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No hot water

I complained about No hot water and was given a measly 10dlr credit for such a major inconvenience!!!

worst place and most disrespectful people i have dealt with,tried to get refund on my second night because of the drug dealings,prostiution parties,fights,no phone service no pool no nothing...


Motel 6 has made an agreement with local police agencies to provide guest information to police! This is a Violation of civil rights of each hotel guest. 1) dont go to Motel 6 2) file a complaint

terrible staff and service

I did stay one month and was a terrible experience and service. The staff are very rude and I will notify The expedia, travelodge and other about it.

They refused to rent to a 20 year old soldier because of his age. He was on his way to his new permanent location in Alaska. Hello that is so not ok Motel 6

Motel 6 is Terrible

Stayed at a Studio 6 in Houston, Texas. The room was tiny and a lot of things were not in the room. For what these ppl charge they should be fu--ing embarrassed. Never again to stay at a Motel 6.

worst customer care ever

had to stay at the motel 6 danvers ma for 4 nights had such a bad experience i contacted corporate and they did give me 2 free nights and then they banned me from staying at any motel 6

Shocking room

I have 2 videos you need to see. This room should never been rented out!!!!!!

False Advertising

Motel 6 in West Monroe, LA advertises it has free WiFi but what you find out later is that it only works in their office. None of the rooms get WiFi. We are DOT and have been here for months and never, not once, have been able to connect to Motel WiFi. When you complain they basically shrug it off and always say they will reset the router. It is a scam. They cannot and do not provide WiFi.

No Smoke detector in the room.

Shower tube was dirty,room did not have a smoke detector on the ceiling.


I took a trip to Charlestown WV and wanted to stay 3 days only did 2. the location we stayed was dirty, cigarette burn holes in the comforter, dirty black tub, never vacuumed area under bed, torn carpet, no towels, no trash can, no bathroom tissue. Then I had a coupon for 10% off at check out they don't accept. I have pictures to prove this as well. wont be staying there any more.

Nicest Room

The Motel 6 in Santa Barbara-Carpenteria,4200 Via Real *0346 had a super nice room. The IKEA like furniture and plank like floor made the room look more upscale and expensive than it was. The toilet and sink area are large and modern. Room is large and looked recently painted. Enjoyed their morning cup of coffee too.

2014 Corvette Caravan Bowling Green, Kentucky

This had to be the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. On top of that they more than doubled the room price for this event. The floor was filthy and the shower leaked. The bed spread was dirty and had stains on it. I am 5'7" tall and my feet hung off the end of the bed. The beds were very small. We had to pay 4 nights in advance. We stayed 1 night and asked for a refund. They declined the refund. The room was so bad we paid for another room at another hotel for the other 3 nights. We will never stay at another Motel 6. I put 1 star because that is the lowest it will let me put.

Rat trap Motel

On or about 03/01/2014 I rented a room at Motel 6 in Riverdale, Utah and around 10am the police department was knocking at my door stating that they had two warrants against me. This was all a racial profiling case because I am African American. How in the hell can an individual have any privacy if the Motel goes out and give all the occupants info to the local police department. What I am saying to the public PLEASE beware of the low rate because it just may be a trap especially with Motel 6. My advice to everyone out there do not use any Motel 6 within the State of Utah or you may never make it back home from you visit/vacation. You have been warned!!!

joplin mo

Rooms dirty bunch of crack heads living there cops in and out st all hours. Was staying weekly refrigerator didn't work the maids will still at the drop of a hat, came into clean room didn't make my bed, then when I complain they kick me out, called the cops to remove me while I was packing to leave. Wow have stayed in motel 6 all over USA worst I've been to


We have been staying at several Motel 6's, some are ok, some good, and some bad, and if the overall rating is 1.5 that is shameful. Why aren't the people in charge going out and fixing things, read the comments and go fix them. We stayed at one in Green River Utah, that was very good, even had a refrigerator and microwave, and the personal were so nice. Then we stayed at one in Ely, Nv, they need to remodel or shut it down. Not clean, needs painted, the bedspread are one ply, wifi didn't work, and I had to get a comforter and put it over the bottom sheet so the springs in the mattress would not poke me. I think it's time to turn the light on remodel these places, listen to the employees, and read the comments.

Motel 6 - Gold Beach

Corporate needs to review Motel 6 - Gold Beach, Oregon. Do you honestly believe that this motel is up to your standards. No carpet, 1970's disco bed box, 20 year old mattresses. Pet's in the rooms, in the beds..YUCK!

Motel 6 sucks

Motel 6 sucks


Horrible! Filthy, not fit for humans to stay in. The hotel in Illinois near 6 flags, the only thing they did was leave the light on! would never go back.

unbelievable price

Stayed @ the motel 6 in Three Rivers Tx. I'm a Trucker and ran out of hour's to drive an was forced to pull off and stay here. Rooms started @ $199.99 !!! Brand new building, no hair dryer & the worst part was no coffee pot or coffee in the room!!! Crown molding was coming off, paint on the bathroom door was sticky and tacky still. Got paint all over my arms. Curtain was broke and would only shut 3/4 of the way. I complained to front desk all they said was, yea there are issues it's a brand new building. No move to another room or offer to discount the price. I'll never stay @ another motel 6 ever again.

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