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In April hotles.com charged one of my credit cards a significant amount of money only to take it back off the same day. I have tried for two months to find out if this was a typo or someone had my credit card number. I have had to change credit card numbers and worried someone had breached it. I have spoken to hotels.com at least 6 times with the standard reply of we will call you within 72 hrs of course this never happens. This is an affiliate of one of the major travel companies, so you may want to make a note not to use them.

customer service

This is a horrible site to use!! Customer service is so rude and if they do not have an answer for for you they will just hang up on your!!! A poor way to do business!!!!


Booked a hotel in Orlando for one price and when I looked at my itinerary I was being charged a totally different price called the customer service only to be hung up on twice by a supervisor never again will I use this site or recommend it to anyone

Bad customerservice, will never use this site ever again!!!


Hotels.com is SCAM PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM- i BOOKED A ROOM CANCELLED WITHIN MY TIME AND WAS DRAFTED-The manger then tells me that I would not be able to get a refund and hangs up in face

Ripped off twice in 20 mins

I called to book a reservation with hotel.com and without being told of a prepayment I was charged for two hotels that I was asking about for the same dates. I have dealt with many online travel sites and have never had someone rip me off like this. Supposedly they will return my money in 10 days. I would not recommend or use this site ever again.

Surprise for me

I came to the site to get information to register a complaint, but I see this is no surprise, there are nothing but complaints. Hello Choicehotels.com goodbye Hotels.com


I booked 4 hotels in india and drew in springfield office was great . he took care of a price issue with one hotel and unfortunately the confirmation came through with the old price. I tried to have it corrected and that is when the nightmare started. four hours later and only getting people in the phillipines I was no farther along so I cancelled all the reservations. the phillipine office workers did not understand the issue. did not understand how to deal with a problem, did not know how to contact the US office or would not tell me, nor would they let me speak with a supervisor. A very bad experience for sure.


I join the several others who have complained on this site about their experience. Mine was a very simple request - to segment my bill into two so that I can expense 1 of the 2 nights booked. Hotels.com refused. I also checked the prices against other venues and I think I will end my many year relationship with Hotels.com.


FYI you cannot cancel any days on your reservation or get a price match for any part of your reservation less than 24 hours before the first day. I booked for multiple days and realized that the price through hotels.com was 30$ more per night. I couldn't get this pricematch for any part of my booking. The customer service people and "managers" were like automatons and respond with the same two lines the whole time. This is a scam! You would be better off calling the hotel directly!

they suck they are sammers

Terrible Experience

This was a joke of a stay and I was unfortunately tied to this place for five nights due to the CoSIDA Convention. First off, they falsely advertise a $12 roundtrip shuttle service. Instead, when I asked for the service, they offered a cab service which was $12/one way. It is like a renting out an apt. for the week as you are responsible for everything. Housekeeping (fresh linens, etc...) are $50 extra unless you stay for two weeks. I spent over five hours on the phone with their headquarters and hotels.com (company I used to book) and was told canceling is an option if I did so at 10 a.m. the next morning (staying one night). I did this and booked another hotel only to find out in the morning that this was no longer the case and in fact, I would be charged for all five nights there regardless. Overall, it was an atrocity and I will never recommend this place or use Hotels.com anymore.

I got stuck travelling overseas and was delayed a day causing me to miss my hotel reservation. I contacted Hotels.com per the instructions in their email and got no response until AFTER my reservation expired. Then they refused to refund me my money. I recommend avoiding Hotels.com and Expedia....ripoff


I booked a room through Hotels.com. The option I chose was for two beds and a roll away bed. We got to the hotel and there were only the two beds. When questioned about having the wrong room, the hotel said "...we don't even have that option available because the rooms are too small. It is a safety hazard." They said they have no control over what Hotels.com advertises and I should call them. When I contacted Hotels.com, first they said that I was looking at a different room, next they stated "...you didn't get the extra bed because it was not requested." Completely dancing around the fact that they advertised something that was NEVER an option and one of our guests had to sleep on the floor, the conversation continued on about how they have no control over what the hotel does. Hotels.com, STOP POINTING THE FINGER AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR FALSE ADVERTISING!!!


I am joining in to voice my dis-satisfaction with Hotels.com. There is not customer or service consideration at Hotels.com, pathetic is over stating their company. Whomever is leading their company certainly has no plan on long term success. Apparently they don't realize customers support them, NO CUSTOMERS, NO BUSINESS.

Poor business

Do not use hotels.com. Upon check in today hotels.com charged 118 per night. Going rate for this time of year for regular rates is $89.00 per night. Severe price gouging. I spoke with a supervisor at hotels.com and I stated "so it's useless to use hotels.com" the supervisor stated "exactly". This is a great way to promote the company and especially by a Supervisor. I will never use hotels.com again.

Horrible! Booked Hotel for Italy 5 months ago, 2 rooms for a family trip. 6 weeks before scheduled departure I inadvertently find out that only 1 of the 2 rooms was booked and now the hotel does not have any available rooms. Where was the call from Hotels.com telling me about the problem with the reservation? They took no responsibility at all and offered to find me a new hotel. Unfortunately it is 6 months later and the only hotels that have openings are below standard. Great job, never use this company.

Cancellation policy

Please be very aware that cancellation policies are awful. I reserved something in May and their policy was for me to cancel in April. How does that make any sense? When I called hotels.com they said that was not their policy but the hotel. I called the hotel and they said they are not responsible for this policy either. Basically they made my waste about 3 hours of my day and nothing can be done because the "ball" kept being bounce from one side to the other. They basically just one the client to give up and just take their non-sense policy. I will never again do business with this company in my life.

Hotels.com - AWFUL

My experience with Hotels.com is much like everyone else's - they charge your card at the time of booking, and despite telling you that you can modify a reservation, you can't. It's costing me $750 more than it should. Use the hotel booking directly. There is NO reason to use this awful company.


The lady that booked my trip was amazing. The hotel I booked was pay on arrived my trip is 5-23-2013 and I was charged 5-16-2013. When I call the Lorriane Hotel they informed me that Hotels.com knew they were going to draft the month out of my account in advance. When I called Hotels.com the manager was not listening to me and he told me call the hotel because they charged my account not hotels. com. I informed him that I was mislead and I should have been notified since I went through Hotels.com for the hotel. :-( Very Upset with there customer service. very unprofessional.

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