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Being a manager of a company, I unfortunately am aware the majority of emails sent to corporate are complaints about products or employees. I would like to take the time to acknowledge an employee of your company and her professionalism that I witnessed this afternoon (4/17/2011) A fellow shopper was checking on a product that she had pre-ordered and began scolding your manager on duty (Toni) This was not a complaint, but an offensive vrebal assault against your employee. When finished the manager (Toni) explained that she was following store prolicies and apologized. That girl handled a situation incredibly and deserves recognition from your company for her professionalism. It was hard to witness-- Sincerely Katherine Potter

Hello, I am writing because I have received information that Joann Fabrics store in Logansport IN is closing. I would voice my concerns expressed to me by our local citizens that use Joann Fabrics for many reasons from making gifts for their family and friends to adding a supplimental income by making items to sell. these folks depend on Joann Fabrics to all types of reasons. If there is a way we can work together to keep your store here please feel free to contact me. Respectfully Mayor Mike Fincher City of Logansport IN 46947 574-753=9608

There was a sign on the old Mervyn's building in Folsom, CA that Jo-Anns was coming soon. I saw today that the sign is no longer there. Please, Please open a Jo-Anns up our way. Please let me know if there is a new location in our area.

I shop at the Jo-Ann store in Missoula Mt. only when I can't find what I need online. I absolutely dread going in the store during sales because the store is short staffed and the waits are incredibly long for the cutting counter and checkout. It seems to me that with all the fabric, craft supplies, trim, and home decor items available online Jo-Ann fabric store management should be more considerate of their customers rather than considering only the bottom line. There are some very knowledgeable and helpful employees at the Missoula store, there just are not enough employees. I see other customers becoming frustrated and angry so I know I am not alone!

Took a 16x20" print to JAFab located in Brookfield, Wisconsin for framing 3/23/11. Called the store 4/4/11 to check on status, no answer (during store hours). Called back, put on hold 12 minutes. Hung up, called back again, transferred 2x, finally reached framing and was told there were several orders ahead of mine but the order would be ready as promised on 4/6/11. Picked up the framed piece on 4/6, wire for hanging was placed wrong, had to be changed. Upon further inspection, there was a chip in the frame. I was told the frames are shipped in from Chicago and framing finished in the JAFab store by their staff. Numerous people handled this frame, yet no one apparently saw the obvious chip in the frame. Using a 50% off coupon, I paid $155.25 in advance of receiving my goods. JAFab has my money, I still don't have my framed picture. They say it will take another 2 wks to replace, which means the piece (a gift) will never reach family in Phoenix by Easter. When I asked if there was something more they could do, perhaps contact the frame supplier and have them expedite a frame for the next shipment (rcv'd in this store every Mon and Thurs), they said "it won't happen." There is nothing worse to a customer's ears than hearing the words "Can't" and "Won't" when the store has made an error and you expect satisfaction, fast. I will NEVER buy a single thing from any JoAnn Fabrics Store again. Not when there is a Micheal's Store less than 1 mile down the road. Awful, awful service.

If this is not going to reach anyone in Joann Fabrics corp. offices then WHY are we writing out our complaints. Joann's clearly does not have a good customer service policy, at all. I ordered online got charged for 93.00 dollars worth of products that I wanted, thought I was safe ordering online with there site and the order went through to my bank but somehow got messed up on Joann's end...and now my money is pending, for 3-5 days held up...with no product I will NOT pay this bill...no one has got back to me...when I called in they wanted me to go through another order over the phone of 93.00 dollars and still I would have had to wait till that cleared being charged for another 93.00 dollars. With todays economy the is a horrible way to order online, you would think a corporate company could have the time and money to fix those problems for the customers. The customer service reps. are short and rude even if your sounding very nice,i will be telling everyone I know in the crafting groups about Joann's ways of doing business. Whatever it takes, when you save your hard earned money to spend in a store you should be able to Count on that store. I lost my Trust in Joann Fabrics now...and in the fine print this complaint wont be heard, however for every one complaint 20 customers can be lost through family ,friends,clubs,ect...thank you Joann Fabrics for all the hassles youve just cost me...

After reading all the one star comments,I feel like I am in the same company of thought. Your stores need a lot of work on who they hire, hiring enough people, customer service and stop blaming everything on not enough money to go around. The employees take their lead from the higher ups and if they don't do their job right it dominoes down to the reputation of the store. I live in Naples, Florida and have had so many bad experiences in our store I hate going in there.

I am disappointed at the lack of customer service at Jo-Ann's on-line website. I placed an order on-line 6 weeks ago and have not yet received it. My attempts to call the customer service line are in vain...the number has been constantly busy for the past four days. My efforts to contact via e-mail have had no results. I will be calling Master Card to help me get my money back and the Corporate Office (if they answer their phone) to see if I can get resolution as well. I live on an island where there is one fabric shop with very little for the quilter. There are several other on-line fabric stores that I intend to shop from in the future. Jo-Ann, you have lost a customer, and I want my money back.

I've been talking to other sewers and crafters in this area (Lemon Grove/Rolando/College area) for years about how bad the Lemon Grove Jo-Ann's Fabric is--I actually laugh out loud in the store now when I see people waiting (and waiting and waiting) at either the register or the cutting table. After a few minutes I'll usually walk over to the poor victim and say, loudly, "They're just going to keep restocking and doing other work unless you make a little bit of a fuss!" I can't tell you how many times (pretty much every visit) I've waited and waited and waited while an employee eventually sighs heavily and loudly, and finally slowly shuffles over to help me. I don't know if it's a morale problem or what, but the employees at this particular location ALMOST ALWAYS seem depressed and rude. Unfortunately, that store is the closest for many of us. I'm finally writing about it because of a recent experience--two of those heavy pattern drawers have pieces missing and the edges are sharp and dangerous. I cut my hand (superficially-hardly any blood, just a nick) on the metal sticking out and when I informed the employees (quietly and politely away from the other customers) they were defensive about it and didn't even ask about my (admittedly small) injury. The gentleman who seemed to be running things said it was something they'd told "corporate" about, but there was really nothing else they could do. I suggested that maybe they could put some tape or something on the sharp edges, but they weren't too enthusiastic about that. When I mentioned that I'd be happy to write to "corporate" and help them complain and get the drawers fixed, the previously rather impatient and rude gentleman completely changed his demeanor with me and suddenly became very helpful. Hmmm..... This is the only Jo-ann's that I find to be consistently unpleasant. I have no complaints about the other stores.

I am Canadian and have been shopping at Joann for years. Usually I visit upstate NY but I also travel and use Joann whereever I go in the US. I have purchased online from this business too. I have never had a problem and my Visa card is always good. This week I tried to purchase online - products that are only offered online. I have an American shipping address as they don't ship outside the US. Thousands and thousands of Canadians use a US address to receive US purchases and then go and pick it up. When it asked for my billing address I changed the country to Canada but it just kept reverting to USA. Thinking this was a glitch I continued to try for three days but it would not work. I decided to contact Joann Head Office and got customer service. The flat answer was that as of Sept 2010 they have a new policy and no longer accept a Visa card that was not issued through an American bank. Visa is an international payment instrument - in fact they advertise that it is the card accepted around the world. If a company displays the Visa logo then they are supposed to accept the card no matter what country it was issued in. I have lodged a complaint with Visa International today and I'm now waiting to hear how it resolves.

Two stars for me means "needs improvement." As far as the merchandise selection goes in the SUPER stores, I give Joann's five stars. The regular stores...1-2 stars. Many Bay Area, CA regular Joann stores look as if they are going out of business. Shelves are often empty and the stores are in complete disarray. An issue all Joann stores have (even the super stores) is the registers are never staffed appropriately. I don't say never lightly; I mean never. It can be impossible to find a staffer working the floor if I have questions. I have actually had to leave the store empty handed after waiting in line for 25 minutes. It was a weekend, the store was bustling with customers yet there was one lonely cashier working the registers; not sufficient. I noticed other people left the long line too. Please staff your stores appropriately and maybe I'll return as a customer.

I don't want to sound ugly but why do the teachers think that they are so special that they get the VIP discount? I find it irritating when people in certain work fields get discounts. Why, is your job so much more meaningful than the rest of society? I do not believe in public schools they are a tax burden on society. I think that teachers should be focused on the 3 R's, not craft projects. By the way, the Jo-Anns on Canyon Springs Parkway, in Riverside is very nice. I have no complaints.

After reading all these comments and my own recent experience I won't be shopping at Jo-Ann Fabrics again. At the 29th Avenue store in Spokane WA there were 13 people in line with one person at the cash register. Finally another one "sauntered" (literally) to the next cash register. When I asked who the manager of the store was she said it was her. When I pointed out how many customers were waiting she said "we're in between shifts". She is new. The other one has been there years. The "new manager" has a BAD attitude and I will not ever shop at Jo-Ann's again.

I just left Joann Fabric store. I was really upset with the service. No one wanted to help, and no friendly faces. This is one time I should have not got anything from this store. If I didn't need these things right away, I would have left them with the other things that I put back. I am going to start shopping else where, if they don't want my money, someone else will glady put a smile on their face, and help me with what I need.

After reading these terrible reviews I can see my review fits right in. I went into your WACO.Tx. store today after seeing on TV you carried "Donna Dewberry" painting material. I was never treated so rude. Your Manager, in his very rude voice said. We don't carry that brand. I told him I saw on TV "Create-TV" that Jo Ann Fabric carried her supplies. He replied " We don't have room for that stuff if you want to try Ft Worth, Dallas or Roundrock you may fine it." Which all these stores are at least 2 hrs from Waco. I am a crafter and buy a lot of supplies but, So guess My crew will find other sources for supplies.

I shopped at the Joann fabric store in Novi Michigan for years and today had the worst shopping nightmare experience in my life there. In 9 years I only returned one item and I had my receipt but I lost my receipt on a recent item and called the store last night and the rep told me I would get a credit for the current price of the item.. So when I went into the store today a rude rep told me without even scanning the item that I would only get half or less in price than the original cost. I complained so she said the manager is right behind you, talk to him about it. The manager was helping a customer put a item into a box so I walked up to him and told him my complaint and he sneered and said whatever the cashier told you is how our store policy is..I said well you should tell people who answer the phone not to lie then about the return policy..He rudely told me "cant you see I'm with a customer"? So I said I wanted the corporate number and the cashier gave me the number along with the store managers name. I called the number, got a live person who told me I would get whatever the sale price was within 90 days and said the store was "incorrect"..So I went back into the store and told the cashier what corporate told me and she said "corporate is wrong"..Then she called the store manager and said the lady with the wood item is back..The store manager made me wait over 14 minutes so I got tired of waiting told the cashier I was going to find another item to replace that one and I had to walk up two flights of stairs..By the time I reached the top of the stairs the manager was at the desk..Both the manager and rep were looking at me sneering so when I walked back down the manager said he wasnt going to give me anymore than half the price..So I made a comment that he was a lousy manager then he said after how I spoke to him he isnt going to give me a refund at all and kicked me out of the store..I can say this has been the worst experience I've ever had in any store and very humiliating..The store manager is egotistical, rude and nasty..If this is how they treat customers at Joann fabrics I dont want to buy anything from them ever again!!!!!!

I posted my complaint about the Novi Joann fabrics store and clicked submit before rating the store and it automatically had it as 5 stars?? NOT I give this store a ZERO..After being a customer there for 9 years and getting the horrific treatment by a nasty male manager there I cannot give a 5 star rating.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A tall, skinny, brown/gray short haired lady that was the manager on duty at the Murfreesboro, TN store on 3/10/11 is the worst example of a manager or customer service I've ever seen! The store accepts American Express credit cards for payment, but they DO NOT accept AE Travelers checks?!?!? Are you kidding me? I tried to purchase merchandise with one and the manager yelled not only at the cashier but me. "We don't take checks!" She never even looked me in the eyes. It was as though I was "nothing" to her. Well, I'm definitely nothing now because I left the merchandise and headed straight over to Hancocks! I thought having a second choice for fabrics was wonderful. Well...it was short lived! The cashier was obviously new and the manager was as rude as could be. It was an ordeal to retrieve the funds from that travelers check since it was made out to Joann's. But once I did, I spent the whole $100 at Hancocks!! What a joke of a policy....travelers checks are the same as cash but they aren't an acceptable method of payment.....Goodbye forever.....

I can't see ur print@ all on mobile website why print so small can't see it with glasses and magnifying glass. Why have website no one can read

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