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The vavoline oil change place next to roadranger in carpentersville Illinois is terrible!! I was deployed for over a year, before leaving I always did all my car repairs! I was deployed with army. My wife took our 2007 jeep compass for oil change in august 2011.. I just got Back from my deployment and was cleaning the jeep and noticed the whole Air filter cabin was cracked! My wife tells me the guy couldn't even open the hood and asked her how to. So how you expect them to do anything? So I went in there to complain say wasn't like that. The manager calls the guy underneath to tell him and of course they denie it. Than manager tells me someone sat on hood and cracked it? We bought this jeep New! No one sits on it! Just kept adding insult to me and I told the guy I worked in actually mechanic shop.. Needless to say he says he'll call back in few days so I'm like ok.. Two weeks passed no calls I call back , they said he would call me didn't call! I called last week the one guy says he is picking up the air cabin. Then week passed I called today he tells me the regional manager is in process being replaced, so I tell who is your boss? He says he has none?? I ask what's next he is like I don't know, so this has been over month now and nothing no calls or anything! It's not like this is a beater or beaten up it was mint when bought it! I'm just pissed at this oil change place!! Terrible service!!!!!!

A few weeks ago I went to my local So Bend, IN. Instant Lube on US31 at Ireland Rd. It was close to closing and they treated me like I was imposing. They "serviced" (?) my car as fast as possible and OK'd things on the list that they hadn't looked at. As soon as I left they closed. Immediately I smelled fumes and my car was idling really rough. They were closed, couldn't go back. I tried to go back on 2 separate occasions and they weren't open. There are no hours on their web site so I have no idea when they close. Try to call and the phone rings and rings. I needed to go to my mechanic a couple of weeks later and asked them to look at it. They opened the hood and laughed..."here is the source of your funes" they said...the cap for the oil fill tube was laying on the engine. As soon as it was put back on the funes stopped and she idled just fine. First and last trip to Instant Lube.

Loyal Customer with no response on an issue from representative. Contact on this issue started 10/10/2011; 1:38 P.M., and no one has contacted me. I have sent six emails and promised a 24 hour response from the first contact email to no avail. Check the vehicles over the years I have taken to Valvoline, in Southaven, MS, on Goodman Road & Stateline. Recently I sent my son there with his 02 Trailblazer to get his oil changed. When the technician opened the hood he found the broken serpentine belt. He paid $89.00, to have it put on and found his water pump was bad causing the belt to break. He called me and said he could not drive the vehicle. The manager told him he could park it in the rear because no one parks there anyway until he could get the vehicle fixed. This was on a Thursday afternoon. He had several places of which he was committed and he even went back by later to tell them when he would pick up his vehicle. He went back to get his vehicle on Tuesday. The manager had the vehicle towed that same day without contacting my son. Kimbles Towing, in Horn Lake, MS, towed the vehicle. Kimbles charge $155.00, to tow the vehicle approximately 3 miles. This is outrageous for a towing fee. The business practices that occurred in his vehicle being towed should be checked for the sake of your company's reputation. Now I feel like this warrants a concession on the part of Valvoline due to being a loyal customer. I would like to get reimbursed for the tow since your manager agreed to let my son park his vehicle due to being broken down especially after just spending $89, for a belt. I can not get a representative to even call me to discuss. This is very unprofessional to say the least.

I was working for the shops in san Diego, CA. These district managers are sho shaddy is not even funny. They screw employees with hours, they buy products that r not even valvoline products. Suspend emplotees for no good reason, steal from customers, steals from corporate..and also do a lot of ilegal stuff just to get more and more money..

I recently visited the Valvoline RMR Auto Care and Quick Lube located at 922 Athens Hwy in Loganville, GA. I went in for an oil change which they preformed with no problem. Then an employee came out to tell me that he recommended a new oil plug and gasket. I agreed to this. Finally this same employee used an almost "scare-like" tactic to convince me that I needed to replace my car's cabin air filter. He stated that he believed it had never been changed in the five years I had owned my car. "It's directly from the factory," is what he told me of the filter. He insinuaded that it would be awful to keep breathing cabin air when the filter was so dirty. Because of this health concern, I agreed to the filter change. He told me the price would "hurt" but it was worth it. The cost was $54.99 for this part. When I arrived home my husband said that he bought the same part for $2.00 and that he had changed it a short time ago. What a ridiculous mark-up and scam. I went back to the store and wanted a refund but the owner refused. I can't believe Valvoline would agree to a $53.00 mark-up for this item. I am greatly disappointed in Valvoline, the individual owner of RMR Auto Care and I will never do business with either one of you again.

Today was the worst experience I've encountered at Valvoline in Beaufort, SC. I went to get a standard oil change and was charged $45.99. My husband went to the same location minutes after i returned to get his oil changed and his bill was for only 36.99. They proceeded to charge me for a "high performance cartridge oil filter" on top of the standard oil filter. Since my cobalt is not a race car there was no need to put this on my vehicle. I have been going to the location for years but I will never be played a fool from them again. Valvoline has lost a loyal customer today.

All Valvoline Oil Changes in Ohio should be closed due to untrained, and unsupervised people working on vehicles that may cause serious injury and or death to potential trusting consumers.

I had the worst experience yesterday July 12 ,2011 at Valvoline in Great Neck, NY. I rushed home from work because I was due for an oil change. I get to the location around 5:44pm. The manager told me she could not take my car because she had to be somewhere to go. I was pissed because I rushed home from work to get ther before 6pm. I thought 6pm was the time they take cars until. I have been going to this location for years. Talk about poor customer service.

On Saturday June 4, 2011 I stopped at the Valvoline Instant Oil Change @ 3550 Sheridan Dr Amherst NY. MY oil change went smooth and I was in and out in no time, however the person who seemed to be the manager told me that upon inspecting my transmission fluid I needed to have it flushed and changed because it was yellow and had "broken down". I didn't have time and said I would come back at a later date. When I got home, not being a "stupid" woman, I check the color of the fluid myself, lo and behold the fluid was a perfect shade of red, just like it should be. I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE OR TO ANY OF THEIR STATIONS AGAIN, IMAGINE TRYING TO RIP ME OFF FOR $129.00

The store on Latta Road in Greece, NY is horrible. 2 of the people there were talking about their various drug deals. They laugh and joke about how they treat the woman that works there. They messed up my car and then lied about it, refusing to admit they had done anything wrong! I agree with one other poster who said that the shop near his house is run by thugs, seems to be corporate policy. Don't know how anyone could trust them with any car!!!

Took my car to valvoline to have the oil changed, now there is knocking sound coming from the back tire, and the car is studdering. Had this SAME problem after getting oil changed at valvoline on a different car. Taking car to the dealer soon to find out exact what is wrong with it. Once I find out, I can assure you valvoline will be paying for it if they caused it. BBB will hear about this.

I have had a terrible experience with Valvoline in Detroit MI, on 8 milei

Having a fleet car I use your facility on Riverside Drive in Columbus Ohio. Last Thursday May 12 2011 I did just that. Part of the service was tire rotation. Thursday evening I notice noise from the right front wheel. Long story short the lug nuts were not torqued. When I jacked up and removed the hub cap it was visible. Since this error and the impact it could have had on my family you now have one less customer.

I have done business with the Valvoline located at Ball Rd./Valley View, for almost 10 years and have all my receipts, I trusted these guys, NOW I do not trust them. On Saturday March 12, drove to bank in my car, then drove in for service, went home parked it inside gargue, took my truck in for service, the following day took my car to bank again, no disabled placard. I called them, March 13, and ask if it fell out of my car and if they found it, giving them a chance to return it. I only drove my car to bank and to that location, then home that day, so their is no doubt one of their employee stole my disable placard. I have also sent email to name on my receipt, think I will receive any aknowledgement from Valvoline. My name is real, my email address if johntom807@aol.com, I have receipts so if you beleive in your brand feel free to email me, I have no doubt Valvoline service memebers stole my placard, now what do I do as a disabled person for parking? Yes I am contacting Califronia DMV, for a replacement but it takes them weeks to respond. Thanks Valvoline, John Edberg, Anaheim, CA

Took my 2011 Chevy Camaro in for an oil changed, I was told to sit in the waiting room, a man came in with a clipboard with three options for oil change, I said the reg basic oil change I guess, they changed my oil and when I went out to pay the manager told me I voided my warranty because I did not use synthetic oil, I was not told I had to use synthetic oil in my car, when I called them back to inform them that had I been told while I was in the waiting room when asked what I want, that I should use synthetic oil, I would have but I was never told that my car required it. I was told by the manager that I should have read the 500 or so page owners manual and I would have known.... Most people dont sit and read the owners manual from front to back and if they know this for fact why not tell someone before hand... they are rude and I will never go there again.

The Valvoline Instant Oil Change franchise located at 2002 Garnet Street in Pacfic Beach California is guilty of doing over $7000 worth of damage to our property which is located one home away from the location. David R. Gong the owner is not a good neighbor and has refused to take responsibility for his companies harm to our property. At no time has this inconsiderate owner offered to pay even a portion of the costs borne to repair the damage to our property. The courts refuse to help and a pro-tem Judge actually ignored california law in the case. Such owners of franchises reflect badly on Valvoline and his business should be avoided.


I was Very upset to see all the negative comments on this site. Here are my experiences with Valvoline. For years I went to the location on John R Rd. in Madison Heights MI. Angel was the tech who Always took great care of me. As well as Mike Genga. I Never went Anywhere else because of the service I recieved there. Angel was Always Very Professional, courteous, and helpful. I had asked Angel about other problems I was having with my car. He offered his advice on what I would need to fix and was Absolutely Correct! Then last December I was very upset to see that location was closed. I went to the next closest location tonight after work at; 4117 13 Mile Road Warren, MI 48092 PH) (586) 795-5460 And was So happy to see that Angel and Mike were transferred to that location! It is not that far from me. And I recieved the same Professional, Courteous help tonight that they gave me in Madison Heights. (I understand the Madison Heights location will now be turned into a corporate office.) I will continue to go there as long as Angel and Mike are there. So if you live anywhere near 13 & Ryan in Warren Mi, I highly recommend that you get your oil change there. Ask for Angel or Mike. They will take Excellant care of you! But I am sure Everyone at that location would be just as helpful!

BEWARE OF THIS PLACE !!!!!!!! They are worse then thugs running this operation I brought my car in for an oil change, and if you can beileive it. they cut wires coming from my fuse box, then lied after the engine light came on the next day i brought it to a repair shop and was told who ever

The shop in Monroe CT is run by a bunch of thugs. They damaged my door and tried to hide it. When I challenged them, their response was 'prove it'. I put in a claim with corporate, I rcvd the standard reply, NO. I will get these losers back for what they did.

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