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Port Charlotte Florida- was shopping with my shih tzu in a confined pet stroller as I have done previously at this location, new staff ? I do not know but the extremely loud counter/cashier they had working that day (3/03/11) yells to me that I can not have my pet in the store, instead of approaching in a nice way and asking me like a decent human being that wants to retain my business...and because I have had him in there in the stroller, confined and contained, many times I told them and the excuse was allergies...pet dander (this is a mostly hypo allergenic breed)and then they said that they sold food in there...candy ? in a bag? You are telling me that the product they bring in from China or other foreign land does not contain chemicals that produce migraines from exposure and other allergic reactions You have lost my business for LIFE.

Your store in Manchesterm CT. is great, all of the employees go out of their way to help. However, corporate greed is driving people away. I and a group of girls took many clases and for many years attended every scrapbook social until this year. The socials were $5.00 which seems to be a reasonable amount to have people merely sit at a table and spend lots of money in the store. Last year it went to $10.00 and this year to $12.00 what a great thank you for getting our money. Classes that were $15-$20.00 are now as high as $65.00 or more. Don't you think in these times you could hold the line so that what people can spend will be done in the store. Michaels is close by and has $5.00 scrap socials "AND reasonable class rates. We prefer Joann's but unless changes are made we will take our business elsewhere (regretfully). By the way, the bathroom is deplorable.

I was shopping with my mother in Grand Rapids Mi and live about an hour away from that store.. I bought my 4 items and noticed i was over charged for 2 right away went in got my difference as for my mothers my children were tired hungry and were ready to go we were going to look it over when we went to eat well chuckie cheese very busy..forgot to.. we got home and noticed i was over charged for one other item and my mother was over charged for not 2 or 5 items no 10 seriously... come on the store wasnt that busy and on top of that the girl who checked us out didnt even smile say hi nothing.. well they were all clearenced she didnt give us the sticker price she gave us the sale price off of the original price.. well like i said we live an hour away and when i tried to take them to a closer store i was informed i had to go back to the location i bought them from.. is that right? they over charged just my mother alone $30... I have never been treated so rude in my life!!!!! So your telling me because joann fabric employee screwed up i had to drive an hour out of my way...i dont think so and they thought we would just give up and let it go sorry i dont think so... in the end we got our money took 5 hours on the phone and 2 days..I WILL NEVER SHOP AT JOANN FABRICS EVER AGAIN... guess Hobby lobby just took another TWO customers from joann fabrics...

My last posting apparently i posted 5 stars best that would be a mistake! it would be a -negative 5 Your store is HORRIBLE!

I went to your store in Meadowbrook mall in Fairmont, Wv. I had a 20% of coupon fo on sale or regular priced items. The clerks could not get the coupon to scan and they jus didn't seem to care about me as a customer. This coupon was email to me by JoAnn's so why do this if I can not use it?

With the economy the way it is I would think JoAnn Fabrics would want to keep as many customers as possible. I recently bought material to re-cover a high chair and when I got home, I did not think the binding that I bought matched. I returned to the store several days later and asked to exchange the blue for red binding. I was told that I would have to pay half again the cost of the binding. "Company Policy". I acknowledge that I did not have the receipt but brought the fabric so they knew I had bought it there. She was not polite in any way and her name is Roxanne Twentir of the Butler, PA store. I was not trying to get money back or short change the company in any way, if the red cost more, fine but that is not what she said! This is truely POOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS!

We keep hearing rumors of the store in Logansport Indiana closing this summer. We have lost all other places to buy fabric and crafts in 3 surrounding counties and I do not understand why you would want to take this store and close it. The staff are both helpful and friendly in your Logansport store. I feel it would be a mistake on your part to close this store as we need to keep this type of products available for the community and several are unable to travel 20 to 30 miles to visit another store.


Does anyone else find it hard to use their coupons? Most material is on sale - for less than the 40% off coupon. I even had trouble finding something I wanted that wasn't on sale to use my $5 off any ONE REGULAR-priced item. When someone can walk in the store and get a coupon (I have seen this happen at the Spring Hill, FL store) how does that make me a "preferred customer"? When I called the coporate customer service number the answer was "you get a sale flyer mailed to you". BIG DEAL!

My experience today at Joann Fabrics in ludlow, Ma today, was not a good one. The cashier named Lynn did not greet me nor ask how I was like most other cashier's I have experienced in the past have been. She looked at me, looked away, was rude and threw my stuff in my bag, slapped my reciept on top of my bag, turned away from me and said she wanted to go on her break. I said to her as I was walking out " have a good day"..and she said "ya you too" very fast. She was the most rude employee I have EVER encountered at Joann Fabrics. She definetly made my experience their NOT a good one. I would rather make the trip all the way to west springfield to go to Michaels, which is 15-20 minutes further from home, just to avoid the rudeness. Joann's should be more careful the type of people they hire.

While shopping the other day in a new store in the area of Florence Alabama my daughter and I were checking out and she had a coupon for Hobby Lobby 30% off fabrics which Jo-Ann says they will match coupons ! Well the cashier would not accept the coupon and got the Manger over and also would not honor the coupon because they happen to call that fabric fleece ! Guess what so does Hobby Lobby. The manager should have thought about it and now WE will not shop there again ! I have a public service job where I see a lot of people everyday and I will let them know where not to shop!

Joann's in Oxnard, Ca. WHAT A MESS! The inventory is on the floor and those bolts on the shelves are beshoveled and upside down. It is not clean, nor are the young people running the place. The employees are simply there for a social time and have no sense of business. Hard rock music shakes the establishment and creates such a sense of chaos that it is unpleasant to shop. There are 2 lovely women working there that are middle age and have some sense of business and courtesy. Otherwise, the rest should stay home and have children (or not). There are not enough coupons in the world that could entise me to shop there again. If anyone in the corporate offices care about the franchises and profits they make for them they had better do something about the caliber of people they chose to work for them. As for me, I will spend a few dollars more to shop anywhere but Joann's in Oxnard.

I was in the John R store in Madison Hts. Mich. to get a picture framed twice. The first time she had gone home early and today she was'nt there AGAIN. When I asked the first time if someone else could do it, I was told said Jo-Ann's don't cross train ( being a manager-- I call this "bad mangement"). The first time the woman I talked to was Very indifferent, the second one was very nice. I also tore my jeans on the thread display which didn't help matters any. And the 'indifferent' one was just that. So I went to Micheals ( they had two people) and you lost out on $114.69.

if there were 0 stars thats what jo-ann Fabrics would getin San jose CA. When visiting the store for my fist time on almaden rd The main store manager was extreemly rude , Has no people,social, skills let alone manners. Treated co workers like trash ,yelling at them while she just demands and does nothing. I noticed her and the second down maneger abusing of their position, they roll their eyes when called to do something. When conversating with a customer they both give attidute , do not look at the customer when the customer is trying to ask for an item. And to top it off i witness both of the managers huddled together following a colored women making rasist remark along the way . Never Ever will i visit this store again THE TWO WHITE LADY MANAGERS IM TALKING ABOUT THE HEAD MANGER TOO AND ANOTHER ONE WITH SHORT DARKER HAIR...BOTH SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!OR PUT ON SERIOUS WATCH!THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED AND I HAVE TESTED YOUR MANGERS AND THEY SADLY FAILED !I ASKED A FRIEND WHO IS OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN RACE TO VISIT THE STORE AND I WALKED BEHIND TO WATCH IF MAYBE I WAS WRONG .I WAS RIGHT THEY FOLLOWED HER LIKE FLIES ON POOP, MAKING RUDE GESTURES AND REMARKS BEHIND THE CUSTOMERS BACK. IN ADDITION TODAY MY AUNT THAT WORKS THERE DURING THE MORING CALLED ME AND SAID THE STORE PAYS A COMPANY TO COME IN AND MAINTAIN THE FLOOR IN THE STORE AND THE COMPANY HAPPENED TO SEND A BLCK MALE TO CLEAN THE FLOOR, NOT ONLY DID THE MANAGER TREAT HIM BAD BUT THE Manager made rude remarks about clored people when he left, my aunt claimed he did a good job on the floors, cleaned the way he is supposed to.BUT THE MANAGER (SINCE SHE IS RACIST AGAINS PEOPLE A SHADE DARKER THAN HER)CALLED HIS JOB AND LIED, CLAIMED SHE DID NOT LIKE THE SERVICE AND DEMANDED THE FLOOR CLEANER BE CHANGED FOR SOMEONE ELSE NOT A BLACK PERSON. THE STAFF IS ALL WHITE WOMEN WITH ONLY ABOUT 3 MEN .NONE OF WHICH ARE OF COLOR.THE BAD

My wife and I went to the Independence Missouri store. Christine has been shopping at Joann since they started their stores. She has literally spent thousands of dollars in this place. She has shopped in Missouri, Kansas and Ohio. Today, Christine needed to take back some skeins of yarn. The color did not match for a scarf that she is knitting for our daughter-in-law. The associate she spoke with said that the yarn smelled like tobacco smoke and refused to exchange the product. Its the first time that has ever happended to her. How many people sniff and smell yarn? She also had two other skeins that they accepted for exchange. Go figure. They embarrassed her in front of other store customers, and basically made her feel insignificant and small. She asked to speak with the manager, and the store manager backed up this toad employee. Whether we smoke or not is none of their concern. The product was the wrong color, and we had a receipt. Both of these people were rude and nasty. They should be fired in my estimate. We are filing a personal injury lawsuit first thing tomorrow. Oh and their personal skills sucked. I know because I followed up by calling the store manager. And my wife was correct. These people are rude, judgemental and nasty. Maybe a lawsuit will get their attention.

The manager at the Sawmill Rd. JoAnn Fabrics of Dublin, Ohio is all about policy and NOT about customer service. I have frequently been short-changed in the amount of fabric that I requested, only to be told by the manager that when that happens, I should bring the fabric in, have it remeasured, and have them cut a new piece with the EXACT amount. How convenient is that? Like I have lots of leisure time for things like that. Their associates are told that they are NOT ALLOWED to give one-eighth inch extra, so of course, it will quite often be a little less than the correct amount. It's not often that I can't do a project because of being short a half inch per yard, but it's the principle of the thing. But "just bring it in and get it replaced". Who cares about customer service? Well, not that manager - only policy to the eighth-inch is what counts. In spite of her, some of the associates are friendly.

I have been a LOYAL customer of your store for years. Between my mother in law and myself, one of us are in your store weekly. We both sew constantly. The store here in Winter Haven. Fl. has gone thru some employee changes in the past couple of years. Some NOT to the good. There is one lady in particular who must hate her job. You can't believe the attitude you get from her and she always looks like she just sucked a really sour lemon. IF you can get her to wait on you it is always a effort. We were in there this past Sat. (1-15-2011) and I had forgot the sale didn't start until Sunday. While getting our fabric cut the machine showed the sale price for the Blizzard fleece in effect that day. Well this employee went postal. You can't have it at that price and on and on. Look this wasn't our mistake, it's yours. She made my mother in law so upset we had to leave. My mother in law is 84 years old. NOT ACCEPTABLE! I have complained to the manager on several occasions and even when she promises to talk to her there are NO RESULTS! If she dislikes her job that badly then she needs to quit and let someone who really wants it have it. I don't know what happened to customer service but I can tell you this, she failed that course. Not only does she treat the customers like crap, even the other employee's catch her wrath. Several times while in the store she will talk to the younger girls so badly it's not funny. I plan on calling the Corporate Office in the morning to complain. This has gone far enough. After 4 times of being on the receiving end of her.....ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

On December 16 I purchased a singer sewing machine from Joanns. It was to be a Christmas gift from my husband. When I set it up 2 days later to do some sewing I found out the machine did not work. I took my reciept and the machine back to the store and stood in line for 20 minutes waiting to be helped. It was only then that I found out that because I paid cash for the sewing machine and it was over a $100.00 dollars they could not give me my money back. I was told a check would have to be issued by corporate and I should have it within 2 weeks. So they can take cash they just can not refund it. It has been 4 weeks they have the sewing machine my money and I have nothing!! I have called thier number that is given to check the statis of your refund it is a recording that says they will call you back, what a horrible business practice! If I owed them money and did not pay it they would charge me interest. Thanks for ruining my Christmas because I am waiting on my refund to purchase another machine. I will never shop there again!! by the way no where is it posted in thier stores that they don't give cash refunds on any amount over a $100.00 it is printed on the back of your reciept with the other garbage no one looks at! I hope they go out of busness!!

I was in your Janesville, WI store today and someone fell in the store. There was water on the floor throughout the store due to the weather. I was mortified that when the manager came to the assistance of the lady who had fallen, he did not take her name or other information and when she went on her way to continue shopping he and the woman who was wiping up some of the water were laughing about the lady falling and cracking jokes!!!! HOW RUDE. Have some compassion for the people who shop in your store!!! Without the customers these people would be out of a job, I will think twice about going to that store again.

On January 8, 2011, I went into the Boulder, CO store looking for the Ott Light that was on sale. Finding no Ott lights on the shelf, I went in search of an associate for help. I was not able to find any associate except for the ones that were working the cutting tables. I then went to the front of the store and as there was only 1 person being helped there, I waited for the cashier to finish with his customer. I then explained the problem I was having finding help - all I got was a story about having employees out with the flu and that there were associates in the fabric department. At that moment another customer came up behind me and said that those 2 associates were swamped. The cashier again said that employees were out with the flu and that there was no one to help me. I felt totally dismissed by the person whom I assume was the manager. He never apologized for having no one to help me. He just acted as though he was thinking "tough luck"! I can promise you this: I will never go back to that store as this is not the first time I have received such poor customer service. This was the last day this particular item was on sale so I lost out on the great sale price. I guess I will be driving down to the Westminster, CO store from now on.

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