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I have had numerous refurbished droids as well, they always quit working properly after a couple of weeks. My touch screen does not turn off, making phone calls a joke with mute button and add a call, ummm... why is add a call even on the screen? is it that important to make a 3 way call?!?! I have numerous dropped calls a day. I am very dissatisfied with Verizons lack of response and help.

Wass a verizon dsl customer upgraded to fios So tired of the never ending mthly bill going up higher and higher even while under a contarct so cancelled fios. Now I'm told I can't get dsl even tho I have a letter from linda rose at corp offices saying I infact can but the number she gave me seems to just loop all calls to a recording I smell a very big class action lawsuit

I have been trying to locate a contact to pursue access to high speed internet in my neighborhood. I live in Trappe, MD (21673) We have over 50 potential customers begging for high speed and Verizon has the lines in underground throughout the area...what can I do to get someone's attention in order to move this forward? No one at Verizon or Verizon Wireless Customer Service seems to be able to direct me to the proper resources! PLEASE HELP US join 2011!!

all this last yr my daughter has has numourous proublems with her ph. so about month ago called in an was very angry they said she was do for an upgrade anyway soon so they would let upgrade now they told me to send back her old ph. the envy touch an they would give her on my acct. an 129.00 credit for phone . then they would send a new ph. the wh.global 2 an only charge me 180.00 for this ph. which was ok at time we was suspose to get 100.00 mail in rebate also . well here is where the nightmare starts approx. 2 wks after getting new ph it started shutting self of callin people an ect. called verizon they said would send new ph. cause was within warrenty period no charge still same amount just send other ph back so i did an i get bill its over a thousands dollares 1047.88 to be exact so i call them they say oh well we caharged u for new ph i said it has warrenty they say well as soon as get will take 319.00 for ph off well they get ph. an instead take 180.00 off an charge me an extra 139.00 for ph. so all they did was re-add the discount they gave me for the envy touch the 129.00 an add tax an then to top it all off i get letter today they cancelled the 100.00 rebate . this is crazy this is suspose to be top ranked company i do not no how they are stayin a float by ripin off there customers i have called an all i get is we will call u back we will check into it we will investigate an search farther into it excuse after excuse an i am sorry after i am sorry well that just is not good enought anymore i have been trying for 2 days to get a corporat ph. number not customer service corprate number to see if they can do anything but most are answering machines or disconnected if anyone can help me please contact me if you no of a corporate ph. number . thank you reta baker cell# 217-994-2836 or home# 618-783-2816 or email ai bakerreta@yahoo.com thanks

We never encountered such an unpleasant experience when it comes to service providers. We built a new home in Maryland and moved in about a month ago. We contacted Verizon in advance (beginning in October 2010) to schedule our phone and FIOS service. What a nightmarish experience it has been! Verizon kept saying that our order was not put in the system and kept rescheduling. My wife and I took day offs but Verizon never showed up! What a shameful and dishonest business practice Verizon is running! So shameful! Is there any way that Verizon customers like us can get together and file a class action lawsuit against the irresponsible and fraudulent Verizon? I am truly disgusted by Verizon's business practices.

Verizon is nothing but one of those four letter words with three extra letters. I have gotten the run around for the last three days and 6 hrs. on the phone. No one knows what the last person said and if you ask for them to follow up on something and call you back they don't. If you try to get records of phone calls to them that they say have and are in the system....ITs Bullshit! Ask Nick Employee# 2027 who was supposed to call me back after investigating the previous phone records from the last two hours of conversation from the day before and was supposed to get back with me within the day. NICK #2027 DIDN'T DO THAT They LIE LIE LIE! They are NOT TRUSTWORTHY and if you're smart you won't use their services because you'll only end up with a headache and a phone that breaks every couple months AND AN EMPTY POCKET WHERE YOUR MONEY USED TO BE. They are too damn expensive for the trouble you'll end up dealing with. RUN...RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!

Well, I don't know where to start. I do however know how to end it all. Here is the best advise I can give those who are looking for a company that will provide world class service, don't do business with Verizo! It maybe one of the biggest, but that does not mean the best. Verizons cutomer service is the worse that I have ever experience. There is one thing guaranteed, you will get the run a round from verizon, if you need service. Try calling there corporate office to complain, and all you get is more excuses, delay tactics, and promises of calls which will not be returned. Here is to thier "final frontier", there are other choices just don't do business with them.

My first Droid Eris started having problems. The screen started going to the left, would not stay on home screen. Started freezing up, couldn't make phone calls, hang up phone calls, or text anyone. Sometimes while texting the screen would turn green and freeze up. They sent me a refurbished phone. the same problems started happening. Was sent another refurbished phone. Went to Verizon store and was told they HAVE to give me another type of phone if I have to send the phone back 4 times. Called Verizon when my third phone started having problems and was also told I could get a phone that was comparable to my Eris. The guy had me do a factory reset but I did not have my gmail account with me so we couldn't go anyfurhter with checking the phone for problems. He told me when I get home enter the information in the phone and if it still does not work to call back. Well I called back and got the rudest woman ever. She said it wasn"t true that I could NOT get another phone only a refurbished phone. I asked her "so if I have to send my phone back 100 times you are going to send me the same one"? She said yes. So, i'm going to wait for my 4th phone to get here on Monday. I told her as soon as this "new" phone started having problems I was calling and would call and get replacement phones until they are sick of dealing with me. Verizon is terrible. I told her everyone has given me a different answer and they don't care because if I call back they know I will get another person and they will just tell me a new line. She was so sarcastic and rude. She said if there was any structural or water damage could charge up to 500.00. I told her I wouldn't pay it if they charged me. I absolutly would not care what it does to my credit I would never pay that. I would not have to return my phone if it was a quality product...

I didn't have a problem at all.....I was on my 3rd phone and took it to the store and as nice as possiable I told them I demand a new phone. They complied and away I went....I did tell them everybody there was going to be relocated or out of a job, because word of mouth travels fast and everybody I know is with Verizon for now at least.

verizon wireless is good at double and triple billing it client.back dating bills as if you do not understand what they are doing.

If they had a "0" that is what I would give them. Below "0" is what they really deserve. I ordered Verizon because my landlord was using Cablevision illegally so I asked her if I could get Verizon being that she didn't have a phone line set up I didn't want to get involved with an illegal setup with Cablevision paying her $50 a month.....ripoff. My landlord was a caniver she said she wanted to be here when Verizon comes. Then all of a sudden she wanted in on verizon, which I had signed up already with my name, they told me my deposit would be $400 so I said "no, forget it, I will go back to Cablevision. Like usual they put me on hold and said when they returned "oh, instead of $400 they will let me put down $125 so I said okay. BTW the deposit was done after the installation. I wasted three weeks of talking to the same 3 people..They would say let me transfer you to a fake dept. This comppany is run by malipulators and connivers. That is why Cablevision doesn't have to advertise anymore. They know eventually all the people would realize after about six months that something is wrong with this company and then bamm.....a bill that is rediculously high is sent to you and no matter what you say, even though the customer is always right....Verizon's motto is...The Customer is always wrong so for all you people out there looking to change to Verizon don't even waste your time because you will be sorry you did. They will think up something to get more money out of you and then you will leave and the next person will step up....eventually Verizon will make a lot of money if they continue to treat their customers unfairly because if Verizon can get away with doing this for years what company or person wouldn't be rich!!!!!

The best advice I can give you: DON'T ORDER ANY BUNDLE PACKAGES from VERIZON dba VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC.! If you do, you will spend months and months NOT getting the features and services you are paying for! Worse, you'll find yourself having to FIRE Verizon for NEGLIGENCE, BREACH OF CONTRACT, MISREPRESENTATION, FALSE ADVERTISING, PADDED BILLING, OVER-BILLING, FCC VIOLATIONS, ID THEFT REQUIRING REPORTS TO THE FTC AND ALL 3 CREDIT BUREAUS, YOUR LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT, FILING A FORMAL COMPLAINT WITH THE FCC, THE BBB, YOUR STATE'S ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE, NON-PERFORMANCE (customer service reps and technical staff, and technicians sent to your home MAY OR MAY NOT "Do what they promise to do to help you! Example, you wait 12 hours for a technician to come to your home, they don't show up, don't call!) IF YOU ENJOY HAVING YOUR CALL RE-ROUTED to someone in INDIA, WHERE THEY CAN DO NOTHING TO RESOLVE YOUR VERIZON PROBLEMS, THEN VERIZON IS WHAT YOU WANT! BE SURE TO SEND VERIZON A "30 day DEMAND LETTER" FOR A "FULL REFUND" OF EVERYTHING YOU PAID FOR ALL OF THE SERVICES YOU DIDN'T GET. YOU ARE NOT "tied to any bundle package lease wherein the "provider" is 100% negligent and does not resolve the problem they created for you, or did not troubleshoot the problem, that only they have control over! You are the customer! VERIZON is profiting from ripping off Verizon Customers throughout the United States! DEMAND THAT VERIZON "provide you, the customer exactly what you were promised you were paying for, if you don't receive those services, FIRE THEM AND DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK, LODGE REPORTS AND COMPLAINTS WITH ALL AUTHORITIES AND AGENCIES! VERIZON IS JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF CORPORATE CORRUPTION IN AMERICA! DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW HOW CORRUPT VERIZON REALLY IS! VERIZON IS JUST LAUGHING AT YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK!

16 phone calls. 11 hours on the phone with you. 3 months and one day. And my billing is still not resolved, despite every customer service rep saying they'll take care of it. I write today because last week I was on the cusp of resolving this (or so I thought). I was told my phone had to be shut off for 24-48 hours to merge 2 accounts I somehow had with you. The phone was still off yesterday (after 4 days) so I called and was told I had to sign up for a Triple Bundle at a rate that was $30 more per month than I was quoted in August (and on numerous subsequent occasions) or they wouldn't turn it back on. "Just so I understand", I told the rep, "After 3 months of not fixing this issue, Verizon calls me and says they need to turn my phone off for 24-48 hours. Four days later it is still off and now I have to pay to turn it back on?" "That is correct", said the rep. Oh, and not once in 5 years have I been late paying my bill. Please let me know who I can speak with that will resolve this. I can't take calling your 800 number again and hearing that lady's electronic voice tell me "I can help you".

I attempted to change my service, switching to Comcast and then to a Verizon bundle. Nearly a month ago a technician came out - cut my already wired home phone lines, did not reconnect them, and left. I've made numerous calls for help. Individuals said they would take my information and call me back. Mellissa Jeffries was even emailed. For the entire month of October I have been unable to use my phone and cannot receive incoming calls at the one remaining point that was not cut. There is no way to contact individuals who can help. I need someone to return and reconnect the lines that were cut and provide me phone service. I am afraid I will be billed for services that I have not received.

I got the droid phone in june 2010. First I was misquoted what my bill was going to be. The only reason I found out is a comerical advertised them buy one get on the weekend when I called about it they said it was if you wanted to add a line. So I asked what my monthly bill was going to be and was shocked to find out 102.00 monthly it was surposed to be no more than 80.00 I know you will find this hard to belive but I was lied to. Now the brand new phone starts to heat up drop calls almost like it is scrambled in july not even 30 days. August phone not working went through the *228 more times than I can count. Sept non working phone 2weeks again with the *228. Now here it is Oct my phone has only worked 1week. I was promised by 2 reps phone will be replaced with a brand new phone . I received a like new. Then spoke to a supervisor Trevor #4141 he said since I had all these problems I would get a brand new droid 2 it has not been on the market long enough to get a like new one. Well I got a like new in the mail with no back no battery. I then spoke to a supervisor Danjilla #2507 she stated the only way I can the phone new is to extend my contract I did agree to 4 months my phone would be over nited and send back my phone and the droid 2 so I did called in with the tracking #. I really belived this person she seamed to care. I got overnited the battery and back to the Droid2 not my new phone. I activated the phone I was told to keep it worked maybe 4 hours. I have left muliple instructions to come to the side door to deliver all of these phones. Guess what my new phone was surposed to be delivered at 3:00 today. It was delived at 12:55 today to the front door. I spoke to Clay another supervisor #2347 he stated I would have to wait till tommorow for a redelivery it was out of his hands called Fed X they stated verizon would have to call to get it delivered again. I have made close to 40 plus calls to coustermer service no help I called corprate they will get with me in 3 to 5 days oh and did I mention I missed out on a job they refuse to document that. I asked how to get out my contract and was told I would need to die or put the contract in someone elses name like anyone else would want this headache. I this helps someone else from making the mistake I made. Sincerely phoneless and paying for it in Kentucky. P.S If I cancel early I owe 310.00 for no woking phone.

I went on line and made a payment arrangement got the confirmation number. A lot of good that did me, I got turned off for non payment. When I called they said that I needed to go in on that day and make the payment they don't do it. It is now over 24 hours and I still don't have the TV on. I have spent over 2 hours today on the phone being transfered from department to department, being disconnected and having to call again and sit on hold again. When you ask for the corporate number NO ONE has it (go figure). If I could give a rating less then 1 I would.

Verizon is big, way to big. I have been a Verizon customer for several years. For the first five of those years I had no contract, the last two years have been on contract, and the service is terrible. All most every month, towards the end of the month, my service gets really bad (dropped calls, static, cross talk, etc.). Most times 228 does not work. I'll call verizon, they tell me that I need to call them from a different phone, so that verizon and I can fix my problem. Its amazing how much work I do for Verizon, and don't get paid. I bought three phones at the time I signed my contract. I even pay an extra 6 dollars per phone every month for an extended warranty. well, my daughters phone had a problem, and I notified verizon. Verizon sent out a replacement phone, but it wasn't new, it was refurbished. Thats right, someone elses broken phone that Verizon had fixed, and then sent to us. we have received two refurbished phones so far, and both have had problems. Today I have to call Verizon again and tell them the last refurbished phone they sent us is bad, and ask for another. I told Verizon that at this point I would like a different model, so that we would not have any more problems. I also explained to them that "I pay an extended warranty every month. Their response was that "for warranty purposes, a refurbished phone is what is provided", and "the extended warranty that you pay is for the same model" and lastly "the phone manufacturer sends you the replacement phone, not us". They have also told me that their service (cell phone service) is not guranteed. What kind of crap is this? I have informed Verizon that I can no longer guarantee that my payment(s) will be valid or good, especially at the end of the month. How did Verizon get so big, when it has such poor service? It's unfortunate that a company as large as Verizon is so bad. My family and I will be moving on to another company when my contract expires, unless they piss me off so bad, then I'm likley to tell them to FU, and just stop paying them and go to another company.

I signed up with Alltel about two years ago and shortly after they merged with Verizon. Ever since the merge Verizon has been the worst phone service yet....even worse than Sprint if that says anything! No one can ever resolve my issues including their so called "supervisors"! To be quite honest I am yet to have a "supervisor" call me back when they say they will! Verizon just amazes me at the people who are supposibly here to help us customers! It's like they hire anyone with a pulse, I'm not even sure you have to send in a resume to get a job with them. I CAN NOT stand dealing with anyone there. I am not paying Verizon an early termination fee to cut my phones off, I'll use that money to go prepaid, who really cares about paying off a debit with them?! It's not even worth all the hastle. Pretty soon all these phones companies like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T etc. will go under because of phone companies like Straight Talk and Metro PCS. My advice to all those crappy representatives-start looking for jobs now because if you keep up the poor customer service people will switch over first chance they get! My whole issue with Verizon is way too long to type, it would take two full days to read and figure out so this basically sums up what I think about Verizon!

I bought the Droid incredible in the middle of July. The phone is DOG POOP. It gets hot and shuts down in its own. I noticed the problem with the phone 2 weeks ago. Since it has been more than 30 days, they can’t exchange with new one. Instead they want to give me certified phone (USED PHONE). So I paid $300 for this crap and now they want to exchange it for a USE PHONE. I called customer service again. By the way, I called 3 times. A manager name Leon Bennett actually screamed on me because I raised my voice out of frustration. Can someone please help me here. All I need to get rid of this thing.

I called Verizon 3 day ago and i was with them for about 2 hrs and the only thing I was able to do was get transfer from one department to other, and no one seem to know what they were doing. I was enroll in automated payment and they just stop charging my credit card 10 months ago, and never send me a bill until last week, with the amount of $499.99. I ask them why they stop charging my card? they said they do not know, they thing something change on my account, I ask what and they don't have an answer to what change on my account so the only answer they have is the easiest let me transfer you to the right department. DON'T GET VERIZON GET HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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