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I called the Bristol, TN Walmart to be connected to the money center. I waited 10 minutes, the call rang back to person answering the phone 4 times. I then asked for a CSM & waited 5 more minutes with no answer. I hung up & called back & asked for a head manager...waited 5 minutes with no answer...hung up & called back & asked again...finally getting someone who said she is 'One of the head mangagers' & she said they were not properly staffed. I told her that it is ridiculous to wait 25 minutes with NO ANSWER from the Money Center, a CSM,and the Main Store Supervisor!!! She said that goes back to the Main Office who does the scheduling!!! I told her if that is the case, then Walmart has become SO GREEDY that it is ALL ABOUT MONEY & QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE must mean nothing. I spend $200 a week at Walmart...but WILL NO LONGER!!! Greed is a terrible thing Walmart!!!

Was wondering when you are going to put a dress code on your customers, these emails which shows people shopping at various wal marts throughout the states is the most ridiculous clothing, and hardly any clothing. It is not teaching our children much and showing no respect for themselves or others. Shame on you Wal Mart.

Walmart Superstore # 1235 WALMART SUPERSTORE 5025 NW LOOP 410 SAN ANTONIO TEXAS 78229 (210) 523-1091 This store abuses the elderly and this needs to be reported immediately to the Texas Department of Family & Protective Regulatory Services - Adult Protective Services. Just to let you know Walmart that elderly abuse is a serious crime and I take this very seriously.

To whom it may concern. Well people I’m sick to my stomach I worked for Wal-Mart for almost four years and was there every day on time never took off did more over time then most there were times that they made me sit down for a hour or two because I didn’t have 8 hours in between my shift of sleep time and always picked over 100% and what did I get for it .Well Ill tell you I was just about to take an LOA witch is leave of absents witch I had plenty of sick time hours to cover it so I thought I would go up and open door a couple of issues to the CEO Allen Hanley of DC 7030 in Pottsville Pennsylvania Well I called before I went up witch I only lived 15 minutes away I moved into a town I didn’t even like just to be near my job. Dedicated 100% to my job as an employee for Wal-Mart Well back to the issue at hand I went up to see Allen Hanley But get this they were having an audit that day. That’s were inspectors and corporate people come from other companies to see if everything is up to standards and clean. So I went into see him we exchanged a few words and then he started to get all smart with me and stood up waving his arms around in the air yelling at me to get out of his office or that he will un a sign me or terminate my employment I’m like DAMN! What’s wrong with this guy and look who has become uncivilized. Get this Allen Hanley is the type of CEO that uses his influence as a CEO to bully people and pressure them to his advantage so he can get an employee on an accountability saying that he can get a reason on your to terminate your employment . Yeah this guy thinks he is so smart but yet as a CEO he never nose what’s going on in the back on the floor but yet when I ask him a question he will give me a strait answer then a couple of days later we will talk again and he will totally change the answer to an accountability that will work against an employee and this guy wonders why in meetings everyone totally walks away from him before he can finish and you ask why because alls he talks about is what he does for Wal-Mart and how they think corporate makes Wal-Mart money When it’s the hard working employees in the back that order fill the loaders and the unloaded ‘s……and so on and when you walk threw the door they will tell you that order filling is the hardest job in Wal-Mart But back on track again Well after Allen Hanley totally disrespecting me told this Charley witch paying this guy is a waste of Wal-Marts money ,Told him to tell me I have done nothing wrong at this point that tempers were only flying do to the audit and to go home come back on my work schedule Well an hour later they call and tell me I’m un a sighed till they investigate well three week later they call and tell me I’m not to talk about this to anyone or they will terminate my employment So I then say hey maybe I should have a lawyer Well then this Charley guy tells me I’m terminated and hangs up YEAH! I’m like what the heck So I call this guy from corporate Jonathan Smith and they have excepted everyone of my calls and never told me I couldn’t call and after I explained what happened he told me he would look into it well he calls me back and tells me there’s nothing he can do and they couldn’t tell me why they fired me never left me come in and explain like policy states that u have the right and I was told by an Élan Moochee that I would have a chance another corporate liar Well then they try and turn things around to push everything under the rug saying I’m harassing them by calling or I’m posting the truth on the internet about What happened. See they think they can do anything they want because they got to big for there britches and there trying to hide the fact that they violated my civil rights by firing me for having a medical disability that’s why I was going to take an LOA in the first place and Allen Hanley and Wal-Mart new this plus In Wal-Mart if your there close to five years and your making top rate or you have a medical disorder you are a liability because if you noticed only Corporate people survive in Wal-Mart not the employee. But Allen Haney you’re the one that harasses people out of there jobs by talking over them not letting them finish there side of any discussion and bulling people on the job by writing them up for every little thing they do while there working and let me tell you people you think working in a DC for Wal-Mart is great HA! They push you around they have this PTL witch is like a fourth grade report card they look in the news papers to see if you did anything wrong they stick there nose in you personal life while your off the clock and not on Wal-Mart’s time Id call that harassment and a violation of anyone’s rights. They try to tell you that you cant post the truth on the internet when half the people in the world posts the dirty things they do to each individual employee Like Allen Hanley trying to use Wal-Marts name to fight his own little personal vendetta against me witch should be on his own time but because he is trying so hard to hide the fact that he is a bigot and a liar and trying to hide the fact that he fired me for having a medical disorder and trying to use my disorder against me. Allen Hanley dose Wal-art no your trying to use there name to hide your mistakes and Allen I have every right to post what I want on my time I don’t work for you no more and I’m proud of that See Allen Its called freedom of speech and freedom of literature like the daily news if they got the right so do I and there hundreds of thousands out the that join a sight Called Wal-Mart sucks everyday so get over it and in your own words Allen Hanley by your policy an issue between tow people you can not take one persons word over another’s because it’s a he said she said thing and anything said out of line has to be directed towards a person So get a life Allen Hanley your not Mr Rogers and you don’t own me.

Tammie dont give Wal-Mart another Accountability to fire there employees its an American right to dress the way you want as long as its within reason and your not naked

I am a business owner, and I have been shopping with Sam's since the early 90's. For the past week, there has not been enough cashiers to checkout. I find this to be a disgrace, and start to question whether or not to discontinue my membership. Speaking with one of the employee, and it was explain that the corporate office is cutting back, and slacking on hours. Why should I even bother to pay 38.06 a month for a membership, to stand in long damn line, this is a billion dollar company, so all you corporate people making top dollar, take the damn time to listen to what your members and associates want(that cutting hours crap is not going to work). Angry Member

My daughter is an employee of Walmart in Freeport, Illinois. We are so upset because she is at risk of losing her job for a ridiculous reason... She was assisting an elderly customer just recently and because of that, was three (!)minutes late in going to her lunch break. Not coming back from her break....but going TO her break. She was helping a woman who was in need of assistance when no other employees were available to help her and in doing that was late to go to lunch. My daughter was putting a customer first---Isn't that what the policy requires??? Obviously, the company has a twisted idea what customer service stands for.

I am no fan of Wal-Mart either. But you cannot blame them for not knowing how to hang the American Flag. I gaurantee that most of the country does not know how to hang the flag, and actually "WHO CARES". Bill Merrit, a veteran or not needs to get a life. If you were so concerned about the presentation of the flag, then why didn't you educate them and assist them with fixing it. I bet the "lazy manager and lazy associates" would have been more than happy to help you "watch you fix the flag". You even said that the cashier said that they have heard the complaints before. I guess since your GI JOE, they are supposed to jump and salute. You even called Bentonville about something you have no control over nor do you have any reason to associate yourself with the happenings in the worlds largest company. Oh and how dare the CEO of Walmart not take your call, doesn't he know that you are a veteran. You are such a loser and need a life. You talk about walmart employees but I gaurantee the management has far more education and earns far more money than you have ever made. If your days are consumed with how a flag is hung then I feel sorry for you. I have visited many businesses with the flags hung wrong, do I care, yes, is it my business, no! We also have poverty, homelessness, disease, global warming, unemployment, etc. When you are finished taking care of the cheap, dollar store flag at walmart, start putting your efforts into the other issues that plague our country, (Because you are such a great American Hero)!! GET A LIFE!!!

Wal-Mart (King of Prussia/Swedesford Rd) 2010 PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE Wal-Mart advertised a 26" TV sale for $198 for 11/6 thru 11/7. The sale started at 8AM on 11/6. My mother attempted to buy one around 8:20AM and was told by an employee in the TV section that there were only 2 TVs delivered to this store for the sale and they were sold. The employee also said there were no "rain checks". The Asst Manager said he would give her name and number to Manager Nasinim (sp?)and that he would call her. She never received a call. This is an unacceptable situation and I would hope that the CEO would correct, or at least be concerned about or address, this case.

Your Buisness keeps sending me an E-mail that I've just won a 1000.00 WalMart gift card. And when I try to recieve this gift card, At the end of this survey I need to have a credit card number, I jus want to say I think It's really sad that you people at WalMart prey on people everywhere with a promotional gemmic like this one to get peoples hopes up, Heads up people- some of us are not fortunate enough to have a credit card to do this, and so close to x-mas with the economy the way it is now and for some of us whom are having a real had time tring to find Jobs It just is a crying shame you don't allow people of less fortunate situations receive this gift card without having to feel bad about themselves. I have tried to submit at lest 4 times now and It always comes up the same shame on you WalMart! Angy and Disapointed,

First I would like to complain about the condition of the Pet food Isle in your Martinsville Va Wal Mart Super Center. Mike Rorrer is responsible for the area, and he is not doing his job. There were small bugs running around every where, because there was open cat food on the isle shelves. I do not know if it was bed bugs or what, it was not flies. And the supply of cat food was at minimal and there is no excuse for this. If I do not do my job, I would be fired. It is not healty to have these bugs running around on the isles.

Ok, I just applied to the wal-mart scholarship and it asked the most basic questions which i have answered throughly. In my household my grandfather is the only one that works to support a family of four. The income is less then $30,000 a year. So, in order to get a college education paid for, I am applying to as many scholarships as I can. When I applied for this scholarship, the response I received was that I was ineligible and my family made too much income.....I dont know about you all, but I thought wal mart was suppose to send you home with a yellow smiley face.

I had medication filled on 9/10/10..suppose to get 10 mg and I take 4 pr night..they gave me 100mg and went to take four. It almost killed me! thier mistake. I called them and I got a oops! little do they know I have a brain tumor, ic whichis incurable, fibro, high blood pressure, restless leg syndrom, sleeping dis order, depression, re covering alcoholic, and take alot of medications..this could of killed me! did a call saying sorry?no I was offered a gift card of 50.00 for my life! really walmart..all the money u make off me per month in medication which is almost 1000.00 a month and u wanna give me 50.00...who would take care of my only child if I would of died, who would of know yr parm is the one who killed me? jjones12765@hotmail.com

The 4 stars are for the store itself. I started shopping there the day they opened at the westworth Village Store in Fort Worth. I loved shopping there and I would do so atleast 3 to 4 times a week. There is a downside though. DON'T USE THE PHARMACY. THEY ARE DISHONEST! Otherwise I love the store but I will no longer be shopping there with deep disappointment.

I went to my local Wal-Mart in Roanoke, Alabama to get my check cashed. I have an Alabama temporary license and this location has taken this i.d several times before. Well when I went in this evening i was told that they couldn't cash my check because of the tep license. The CSR Manager "BILL" said my id was fake. He has looked at it times before this evening. Wal Mart has lost another customer due to this. I have done my shopping at this Wal Mart everysince they came to Roanoke and it seems like as the years go by the service is getting worse and worse.

i worked at walmart store #1104 in inverness fl, 06/2011 is my 3 yr anniversary or would of been,i relocated to vero beach fl. to be closer to my elderly parents, bad hearts, i put in transfer request on sept 11,2010, my last day at #1104 was sept 29th. i moved in to vero beach mobil home, on oct 1st,i visited every walmart and sams club from sebasian to port st lucie trying to get offered a position, to no avail,to top things off and get me even madder is ,walmart changed hireing policies , only part time now and ive been full time with fulltime benifits for over 2 yrs. so i finally get called by store # 931 in vero beach for a position of unloader, even thogh im 49 yrs old and it only being part time i would of gladly accepted the offer, but i was interviewed on oct 22 and was told to call back the following friday oct 29th which i did and would you believe that they hired someone without experiance , i did unloader for walmart 10 yrs ago, and i called my old store #1104 and grace in hr told me she was sry which was nice but told me ive been on leave of absents too long now and that i would have to re-apply and start from the beginning, im so irate right now that i wouldent work for walmart again ,unless i got an apolagy from someone in charge, they would be getting the ae them selfs if mr sam walton was alive right now, i just had to vent and warn other folks how walmart treats thier own people, thanks for reading this

I loved Walmart but not today and will probably shop there again after my anger calm down. I spent a long time searching the web for a reasonable price graphing calculator. I found a Casio Graphing Calculator (UPC: 0007976178605)on the Walmart site. I located one available at the Walmart #1373 at 4004 Lawrenceville Hwy NW. The system said it was last updated yesterday. I immediately left during rush hour traffic because I needed it for my midterm exam tomorrow. After getting to the store, they did not have one and the clerk said they only have what was out. It was no space allocated for this particular calculator and they said they had not seen it in the last week. It does not mean anything because it shows available online. I almost never leave Walmart without spending over a hundred dollars. I left today still spending 104.96 because I did not feel like going to another store. My plans are to stay away for a while now.

I am employed by a Wal-Mart. We are understaffed & management treats us like animals not humans. We are fused at the entire time, why because they know jobs are hard to come by at this time. I have never been for a Union, But it is time for the UNIONS to get hold of Wal-Mart. It must be done to protect they employees. They have an open door policy, it is open then when you leave it is shut and they laugh at the employees. I have never seen such mis-treatment of people, until I started working at Wal-Mart. If you show them policy from Wal-Mart, they tell us that it is different from store to store, show them it states Managers cannot change policy, they tell us it is an out dated book. All Wal-Mart cares about is taking the customers money and treating employee's as if they own them. UNION HELP IS NEEDED!!! One employee went in for a review and was not given a raise, but told he does an excellent job. Our store is short 8 to 11 people at the night shift and they have not given us our rotation in weekends off for the month as stated in policy for those who work thru the midnight hours. We not longer get 2 days in a row to recover from working our 5 days, which we are understaffed. They believe they are too big to FAIL.

I recently went to the Walmart in Oro Valley Arizona. I am a landscaper and it is a very dirty job. I tell you this so you can understand my total embarrassment and anger at the following tale of my treatment. I was walking into the store after work to buy my daughter a new phone. There is a greeter at the door and as I am walking in there was two or three couples walking in front of me. For every couple the greeter would say hello, good day, ect. when the greeter looked at me in my dirty, just off work disarray he literally wrinkled his nose in disgust and turned his back on me. Refusing to look at me and not acknowledging my presence. I was humiliated and embarrassed.


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