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rip off exeter n.h.office

the exeter n.h. office make's so there putting the money in there pocket not the compeny's the branch manger and area manger are putting the money in there own bank not enterprise's so don't rent a car from exeter n.h. enterprise.

Be careful for the damage scam

Be careful! They will make you pay for a damage you didn't cause just because you weren't careful enough to check the car condition in and out when you were renting the car. I am sure not all branches are like that, but that's what I happened to me at a branch in Victoria, BC. I am no longer renting from Enterprise, ever again and planning to write a complaint to better business bureau.


I received the best service from Enterprise in Ridgecrest, CA after my daughter totaled her car in California and had to get back to Texas! THEY WERE ALL TERRIFIC!

Car Rental

-0 Gaudin Ford Promised to pay for my rental with enterprise, and then said they would not. I have a 0.00 receipt from enterprise for the rental, but they are still calling me and trying to send it to collections. Worst customer service ever

The service was the terrible, the people that work there had very bad attitudes, I was treated horribly by the staff and will never rent a car from this company, I will tell everyone I know about my horrifing ordeal with Enterprise .


Poor customer service. They dont care about anything. Thanks hertz had good service have already got 3 others not to rent from them due to there lack of service.


I'm a paraplegic in a wheelchair an have been trying to get a vehicle equipped with hand controls for almost ten days. I called and they explained to me they couldn't put the controls on a srx Cadillac wich I clearly know is a lie. I explained that hand controls can go on any vehicle. I really think they need to consort with the ADA for there policies are clearly not ment to help disabled individuals.

great service

Gave me excellent service Bradenton Fl. 14 th st office I'll be back!

This company will RIP YOU OFF!

I sold my car and got a small rental car (Ford Focus) from Enterprise in Greenville, SC and had it ony three weeks and paid $1378.00. The contract stated one rate but they changed my rate during the rental. They also charged me $15.00 for gas. One of their other locations in Greenville, SC attempted to charge me $65.00 per day stating the rat went up because we had snow! What a bunch of clowns.

Price Gouge

I rent a car from the Statesville Rd. location in Charlotte, NC once a month for the past 9 month's. I always ask for their compact car and I am always charged a higher price then advertised. I have not said anything as I have to be picked up and dropped off, but today they tried to charge me $50+ for a compact car. The staff is very friendly (except the women ). Don't let them gouge you!

Very poor customer service. Choose Enterprise in Visalia Ca. Rep told me I had to wait until the car was washed and cleaned. Really? I made a time reservation and expect the car or any car to be ready. Manager and Asst. Manager was no help either. It starts from the leadership and the leadership promotes very poor customer service.

i am outraged!

The enterprise store I am working with, called my insurance adjuster and shared my private information!

Nasty,unprofessional service

The office in Morrow GA. needs to be shut down. The customer service stinks.

fake charges for damage

I was charged for a scratch on the car that was on the car when I picked it up. I requested multiple times that the scratch be noted and they refused. I was charged a fee at drop off and then received a letter at home stating that I owed then more for repairs. I did not do any damage to the car at all.

GREAT SEVICE @ Mt. Vernon Enterprise!

A few weeks ago I rented a car from Enterprise in Mt. Vernon, NY - the staff was beyond helpful and polite. They had remarkable customer service! They answered all my questions regarding the car and my payments. In the past I used to rent cars from the airport - I will always rent for now on from Mt. Vernon's Enterprise JUST because of their WONDDERFUL and REMARKABLE service!!!

Worst Service Ever

This company offers the worst customer service imaginable. They call you a promise to call you back on your issue never to heard from again. spoke to 3 different people who promised a call back and none of them deliver. Enterprise hires "Management Trainee's" who could care less about the customer. Stay away from Enterprise

I will never rent a car from your company again.

job opportunities

I have been renting cars from Enterprise for at least ten years. I decided that I might like to go into management training for the company but was told I needed more education than I had. Really? My education level is fine to rent a car, but not to work for the company in a management capacity?

Enterprise lets you down

I booked a 4 day rental in Portsmouth NH. I was going to be 2 hours late for pickup so on the same day of rental called and was informed that there would not be a problem. When I arrived to pickup the car I was told that they had been out of cars all day but would call me when they had cars available. I never received a call and went to Hertz to rent a car. They know they didn't have cars but continued to say they would honor reservations. One week later and never a call or apology from Enterprise. This company doesn't pick you up it lets you down! .

Insurance Rental

The staff at the Rental office located in Poughkeepsie, NY were wonderful, polite, responsive, etc. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to keep the rental for a total of 23 days - my repair took place during xmas, new year's, and 2 blizzards - even though I was informed through my insurance company that I would get the best deal from enterprise, I was charged the regular daily rate for the car, of which my insurance only covered $30 a day - I was hit with a very large additional bill for a Kia Optima, which I barely drove because it did not handle well in snowy weather.

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