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Worst Experience Ever

This company provided the worst car rental experience and worst customer service experience I have ever had. I would award it 0 out of five stars if I could.


Budget in New Brunswick New Jersey expressly fraudulently advertises they will pick you up and were abusive on the phone. When I called customer service they were abusive and the person on the line started berating me about his education level while putting me on hold for two hours

dont do it

Rent a car from anywhere but from avis and budget rental car. They have a lot of dishonest people within there company.

The information provided is all incorrect.

Budget? No Way!

Budget was rude and slow and spiteful. I'll NEVER rent from Budget again.


Wow - do I wish I had read all of these before I rented from Avis!!! I have had nothing but trouble - deception and rudeness - until my credit card company called them!

Treat your employees right

In order to have loyal employees that go above and beyond, you need to treat them right. There is a lot of irritated employees that work for this company. Learn to treat your people right or you will lose good people! I hate a company that can't be fair with their employees.

Ripped off by Avis...again!

Second time we've returned a car with a full tank (once in Croatia and once in South Africa) that we've been charged re-fuelling charges anyway. No help at all to resolve problems. It is theft. Plain and simple. Never Avis again


I rented a car from Budget in DC it had problems, returned it to Richmond where I was attending my brother’s funeral. Was told to return the car to Richmond Airport by the manager on duty. I changed my flight reservations to leave from Richmond paying an additional $200 to do so. When receiving the statement I was charged and additional $738 for returning it to Richmond instead of DC. I was not told there would be any charge, in fact, I prepaid for the car. The manager told us to return it to Richmond and we did just that. This charge is invalid and I will not pay it. Every person at Budget has not helped, in fact I have had not return contact at all. Needless to say, I will never rent from Budget again!

Outstanding Service

Left my wife' handicapped placard and some GPS wiring in the rented auto rented at the Bangor Airport. Flew back to California before we notice the placard was missing. Called Bangor Budget at the Bangor Airport. They said they found the card and some additional products and would ship them out to us within the net two. Days. The material in question arrived in a timely manner. Great customer service. Will not hesitate to rent a car from Budget in the future. Thank Yoy

Worse Customer Care Ever!

Please remove my from any future mailings or advertisements of any sort. I had the WORSE experience at Budget and will never, ever use the location on Madison street in Oak Park, IL. They are the most nonchalant uncaring people I have ever met. I made a reservation 4 months in advance and was told, oh so casually, we don't have any more SUV's. What???? You can have a Dodge Charger. I was taking my family on vacation that afternoon. A Dodge Charger, are you kidding me. She kept telling me what I can't have, how about trying to find a solution for what I COULD have. I went to the location in Elmwood Park, IL on Harlem and was treated with respect as I should have been in the first place. I had to also pay more money that was agreed upon. Oak Park location should be shut down!!!!!!!

Business Ethics Stinks

I worked at Avis some years ago and this is the worst company I have ever worked for in my entire life and I haven't had many jobs... only 2 because I have worked my jobs for a long time. Anyways, the managers are bias and very prejudice, they side with the co-workers that have been there for a long time knowing that that other co-worker is wrong! This business needs to be investigated because their work ethics are NOT good at all!

Really Avis?

$250 because you had to vacuum? Not because of smoking in the car or food stains or trash left over but because there was sand in the front seat that had to be vacuumed I get charged an extra $250! Those cars should be completely detailed between customers.


They rip me off. Now they will not rent me a car. They charged me way to much and will not take my calls. The service is so bad. I think the people that work there are the walking dead.


Worse con artists ever. I got. Completely ripped off. Check. Out. Budget rent a car rip offs on. Google. They. Have 407 complaints .

DO NOT use tow dolly!

IF you have a front wheel drive towed on their dolly it will total your car IF you TRY to back up! The car acts as a second trailer to the to the tow dolly and quickly curves as you back up. So if you leave it in gear the pressure from not turning once the maximum is reached travels up to the motor from the drive line and totals your car. Nothing in their literature warns about this. All they say is do not back up instead of it will total your car if you back. Claims hung up on me. BBB time.

Worst Company Ever!

I had a horrible experience at your Tigard, Or location. I had to wait 5 minutes for someone to show up at the counter and then was told I was denied from a credit check. Which I don't even have anything on my credit other than student loans that I'm currently paying. I had this reservation for over a week and it was for the holiday season to go see family. Ruined my whole day!! I went straight to enterprise and was immediately greeted and was taken great care of. I will NEVER go through Budget again or recommend your company to someone else. Big mistake, HUGE! How can you do this to people? I paid with no problems with my debit card at Enterprise. Good luck to your company, I see you going down hill in the future.

Unacceptable Return Policy

I was totally dissatified your return policy. I rented a mini van for the Labor Day weekend. To my displeasure was required to pay car rental for Monday, Sept 2nd when it could have been returned however because office was closed. why should customer pay for days they not need. You should have a provision for customers to return cars and not be forced to incur additional charges. I had to pay for a day I did not need plus insurance for that day as well. This was my first rental from Budget and will be last. Also customer service was lack luster at best .

Unacceptable Return policy

Also did not get van requested nor features annotated by clerk on computer.

Budget online booking

Terrible service they overbook their trucks and leave u hanging with not so much as a alternative just this happens all the time. I will never Use buget again they even gave me a online discount for booking online. I guess they can do that when they overbook and don't have to honor it.

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