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I have been taking my brand new car to Valvoline since I purchased my brand new Nissan Sentra 2011 last year. Yesturday I went to start my car and it kept shutting down I called the dealer and they sent a tow truck to pick up my vehicle. When the mechanic called me today he advised me that the clips on the air filter had not been replaced at my last oil change and now my Throttle body was clogged. I was so angry that someone at Valvoline carelessness has resulted in my new car to breakdown, leaving me stranded and when I called Valvoline in Ossining and spoke to John he asked me why didnt I bring it back to him. How would I even know that my car doesnt start due to an air filter not being reinstalled properly ??? He than called me again this afternoon to say they would have to look at my car before they fixed it to verify the problem. What a joke I told him its at teh dealer getting fixed why didnt they tell me that during our conversation this morning I will never recommend Valvoline to anyone again. Crooks they could at least own up to making a mistake but no full of excuses.

I was due to have a oil change in my Chrysler 300, so I went to Valvoline in Tulare CA on 9/19/12. I was directed in and a young gentleman proceeded to get the paperwork started. He asked me for the mileage on the car and to start the car so he could check my lights. He told me the lights are good then asked me to pop the hood of the car. I was sitting there not really paying any attention to anyone. I noticed the kid looked nervous and he had went to another employee working on another persons car and was whispering to him. This guy comes to the front of my my car with this kid and I can't tell what they are doing or saying. This guy i find out later is the manager Freddy. Freddy the manager tells me the dip stick handle broke off and they can't get it out. I get out of the car look for myself and sure enough the kid broke it off. Now Freddy proceeds to tell me the heat must of done it. It happens all the time. He's done it before in his own car. I ask how are we going to get it out? That jerk tells me everything in the book i can do to fix it but doesn't want to do it himself he says he might drop it into the oil pan trying to get it out and that would damage the engine. Freddy tells me i can have it towed or drive it to a Mechanic. I was never so pissed off in my life. Freddy tells me all he can do is offer me a free oil change which i responded you can't you broke the dip stick. I admit I could of handled it better. There was a lot of F-bombs thrown a lot of curse words said on my part but what they did and what Freddy wouldn't do was wrong. I had to find a Mechanic who would fix it cap it off and order me a new dip stick. That was over an hour of BULLCRAP I should of been in and out of there may be 20 minutes tops. I will never go to Valvoline again ever.

I took my 2011 Honda Insight in for oil change. They did not install the crush washer under the oil plug and plug came out on the highway and fortunatly we saw smoke from rear of car and pulled over. If we had not noticed the smoke the engine would have been ruined.They are going to pay for all the repairs including the $225 tow bill .

This company sucks!

Extremely unhappy, paid 45.99 for an oil change and five miles down the road my car died, had something to do with the air filter, I was stuck there for two hours, $100.00 tow, $40.00 for the mechanic to tell me it was Valvoline's fault, of course the manager couldn't see anything on the film that they had done wrong but agreed to reimburse me... faxed her the info, called two weeks later and she claims she never got it. Of course. Would never recommend anyone to them

I have been taking my '98 Honda CRV to Valvoline since my mom bought it and we have had no problems until recently. My mom took the car in to get the levels checked. Everything was fine until I was driving the car to work and noticed the oil light went on and it started over heating. I took it back to valvoline and my friends that work there asked me to step out of the car to look at my engine. Who ever checked the levels had been putting straight water in my radiator instead of antifreeze and they forgot to put the cap back on so my engine was covered in oil and the lining to my hood had melted. The man I barely knew apologized over and over and gave me a free oil change, while I stood there and made sure everything went how it should. Now, I'm having problems with my car leaking oil and antifreeze. I have never taken the car to anyone else or any other location. Needless to say, I wont be going back to that location. Or any valvoline for that matter...

I have been taking my '98 Honda CRV to Valvoline since my mom bought it and we have had no problems until recently. My mom took the

Congradulations. After being a long standing customer of your oil change institutions, I am at this moment getting my last oil change from valvoline. I run a Chevy 8.1 liter. This truck takes 6 1/2 quarts. Now on top of that I run your Maxlife oil. I get coupons in the mail for a discount. I'm currently out of state, so handing you wonderful employee ( that's a joke ) a coupon is impossible. He was kind enough to offer $3 off my bill. Really, can I, oh boy! No thanks, don't want that joke of a discount. I'll just start giving Walmart my business. This will ne my advice to family & friends. Go price gouge someone else.

I wanted to let you know that I have filled out an online application on snagajob.com however, there is a portion for "tax credit" but the ONLY availible option is to select that you have 8+ members in your household and you CANNOT select anything else nor can you add a comment. I wanted to let someone know that my name is Sean Finley and i've applied for assistant manager but the correct response for me on that section is that I have 3 members in my household. Please contact me for questions 619.922.6858. I have several years experience, feel that i have alot to bring to the table and would like to have my answer corrected if that will effect me getting the position. Thanks so much.

I was stranded at my house alone-went to crank up my truck to run errands-the battery was dead. I called my neighborhood Rapid Oil Change where I get my car serviced. Ken sent Dee to my home with a new battery and installed it in my truck. I then went to their shop and paid them for services. In an age where customer service is apparently falling by the wayside it is refreshing to see my Rapid Oil Change go above and beyond the call of duty. I greatly appreciate them and just wanted someone to know they saved the day and are my heroes!! Gratefully, Cynthia Payne Rapid Oil Change #1,4197 Terry Rd.,Jackson,MS, 39212 They all deserve a raise!!

If there was a lower rating I would give it. I went to Valvoline in Bellevue, Pa. and I had services, just an oil change w/ medium grade oil and an air filter. The tech did NOT put all of the bolts back in and left one on the hood of my car. My brother found the bolt and I took the car back in. They made it seem like it was no big problem and then the tech forced the bolt in and essentially wrangled it onto my vehicle, using a bolt from A BOX OF THEM that they have on hand!!!! He obviously did not secure the air filter in and the next time I drove the car the *Check Engine Light* came on and the car will now not move. The Manager, Dan, agreed to come to check the air filter as I live less than one mile from the Valvoline. HOWEVER, after waiting until 11am as instructed, the Manager Dan, then said that no he would not come over and said "IF YOU CAN PROVE WE DID ANYTHING TO DAMAGE YOUR CAR, CALL BACK". I am LIVID. I am planning to turn this over to my mechanic and an attorney. AFTER READING ALL OF THESE REVIEWS I NOW SEE I AM NOT ALONE W/ THIS ISSUE.

I had the worst experience at the VALVOLINE in Woodland Hills, CA (on Ventura Blvd). I've been taking my 2 vehicles here for oil changes ...etc for about a year and a half and never had a problem when it was still EZLUBE. Today i brought my car in for the usual oil change but also added the AC SERVICE to fill up the "freon". My wife complained that her car was as cold w the AC as it used to be so i paid $129 for the AC SERVICE, $40 for parts and $89 for the labor. First it took them almost 2 HOURS to complete the oil change + ac service---"they said the technician did no tighten one of the hoses so the refrigerant leaked so they had to REDO THE AC SERVICE." i was a bit upset but i figured OK SHIT HAPPENS SOMETIMES. I left the place turned on the AC & DID NOT FEEL ANY DIFFERENT OF COLDNESS THAN WHEN I BROUGHT IT IN. So WHATEVER , i guess thats how cold it really gets. 2 hrs latter it was blowing WARM TO HOT AIR when i had it AC ON AND FULL BLAST. Immediatelly took it back and at first they implied that MAYBE there might be a leak in the system that machine did not pick up. SUCH BS!!!! I NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH THE AC BEFORE---I JUST WANTED THE REFRIGERANT TO BE REFILLED BEFORE THE SUMMER HITS!!!!! These guys here are MEDIOCRE at best and VERY INCOMPETENT on average.

Don't go to Lake Havasu Az. Shop. They have drugged out tweakers working there. So high Kyle ,kind of a manager was bouncing off the wall. Be prepared to deal with if you do.

I got my oil change and new air filter done a couple days ago from a Valvoline. Shortly after my check engine light when on. I took it to my mechanic to be told that whomever changed the air filter, knocked 2 hoses off when doing so. This place is just awful! I had to pay the mechanic AND a car rental place to get to work that day while my car was looked at. I wish I had reviewed these comments before going to the place, as I will never go again. Where's the training? The guarantee to do the service right? To not SCREW the customer? Valvoline sucks.

I was going out of town, and needed an oil change. The other larger places was booked, so I ended up going to Valvoline. THE WORST MISTAKE I MADE...Prior to taking my car to Valvoline no leaks, after my oil change with Vavoline my car is now leaking oil. I was told by the owner that the leak was not cause by the oil change, well what the hell happen, and if my car was leaking before the oil change considering the busniess someone should have told me. They didn't because my car was not leaking. I have contacted Corporate who has denied my claim, so my next step will be legal action. BEWARE of these type of quick lube....Never AGAIN...

Got an oil change today - of course the air filter was dirty. they charged by 49.95 for a $15 air filter. When I questioned them they said it was because it was a cabin air filter. A month ago I took my truck in the rotated the tires, stipped out one of the bolts on the drum and two of my hub caps were either stolen or fell off within a week. I'm bettingt they fell off. the stripped bolt was my fault of course and didn't have anything to do with the overzealous use of the air wrenchs. This one is in Sioux Falls SD

I moved from Minnesota to South Carolina and I now hate Valvoline!!! I will never go to one again. I have changed my oil religiously every-time at Valvoline with thier most expensive oil, (which is around $80 per oil change) In fact since 2005 i have every receipt and have oil changed my oil with them. I was an extremely loyal customer. Now that I moved to South Carolina it is a different story. The 1st valvoline i went to had a guy working there who had no idea what he was doing and i actually had to get out of the car and show him what to do to check all of the fluid levels. After my oil change I left that place and went to check at another Valvoline 2 miles away to make sure my oil change was done right. It definitely was not! I was greeted by a guy at the second valvoline who actually changed my oil while smoking a cigarette the whole time. I found out the coolant and other levels were low and i was leaking oil. The new valvoline i was at then broke my skid plate under my car a zip-tied it back on without me knowing. Two miles later I heard something under my car and pulled over to find my skid plate cracked and dragging on the ground. I brought it back to Valvoline and they said they were sorry and they would buy me a new one and have it for me the next day. I had the manager write that and sign it on the back of my receipt. I called once a week for the 1st month, and finally I waited 3 months till my next oil change  and went back in. They told me that they wouldn't buy me a new one because it is $140... and said the next oil change would be free. I argued with him saying I do not want a oil change I want what they broke. They refused and said that they would no longer honor the paper the manager signed. I went from having awesome service and a friendly staff in Chanhassen Minnesota to now where I will never change my oil with Valvoline ever again! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

Went in for an oil change left with a crushed hood that will not close. I was told any damage over $1000.00 dollars needs to be ok'd by corporate office. Still waiting for an answer. And they charged me for the service!!! Come on Valvoline, do the right thing. I need my car so I can get chemo therapy.

I now hate valvoline. My husband and i have been changing our oil for years, but ran out of time before our road trip, so I got it done at valvoline in lemay, Missouri. Since we took a long road trip we just changed the oil again over the weekend.We could not get the oil filter off for the life us! My husband used to work at a chevron, so he had tools to get the filter off, but it was still on way too tight! It took a lot of sweat to pry the filter off, it actually became bent and deformed! I took it to valvoline today, just wanting to show them that the person put it on too tight and they told me it got bent because someone didnt know how to use the tool properly. I told them my husband worked at a checeron for years and he acted like my husband didnt know what he was doing! I told them man at the station in the manuel it says to hand tighten it and then turn it a quarter of a turn, there was no need for it to have been on so tightly. He kept telling me they do hundreds of them a day and that we just didn't know how to take the filter off! I'm pissed and wanted to write to corporate, but it seems like this site is just here for people to vent to. I wasnt looking for much, just an apology or a coupon would have been a nice gesture, but instead I was treated like an idiot! The only reason I might go back is to complain to a manager!

HORRIBLE! from california riverside! they didn't fasten my plate underneath my car and it started to drag and was very badly damaged! now they are REFUSING to fix it stating it was not their fault and that i must have hit something! absolutly terrible service as well! i will NEVER go back to a valvoline again! all they care about is doing things quickly not correctly!

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