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Not paying IRS fine for late fileing

Have been put off got an incident number that no one can find. Local office has been no help. Irs was more helpful. They had sent two e-mails to My local office but they never answered them. I paid to have taxes done right not ignored.

poor information

Horrible service. .. office staff gives really poor advise and does not own up to it when something goes wrong i find them untrustworthy.

Hr block Olympia Wa

It must be a prerequisite to treat people rudely. Also the education class they teach is taught by a mental case that claims to have 29 years of experience and can't remember a thing and when you ask questions you get verbally lashed. The class was a complete waste of money. The class was a complete failure!

Quality of Service

As I understood, pay rate in H&R office in Alberta was capped and the moral of the agents are so low and the services provided is so much different from other Provinces. Even when minimum wage increased, they don't get any increase in pay. Soon a first year agent will be paid as the same of senior agents. How would they feel like providing better services to their clients? Shouldn't the pay rate in Canada be the same across the Country according to the minimum wage by Province so we, as clients would get the same professional services no matter when we live in Canada?


The office in Granbury Texas is uneducated and rude.

They are the worst professional tax filers there could be. I sent my wife to file taxes since I work nights & the lady that filed the paper work told her all about her x husband in jail on death row in Indiana. How she was to watch him excuted ect. Our bill was 331 dollars when normally when it was Holland Tax was around 140 dollars. H & R block bought the office from them a few years back. NO hello when I went the next day to find out why my bill was so high. She even told my wife to sign my name for me when she was always told by Holland tax to take it to me to get signed. worst place ever.

Don't do buisness with them

My son made not even $4,000 He went to H R Block. They said his refund would be $396.00 They charged him $144.00 filing and $34.95 for emerald card. It took them 20 minutes to do his easy return. I fought with the manager letting her know that I knew she was ripping him off. She dismissed us. I am reporting them to the better business bureau. Shameful!

Emerald Card

It is a shame the HR Block is still in business. This corporation is a scam and ripping off poor tax payers hard earned money. I am without pay at the moment dealing with a direct deposit issue that is causing me so much financial issues. I have yet to speak with someone and I keep calling to find out where my pay is and I am extremely nervous about ever receiving my pay.

I went to have my tax return amended and the gentleman didn't send my EIC with my 1040x form so the IRS sent it back 90days later incomplete due to HR Block area. When i called to get my refund back they are giving me the run around about claims needed to be filed i have called several times re: my claim and each person i have spoken with told me they would file the claim never did going on a week and nothing has been process.

Not Right

I was given a card to take home an enter the number in the computer to get a discount but it didn't work when I told them oh well and the 3 returns I got no refund I told her it was not right and she tell me it's to late ontario,calif.


I am very unhappy that Block made the decision to support the healthcare plan. It is one of the biggest mistakes our Federal Government has ever dumped on it's citizens. I have been an avid user of the tax program, but this next year I will have to go to another company. Maybe you should your tax users if they approve of your big donation(?)

Cowardly Act!

I cannot believe you broke down and let the Obama people strong arm you! I have let H & R Block do my taxes since 1981. I will never even step in one of your offices again! Are you as a company so hard up for the almighty dollar that you would sell your soul to these low life's. I would have sent you a few extra dollars and I am sure most good Americans would have chipped in to help if you would have shown some back bone.


I submitted a folder filled with a variety of receipts at a office near my home. When I dropped the information off, the tax consultant did not inform me that HR Block had two types of offices, seasonal versus year-long. The folder was dropped off well before the April 15th deadline. I received an email from a tax rep, Carter-Senser. Her email, dated the 14th, emphatically stated that she was finishing my filing. So, I thought I would wait to hear from her to pick up my files. I did not receive any notification during the week. HR Block could not locate my files. I ended with a new HR rep but was then shuttled back to CarterSenser. The end result is I lost 3 weeks and I am now liable for late charges plus I was charged $335 for HR Block's shoddy services. Moral of the story - I am starting now to look for a reliable tax person for next year. I will not give HR block any positive reviews online and in person. Never again!

Super Incompatence

My girl friend has been with h&r crock for over 5 years. When she filed this year, they input all of her information and filed for her as usual. That's where it went south. No refund showed up so we started looking the paper work over and guess what? Wrong routing number and account number for the direct deposit. I can only assume it wound up in some off-shore account in the Caymans. Never again! Oh and by the way if I get another busy signal at the help center, or get put on hold for frickin ever again were just goin exempt next year.

No help in Franklin Ky

Had my taxes done early by H & R Block in Franklin Ky. Its been nearly 3 mos now. I cannot even get a return call from them. My tax return included an education tax credit. Because H&R Block filed something wrong according to the IRS my tax return has never been seen again. They could have at least assisted me with finding out why I have no return. No such luck! Never gain! H & R Block.

Missouri City, TX

I went to H&R Block for assistance in filing a tax return for my 90 year old mother. They had to file 3 forms - 1 for Social Security Income, 1 for her investments which were all in one account in one bank, and 1 for mineral rites which amounted to $16 total for a year. This all took about 20 minutes. I was charged $345 for this service. I have Power of Attorney for my mother's affairs. H&R Block has a copy of my document. I was told by their consumer complaints department that they can't discuss the case with me over the phone even though they have access to this information. Further, they won't intervene in the fees charged, that has to go back to the local office. I should not have paid more than $50 for this service and that is generous.

not at all happy

how am i suppose to file any of my returns, when the program won't let me down load it. and your sunbry,pa. office can't even come up with a ph. number ,so i can talk to a real person. they tell me they no such no. and they can't help me out because I did it on line.

Peace of Mind

I got audited because of a mistake they made on my 2010 taxes and went into the branch office that did them. They did an amended return. Sent it in and sent the claim to their claims dept. . All is ok. They told me in the office that it was their fault and it should be no problem for them to pay it. That was the 16th of February. Every time I call them all I get is that they have lost paper work, or they need something else, so when I ask them how much longer. They tell me that the claims dept is still working on it. Can't get any info on who to write and the customer service girl, Ashley, told me that their was no one any higher than they are to write to and complain. I finally decided that I am done with them. They owe me and are giving me the run around on my claim. They probably are not going to pay if I had to guess. I will never use them again and will let anyone who will listen know just how crooked they are. They need to remember that this is the age of technology and there are going to be a lot of hard working people out there listening. I know some good attorneys and I am going to talk to them about how to go about getting a class action lawsuit going against H & R Block.

Will never use H& R Block again! The lady who not only did my taxes, but my special needs sons taxes was very incompetent in her work. She gave my son one set of tax forms, got his payment vouchers all ready and everything only thing was they were the WRONG vouchers she gave my son one set of tax forms and sent in completely a different tax form with different figures. So you can just imagine my jaw dropped when my son received a bill for over $100 after we had made what we thought was PAYMENT IN FULL. WRONG!!!! Not only did she charge him $102 to do his taxes but now He has had to pay in not only the original $50 payment but an additional $100!!!!! So after talking to her boss she calls me blames her computer, then blames me because of the way in which i chose to do our taxes. Bottom line, she didnt know what she was doing and she didnt even have the where with all to make sure the forms she gave her client matched with what she was submitting. INCOMPETENT!!!


I usually do my own taxes, but because something wasn't adding up correctly after weeks of trying to figure it out, I decide to go to H&R Block and have a professional do them. After adding up everything, it was determined that I owed over $1,000 in federal taxes. Um, what? Since when? And, why? The guy preparing my taxes could obviously see my anger and frustration. Then the nail in the coffin: I owed H&R $461.... EXCUSE ME???? All he did was type in the numbers and that's worth over $400???? At that point I start freaking out; he was obviously getting enjoyment out of this. Condescendingly, he said he could give me a discount. $50 off. That's better than nothing, but I'm still trying to figure out how in the world I had to pay that much for him to type in a few numbers. I used TurboTax for $74.99 (which I will be going back to next year) and still got funds back every year. After speaking to my mom, she was sure that I'd been scammed and I agree. I will be contacting the corporate offices to see what can be done. I am appalled that this could go on and nothing is done about it. I will NEVER EVER use H&R Block again. Trust me on that. I also would not recommend them to anyone.

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