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"Report Item" is a joke.

Ebay's listing practices are not uniformly upheld worldwide. Items doing the same "NOT ALLOWED" things listed in USA, UK, AUS and CANADA are not acted upon the same by eBay's T&S department. Ebay's Trust & Safety and Listings Specialists departments are useless clowns. Items reported and re-reported weekly over 7 weeks, and by three times by email and three times by phone are still up, active and remain untouched as if immune despite the total disregard of those listings' obvious and multiple listing practices violations. IMHO, some users are given passes when their violations are ignored.


took advise of ebay associate to escalate my case and what wrong advice they gave me. I sold a burberry jacket and buyer nsists that it is not authentic. After numerous emails and contactin neiman marcus to try to obtain receipt, ebay after a few hours favored buyer. Where is my protection. They have non experienced help, who gives out wrong advise. If they could read, they would have seen that it was going to take 7 to 10 days to do a micro film on my account to try to retrieve receipt. but no, they awarded buyer. Where again, does it say that buyer is a burberry expert. I have been top and power seller. as they sent me a certificate of achievement from Mr Donahoe. I guess it does not mean much. Sellers BEWARE, if you have a problem. be assured that with ebay, buyers seem to have the upper hand.

Where is my Refund ??? worker

why have ebay and paypal mastercard taken my money with out an answer to why? i have a refund from a sale on Ebay and they will not refund my money they said it would be there on 1/31/13 and as of todays date 3/22/13 i still don't have my refund back on my Paypal Master card

restricted my account

I spend a lot of money,with e-bay how dare you put a restriction on my account,because of this I will not do any more shopping with you if you don't take this of of my account and I will inform my friends also who also does a lot of business with e-bay not to do transaction with e-bay.I am the one who kinda pay for you people to sit in your offices.SHAME ON YOU,EBAY


I think its time for us buyers to find a lawyer to help with filling a class action law suit. Ebay does not care about buyers and will not call back ever. Any good Lawyers out there willing to help?

Checking small business sellers

I purchased ink cartridges and the ad listed that the black cartridges would fit my copier (LC 71 for a Brother J430W). The dealer (seller)was not very cooperative. The listing was a misrepresentation and when I reported same Ebay said they could not help me because my reporting the problem was beyond the time limit. It's obvious one doesn't insert a cartridge in a copier until they are ready to use it, otherwise how would they know the cartridge doesn't fit. EBay is at fault on 2 counts. The first being a reasonable time limit to report improper cartridges after relying on the sellers advertisement, and permitting the seller to misrepresent by advertising false info.

Ebay Buyer

Ebay and Paypal allow the sellers to commit fraud with out any consequences what so ever. The seller had item listed as obo so I bid,won and paid after several hours the seller changed their mind and they allow them to refund my money instead of sending item. When you call ebay to fix the problem they just blow you off ever time you call because they only make money off the sellers.

No Buyer Protection

As a long time Ebay Buyer I received no satisfaction from the buyer protection service. I contacted the seller and returned the item only to receive a partial refund. I called Ebay after e-mail provided no response, they tell you because the seller provided a partial refund a case can not be opened follow up with Paypal and dispute the transaction. PayPal then directs you back to Ebay and tells you to open a dispute. It's a scam that protects the seller! A dispute can not be opened in Ebay or Paypal because a partial refund was issued. I'm disgusted with the process.


The reason Ebay and PayPal can get around banking laws is they are not a bank. They are worse than heroin dealers. Their plan is and always was to get people hooked and then pull the rug out from under them and take peoples money. They are obviously protected by the Government how else can they just steal from hardworking Americans and get away with it. Everyone who has ever been screwed by these crooks should protest in front of the world headquarters until they make things right

Ebay screws sellers

Ebay protects buyers and allows them to break contract at the buyer's expense. Discriminatory by any measure.


I've had several occasions where I called ebay and was told to basically take a hike when trying to resolve a problem I was having. However, not every CSR is the same. Today I had incredible service via ebay. The CSR was courteous and thorough. He quickly resolved my problem and apologized for it not being done so the first time. So don't give up on ebay just yet... Be persistent and call back until you get the answer you'd like : )

If you are looking for help from EBAY corporate for your problem, forget it. They refer you back to the customer service number where they are all programed to give out the same information. I have been on EBAY since 1998 and this is the only company where you cannot take your appeal higher. They all stink!

Spent hours/days trying to resolve issue

and to date still not resolved. Unfortunately call centre in Asia somewhere. Even though staff are polite & try to help, they do not know what they are talking about. Frustrated to no end. Probably will stop & find another place to sell.

Bad Advice/ Lies from eBay Customer Service

I received guidance from multiple eBay customer service reps (before and after an auction ended). They gave me the same information and continually helped me through a process. I followed their instructions exactly and I am left with the consequences. eBay is not willing to assist me further as they have already obtained their money.

E-Bay/Pay Pal crap

An absolute travesty between the two in attempting to secure refund on merchandise that was unacceptable and damaged.

customer service

E-Bay is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in 50 years of life, don't try to contact them if you have a problem they don't care. They dont answer phones, and they dont have a e-mail service for help. I have money and I won't spend it ever again on E-bay.

Crappy merchandise

I personally think Ebay is a major rip off. I have bougfht 3 items in the last couple months and all three of the items were junk. I bought a sewing machine off Ebay and it was advertised as an upholstery sewing machine and it was nothing more than a cheap portable regular sewing machine. I contacted Ebay and they did absolutely nothing. I contacted big mouth Pay Pal and they too did absolutely nothing. Prior to that I bought two time clocks off Ebay and when I received them neither one of them worked and when I contacted Ebay and they did absolutely nothing again. When I contacted Pay Pal again all their hipe and we will do this to protect you is a line of crap. I recommend to every one that they do not buy anything from Ebay. I am also going to post this on every list serve that I am on (26) so people do not get burned by these rip off sites. Buyer beware

breaking the law

ebay has frozen my account because my daughter has an account she hasn't paid! she is almost 30 and hasn't lived in this house for many years. they told me to pay it or convince her to pay it to get my account released! anyone know a good lawyer who works on commisson? how about someone at the electric company who can shut their electric off!

eBay Accepts Counterfeit Items For Resale...Looks The Other Way

It's amazing how this "flea bag", sorry flea market organization gone wild is still in business, or its "crack executives", laughing all the way to the bank, haven't been lynched. Counterfeit items are so rampant on eBay, the "original" counterfeit items are being re counterfeited. When you try to write an eBay Guide exposing these fakes, the eBay Search Engine for finding this guide using the exact title is no where to be found, The famous eBay "block": “Our support team can find no problem" Course they can't, they don't want to. Complaining, following through, and writing this stuff does little. Answer. Don't expect much except lip service from eBay and you won't be disappointed. Don't eat your heart out trying to build a perfect business with their auction model. Just sell your stuff, use them as they use us, and take your money. And when they send you your free congratulatory "Power Seller Pen", throw it away, it leaks.

invassion of privacy

i bid on ebay 01/03/13 and i won. i had encountered a horrible seller. so i gave him negative feedback. but i was very shocked when i saw a feedback listed in my spot. "1 of the best seller, 1st class. until next time." says there. used my ebay id. can you believe that? i called customer service and said to them that that was wrong i did not put that. negative red sign and at the message its praising the seller? and customer service guy is insisting that i did put that. come on!!! to proud to bossy agents. sounds drunk also. how can they do that? they must investigate the authorities. and more suspicious is their virification questions, asking digits of social security.... never again buy on ebay.......

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