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Customer service is terrible. Never shopping here. Macy's just got lucky.

Computer failure July 11,2015

Could not purchase merchandise at Dillard's July 11,2015. I was told all computers at all Dillard's store were down. Was this a hack or just a computer failure? Unable to find info.


Wonderful service, I'm going to Dillard's at Chandler AZ. Kirk, or Kurt, Assistant Manager there, should be noticed for his excellent service and caring to customers.

Not for work

It may be "great" to shop at Dillards (if you're ok with associates fighting for your sale) but it's an horrible company to work for.

Its amazing

I find it hard to believe all of these reviews. But it is true that For every complaint submitted. their are 1000X the amount of satisfied customers that aren't heard. A company this big cannot survive with bad customer service. So think about that. If you received bad service talk with the Store Manager. I'm sure He/she would make it right..

It's the busiest shopping time of the year

And at Fashion Square Mall Orlando Florida doesn't open until NOON??? And it's the busiest time of the year for shopping? And you want to know why they're doing poorly, management decisions like this. How does how does Fashion Square mall put up with this?


I can't believe the lower reviews. I LOVE shopping at Dillards. We just moved to Columbus, Ohio and to my dismay there aren't any Dillards in the Columbus area. I will definitely be driving back to Cleveland, Ohio for their awesome sales. Their Westbound brand is one of my favorites.

Dillard's is the devil workshop

Dillard's is the worst possible place to work for all management is bitter and miserable, they treat the employees like your children working in a slave shop.

E Card Fiasco

On a Monday went into Dillards system to send an ecard to my son for his birthday. Three days later they tried to contact me to "validate" the email address.. What a joke! The whole purpose of sending an ecard is for immediate delivery. When I returned the call on the third day customer service said there was a 30 minute wait and I would need to call back in the morning. Dillards you have a broken system you need to fix.

30 year loyal customer

Shopping in Longview Texas found dress that was marked 149.00 found 3 dresses exactly the same but were marked 52.00 talked to penny a manager at store not only sldis she not honor the lower price but was very rude will no longer be a loyal customer


Chief administrators

Awesome Department Store, always has the items at the most reasonable prices that I'm interested in and purchase.

New. year's Fiasco

Waited online one hour to get on the Dillard site. When I finally did, I went to the clearance page and selected a couple of handbags. The pricing was confusing as it was listed as a range. When I checked out, non-sale prices were listed. I sent a msg to CS asking for an explanation. Today they answered and said these bags were not on sale. As a long-time Dillard's shopped, I'm thoroughly disgusted.

Terrible place

I was out shopping in lancaster california Dillards and a lady named lisa was extremely rude and condescending. ill never shop there again not only because of lisa, but several other employees who demonstrated the same type of behavior in different occasions. good luck staying open, Dillards....


Disappointed in the poor response to problems with the Dillard's company. Von Maur has a lot better customer service and they speak english as a first language.

I can't believe in a city the size of Wichita, Kansas, the largest Dillard's in Town East Mall, with literally thousands of pair of leggings has not ONE brand that offers Petite. Not one. I asked the clerk to call someone, much to her dismay, and she said no, we don't carry any Petite. Seriously? Nobody seems to care about customer service any more!!! You are failing miserably!

worst company ever

Nothing good to say about this company at all !


Not only have I had horrible customer service from this Dillard's for the past couple of years (at least), I found out today that they're refusing their doors to the Salvation Army's annual fundraising. Nope, no bell-ringers allowed. This in a state that has extremely few social service organisations & resources. And most of those are themselves struggling to stay alive. Personally boycotting Dillard's as a direct result, & am am telling my people to do the same. Dillard's is deliberately taking the bread out of children's mouths.


I have just cancelled my account with this company! After trying to reach a human being in the Customer Service offices (that name is a joke with Dillard's; they don't have any Customer Service!) on four different occasions to ask about a late fee I was charged for being one day late (never late before) I gave up and paid the d--- bill and will not shop in this companies stores again; or if by some chance I do it will be with cash, or a Master or Visa card. They certainly don't care about their customers.


I was very unhappy with a shopping trip at the Dillards in Temple, Texas yesterday. I observed the store manager John cussing out a young area manager in front of her associates about the way the area looked. Personally as a shopper, I didn't notice anything messy. He continued to yell at her and belittle her. I was shocked and upset about his use of foul language. That is so inappropriate. I will no longer shop there.

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