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i have nothin but a hard time with verizon wireless always seem to be in argument that i end up saying things i shoudnt say but when yur pissed off get nouthin but the run around ill say what i want . i hate verizon wireless,u lie cheat and dont do what u say your gonna do,want nothin but the bottom dollor .well im not paying nothin til i get some help send all the bills you want .ive had to repeatly explain myself to customer service and pay more money because they cant get it rite the first time notes are being posted on computer bout many of my issues ,why ive been explaing myself for over a yr now im done with it.#2 ive had finalicl diffulties with bank with getting a fraudlent check that cost me 600 dollers and to top it off got my bank account # stolen by some one on the internet which cost me to much also so i am strapped for cash at the moment have explained this to your freakn customer service 3 times . im tired of all the headache from this company i will not spend another dime on this matter . u can reach me @ ndnrobert@yahoo.com if you even read this..I HAVE NO FAITH IN VERIZON @ ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gentlemen: Starting Wednesday July 7, 2010 I contacted Verizon here in Plano, Texas, to report that my FAX line was not working (972-867-9717) The response was that repair dept. couldn't fix the problem until billing in St. Louis cleared the computer issues inside Verizon. Further, on July 14, 2010 I was called by Verizon and told that in order for my phones to be repaired it would be necessary for the phones to be cut-off. I told them that it would be OK since a repair person was to come the next day. Now comes July 22, 2010 and I still have no phone service in my home. The internet and TV segment of the bundle work fine at this point. Would you please get me some assistence. Calls to Verizon are deflected, so as not the be helpful. The numbers involved in this issue are: 972-867-2394 972-867-3174 & 972-867-9717 Distinctive Ring These numbers were supposed to be connected to my FiOS line and off copper. I am desperate, since I earn money by commission. Tom Hull 2901 Teakwood Circle Plano, Texas 75075 214-543-9451 (Verizon Mobile)

About 11 days ago we noticed a problem logging onto our computer & the phone lines became very static. It gradually got worse until we finally lost the dial tone and could not log on. I used my neighbor's phone and after REPEATED calls, pressing buttons, & frequently being cut off I finally went to a Verizon cell phone store on Rt. 4 in Paramus, NJ and although it was not a cell phone problem, the manager helped me get to repair service and to a live person where I once again reported the problem. She said she would have someone out to repair on Thursday, 7-15 She said it was an external problem and I didn't have to be home, and that it would be fixed by 5 pm on Thursday 7-15 Nothing was repaired. I once again called and was told you would come on Friday,by 4 pm--- nothing--- I called again on Friday at about 5 and was told it was the cable wires and that it needed a very specialized technitian and would be repaired on Sat. Still no service. Finally on Monday, July 19th he came and said it was done. Only one phone was working by Tuesday morning. I called again and was told that I needed to unplug ALL the phones ( 3 regular and 3 cordless) and then reconnect. I should have been advised to do so earlier. I did that and finally have the phones and computer back on. I am a senior citizen WITH A HEART PATIENT IN THE HOUSE. This was not a resonable situation, dragged out & no one to speak to. THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THAT WE HAVE HAD TROUBLE WITH THE OUTSIDE VERIZON WIRES/CABLES. PLEASE RESPOND

I have had more refurb. phones that do not even last a month. The last one last less then 4 hrs plus i was on vacation getting the run around from store to store then we I found the phone they would not give it to me after all that they told me I would have to wait 48 hrs befor they could give anothr one. So I called customer sevice they saent me back to the store were they made wait another 30 min. After all that the phone did not last 4 hours tahts right 4 hrs. I get backthey mail a phone that will not connect and they tell me that was my problem they were'not giong send another phone but the will let me upgrade and start new contract are they F--ing crazy.Now lets go to July 2 my birthday on my way to see Mary j Blige in central park on good morn amer in NYC. When getting ready to make arrangemnets to meet friends the phone died and did'nt work for about three hrs Verizon gave me the run around told me they would get back to me from there corprate offices well it is Tuesday the 6th and still no call I guest it coming by pony express. I have been through about 10 phone And three different kinds of phones. Verizon has done nothing but keep send me the same thing over and over. This like a bad marriage and now its tim for a divorce but of course verizon want to keep up yhe abuse of their customers. I r4efuse to pay early term fees AND F U verizon.

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