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they treat employees terrible! always showing favoritism... dont even give the ones with FAMILIES 1 day off (out of 7 days) to spend with their childern! (and no i am not an employee)

Oil Changes

Horrible. Went a few months ago and found they didn't put synthetic in the car on the next oil change (somewhere else). Went two weeks ago with a different vehicle and it took 40 minutes. Will never go back.

Customer Service

read prev. reviews... seriously, Latta Road, Greece, NY... fabulouse professional service, only place i go.... love you guys

Never again

I will never go to this place again - used it 1 time and cost me way more in the things they broke and would not fix than the cost of an oil change !!!


I went in for a Job interview, and all the Dist Manager wanted to talk about is "UP SELLING", can I consistently get up sells, and my ability to "Find" things wrong with customers cars in order to run up the ticket! While there, I had a chance to observe the way they do business, and let me tell you.....RUN, don't walk away from this company. I was made an offer for employment, and I flat turned it down while standing face to face with the Dist Manager.

Went to valvoline first thing in the morning they weren't open yet. I've never been there before do when the employee pulled up and got out of his car I asked should I just drive around back? He replied rudely "we open at eight"! I drove right across the street to PepBoys.

Unhappy in Nashua NH

I had them change my rear differential fluid, and 2 days later discovered my rear axle seals (which were replaced 3 months prior) had blown causing $900 damage to my vehicle. They will not accept responsibility and will not pay for the repairs. Big company like this, it seems impossible to contact authorities. Nobody will step up and take care of their customer of 20 years. So disappointed...

Don't take your car to these people.

This is a damp shame. I took my car in for an oil change. They told me I needed my transmission fluid flushed. Well they flushed it, broke the casing. Got a another transmission and the broke the steering pump. Got my car back and now the car won't get warm. Antifreeze is leaking.

I think this place does not practice good business ethics. Store number 69 put rims on my vehicle. While my wife was driving the rim came off. Lucky no one was hurt and my wife and kids came out ok. But my vehicle was damaged along with another vehicle that the tire that came off my truck hit. My insurance company had an engineer check out what happened an confirmed that the wheel was not tighten correctly. When brought to Valvolines attention, I got the run around for a month and a half. I hand to call the customer service line just to get in contact with Troy Kato the area manager. I called him several times and left several messages before he contacted me back. To make a long story short, he told me that my claim was denied. Due to them doing seconds on my vehicle. When I brought it to his attention that the air gun could have been turned down, he told me the pressure is the same all the time. He told me that i needed to re torque my rims after 25 miles. when I stated no one told me that, he told me that Valvoline is not certified to install custom rims. If this is true, then why did they install mines for me? Also wouldn't that automatically make it their fault???? Not happy at all about this...... Will not recommend Valvoline to anyone ever again.


I had been going to Valvoline for over a year until this past Spring. I was next in line, but after a half hour wait. I left. The manager had come over and told me it would be just a few minutes. Both bays were full and it didn't look like they were doing oil changes. My husband who worked a few doors down at AutoZone told me the manager comes and brags about all the money he is making doing minor auto repairs. Against my better judgement I went back a month later. Same situation, both bays were full and they didn't have time to do any oil changes. I go to Jiffy Lub now. So please take me off your mailing list and keep your coupons for the chumps.


I just came from the Fenton PDQ Oil Change on Owen Rd. in Fentonm Michigan. I have been using this facility for many years and have been satisfied. Tha last visit, I "allowed" them to talk me into doing several optional services. One of which involved using your new oil. This was as added expense, which I did not ask for, but was informed I had to pay for anyway. I was disgusted, but paid it. This time (today 4/15), I again went to this location. I pulled in at 1:10 and pulled in the the bay at 1:57. The manager knew we were waiting because he offered water. The service took an exceptionally long time. When I finally got into the service bay, they did not clean my windows, they were going to add the expensive oil-again- and were offended that I just wanted "oil". I was unhappy with the workers overall attitudes. Even the "manager" tried to tell me that I wasn't waiting as long as I was, and the price hadn't gone up. I looked at my reciepts and realized that I had been paying a lot all along! On 12/1 $39.00; 4/2 $63.32; 11/15 $59.41; 4/15 $34.00 (with a $5.00 Vavoline Coupon). I pass another Oil Change place, but have always chosen yours. Now I wonder why! All this money and they didn't even bother to clean my windshield!


I took my vehicle there for a quick oil change and to have the serpentine belt changed and in the process they cracked my radiator! They fixed relatively fast and at no cost to me but about an hour after my wife picked it up the she noticed that the car was leaking and immediately had it towed to our mechanic. After looking the car over our mechanic found that when replacing the radiator they had not hook up a transmission hose correctly and the transmission was destroyed. Now the manager of the store is trying to get out of paying for it even though it was oviously his guys fault. They are a bunch of idiots in there! Avoid like the plague!

Audi A4 Filter shot

Low quality filter and put inside Audi A4 correctly after 1500 miles. $3200 damage to motor. They dare me to litigate against them! Well, I am near my discovery items and looking for a new car.

Valvoline has no care or concern for their employees

Unbelievable! Why are these men and woman outside begging for business with stupid signs in temperatures in the teens and twenties?! It's freezing out and they do not even have hats on and from what I have heard, Valvoline does not allow them to wear knit hats. Baseball caps only! Please! Let a Valvoline corporate man suffer like this and maybe he/she will finally understand the humiliation and sickness these employees are suffering from due to the LACK of CARE and CONCERN of corporate. And on top of that get minimum wage! Unbelievable! No wonder morale is low with Valvoline employees.


Unreal that on my way home this morning, I notice Valvoline open, I think it speaks for itself to know we have over 12 inches of snow and Ice and Valvoline cares more about possibly earning a dollar then the safety of their employees, who had to fight this for a little over minimum wage. Make that buck boys

I wanted to commend the two Valvoline workers that helped me out this A.M. I went out to my car to find one tire was half flat. Was not sure what to do. I decided to try to drive to the nearest Valvoline garage (3-1/2 miles north) Doing 25 miles per hr., I made it there. The two gentlemen working there were wonderful! They put my spare tire on, and I was able to drive 3-1/2 miles farther to have the tire repaired. It really made my day, and I do thank them again for their kindness. (I am a 78 yr. old widow.) I thank them again for their willingness to help me out.

We took our car to vavoline just for an oil change, they are so pushy into selling other services!! they said we need the transmission fluid changed so we let them BIG Mistake! after spending almost 200 dollars, took my car home and noticed it was leaking fluid so i took it back. They told me it gets on the pan below And will drip, so they cleaned it. Then next day my car brakes down on the highway 85 miles from home. Now its sitting in the mechanic waiting for a part for the transmission!! Never will i go here again!

Don't get your tires changed here!

Last time I went in, they either cross threaded or tightened the lug nuts too tight and TWO of my lug nuts are spinning. They accept no responsibility and recommended that I go to Big O to fix it. Additionally, when the manager realized that they had caused the problem, he disappeared. He literally walked down the street and didn't return leaving me with the young tech to say "we don't know what happened." Unbelievable!

Ripped Off Over $500

Brookline, MA Valvoline damaged my car by overfilling transmission fluid. Caused almost $600 in damges and they refuse to reimburse me. I was a life long customer. Shady shady company. I'm suing in small claims court. I filed the suit today.

I have been a patron of Valvoline for about 20 years, with about 8 cars that I have owned over the years. I went in for an oil change and filter and upon leaving received an check engine light. I did a U-turn and returned immediately and wanted to know what happened. Basically, they gave me the code and told me I should go to the dealer. Valvoline has denied any wrong doing on their part, and has refused to fix my car. My car is rattling underneath and throttling hard and is sluggish. Long story short, I will see my lawyers on this. My car was fine when I took it to them and I expected professional service, which I did not receive. I just want my car to be fixed right, just like it was before receiving any service from Valvoline. In the future, I will not patronize this establishment anymore, and will tell whoever wants to hear my story not to also. Valvoline did not take ownership of their error, were not held accountable for inadequate service and refused to investigate the matter in detail. CUSTOMERS - LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR CAR SERVICE NEEDS. VALVOLINE DOES NOT HAVE COMPETENT SERVICE PERSONNEL AND THE WORK IS SUBSTANDARD AND INFERIOR.

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