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wth icant download

I can't count how many times I download a game and had to modify a download. Worst service ever f u steam and GameStop

don't hold your breath

Found a game my son wanted and said in stock but the store was 30 miles away so I did the hold game for me , well 3 months later I'm still waiting for the email to tell me it's ready to pick up.... SMH

Good decision

I have not always encouraged the amount of money our teenage son and his family fulfilling gift requests spend on gaming. Today I heard a report on the radio that Gamestop had decided to remain closed on Thanksgiving to honor the family. I know this means a financial loss for the company but this is one parent who will feel better spending money there on Nov. 28th. Thank you!

New gameplan

I am mainly complaining about the Stratford Connecticut store because their customer service is just terrible I've been going there for months and they still have the same staff but today more than ever I am extremely aggravated I was in the store for 30 to 45 minutes and not once did I get greeted or service that staff only helps customers that are willing to spend moneyinstead of servicing everyone their customer service is nothing but a complete joke and needs to be changed immediately


I purchased 2k15 the day it came out and the game keeps freezing up, so I called game stop where I bought the game and they said they have been getting multiple calls on the same issue. I asked for a refund and was told they cannt they could give me same game I do not want another game due to the issues I need my money I have receipt


I live in Blackwood New Jersey . On Friday I stop by game stop a little after 8:30 they where close . I went to Kmart at 7 ( next to game stop ) any way I stop at game stop at 8:15 they gentleman was locking it up and got in his car and left . My question is why are they closing early ? They are suppose to be open til 9 .

Gotta love the staff at GameStop in American Canyon, CA! They are the friendliest, outgoing, attentive employees! My family and I frequent the store almost every week and every week, we get the same warm treatment from the staff! Every person that walks in the store gets a cheerful greeting! This is probably one of the exceptions! Way to go, AMCan gamestop!

Refund Problems

A return was treated as a trade in. I called the store that same day to advise them that it should have been a return, and not a trade in. They told me to come in and they would refund the difference ($14.43). I came in the next day, bringing in the receipt for the refund. The cashier kept my receipt, and told me there would be a credit to my account within three business days. There was a refund, but then also an additional charge for the same amount....I have been fighting with Game Stop for nearly a week to correct this, but to no avail. Not a single penny of mine will ever be spent at Game Stop again.


I bought a ps3 system from a gamestop location and some months later it was having trouble reading discs so I had to send it in to sony and I needed the receipt, I could not find it so I was told to call here....2 hours on the phone respelling my address and trying to know what they are saying just so I can wait 5 days to get a copy of the receipt through gmail. you have to love gamestop >:(

Wrong Game!!!!

I would advise everyone to stay away from the Game Stop at Security Square. I waited in line for about 40 minutes. Once I was home and ready to play my game I quickly found out that they gave me the wrong game!!!!! Fun times!!! Way to go Game Stop on Security Blvd.!!!!

field destroy

why must gamestop field destroy games, posters,headphones and controlers why not add a bin and put everything up at 25cents or less why fill the trash with good things gamestop is the worst company for the environment

Worst company to work for. They do not care about their employee's

Wow way to go CEO.

I am reading these reviews and I come across this reply to these reviews about FL losing a good manager. His response "We screwed up We should hire Jesse Holman back but I am just too proud to do it. Jul. 11, 2013 by J. Paul Raines" Being a prior manager I know how bad the company really is about taking care of employees, but damn Mr CEO you just showed that gamestop does not care from the very top down.

Game Stop unprofessional

I was just employed at Gamestop for the season.I was so happy to finally be working my dream job,until I got in and observed my surroundings and staff.A manager informed me there was 1500 dollars in missing merchandise.She did nothing about,I dont even think she reported it.50 dollars missing from a safe,that went unreported.Taking products that were defective and selling them back to customers.I got yelled at on one occasion by a manager for trying to finish a transaction before I clocked out.Manager unfairly scheduled herself everyday and also a guy she was having relations with who's also a manager.


Customer service sucks. Can't return games from a bundle because their "system" doesn't recognize the games by themselves! REALLY! I paid $60 per game and you won't even give me a store credit? You are a bunch of crooks and the customer service people are morons! I will never spend a dime at your stores ever again.


Customer service sucks. Can't return games from a bundle because their "system" doesn't recognize the games by themselves! REALLY! I paid $60 per game and you won't even give me a store credit? You are a bunch of crooks and the customer service people are morons! I will never spend a dime at your stores ever again.

broken ps3

I bought a new PS3 on Black Friday. It did not read any disks game or movie. Called Local Gamestop in Miracle Mile in Monroeville. They told me to send it to Sony for repairs instead of Exchanging as a Defect. If your System dont work when you try it the first time Take it back to where you got it. Dont send it to Sony for repairs. GameStop has bad people managing some of their stores. If the Manager wears a suite and tie, Leave immediately

Customer Service

Game Stop does not have a customer service department, they have a phone number that just endlessly apologizes for taking so long to get to your call.

The worst customer service ever

I placed an order online and didn't receive a tracking number , no eta of my games nothing. After being on hold for a hour I still haven't spoken to anyone as of yet. This has been an horror and I would never buy anything else from this company again. Please inprove your customer service no one should never be on hold an an whole hour. SMH #upset

False advertising

Hello everyone I had stopped by my local game stop store tonight to find a display of Xbox ones stacked six high with a sign on it that said in stock now and a price tag that said $499.00! So I headed to the counter to buy one only to be told that they had none in stock and I could order one online for $700! So I called the corporate office..... After being on hold for one hour and fifteen minutes I was told there was really nothing they could do! So I then asked to talk to a supervisor who finally ordered me one for the $499. But that was it no free shipping or anything for the I convence! I give this store the worse custermer service rating ever! I will never shop or deal with them again!!!

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