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Worse Customer Care Ever!

Please remove my from any future mailings or advertisements of any sort. I had the WORSE experience at Budget and will never, ever use the location on Madison street in Oak Park, IL. They are the most nonchalant uncaring people I have ever met. I made a reservation 4 months in advance and was told, oh so casually, we don't have any more SUV's. What???? You can have a Dodge Charger. I was taking my family on vacation that afternoon. A Dodge Charger, are you kidding me. She kept telling me what I can't have, how about trying to find a solution for what I COULD have. I went to the location in Elmwood Park, IL on Harlem and was treated with respect as I should have been in the first place. I had to also pay more money that was agreed upon. Oak Park location should be shut down!!!!!!!

Business Ethics Stinks

I worked at Avis some years ago and this is the worst company I have ever worked for in my entire life and I haven't had many jobs... only 2 because I have worked my jobs for a long time. Anyways, the managers are bias and very prejudice, they side with the co-workers that have been there for a long time knowing that that other co-worker is wrong! This business needs to be investigated because their work ethics are NOT good at all!

Really Avis?

$250 because you had to vacuum? Not because of smoking in the car or food stains or trash left over but because there was sand in the front seat that had to be vacuumed I get charged an extra $250! Those cars should be completely detailed between customers.


They rip me off. Now they will not rent me a car. They charged me way to much and will not take my calls. The service is so bad. I think the people that work there are the walking dead.


Worse con artists ever. I got. Completely ripped off. Check. Out. Budget rent a car rip offs on. Google. They. Have 407 complaints .

DO NOT use tow dolly!

IF you have a front wheel drive towed on their dolly it will total your car IF you TRY to back up! The car acts as a second trailer to the to the tow dolly and quickly curves as you back up. So if you leave it in gear the pressure from not turning once the maximum is reached travels up to the motor from the drive line and totals your car. Nothing in their literature warns about this. All they say is do not back up instead of it will total your car if you back. Claims hung up on me. BBB time.

Worst Company Ever!

I had a horrible experience at your Tigard, Or location. I had to wait 5 minutes for someone to show up at the counter and then was told I was denied from a credit check. Which I don't even have anything on my credit other than student loans that I'm currently paying. I had this reservation for over a week and it was for the holiday season to go see family. Ruined my whole day!! I went straight to enterprise and was immediately greeted and was taken great care of. I will NEVER go through Budget again or recommend your company to someone else. Big mistake, HUGE! How can you do this to people? I paid with no problems with my debit card at Enterprise. Good luck to your company, I see you going down hill in the future.

Unacceptable Return Policy

I was totally dissatified your return policy. I rented a mini van for the Labor Day weekend. To my displeasure was required to pay car rental for Monday, Sept 2nd when it could have been returned however because office was closed. why should customer pay for days they not need. You should have a provision for customers to return cars and not be forced to incur additional charges. I had to pay for a day I did not need plus insurance for that day as well. This was my first rental from Budget and will be last. Also customer service was lack luster at best .

Unacceptable Return policy

Also did not get van requested nor features annotated by clerk on computer.

Budget online booking

Terrible service they overbook their trucks and leave u hanging with not so much as a alternative just this happens all the time. I will never Use buget again they even gave me a online discount for booking online. I guess they can do that when they overbook and don't have to honor it.

Don't rent from Budget

Rented from budget June 18th Car was damaged, saved damaged claim (thank heaven I did) they came back 1 month later trying to say I damaged the car. never will rent from budget again.

They simply don't care!

I rented a car from avis and was told there wasn't a holding fee and out of nowhere a fee was put on my account. The rep stated to modify my agreement and then it canceled my reservation and now I'm out of 300.00 and funds won't be released up to 7 days because I was lied to. And to top if off tomorrow was suppose to be my first day at work now I have no vehicle and no funds. When I attempted to call customer service the reps including supervisor hung up 4 times on me after waiting 15 mins for them to answer. I can't believe what a horrible company they are.

Reservation not honored

We reserved a truck a week in advance to move my daughter's furniture from Virginia to New York. We drove down on Friday, and Saturday, when attempted to pick up the truck, were told they didn't have one available. We called their customer service rep, who were totally uninterested in helping us. Unable to find a truck, we had to leave my daughter's furniture by the side of the road, and take two cars back to NY. The plan was to sell her car in Richmond, but now we needed it to move her belongings. . I advise anyone who is contemplating leasing a truck from this company to read the fine print very carefully. This company totally misrepresents it's policies, and states that the only thing you are reserving, is the price. Avis Budget is a company that egregiously violates all ethical decency. It seems that their only goal is to rent the fleet at a 100% rate, and so they overbook " reservations" as a business policy, with complete legal impunity.

Budget Truck Rental

Made it an hour in a Budget 24 foot moving truck and it broke down. Budget left us stranded for 11 1/4 hours before sending a tow truck. Called over 20 times for help and was lied to and treated with disrespect by customer service. Told us if we left the truck it would be abandonment.

Trust Budget? Year Right!

Returned a rented Budget truck to a non-secure location after hours (no locked gate, no cameras) truck was subsequently taken from location. Area Manager called me some one week later inquiring on when and where I returned truck and after speaking with him I was assured I would not be held responsible, one week later my bank account was hit for over $1,600.00 in charges from Budget. My bank account was closed. Area Manager blamed Budget's billing department, the billing department blamed the Area Manager and the location I returned it to. Never, ever trust this company!!!

Steeling your trust

I've made a reservation for a car and was offered a better rate as a business owner. One month later no refund, no apologies. This is my last reservation with AVIS.

The first time I rented for over 30 days. was offered a Mustang for only $5 more per day. My next rental one month later again for over 30 days I was offered a Mustang for $20 per day. Was told couldn't do the $5? $2000 spent in recent rentals and today in mail I received a notice of $150 extra charge for pet hair. I will NEVER use Budget again.

Orlando B side

Why can you not staff according to expected reservations Sat in line to pick up car for 30 min. Only 4 agents on the counter. Others in front of me said waiting 40 min Almost as long as most flights Come on Service service service

preauthorization!!! NOT

Recently transferred to Bahrain and didn't bring my car along so I rented one for just the weekend. They told me my card would have a pre authorization of 100BD. (About $265). Well my card was charged and it is currently a week later and they just keep telling me that it is not a charge. I showed them my online statement that showed they charge and they are still denying the charge. Beyond pissed and want my money back. NOW!!! Looking like I will have to dispute the charge through my bank

Total rip off and scam they suck!

I rented a car while in Phoenix AZ for a Buisness trip. On my way back to the airport I got a flat I called there emergency line and was told it would be at least 2 hours to get someone there for the flat. They told me to drive on the rim to the Avis lot and park the car. Now a month or more later I get a bill from them for $289 dollars for a new tire after I did exactly what THEY told me to do. I will never rent from budget or Avis again on top of that I asked for the insurance they offered to be charged to me when I called about the claim I was told they did not have it on the account and it was my fault. What a bunch of *~€{¥=][€_£~#*\!!!!!!! I hate them and would not ever recommend them to anyone! Better yet you can't even find a corporate email to complain to them about your service they really don't care about customers or they would have way better service. Don't rent from them anywhere.

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