pinole ca outback is a bad choice

hair in my food

I went to dinner at the outback steakhouse in Mishawaka IN everything was going great until we got our salad as I was eating I found a long black hair in my salad I told the waitress and she took it and told the manager he finally came around after a while and he more or less told me that he checked the cooking staff and they looked fine that the hair could have floated into my salad from anywhere funny it was in my salad nit on top so he was quite rude but they took off my salad and gave us one desert on them I was to tired to say anything back but I feel I was treated quite rudely and I feel they could have done more so I have told several people about my visit

I had a terrible experience . an employee took advantage of my credit card to enjoy 2 free meals on my credit card. I had to take a days leave from work to make a police report to the fraud dept. of my credit card dept. so I m waiting for results. I am going to contact my local outback steakhouse where this crime happened.

New Maple Mustard Crusted Pork Chops-NOT

I recently visited the Outback Steakhouse in Chaleston, West Virginia, next to the Mall downtown. While there I ordered the NEW Maple Mustard Crusted Pork Chops. What I got was 2 1/4 inch thick, 3 inch square pieces of processed something that tasted like cardboard. This was a really sorry meal and cost me about $20.00 with a drink. The drink was the best part of the meal. I don't think will go back to Outback Steakhouse again.

What's the point?

I picked up a curbside to go order from the Ft. Mitchell, KY location. I ordered the porter house steak by chance cuz they last few times I ordered the Filet, it was over cooked and was not good for the price/cut of meat. I ordered medium rare and this was by far the worst and most over-cooked steak I've ever had! The center of the steak is grey- no pink in sight! I wish I could send a picture of it because this $30 steak is worse than a one dollar burger from McDonalds! Horrible! Will never go back- they just can't seem to get it right!

False advertisement

My husband and I went to the Glen Burnie, MD location to try the Wild Wednesday menu. We get there to only find out that location is not paticipating. The commercial doesn't mention anything "participating locations only" so misleading and just plain dissatisfying to the customers.

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