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Regarding the Cupertino, Calif Store on Stevens Creek, Ca. The Coupons are wrong and fraudulant. They tried to say that buttons, thread and needles are not sewing notions and refused to honor a coupon for 60 percent off, saying these are not sewing notions! I plan to get help from "Channel Five on your side". The store mgr. said they cannot help what "Corporate puts on the coupons". The assistant mgr. On duty refused to give me thr corp. office phone number. This dishonesty has happened many times. I suggest that everyone to shop else where if possible. Please be warned! Sincerely, D. Ackerman

Online Order Nightmare

I placed and order online. Long story short... They have managed to cause me a lost opportunity to work with a professional Hockey team. No at the call center is willing to take the extra steps to assist the customer in correcting their error. After 3 days of working with them on the phone, I advise anyone to not use their website, especially when ordering high priced items. I would have really liked to not add any starts but I had to put one to be able to post this.


I belong to joann fabrics quilt club. We meet the fist Friday of every month. I enjoy it but the main reason I wrote was to tell you the stores need to divide there books up and put the knitting books with the yarns and quilt books with quilting items and so forth. The way they are in now you can't tell which book is to what and they are up to high that they can't be reached. I go to joann stores in CT. If you would like more opinions on other areas I would love to help you out. But I feel the store is doing great and the new look is better than what it was. Thank you

Long lines in Taylor, MI

When 10-20 people are standing in line at one cutting counter, it's time to open the second cutting counter that is closed. The manager told me this was not possible. She had someone managing remnants at the counter instead of servicing paying customers. Remnants can be managed when you are slow, not when 20 people are standing in line, waiting. I'm tired of hearing Management say: "There is nothing we can do." PRIORITIZE!

extreme rudeness and ignorance

Jo-Ann Fabrics /Torrance, California/Del Amo Fashion Mall Employees extremely rude and ignorant on their products. Need to hire people who want to work, not just for the paycheck, for customer service.

No beads

What is going on with your store in Corona? Used to be a good place to get beading supplies but the shelves have looked skimpy with no new supply in the last 6 weeks. And PLEASE! Put some more employees at your registers there is no excuse to have 15 or more people waiting in line every time I go in

Retired teacher

It is with great sadness that I have realized you are no longer a REAL fabric and accessories store. Many shelves are empty and I can no longer find even a colored separating zipper. I am now going online to find many sewing supplies. Believe it or not many of us continue to sew clothes!!!! Most of your fabrics are horrible, so thin you can see through them. All you sell is junk for the holidays. Seems you are going down the same path as our government, making money hand over fist and giving little to the customer. You should be ashamed of yourselves!! Sad in University Place.

I recommend the store in Canandaigua, NY!

I noticed that most of the reviews on this page are negative. There is a store in Henrietta, NY that I avoid like the plague but I LOVE one store in Canandaigua, New York. The manager is very good and --wish I had her name. The employees are friendly and are as helpful as possible. While I am often very disappointed at the low quality of the fabrics these employees are GREAT! I know it is hard to help ppl who have no idea how to complete the project in their mind and they don't know how much of any product they need but patience reigns in Canandaigua! It's worth the drive ;-)

Horrible Customer Service

Joann Fabrics in Brick New Jersey has the rudest and most disrespectful sales associates that I have ever encountered. Many times when I ask for help I am humiliated with loud rude comments from the saleswomen because I am unfamiliar with the sewing department layout. I have been a customer for over 10 years for yarns and have never asked for help until now. I dread going in there for fear I will have to ask for help and be subject to ridicule, embarrassment and humiliation. I tried to email headquarters but my complaint will not go through. Guess they don't want to hear it. Shame on you, Joann Fabric Stores! Shame on you!

store changes

I have been a Joann Shopper for many years, although admittedly it was because I had no other choice, not because I was impressed with the stores. But as of this past week, I will no longer use Joann Fabrics unless I have no other choice. Recently the changes to the interior of the store and bathrooms in the Jacksonville FL store has ended that. The bathrooms were not particularly great to begin with but with the recent changes they are even less so. Especially since they removed the changing table for young children. I had to go to my truck to change my 2 year old granddaughter last week.

Love JoAnn' s fabrics but a little disenchanted with the accident that happened to me on Sunday at your store in Buena Park/Cypress Area and the lack of followup on your part since there was a full report taken!!!


Cool Springs Franklin Tn store was suppose to have muslin 60 inches by the bolt on sale 70% off got there at opening time only had 2 bolts and they were already sold VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!!! I shop this store at least once a week Have to drive over an hour to get there!!! VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!!!!!

Store layout

Ever since the store was "rearranged", it's virtually impossible to find anything without asking a clerk. I waste more time walking up and down the aisles looking for things. Perhaps, little signs could be put up on each aisle, (like they do in some grocery stores) denoting what that particular section contains. Or, maybe a map! Anything would be better than wandering up and down the aisles looking for things

shopping experience

My first visit to store in Durham NC and was overcharged, could not make clerk understand and a line was forming, so I just left without my $2.00. On my second visit today I was talked to very rudely by clerk at fabrics. I had waited in line for over ten minutes when my turn came (I thought) I was informed that needed a number in order to be next in line. Will not be a third chance!

I was excited that we were to have a new store in Columbia, MO however after visiting the store this date I am highly disappointed. The store is in total disarray-fabric on floor, piled on top of other standing fabric, fabric so tightly pushed on the rack that it causes terrible wrinkling, no clerks in sight. I do a tremendous amount of fashion tailoring and I will not purchase from the Columbia tore again--I will travel to Jefferson City, 30 miles away for any purchase that I deem necessary to purchase from Joann Fabrics.

I have applied to several position with the company, but never had even a chance to have an interview. I have MBA in Accounting and Finance, Engineering degree, many years of experience in Payroll, etc. What kind of people do they hire? friends only.

Extremely poor customer service

I recently had two incidents during the same visit of extremely poor customer service and will no longer shop at a Jo-Ann Fabrics store. #1 When the wrong price rang up on the register, the clerk went back to the clerk who had cut the item and that clerk asked me in a strong, accusatory voice, in front of another customer, "What makes you think it's $5.99?!" When I proceeded with the checkout and presented a competitor's coupon, the clerk asked if that store store sold the item I was buying. When I said that I had no idea, she used the microphone clipped to her shirt to ask other clerks the same question. They replied that the other store did, so she went on to process that transactions. Both incidents were humiliating and absolutely unnecessary.

I got fabric at your Jo-Anns store in St. Joesph , Missouri and when I got home the store had strorted me the fabric that I paid for. When i called the store they told me there was nothing they could do. I paid for two yards of fabric in four different fabrics and the store only gave me ne yard of each of the fabrics.

Stop spending your hard-earned dollars at JoAnn's. take your business to Hobby Lobby, Michael's or a privately owned local fabric and craft store. JoAnn's doesn't care about us.

Misleading advertising

I will not be shopping at Joann's at the Gulf Coast Town Center again. Even though I spend hundreds of dollars there at least every other month. Today there was a very large display of kids summer camp items on sale that were ALL marked $1. There was a large 40% sign in the middle of all these items so I picked up 13 of them. At the register I was told that everything BUT the dollar items were on sale. When I told her I felt that was very misleading advertising, her answer to me was, "I know". I would have put them all back then except that the child I was buying them for was right there with me and would have been very upset if I did that so I bought them along with $60 of other things. Even though I sew for the grandkids and make quilts, at this point I will NOT be purchasing any more items from Joanns; I will order them on line. This kind of advertising has happened before in there and I will not purchase from you again.

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