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Was there for a few days needed extra towels the young lady couldn't speak English had an attitude when I asked. had to wait for my towels angry for being there. needs more people to speak more English that will help a lot out of the business. please try to make things better for the guest

Mens Restroom

it smells very bad in the men's restroom by the lobby .please get someone to really clean that well I feel that during breakfast early in the morning on Tuesday the lady that comes in has attitude problems that business not ran right get all new staff 202 Rural

disrespecting employee

Best Western located off the 202 and Rural I was a gest and I heard the supervisor talking in Spanish bad mouthing another employee. i feel that was wrong and something needs to be done.


I heard the supervisor talking in Spanish about another employee I was a guest there for 4 days I felt it was wrong and something needs to be done. please look into consideration on this manner thanks.

Best western in midland michigan

If your fine with your children being expose to alcohol in the pool area .this is the place for you. it felt like a bar atmosphere, not a family atmosphere.


the Bestwestern in Vernon BC is horrible...lousy service...shabby

don t book before you travel

no point in being organised and booking this hotel in advance as when we arrived with our booking forms and ref number the staff told us he had no recollection of our booking - which totally contradicted what the nice uk best western girl had told me the day before when I phoned to confirm our booking to check if we had b fast x the hotel had no rooms left and for 210 euros we were put in a pokey room with no bath next to a noisey school and lift x no apology from the hotel and no way we could complain as we could nt speak a word of French !!! spent £15 phoning intphone no to help and we were cut off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Away!

If there was anything less than 1 star, I would put that. Let me just make it simple. We made the biggest mistake of our lives when my wife and I booked a stay at best western - the hotel California in san Francisco. Save yourselves the pain and do NOT go there. Stains on the bed once we arrived, then bugs on the bed which is unbelievable. Got paint on my jacket because they decide to paint some walls and not put any signs up. And worst of all, by far, is having the worst guest services manager (Kyle Melton). Rude, cannot get things done without his GM, and not admitting to their faults then throwing false acquisitions at me when he is trying his hardest not to do his job. Made our vacation very not enjoyable, which is not the reason one goes on vacation. They wasted our valuable time so we couldn't take in all the sites.

bed bugs!!!!!!!

When we firat arrived i was told the room that we booked had been double booked and we were no longer getting a suit. I was very upset at this but the staff was nice. The hotel was in nice shape and the pool was great, but when I woke up I had bug bites all over my arms and stomach. I had to make a trip to the doctors to get it checked out and was told ot was bed bug and what seemed to be spider bites! Yuck!

Horrified at the rooms!!

Never Never Never again will I book a room with Best Western!!! My husband and I had booked a room at the Best Western Plus Regency House Hotel in Wayne, NJ for July 30-Aug 1, 2013. When we arrived we were told that they were full and no rooms available... now this is after I had called the day before our arrival and told them we would be arriving at the hotel late, as we were stopping by the hospital to see our new grandson. They then told us that they would give us the Bridal Suite (no elevator - had to carry my 30 lb suitcase up the stairs by ourselves). Upon entering the bridal suite we couldn't believe the condition of the room! Bad paint job, it looked like someone had just slept in the bed and it wasn't even made!! They jacuzzi tub in the room was dirty and the room smelled like cigarettes. She then showed us another room and it was just as bad. How terrible to run a hotel like this!!

Poor customer servcie

My husband and I booked a room through booking.com to stay at the Best Western TLC in Waltham, MA from July 21st to July 24th. On the Thursday before we were to arrive we had a death in the family making us unable to keep the reservation. Several attempts were made through email and phone message to acquire information from their manager Margo to cancel the reservation. Margo did not return any emails to booking.com regarding the cancellation and never returned my phone messages. The staff at the hotel claims no on else can authorize the cancellation and possibly waive the fees but the manager Margo who seems to be unavailable. I am very disappointed with such a big hotel chain like Best Western with their customer service. I have been as well as booking.com to get an resolution to this issue with no response.

hate best western in Portmsmouth, NH

Hate the best western in Portsmouth, NH. The first room, was too hot, the A/c wasn't working. Terrible. I hated sleeping in that hot room at night. The other room wasn't so bad, but I noticed when I was there, at 7 pm they had the workers cleaning the rooms when should've been done earlier in the day, and they jip you on the restervations too. I will not stay there again.


My boyfriend; after a 12 hour flight on a military plane; the folks at Best Western in California wouldn't rent him a room, which was already paid for by his company, because he didn't have a credit card for incidentals. He had to sleep in the car at 2:00am., before having to board a carrier at 6:00 am. Shame On You!


We stayed at Best Western in Mount Pleasant, IA 52641 It was immaculate! Very refreshing to find even the dinette was well stocked and very tidy.

Being kicked out

The last time that I was there I was there only a week and was kicked out. I was staying in Best Western in Yreka, California and I was wounding if the front desk can do that for no reason. Even though I payed for a full 3 week.


Do not stay at the Best Western they don't care about the handicap. They are very inconvenient and their customer service sucks. I will never ever stay there again. They have the worst service. Their rates ate so high. It's not worth the stay. You pay for a room with parking and can't even park in the parking structure. Had a horrible experience with them. Motel 8 is better than them anytime and that hotel isn't all that. What a shame. Stay away from Best Western...


Checked into the Best Western Atrium Gardens 1043 Executive Drive in Elizabeth, KY on 7/7/2013 room 126. The section we were put in was being renovated. New carpet in the hallways and spackled walls. Upon entering the room it smelled like mold and mildew. Upon further looking around I noticed black mold growing in the corner ceiling about the 10 1/2 inches wide above where the microwave and refrigerator should have been. The small fridge was sitting on the floor and no microwave was in the room. We went down to front and they put us in another room, room 132-A same section few rooms down the hall, air conditioner was on upon entering the room and you could smell musty mildew odor. The whirl tub needed caulking around the edge, and the only way to shut off the air conditioner was to unplug it. The breakfast was very good and so was the employee taking care of that section. They moved it from last time which was served in the pool area with water dripping from the ceiling which was in March 2013 and that employee was selfish with the food being served, especially with the crowd that Sunday morning. This is our third stay, don't believe anything they say about free nights stay.


My grandson, 14, his mom {my daughter} and I were traveling from Phoenix last Saturday to Calif. We stopped in Kingman, Az to find a room but every hotel was full except for one king suite in a new Best Western on Andy Devine Ave. I inquired about the room, they said they had one king suite available but I could not have it. I asked why and they said no children were allowed! I said this is my grandson, and the other adult is my daughter. They said sorry, no children and more or less dismissed me. I was stunned, never heard of being turned away because of a child. Is this hotel running an illegal business of some kind? I am a very respectful, descent looking grandmother, but I was shocked because of this discrimination. I will never again try to stay at a Best Western. I tried to leave a -* but it did not allow it.

Don't Stay Here

I made a reservation at Best Western because I trusted the brand which was a mistake. I had to prepay for the reservation. The room I was assigned to in South Plainfield NJ smelled like dead things were stored there, the lights didn't work and the AC couldn't keep the room even cool. I complained to the front desk with no result. The next day I complained again with the same result. After thinking about the risk they were putting me at for second hand smoke as well as the probable disease and vermin, I checked out early being very unsatisfied. Guess what? The day I didn't use was not going to be refunded. Thieves like this should be punished. I used to use this chain as a primary motel chain for business. Hope you have a good time spending the money cause you're not going to get any more from me or my company

We are currently staying in a Best Western in Lockhart Texas. I looked for a Bible in the room...found none. Called the front desk to ask why and was told there were none on the premises. Why is this? If this is a franchise...time to pull the brand. I'm going to be very vocal to American Christians on social networking and much of it will spill over to your other hotels that honor the tradition. (Sorry) We have 21/2 weeks left of our cross country tour...and your hotels are off our list.

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