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I just moved to Cedar Hill ,Texas and needed a oil change so I proceed to find a valvoline close to me which happens to be the Cedar Hill Lube Center at 105 W Beltline rd. I was over charged and when I showed the mananger Sonny Lacoul my coupon he was so upset he said that I could not use it because he had never seen a coupon like that. So I paid 10.00 more because Sonny refused my coupon when it clearly stated I would not be charged for high mileage synthetic oil. Then I find out they put 10 w 30 instead of 5 w 30 which is what my car clearly states it requires. So I leave feeling cheated and upset. So I have been coming every 2 weeks to get my free top off and every time I go in the manager sonny giving me a hard time. And I am 1800 miles under my next service visit and he tells me that he is going to charge me for top offs from now on. I have never had a problem at the seekonk Ma valvoline,might I add they checked my air pressure in my tires as well as a top off. I am very upset and will take my business else where.

My wife took the car into the Edgewater MD Valvoline for a simple oil change. They did the change / replaced the air filter, after paying for service and pulling away my wife broke down at the intersection across the street from the shop. She walked across the street back to the shop to tell them she had broken down, she was then told it was her battery and was sent packing. The techs had absolutely no concern for her safety or the fact she only made it across the street after leaving their service bay. Not one of the techs made any effort to go see what might be the problem just left her to start calling for help. Upon arrival I did get the car started and we made it back to the parking lot of the shop this is where I noticed they had left the intake hose for the air filter disconnected from the motor causing the car to keep stalling out. I went inside and informed them of the issue they created, that is when they came out and corrected it. Being in the service industry myself and with the economy the way it is I would think that all customers are valuable and should be treated that way. If I were to blow off one of my customers in the same way I would not expect them to want to use us any further for service nor would I blame them. I would also be concerned for my company’s reputation as well because word of mouth can be a good reason sometimes to not use a company in fear that a similar thing could happen to them as well. I don’t think I would normally send a letter like this but I’m sorry my wife means the world to me and I would hope that such a well know corporation would have a little more concern for a human being. Walter Kircher Edgewater MD

I was a regular customer of Valvoline Instant Oil Change location on Rosecrans Drive in San Diego. On one visit, for no apparent reason, the staff abandoned work on the cabin air filter they had suggested I replace. I found it lying under the seat several days later. When I returned to ask them what happened they shrugged and said there was nothing they could do about it. I had to take the car to the Acura Dealer to find a new one and reinstall it at the cost of another hour of my time and nearly one hundred dollars. When I took the car back for the next oil change, it turned out that the staff had apparently consciously vandalized the oil pan plug by tightening it so tight that it could not possibly be removed, then stripping the head of the oil plug to assure that it could not be removed. I had to have the Accura dealer replace the oil pan at a cost of nearly six hundred dollars for parts and labor. The local Valvaoline ownership, one David Gong, 2002 Garnet Avenue did not even bother to acknowledge two written complaints from someone that theretofore had been a loyal customer. I am sure that not all Valvoline staff and owners are completely dishonorable people but these sure are. Larry Stirling San Diego

Took car in for a/c service, informing them that a/c just stopped working from one day to next without warning. They stated car only needed recharge, they recharged, I paid for service $130 and next day a/c did not work. I took car back and they stated they will inform HQ for disposition. I truly just want to be reimbursed so that I may take car somewhere else to get the a/c working. Spoke to several mechanics and they felt that a customary leak test was not performed prior to recharging. Argh! VALVOLINE YONKERS, NY

After signing up for the Valvoline extra engine protection Ii took my vehicle to the Carpentersville, illinois location and had the oil changed as I live about 30 miles from the location i did my next oil change my self. i could not get the oil drain plug out even aftwer about 3 hours of trying. Now i have to take my van to a dodge dealer to have the stripped oil drain plug removed. very dissatisfied with their response to the problem saying there was nothing they could do to help resolve the problem.

Ya.. After scaring my wife saying we needed a transmission fluid change (when it really wasn't that bad at all). We decide not to do it after she calls me and when I go to check the fluids levels myself I find my dipstick laying near my engine.. This was the first time I have been to a quick change place since they stripped out my drain screw at the same address. My local service shop will be getting all of my business now. Valvoline Instant Oil Change 1027 South Washinton Holland Mi 49423 CSR: K. Kardian Topside: J. Deridder

On Sunday June 6th I took my 2002 Honda Civic to your Monroe, Ct location at 163 Main Street, Monroe, Ct 06468, for a routine oil change. They advised me that I should also have the sparkplugs changed on the car. I agreed to that being done. During the procedures one of your employees tried to fill the oil chamber by pouring oil into an open Sparkplug cavity, not relizing his mistake until oil started to overflow. Oil was also sprayed over my entire engine as he removed the hose from the cavity. I was there to over two hours as they tried to rectify the mistake. Extreme amounts of smoke filled the station and the outside environment as they tried to flush out the engine. I have no technical automotive knowledge and am afraid that damage may have been done to my car. They seem to think that all will be fine??????. Smoke and a burning oil smell continue to emmit from my exhaust pipe. Motorist contine to beep at me while driving to advise me of the smell and smoke emitting from my tailpipe. To add insult of injury they charged me $92.20 for their services, oil/ spark plub change. I would appreciate your remarks as to what I may expect as to potencial damages that may occur to my vehicile as a result of this incident. Thank you Jennifer Nola 203-395-5035

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