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1 star

very rude employee's

I've complained about the Desoto office since February, No call yet from corporate. Horrible customer service

The store in Deosto is horrible. The withdraw money without authorization and the customer service sucks. I will take my money elsewhere.

I rented a truck form the Enterprise in Desoto, Tx!! NEVER AGAIN! Not only did they make unauthorized charges on my card, the customer services stinks and the lack of knowledge is horrible.

Apathy incorporated

This company could not care less from the top down. Worst of the worst.

Big Compliment

I leased a car for five days from your Oak Lawn in Dallas location and am very happy. The service was excellent and the people who took care of me were very attentive and professional. Even professional in the way they dress.


Don't bother with this company. They don't keep their promises.

just deal with the local location

called about a e-mail I had received from enterprise so I called the corporate number to resolve the issue and was told to call the local branch. Next time I will call the local branch only.

Waste of time

Had to wait nearly an hour for my car. Car wasn't what I had requested.


If you can't Help people change your business to we will stick to you.

Rip offs

I rented a car from Enterprise and they withdrew more money than I had authorized,and I never got my deposit back. Horrible customer service and lack of experience.

never again

worst service I've ever had. poor training of agents. highest cost of any other rental company. just plain awful.

Great service

To whom it may concern, enterprise rental company this a letter for outstanding service I have received this past weekend when I had rented a car from your company. I appreciated the way they handle the payments plans and information they had given to me to help determine what kind of car and plan I would need. Your workers at the Page location are excellent, kind, patient, generous, understanding and fluent with great customer service. For that I deeply appreciate the service I received, and they made me feel welcomed and at home. Thank you and God bless!

Never have any dealing with Enterprise Car Rentals. My teenage son involved in an accident and he was not at fault. It has been 5 days and hours on the phone and still have not gotten a call from an adjuster. Also renters...you better check out the registration on the vehicle you rent. The tag on the vehicle was registered to a different vehicle.

What a scam!

Rented from Enterprise for a one-way rental last spring from Arlington, VA to Philadelphia. I reserved it but my son in law who was going to drive had to give his credit card info. It was a 2013 car with 33,000 miles on it but it was fine for our needs. When he turned it in in Philly, the manager went over it with a light and said we had caused numerous scratches and filed an accident report. Much more to this story, but in the end, American Express settled with Enterprise for an amount we do not know. We did absolutely nothing to this car. None of my family will ever rent from Enterprise again, and we had always used them often up to this point.


I would never rent from enterprise again. They take deposits right from your checking account before you bring the vehicle back instead of holding a authozation amount on your debit/credit card. employees at enterprise don't give you the correct information. Sometime they will give you a dirty car. I'm unhappy with how they handle information to customers.

Been renting for 42 yrs with few problems but this was a dousy! After finally getting picked up and arriving at the office told a extremely small car was my compact...I am afraid of tin can cars A compact is suppose to be bigger. After getting no consideration as a looong time customer or change of car they REFUSED to rent to me when I said Id be calling St Louis and theyd be looking for new jobs. I just got out of the hosp now this. The asst mgr waited on everyone else then told me he was REFUSING to rent to me when no one there since I was threatening. Yes this 60 y/o F was a threat He was male and buff who should of been worried not him.

Had confirmation and there were no cars

2nd time in 2 months. Made a reservation and received a confirmation with confirmation number. I am a psychologist and my g/f is a surgeon and we share 1 car. Since I had a confirmation I told g/f to take the car for her early surgery appt. The local office (Park City, Utah) called me at 9:00 am to tell me there were no cars. I now had to cancel several psych appts (costing me lots of lost $$$ and credibility, again). Last time they gave me a bunch of free rental days but it still doesn't make up for the aggravation.

Terrible all the way

Worst ever - young emplyee told me they did not have a van at their premises. I said I called a month ago and they said they had vans. Yes they did have a 15 passenger van, so I reserved it one month in advance. Two days before I needed the van, they said they had to find one but called me and asked me to take a 12 passenger. I said no, I should receive the 15 passenger van I asked for.. 5:30 PM the night before I was to pick it up they finally got one in Santa Rosa, Calif. When my son picked it up the next morning it was dirty inside and had only 1/4 tank of gas. So he had to go to service station and fill it with gas. Upon return the same day at 5:00 PM it had still 1/2 tank full of gas. I asked why we weren't credited the 1/4 tank of gas because after all we are paying $4.00 a gallon. That is not their policy she said. Well you can believe, I will never rent again from Enterprise. Their policy stinks.


I was given a rental car through the companies insurance where damage had been done to my car. Took three weeks to repaint my vehicle and I had the rental that was rented to me through the insurance of the company where my car was damaged. The companies insurance apparently never paid for the rental car, so enterprise car rental stole from me in the middle of the night over three months later. Enterprise car rental charged me over $700 for the car rental on my credit card that I had given them for incidentals. BEWARE doing business with this company, they are shady and will steal from you like a burglar in the night. Been several days and this matter is unresolved........

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