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Lowsy service

It is impossible to reach anyone at the corporate headquarters in Atlanta for COX. This just shows you the level of contempt that this company has for people.

Do not mess with me

Cox Cable is AWFUL!! They owe me a refund check. Contacting BBB and State Attorney General's Office. Beware Cox Cable!

Bad customer service

By mistake I called in tech support at Arizona for promotion deal. First able they are lier. They told me they can lower my bill, but they hacked in my computer and they told I have problem with my IP address ,and I need to clean my pc I need to pay $175 bla bla. They dint even talk about promotion. They tri to hack your personal information. Be careful about them.

Employment Concerns

I have been applying for different positions at Cox Communications for ever and a day and I never hear anything from anyone concerning my applications. I have experience, and degrees to match each of the positions that I have applied for, however I really don't understand why I cannot achieve a position at such a outstanding company. It is my dream to be apart of the Cox Communication's team.

Poor Service

I have been a Cox subscriber for 16 years. As monthly prices for basic cable and internet continue to escalate, services decline especially for TV. If Cox spent less on their constant TV advertising, it might give users a break. I am currently researching other sources for these services, and even if they cost the same or more I'll probably switch as I've come to hate Cox!

Customer Representatives

At any given time, your Customer Representatives have always been knowledgeable, eager to be of assistance and super professional. Whatever training program you have works. Bravo!!! My next "review" will not be as "gleaming"

Service SUCKS!

We were on hold two separate occasions this morning for the same problem for a total of more than one hour - 25 minutes the first time, 40 minutes not more than five minutes later. On both occasions we were told the cable box needed to be reset - after it was reset on at least three occasions after the first call was answered - after the twenty five minute call. SEVERAL channels are showing as being temporarily off the air. If that is the problem, make it known up front, do not say it just needs a reset. I finally ran out of time to be able to do anything about it and will have to call this evening. What a waste of time - and apparently my money, too.

horrible services provided

I switched to Cox Cable two months ago for television, telephone and cable. This has been one of the most unprofessional companies that I've ever dealt with. When I first got the services, it took three different guys to come out and complete the installation, at which time the telephone wasn't working. Customer services have been awful, now the computer is running super slow and I had to call corporate. This has been a nightmare!


I signed up for the self install (since our work/school schedules are so strange so we wouldn't have to miss school or work to wait a 5 hour window for a tech) for our internet online went in store to pick up equipment. Set it up and no internet. Called customer service the lady kept interrupting me while I was asking questions. Said that a tech would have to come out but would be three days before they would. I will have been signed up with the equipment for 8 days before we actually get internet. That's if the tech shows up.

Cox Made Me Pay Twice

After 5 years of using bill pay, one month cox did not properly credit my account. I had to pay twice to keep the service on. My bank provided proof of payment which is not proof enough for cox. The proof is an image of front and back of the check cox deposited. I have called cox 5 times, my bank 3 times, faxed docs twice, went into cox store once and my bank 3 times. Still not resolved. Thanks Cox! My friend in the digital age!

I had cox installed on a Sunday at the price of $99 bundle special. We had so many problems with the internet and TV and complained so much that by the following Friday our bill was at $175.00 plus tax. I cancelled and went to DISH for my TV. Now my internet isn't working right either. It doesn't matter if I am hardwired to the modem or on WIFI, it doesn't work.

Terrible tech support hold times

I just converted to cox internet/phone services. While trying to set up my e-mail account I have experienced hold times on 30-45 mins overall. This is not acceptable, I am going back to ITT


Customer service is terrible. I average 1 call per month to resolve problems with their equipment. My latest experience was with the modem and now with the cable box. After 4 1/2 hours on the phone speaking to 6 people, customer service had me go to a local location to get a new box since it would take tem 2 days to bring one to me. I picked it up and brought it home only to find out it didn't work. Now it take another 2 days to get someone out here to give me a new one. The on I picked up was ancient and had been rebuilt. We could see the marks on the top where something had been sitting on it. It was the old style which is all that they had at the store. I have made 7 calls to Cox for issues for my TC, Phone and Iinternet. That averages 1 per month. So much for loyal customers that have been with them for over 20 years. Thinking FIOS!! Too bad there's a monopoly on cable services. Wish someone would come up with some competition.

No Accountability

Cox customer service has some of the most unprofessional rude so called supervisors I've seen in my life. I had an appointment scheduled between 5pm - 7pm at 8:17 the technician had not arrived nor was he answering his phone. The so called supervisor Angel argued with me like I was wrong for needing a technician placed me on hold for over 45 minutes hoping I would hang up. The end result I dtill have no technician or internet.


A lot of people want the Fearnet channel and R rated programs and movies back on TV, and get rid of most of the Catholic programs, and game shows on TV. ,

Horrible lack of accountability

After my cable being disconnected erroneously and it is still off I have been promised three times that a supervisor would call me back regarding another issue as well. A week later I am still waiting.


This is the worst company I have had to deal with. You don't get very many channels but pay a fortune for it. I have moved so I can't have Direct Tv here. As for cox I think I will go to AT&T U-Verse. If it's no good I would rather have a antenna instead of cox.

customer service

I can only rate this as useless. I have not been able to get any local support for my issues and your corporate personel can only give me the run around. Promesing to have someone call me but not delivering. I have not recieved any mail since March 13. You do not have any souls who can handle this.


I am getting my Master's degree online, but there is one problem. My interent never works. I call everyday and have had multiple technicians come to my house and nothing. I just want to have internet since I am paying >$60 a month for it.

Another day of being ripped off by Cox Communications

I have been a long time customer of Cox communications for over 20 years. If it isn't one thing it's another. I called to get my huge home phone bill reduced. They reduced it but didn't tell me I would have a contract and would be charged an early termination few if I left. I will now cancel all services with Cox. I am done with them.

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