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We went to eat at The Out Back on Saturday Night in Sanford, Fl. There were no Handicap parking left, So I found 4 empty spaces open , But it said carry out so I parked The Waitress came and said I couldn't park there I told that we were Handicap. She told me if I parked there she would a tow truck. I will never go back anymore.

Love Every Visit

Thank you for always providing such delicious steak, salad, clam chowder (with Cajun spice) , bread and crab legs... will always enjoy returning

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Birthday Dinner

My wife and I went to your facility in Cathedral City,CA for my birthday on June 26, 2014. We ordered the steak and lobster plate. The best part of the meal was the baked potato. The steak was Very tough, the lobster was bland at best. This was the first time we went to an Outback Steakhouse. I would presume that this will be our last visit. Sorry for a negative review but it is the truth.


Your Germantown, MD Location Oreded 2 Prime Rib dinners to go. Potatos & vegies were under cooked. Potatoes did not have any fixens with them. Bread was dried out and service in the place was cold and inattentive. Will never waste my money there again. If you have bad inlaws take them here. You may inherit early

Seared Ahi Salad

Why oh why would you have changed from the original seared ahi tuna salad it was the perfect mix of everything with the perfect salad dressings and now you have a sesame seared he that doesn't measure up. Go back to what worked! Signed, Distressed in Burbank California

menu mistake

a mistake was made in the order which was replaced but the party i was with had already finished by that time with their order.the manager came over and asked of i would like a side but nothing gratuitus for the mistake,so i said no.nothing was taken off the bill either.this is not a good showing for business.

Menu Changes

Bring back the steak focaccia!!! Bread pudding as well. Not sure why they continue to change the menu... Merrick NY outback manager Diane went above and beyond to make me happy due to menu changes

had the crusted chicken with backed potato last night , good meal only problem is way to salty need to tone down on the salt same with pomagrande ice tea way to much sugar. server very friendley going to mention her to cooperate

employee you have

you are losing opne of your best employee you have he has dedicate over fi8ve years of his life. he has moved when you asked him and put his life into your business. he derserve better than what you have done to him.

Curbside Denied

I frequent Jupiter location often, Last couple times noticed food going down hill, jet thought give it another try. Today is a Sunday and was told no curbside. Your advertisement does not say only at special hours. You lost a large order today, on for 6 people. YOUR LOSS Will not be back.

Bad service

I went to the outback in Peabody MA and they ran out of mashed potatoes, the soup was cold and they screwd up the steaks. The salmon wasn't bad but I don't think I will be going back there...


I dined in at the Outback in Burlington,NC its very unorganized and dirty. The silverware was not cleaned and the employees weren't polite as expected. You could hear yelling from the managers in the back when the employees aren't don't anything.


After waiting for over an hour, two breads and a onion...no food. We told the waitress just make it to go. After 10 minutes comes out with our doggie bag minus our lobster. 15 minutes later...lobster. Is not the waitress fault. Severally understaffed. Merrillville Indiana. So long outback.

Outback Idaho Falls restaurant

Went to dine at the Outback in Idaho Falls, ID, wanting the steak and lobster special advertised on television. We were told they do not honor specials promoted by corporate Outback restaurant. Felt duped and left. Ate at Sizzlers.

Bring this item back

Please bring back the Cyclone pasta, it was my favorite and now with it gone I don't ever feel like going to Outback.


I took my wife to Outback on Valentines Day and never will I go back again. They rushed us like we were in a fast food res. The food was terrible, we ordered the 2 for 1 dinner $49.95 they had to take my steak back twice. The worst restaurant expierance I have ever had.. You need to address this with the Puente Hills store in California on Azusa ave.

Crab stuffed shrimp

I wanted to first say I love outback it is my favorite place to eat in the world. I can eat outback 7 days a week if I can afford it. Lol. But anyway I was wondering what happened to the crab stuffed shrimp? That was one of the best appetizers ever along with the blooming onion. Just curious on what happened to it and why? Thanks for the greatest place in the world to eat!!!!!!!!

Why did you close the westend in Nashville Tennesse ! Now we have to drive thirty min. To go to another Outback could you please open another in west Nashville.

Unsatisfied with new management

In terre haute IN, It's obvious it's under new management and we are VERY unsatisfied!!! Service is crappy from managers and service is suffering!! Miss how great our experiences were! May not be returning to this location !!!

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