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I have been trying to reach a store by phone now since 9:am it is now 10:00AM three different stores, two hung ups and to get rid of me wen I asked for the phone number for corp and they gave me the Customer Service number that were as bad to answer the phone. I called the West Kendall Office that have their hours of operations from 9:00Am to 11:00pm well called at 9:05 after going through a whole bunch of recording they hung up on me. I called back went thru the whole thing again and this time I was left on hold for 7 min and 47 seconds, for the life of me how busy can a book store be at 9:05am on a thursday that a sale person could not pick up the line and help a customer, mind you no one ever answered I just got tired of waiting and hung up. West Kendall Branch in Miami you really stink. But don't feel bad, then I called Coral Gables and after being put through the whole thing again and on hold for 4 mins somebody did answer by this time I asked for the Corp number and of course was put back on hold by Diane and I guess she hoped I hung up but I did not and after maybe 3 mins more she came back with the customer number for B & N online Customer Line not Corp like I had requested. Called them anyway when off on this poor guy and hung up,but again waiting time was about 5 min before they answer. So their customer service sucks all around, so who you going to complain too when they get their q's from Corp. I finally found this page called the number on the top and yes u guessed it on hold again. By this time I did not care anymore gave them a piece of my mind and told them I was buying my books from Amazon and hung up. They way the economy is and the competition there is in this buss I would think they would have the one thing that some of us still look for in a buss. "CUSTOMER SERVICE" does not cost anything and it may make them money. Investors you better look into this and bring up in the next BOARD MEETING I am sure asking my Dad to dump B & N stocks they sure going down and fast. I have said my peace and by the looks of these other reviews there seems to be a large of % that feel the same.

I think we should all call the Corporate Office since they are obviously not reading these complaints. Or we should write to them, bombard them with mail from disgruntled buyers. This store will soon close down again. The Best place to buy is Amazon. They have great customer service...never argue. You do not like something they tell you to send it back and give you your money back or a fast exchange. I should have known better, Now they want to exhange my brand new Nook with one that was returned because it was not good,,,would you believe this? They have nerve

The misconduct of Assistant Manager Carlos at the Aliso Viejo Store resulted in medical damages. I am disabled and the store has a policy of extreme discrimination against disabled customers, like myself.

I contacted B&N about my membership information. The customer service was the worst I've ever experienced. I asked the rude woman on the phone if my 15 years of membership was important to B&N. I told her that I was no longer going to be a B&N customer. She said "We don't care".

I am so sorry I bought the Nook, B&N are the worse. I have been a long time customer of Amazon and never did I have a problem returning and getting money back. They are a pleasure to work with, I must have lost my mind when I decided to buy the Nook, Never again, I had a problem with my Nook a month after I got it, I was told they would replace but only if I gave them my open Charge Account number in case they had to charge me for the repair or a new one. Would you believe they wanted my charge account number in case?......No way! I told the guy on the service phone, btw they have no idea how to be nice or how to treat a customer. I told him that I should get a replacement and then I would send back my Nook that does not work, He said B&N does not work that way,, Well they will go out of business soon. Never will I buy or recomment B&N, I will stick with Amazon and tell everyone else to do the same, B&N goodbye. At this time next year you should be gone, Service is the first place to start if you want to keep customers, or get new customers. Remember every customer you give the shaft has friends or families who will not deal with you, I for one will tell anyone and all to shop elsewhere and NOT at B&N,,,,Amazon is the best!!!

I was a loyal customer who told everyone I knew how much I loved my NOOK, Until I had my NOOK stolen and had to replace it! I bought another NOOK that apparently had been used beforehand by someone else who had also upgraded to a kindle on ebay. I did not realize this until I received it, it was listed as new came in original packaging complete with instructions & all cables and was showing unregistered on device no email, and asked me to register after trying to access anything, but when I tried to registrar with my account info it said you must unregister before registrating???? So naturally I call 1800 the book and that's where the trouble starts!! I got nothing but the run around over and over!!! I could now recite your policy on not allowing someone to steal take someone else's NOOK!!! I explained the whole story multiple times begging for help before deciding to trade up to a kindle!! But after taking to friends and family about it I was encouraged to write in to let someone know how customers are treated by B&N customer service!! One makes quite the commitment when choosing a ereader seeing as how you can only purchase reading material from said company!! So I lost my entire library as well as my faith in your company and all beacase I was REFUSED HELP!!! I think there should have been a simple solution but instead I was treated like a second class citizen!!!

Rude rude rude... I don't want to join your club, or want to share my phone info... Sell your dam books, not your BS!!!

Barnes & Noble is more than a store; it is a retreat for me. I do nearly all of my birthday and holiday gift shopping in your store. When I am having a stressful day I may just go to your store and browse at my leisure or I just sit in the coffee shop area to people watch while enjoying a splendid cup of one of your specialty coffees. Once I return to work I am relaxed and my spirit is re-energized. Please do not close your store in Amarillo Texas.

I was at Barnes and Nobles at the Carson location 2 weeks ago. I was waiting for my turn to pay for the material I was purchasing and notice that by the cash register they have Maxim magazine, with a woman in a very inappropriate swimsuit. This material is at my 4 year-old son eye level. I asked the manager if this material can be put in the adult section that I don’t want my son exposed to that material. He said is a corporate thing and that the publisher pays to have their material at a specific location. We do not allow cigarettes’ advertisement to be at the eye level of our children but magazine with adult content it seems that if the publisher pays it is ok. Please ask Barnes and Nobles to remove these magazines from our children’s eye level and put them in the adult section.

Had a nook that was under warranty that quit working. They told me they woudl send me a new one and to return the old one. They would pay the postage. When it arrived, there was a slip in there that told me to call them at 1800TheBook for authorization code or to return it to a store. Tried the phone number numerous time but the recording said that the lines were busy and to call back later. Took it to a store, said they couldn't help me. Found another number to call-it kept disconnecting me. I am currently on hold with a corporate phone number (5+minutes so far) and nothing. Their phone customer service is in the top 5 of the worst I have ever experienced.

I have been trying since May 28, 2012, to resolve a shipping error, and a refund owed to me. I have tried (7) seven times with there online customer service, you would have better luck with ZOMBIES. CUSTOMER BEWARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased a Nook Tablet second hand, I tried to register it and was told that I had to have the original owner call and un register it. I found out that the owner was dead and no one knew the e-mail or password. I called the help center, got hung up on twice and the third time was told "You are bumming". laughed at and hung up on the third time. I am an avid shooter and know what I will be shooting my useless Nook Tablet. I will go back to Amazon for their products. Barnes and Noble can kiss my AZZ.

I bought a NOOK for my daughter at Christmas with the warranty; both the Nook and the warranty were full price. I did not read the light gray 1pt print on the back. I ask the salesman if it was returnable. He said yes it was a full warranty. Yes even in the Terms and Conditions it is returnable. BUT THEY WILL NOT REFUNDED MY MONEY. BEWARE!!! I'm out 126.17 and Barb B&N manger and JULIE B&N manger showed SOCIOPATH behavier as cold as cold gets. My next note is to the Attorney Gen.


Dear B & B I would LOVE to see you build a book store in South Parkersburg West Virginia maybe out bt the Walmart Store. I love to read not only reading but CD's, DVD's, and others items that you may sale. At the present time if I had to go to one of your stors I would half to drive abt 80 or so miles when having one real close would really really help. The one we had here went botton up or what ever but I hear a lot of great thing abt B & B I would like to ask for your consideration in a new store in South Parkersburg, W Va thank you so very very much Yours Jackie Davis skylernchloesaunt@yahoo.com

three calls to customer service and not one of has the smarts to send me a return label for merchandise that was sent to me damaged. buyer beware !!!!!!!!! online customer service has no idea what they are doing and sorry but i cant understand a word they are saying. I have reported them to the BBB and consumer afairs.

This rating is based on your choice of a sub standard mapbook by Rand McNally instead of an easy to use simple guide made by Arrow. Metro Boston 171 is so easy to use compared to the Rand book. The map has the whole town and street index right there. This is a case of fixing something that wasn't broken. My point being a professional driver and teaching my drivers to use a map makes your choice of the Rand McNally useless for me and my crew. Fragmented mapping is a terrible consept for a driver. It obvious a non driver made this horrible decision maybe based on pricing which could or maybe have been worked out based on volumes sold. I did see the map in question on Amazon for $64 new and $2.95 used!!

During the month of July I had two close family member seperately perish in different events. I have been utilizing the B+N store to entertain my clinets bfore they opened the store at 2999 Pearl st in Boulder CO. The store was formerly managed by an astute and kind gentleman named Jeff. Then it was taken over by a person named Wayne Juco. He is an abomination. He is rude to everyone, his employees, his customers, everone. I have had other people tell me they no longer utilize the facility due to this gentleman. I was having a mental health crisis after my lossses. I made the right choice by calling 911 to get help on two occasions. The first I met the officers at the door, ther was no one that was aware of this intervention. The second I required a stretcher for safety reasons, and they came into the store and got me. The store was virtually empty at the time. I received notice from the police dept. that I would be arrested for trespassing should I be at the prenises again. I went in and met Jeff at the door and he informed me that it was a gross overreaction and of course I was welcome to do buisness at the store. I was on a business call when I was confronted in a very agressive manner by Wayne Juco to "leave HIS store immediately", (funny I thought B+N owned it), he put his horrible breath right in my nose, the agression was unbelievable. My first reaction was to...but I restrained myself and left the store. I said to Mr. Juco "do you know what I have recently been through" he said "I don't care". Right now I don't want anything other than permission to return to the store and use it as I have for years, peacefully and without disruption. There are many employess at the store that would attest to my serenity and good customer status, but of course Mr. Juco has denied me access, lest he be shown for whom he is. Please help me resolve this By the way I am a prolific business entrepreneur in Boulder with many clients www.deployedsales.com Joseph A. Corlett

I have contacted Barnes and Nobel several times about this promo being sent out to hundreds of authors---------------NO REPLY !!!!!! i would like some kind of answer---Do you know about this ??????? Dear author: By now, you know. We're launching a campaign geared towards every Barnes and Noble in Long Island. They contacted us. Now we'll contact them with our very best! INCLUDE YOUR BOOK TODAY! A large Barnes and Noble store on Long Island, New York ordered 40 copies of one of our books last Tuesday. They were pleased that PublishAmerica paid for the shipping! Two weeks ago Barnes and Noble ordered copies for 38 other titles also. And they recently needed copies of an additional 17 titles! A 40-book order is a big bookstore order, even for Barnes and Noble. Now we're going to bring some of our other hot titles to the Long Island store's attention, in a beautiful full-color presentation. We'll do the same with ALL other Barnes and Noble stores on Long Island (there are 11!) We'll tell Barnes and Noble on Long Island: carry some of these books too! Be sure to have your book included in this Barnes and Noble promotion. Go to www.publishamerica.net/BN to activate for $39. If you want to receive your own copy of the Long Island Barnes and Noble presentation, go to www.publishamerica.net/MyBN, and your own copy will be home-delivered to you, on your doorstep, around the same day the Barnes and Noble stores receive theirs! Must choose a shipping option to activate. No use of coupons is allowed. Thank you, --PublishAmerica Bookstore DISCLAIMER: PublishAmerica has no affiliation with Barnes and Noble, and makes no claim to preferential access or other special treatment. No specific result from PublishAmerica's best efforts to represent and promote its authors and their books is suggested or guaranteed. Books of the Day A Special Love for Twelve Border Collies by Judith Lynn Cvetkovic, http://publishamerica.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a0d6d6a3715a8baccbe0fbb7c&id=75be433a06&e=a5ef77fb93: Twenty-four dogs travel to the lake to play for a doggy reunion. Mandy and Star's Sheep Ranch Getaway by Judith Lynn Cvetkovic, http://publishamerica.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a0d6d6a3715a8baccbe0fbb7c&id=24732480d8&e=a5ef77fb93: Mandy, Star Power, and Merle take an adventure to a sheep ranch. Mandy's Lost Adventure by Judith Lynn Cvetkovic, http://publishamerica.us2.list-manage.com/track/click?u=a0d6d6a3715a8baccbe0fbb7c&id=40af2ad11a&e=a5ef77fb93: Mandy is found by animal friends and family. Copyright © 2012 PublishAmerica, LLLP, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you opted in during your contract signing. Our mailing address is: PublishAmerica, LLLP P.O. Box 151 Frederick, MD 21705 Add us to your address book

and everyone wounders why a big chain store goes out of business. The worst customer service department ever, they pass you around like they have to all go to lunch and they have not honored any of my kids club purchases. I think they make up rules as they go along. I cant understand half of them and your on hold for about 30 minutes before someone decides to pick up only to tell you that you have to be passed over to another department. Then if anyone of you get to speak to Bob the so called customer service agent, beware he hates women, and when you ask for a supervisor they are even worse. when i was growing up the customer the one that signs the pay checks and should always be treated with respect. This policy is not for anyone of you, only if they are in the mood to do there job. I am goin gto request the set of rules that barnes and noble has set into place for all of us who shop there, just so we have a better understanding of what and who we are buying from.

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