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I work for Comcast and the other day we had your team there to acclimate us to Verizon. My first complaint is the team was indifferent. One of the employees was on her break smoking a cigarette and one guy told her she was not allowed in the open aired tent area while smoking. My second complaint is when I asked how much a month it would cost me as an employee to Comcast they never answered. My third and final complaint is they ran out of Verizon thermal bottles. Thanks for listening.


Dont make the mistake with Verizon. They did not care for a $60k/year account of mine. their customer service is horrible. i will never recommend verizon to anyone. save your self from these corporates.

Worst Customer Service Ever

Our land line died on Saturday. No phone, no internet. They said we had to wait until THURSDAY for repair. Today, Thursday, we've waited at home all day long, periodically calling to check where they were. They claimed to have been here and not "gained access" which is a LIE. Now we have to wait to schedule another visit. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.

getting nowhere

I was hoping to turn off our home phone since everyone in the home has a cell phone. I was told that is not possible without turning off our internet service. (about 6 months too late) I was able to bundle the home phone & internet service together - although the phone is under my husband's name. The reason for doing this was to save some money since we are giving enough to Verizon already. We have DirecTV but that is in my name so we cannot bundle that with the phone & internet. I tried today to change the phone into my name & was told my husband would have to give his permission to do this. I was hoping to get this done today!! Now I have to have him call them. Verizon is really close to losing a good customer. If I could find service (we don't have much to choose from here) I would change internet providers & turn off the home phone & internet. I feel we are trapped with them. I also feel that having to upgrade to a data package on the cell phone is a rip off too!! I don't want to be forced to get something I won't use.

Just simply nedeed to say I really enjoy your work on this blog site and the good quality blogposts you make. These type of post are what keeps me going through the day. I uncovered this post right after a great companion of mine recommended it to me. I do some blogging personally and I am always pleased to see others contributing good quality info to the community. I will certainly be following and now have saved your site to my facebook account for others to check out.

Worst company I have ever dealt with. I ordered a prepaid cell phone and it did not work at my house. I have called them numerous times. I have gotten the run around i sat on hold over an hour more than once dealin with these people. They told me my refund would be on within 72 hours on the 17th, it is now the 27th and they still have given me a refund and are still givin me the run around every time i call. They are always saying this is not the department responsible for the refund. So they continue to transfer me. I am right now on phone with a supervisor again who says the lady that handled your transaction is out until next Sunday, she needs to handle the refund, please explain why its a week and half later nothings being done and this one lady in this huge company that was no one special has to deal with my refund. I cannot find an intelligent person to talk to that actually is genuinely trying to get something done. You try to get in contact through internet or phone and they give you the run around and automated BS. I WOULD RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO NO ONE!!!

0 stars

A little more than a year ago I switched from Brighthouse to Verizon Fios. If I knew then what I know now I never would have changed! On 8/2/12 I had Brighthouse installed and since that date it has taken me numerous phone calls in which I've been put on hold anywhere from 5-15 minutes, to try and get the idiots answering the phones at Verizon, to cancel my service and send me a box to return their equipment. I asked and was assured on 8/2/12 that I would receive a box within 3-5 days to return their equipment, that my service had been discontinued as of 8/2 and no further payments would be deducted from my checking account after 8/2. I was told I would receive a paper bill for the partial month's service. Each and every statement made by these reps was not true I did not receive the box to mail the equipment back until 8/15 and this was after receiving a threatening letter from Verizon that if I did not return their equipment promptly I would incur additional charges. To add insult to injury on 8/14/12 my checking account was charged for a full months service, from 7/26 thru 8/25/12. I own stock in Verizon and plan to sell it within the next few days. Further, I would never, ever, ever do business with this company again, due to the time I have spent trying to get my account closed, the misinformation provided to me by numerous Verizon reps, and the fact that they have taken monies from my checking account they are definitely not entitled to. This morning I visited my bank and a fraud investigation has been opened. My advice to anyone considering Verizon Services: Don't do it, and if you do, do not sign up for automatic bill pay, and if you do that also, cancel automatic bill pay at least 2 months before you cancel your service. Also of great importance, keep detailed notes of all contacts you make with these inept people. Thank God I did!

I called the above 212 number and the lady connected me directly to someone in the "executive" office to complain. Try it

Holy Cow. Something has got to be done about Verizon Wireless. They cannot be allowed to do whatever they want to customers. Every singled time I call Verizon someone lies to me. It seems the name of the game is to say whatever the customer wants to hear to sign them up and then they are on their own. This time however I am not standing for it I dont care how long it takes or how many people I have to contact, If I have to go to the local news stations they are not getting away. My upgrade resign date came up. I was going to switch to sprint who seem to have the best rates along with good phones. Verizon rates are getting just plain absurd. After several calls back and forth I spoke to a customer service rep named Gina. Gina told me about a new afforable plan which would work for me plus I could get the phone I wanted. There are now suddenly upgrade fees. What started as a way to keep customers loyality now has become just another way for Verizon to charge. I told Gina I did not want to pay the $30 dollar upgrade fee. She said she would waive it. I actually said to her are you sure its taken care of I dont want to get my new bill and see a $30 charge on it. She laughed and said no way I took care of it. So of course I got a bill today and of course a $30 dollar charge. So I call get a very nice rep who tells me they cant remove it I said I want to speak to your supervisor. They put me through Dawn operater 1632. Who mission in life is to make sure no one gets theirs fee reimbursed Tell her my story she says well not notes in the system cant help you. I say arent your calls taped. She says yes but its still a legitmate fee. I saw check your calls and you will see what Im saying is true. She says well that could take a while I say no problem my bill is due the first of September I have time I will call you in a week. She calls me 5 minutes later all excited because she thought she found a loophole. I had ordered throught target and they made me aware of the fee. I told her my plan was upgraded through verizon purposely to make sure target was not handling my plan just the purchase and that yes he did infact tell me that and I told him I have already upgraded my plan through verizon and he is in no way to touch my plan and that verizon has already assured me they are waiving the fee. She hung up defeated. 1 hour later Dawn #1632 calls again suddenly the process of digging up a phone call tape from last month that was supposed to take a week was done in less then and hour and low and behold for some reason they cant play my tape. She said and I quote" well thats that i dont know what to tell you the fees the fee" HOw She had the nerve the unmitegated gale to make that phone call is nind blowing. I said ok give me whos over your head. Her response ok Ill have her call you. I asked for the person name and when they would be calling me she reluctantly gave me Manuella and she would call by tomorrow. I will not stop until I am reimbursed.


We are moving from one state to another and have been trying for over three (3) weeks to set up a landline at our new location. No one has been able to help and they keep saying they will call us back, but they never do!!!! Time for another carrier?

I had been a Verizon customer (landline) for 35 plus years. We live in the Verizon calling area and due to that we can't get service with another company. We live very close to the geographical center of Texas, with major cities all around. Our town has limited Verizon DSL for in-town customers plus a small town 12 mi. from us has the service. My complaint is this, Verizon is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, why is it that they can't provide internet to all of their customers? city or rural? The only internet we can get is satellite or dial-up, the satellite is expensive, the dial-up too slow for today's websites. Verizon also doesn't provide cell service for our area. When I called to cancel service the customer rep told me that Verizon doesn't cover much of Texas, well if that's true the service availability map is a lie. I asked him why they didn't let AT&T have this area as they provide much more service here. If Verizon doesn't want to provide service to it's rural customers they should just allow someone else to do it and get out of the way. P. Smart

Verizon wireless has got to spend a fortune teaching peole how to explain that there is nothing they are going to do for you if you are disatisfied. The phones do not work at our home meaning no 911. The phones do not work at my office they drop calls all day if it is even completed. The store has nice people who can't or won't do a darn thing. A store employee came to our home and she did not have service. We spoke to a corporate guy who said we do not gaurentee service inside a house. Do you believe that. I have secured a lawyer simply because I am not gunna get kicked around. Clinton Iowa

My Experienced dont paid VZ bill, they turned All of US like roller coaster, if you paid their bill they can said anything make you going crazy. If any of us stop paid their bill what they are going to do....Nothing....to see how VZ business going to last if everyone will ignore their bill because they damm mistake....They acted like " Retarded person" not business dealer.

We had real bad experience with Verizon for a business phone service and we are planing to file a law suit under deceptive business practice ,if any one of you have problem with Verizon where you were promised a service date and time and Verizon failed to provide due to work over load please contact us at Cobracc1@ymail.com

Just saw article in Thinkprogress... CEO 22 million 1,700 workers out of jobs sucks

Had a Motorola Droid Smartphone. It started having issues with the screens moving, apps being opened, text messages being sent with random characters, phone calls being made, and etc without me even touching the phone. I took the phone in and I was going to claim it on my insurance for a $99 deductible for a replacement phone. I was told with the actions the phone was doing it could be claimed on total equipment coverage or extended warranty coverage I had payed for that I had totally forgot about. Store manager inspected phone and called Verizon HQ to verify claim. I shipped in my old phone when I received the Refurbished phone. Two months later my bill has an Equipment charge for $299. Called them to figure what the charge was and they told me the phone was damaged when they received it. I disputed the charges and tried everything I could to avoid being charged since the phone was not damaged when I sent it. They stonewalled the hell out of me, I even offered to send the phone back and they said it is not possible to to anything in reversal once everything is processed through their warehouse. I refused to pay and they wasted no time turning it into credit bureau. I had taken pictures prior to shipping my old phone but thought I had deleted them from my pc being it had been 2 months or so since I received new phone. Upon doing more searching I found the images of my old phone before it was shipped and they have the time date stamp on the image file of when it was taken. They are still denying me. Legally you cannot sue them they say, and you made that agreement when you signed your contract. It must be filed under an Arbitration Claim I suppose. I am still in process now of getting this taken care of since I am awaiting a reply from them after following their orders on what to do, but i suspect I will have call them. If an agreement is not made since my last communications with them; then I will ask to file an arbitration claim. BURN IN HELL VERIZON WIRELESS! I will win

the worst experience I've had, it's overpriced and their customer service is still worst, Verizon is a thief with license, I made a duplicated payment and they are giving me the run arounds to give it back, there is no one to talk to, everyone that answers gives you a different story, I have spoken to John, Laquita, Peter, Dawn, Jennifer, they do not care at all.

For your information, the number for Verizon billing and repair is 1800-483-1000 for business accounts, 18004832000 for Business support, and service, 18004833000 for account services, 18004834000 for billing resadential 1800-483-5000 for business accounts billing and DSL repair for all accounts, and 1800-483-6000 for DSL Support. When you get someone on the line in support or repair, ask for level 2 support, if they can't help you, for DSL problams, ask to be Transfered to the Verizon Network Operations center [NOC]

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