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I've had Verizon since the late 90's when they had the "Can you hear me now" guy on advertisements. The cell phone coverage was the best. In the mid 90's AT&T had the best coverage, but Verizon surpassed them. The bad news is that Verizon bests and surpasses the competition at LOUSY customer service. Bad, rude, lyin, cheatin customer service. They have changed my plans, upped my fees, and plain stole. They used to offer a North American Plan that included Mexico. When I first used it in Mexico, the plan ost was very reasonable. But a year later they changed my plan, and I ran up a HUMONGUS bill. After being on the business end of an IRATE customer, they reduced the bill by about 75%. Since it was less than what the air time would have been on AT&T, I paid the reduced bill. But, had they been up front and notified me about the changes, I would not have been using the phone as much, and would not have run up the air time. I had an emergency back in the US, and was calling more often, but would have been more prudent. I kept track of the minutes, and thought I would be good with he bill. Man was I shocked and pissed when it came. And yet, I stayed with Verizon because of the product and the coverage area. I travel constantly and need to keep in touch. AT&T is starting to catch Verizon in coverage and 4G. AT&T has to, because Verizon now has the iPhone and can steal AT&T customers. I was real close to switching to AT&T 6 months ago when I renewed my plan. If it were up for renewal today, AT&T would be a no brainer. I signd up for Verizon unlimited data a few days before the deadline. I did not have a smartphone, but newI'd get one sooner or later and did not want the data fee trap. Well I got my smart phone two months ago, and when I di

I have been pleased with your service, however, I just learned that your corporation is contributing to the Republican Party, (Tea Party members in the house) I absolutely do not want any of my money going to political parties. Keep out of the way, let the American Citizen have there say, not your lobby money!!!!! I am furious, I'd like to hear what your views are! Sharon Watson

I got a new Verizon phone (Incredible 2) about 30 days ago. It ended up getting a line in the screen after less than 30 days of owning it. It was never dropped or got wet. I took it back and got a new phone (refurbished) under the manufactures warranty, upon the advice of a store associate. The phone I was sent was way worse than the one I returned. The vibrate feedback did not function properly and there were paint chips in the phone, on top of that when I took it to the store the sales associate helping me erased all my contacts. I had that phone sent back and got another one, believing this just was just a fluke. On this phone, the second refurbished phone that was sent, the icons at the bottom are blurry, like there is an overlay on them going the wrong way. It is something minor but my original phone didn't have this problem and only goes to show the “quality” of the refurbished phones, and that the problem with the other phone was not a fluke but has become a pattern. I went to the store each time I had a problem and they haven't been much help, other than referring me to tech support, and made it worse by erasing all my contacts. If I knew I had to go through all this trouble I would have kept the first phone or sent it to HTC to be repaired.

Im not sure why all these people have such problems with Verizon. I have had their service for many years and never had any issues. People create their own problems a lot of the time. Be an asshole and you will be treated like one.

I do not know what corporate policy is in handling cancellations of DSL service. I had been a user since mid 2007, but after a series of problems, I decided to go with my cable co. for internet service. First week of January, the very day my cable co. was hooked up, I called Verizon to cancel DSL. After 6 weeks, I received a bill for 2 months service - I called again to recancel and to zero out the bill. Six weeks later, another bill (3 months worth). This time I sent a letter. Six weeks later another bill. Now I sent a registered letter (bill now $190.00). This time I received a statement with a ZERO BALANCE. I thought I had finally gotten through. NOW I have been turned over to a collection agency in Maine(??). I don't know what I have to do to convince Verizon that I am correct. Can an individual file a law suit against a corporation inexpensively ?? and where ??

HORRENDOUS! Lost landline service Julye 25th.Received repair date 9 days later - 2 August. On 2 August, received phone message on cell that landline was repaired. Called and reported that it wasn't repaired & was promised repair by 7 p.m. No Repair person showed or called. Called Verizon and was given a date 9 days later - August 8th. This is 21 days of NO LANDLINE SERVICE and no guarantee that the same fiasco won't recur. Verizon has the lowest standard of quality service I have ever experienced. I am sure I could have a new Verizon set up in my home faster than I could get this one repaired. Cancelling three phones and all Verizon service.

The worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. They ship you the modem and expect you to connect your internet service yourself with the most unhelpful directions. I was able to get my computer to connect to the modem, but the modem will not connect to the internet and "tech suppport" doesn't seem to know why. The schedule to have a technician come out and give me the lovely four hour window and then don't show or call and just expect me to be at home instead of work the next day when they decide it is more convienient for them to show up. They reschedule promise me another four hour window and then send a dispatch confirmation with no time. I call to verify and am told that they are running behind and now I must wait an extra two hours in the hopes they will make it. They don't care about me as a customer at all and just continue to put me on hold, transfer me to different departments, and patronize me. I don't give a damn how sorry you are for the inconvieneince when all you do is continue to inconvienience me.

AFAIC that's the best anewsr so far!

I was also double billed and then given a credit, only after I called thou! however the tax would not come off until the next bill. the bill is so long and jumbled you can't understand what your actually being charged for. Why does the irritating computer lady call when your late on your payment but doesn't when your at your limit on minutes? The Customer Service Dept does not take pride in their work and it shows in their performance. Starts at the top in trickles all the way down!

Incompetent customer service, based up illogical rules, is the best characterization I can give of Verizon Communications, Inc. With a decentralized management structure there is no one to appeal to and no one apparently has the authorization to use actual reasoning power to make a decision. One of the worst companies in America!!


I've had verizon high speed internet services in my home for three years. I live in the country and had to use dial up before verizon was available, but eventually we were able to get it. Well guess what? Verizon just happened to shut off our service for no said reason and make us wait two weeks to get it 'fixed'. It was never fixed even though they came out to the area twice and did nothing to rectify their mistakes. So I found out that most likely their internet box/circuit breaker had somehow broken. It's their responsibility to fix this and provide me the service I deserve, as I've had it and it WAS and STILL should be available. It's up to verizon as a company to fix their problems to satisfy the costumer. Well I was told that I had to pay another $80 bill to continue the service that I haven't even had for two weeks! What was I supposed to do waste money with this horrible company that can't even help out a struggling customer? Verizon really aggravates and pisses me off, I hope that their company goes down hill and burns in a trash heap of wires and fraudulent contracts.

I am a loyal verizon customer in need of some help. I recently dropped my phone service in order to try to save some money. When I did that the opposite happened. I am actually paying more for just Internet and cable then I was for all three. I called verizon to try to get some help to lower my bill amd sign up for a new bundle. The people of customer service were very rude hung up on me twice and absolutely refused to help in anyway or get me in contact with a manager of any kind. I think that's why they hung up. I am paying over 200 dollars for Internet and cable and that is crazy considering they had bundles starting at 49.99. Which I found on Verizon's web site and the horrible people of customer service told me did not exist. I would really appreciate some help I'm this matter cause I can't afford these bills being this high. I really don't want to go to another provider but verizon is leaving me no choice considering they r pushing me out the door with their refusal to help. O was told new bundles are only for new customers not old. It was really disheartening when I heard that because you would think they would want to take care of there old customers not treat them like used trash. Which is how I feel. So I any one could helpe I'd greatly appreciate it. Please write me back with any info that could help to find a reasonable solution to this situation. Mark leach Markleach530@yahoo.com(and verizon gave me a yahoo account not even a verizon one. Even though I pay verizon.)

I am not surprised to see that I am not the only one who HATES Verizon! It didn't start out that way, did it? No, it comes on slowly (very slowly..), just irritated at first, a little hot under the collar, maybe. Then, for some unknown reason, you keep falling for that familiar line..."Everything is taken care of now, I've found the problem, and fixed it, you won't have any more trouble...and I'm SO sorry for the inconveinence, [add your name here But, it really ISN'T fixed, is it? No, without giving out any of the gory details of MY Verizon problems, let me just say that I signed up in November of '10, and am still waiting for 'caller ID'. I'm sure you d...ear people get the picture.....Whoa Is Me.

in the past i rated Verizon 10 out of 10 , whether its because of the recccession or the bad economy we're in , but thier customer service lately , in no other terms "SUCKS "!! it took me months to get my billing cycle right , because i'm disabled with a severe back injury and i'm on a fix income , i told the rep its impossible for me to pay my bill the bigining of the month , i talk to four differnet people,niether one could get my billing cycle corrected but, of course the extra charges show up on my next bill though, they say you'll recieve a little bill and then a larger one for the balance of the cycle. funny thing i never seen a small bill whatsoever !! i don't know if corporate office is aware of this or not , but if your policy and procedures are the same why do they change depending on who talking to you?? i like to know the answer to that question. it gets worst last month i recieved a bill of $738 , for a family plan where there's just me and my son, not a whole household mine you !!i look at my online bill and my line fees $49.99 per phone and not the $9.99 i was quoted , their excuse was you change your plan to unlimited , but the girl told me nothing about a $49.99 per line fee . because i was paying no more then $189 a month , it went all the way up to $438 then to $538 then to 738 , how convientent is that?? when i get them on the phone you speak to these young kids who are clueless what their job is , one girl i spoke to couldn't even navigate through her computer !! come on Verizon !!what happen to the expert service i use to recieve ?? here's another case and point i have four phones , i couldn't upgrade because as verizon does you have to wait 2 years for that !!right !!christmas i got money and i bought a droid x from them, and later i bought my son a incredable for a present. he accidently drop his phone in a glass of juice !!don't ask teenagers !! told him to buy a protection plan he didn't so we're stuck with a phone that does'nt work so i let him use my old phone 3889, till i could afford another one for him. why they don't at least fix the phone for u being a valued customer as they say i have verizon evetrything in my house !! because i did believe they had the best and superior service out there !! am i wrong Verizon ?? these rep as incompetent as they are, don't tell you of any hidden fees, with a plan change like kerri didn't tell me of the $49.99 line fee for unlimited, when they kept charging me for going over my minutes which in the past never happen, but all of a sudden i'm over my minutes !! how conviennt !! lines fees $170, $145,$130, and the $145 was for a phone i sent back because it was a duplicate order, plus got charged for activation , phone never left the box or was open. once i got conformation it was ok !! they still charged me for this phone, and told me they'll credit me next bill cycle !!what a crock of ........... like you can't even get a billing cycle corrected !!i called the customer service dept , i get conflicting reponses from several people, no one story is the same , you don't owe $738 , to you owe $538 to you owe $389 , who's right here , that's my frustration!! i don't know what to pay !! so damn confusing !!! you have a credit of $100, and $178 , and another $50 , because i didn't relent on what happening to my billing cycle or why i'm charged for services that are not in use ???? time to call better business bureau , and have Verizon investigated on their busines ptactices , and if need be file a law suit , on breach of my contract and corrections to my plan. All i want is the fees taken off my bill, and the fees for the phone that was never used or oepen how hard is that to do ??Verizon, and the phones i'm not using at present don't charge me for them as if i'm using them when i'm not !! is this a scam Verizon and how you treat your so called vaulued customers ?? really ??

I have endured 7 months of the most miserable service and customer service a misnomer if there ever was one! It started with asking to cancel one phone number. They canceled the wrong number, continued to bill me for the one I wanted canceled, eventually disconnected my DSL by mistake, then charged me to reconnect it. and finally when I could stand it no longer and canceled the entire service, they said that I had to pay a $165 penalty for early termination...had been a customer for over 15 years! The final straw was just now when i tried to find our where my refund check was, yes, I reported the whole mess to the PUC, I was told that I needed the Financial department which I could call at 800-483-7807, this is an incorrect number which pushes you to a 900 number for which there is a per minute charge. I give up, pack to the PUC.

If I could rate this with 0 stars, I would. Service is non existent We bundled our 2 phones with intrernet and Television service on January 18. Since that day we have had exactly 5 days of the actual service we requested. We have been kept online for hours at a time. We lost one phone for 9 days. We lost the other phone for 7 days. We were completely without any phone service for a few days. We still have never gotten what we ordered. The representatives have hung up on us, kept us on hold and not come back. We extimate we have listened to that music for over 20 hours trying to fix this. Every person has DIFFERENCT information in their computer (sometimes 5 different in the space of 3 hours). We have been told that we have no phones in our billing, both phones in our billing, one phone in our billing. We have been told over and over while we had completely DEAD phones, that "the problem was fixed". We have also been told that the respresentative did not have time to talk to us and that it was our fault. We have been billed for services we have not received and thanked for orders we never ordered. The problems continue. We have requested Charter to take over our phones. Verizon has REFUSED to release them two times. Charter tried on March 17 and March 24 and were told there was a hold on them for a "work order". We have not even talked to Verizon since March 10 when both phomes were cut off.

This droid 2 is to heavy, touchy, and it talks all the time,saying Verizon wireless! Have tried reboot, u name it! Liked my Hue 2 better!

12-22-2010 Lost phone / internet for 14 days spoke to 3 different billing personal all stated a credit of $56.28 for lost service and pay bill less credit. One billing personal stated "the governmebt requires us to fix hospitals and large business prior to ONE LITTLE LAND LINE" I contacted the FCC, guess what iot's not true, they do not get involved in phone/internet service and customer complaints.. It's now March 2011 no credit issued yet, called customer service they are now saying there will be no credit issued to my account. I got the presidents name of Verizon One Inc.. S. Lour & his address and will send him a nice letter and see what happens.

Verizon Wireless sold us internet phones, told us an unrealistic estimate of price per month. Our phones were crap, we had to pay extra re-stocking fees and I was in there at least an hour a week. Offered us "free internet for a month" instead they gave me a 40$ corporate email package, oh i totally forgot i EVER mentioned wanted that. Spoke on the phone numberous times trying to get out free internet...Nothing. Decided we'd have enough and canceled our plans. Were stuck with a 700.00$ fee. W

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