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I want to publicly thank whoever in the U.S. Airways Lost & Found at Dulles International Airport returned something that was of great personal value to me. I put items in an envelope in the pocket in the seat in front of me during the flight and forgot to take them with me. I wrote a letter asking that the envelope be returned to me, but forgot to put my address. Their was a note from a friend inside - it didn't even have her address - but whoever found the envelope looked up her name in the town in which I lived and mailed the envelope to her. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that someone took that kind of initiative. I would so like to thank whoever did this personally, but so far I have not been able to locate that person.

See correspondence below with US Airways Customer Service. Sandra, How is it that if your agents are so well "trained to process baggage and apply appropriate fees" that the Charlotte agents and the White Plains agents have 2 different opinions of what baggage can and cannot be checked in plane side?. I expect that your agents (regardless of which airport at which they are located) would be consistent. I asked 2 different agents at the Charlotte airport for baggage fee information, and both agents told me that I had to pay to check my bag. Apparently the Charlotte agents were not as well trained as your agents in White Plains who said that my bag could be checked in plane side. In fact, although the US Airways agent in White Plains stated that they are 'Bag Nazis" (a highly offensive term); the baggage size/weight fit the proper requirements. As a loyal customer, I mistakenly assumed that your agents are well trained and knew what they were talking about; therefore, I paid to have my bag checked in on the first leg of my trip. I frequently fly US Airways and have a trip scheduled for the end of the month already on US Airways. Your voucher for $25.00 is a joke. You charge $25.00 to make a reservation over the phone. What exactly do you think you are doing for me to compensate for my inconvenience? At this point, I am thoroughly disgusted by this entire situation (especially your lack of concern about this incident). Unless I receive further satisfaction. I will consider booking another airline for my future travel plans. You may lose a customer as a result. Sincerely, Robert Goldstein Dear Mr. Goldstein: We regret your dissatisfaction with our prior response. I’m sorry if it appeared insensitive to your concerns. Please believe we did not in any way mean to trivialize the experience which you have had. The travel experience you’ve described is regrettable, and we apologize for the difficulties you encountered. Our intention is to offer the best travel experience possible. The details you have provided indicate that we have clearly failed to meet our intentions. Customer satisfaction is our main focus and we want to make certain the decisions we make are based on research, facts, policies and procedures, along with customer perceptions. After careful evaluation, I am unable to honor your request for additional compensation. Again, please accept my sincere apology for your inconvenience. Thank you for choosing US Airways. Sincerely, Nimi Silvia Representative, Customer Relations US Airways Corporate Office Case: US-11GOLDSTEIN-G63G02

As I was just about to board the aircraft, I was stopped by an employee telling me that I must gate-check my carry-on bag. He said there was no room in the overhead bins, and wanted to take my bag immediately. When I got on the plane, I was surprised to see most of the overhead bins empty! From the time my bag left my sight at the doorway to when it was put in the airplane baggage compartment, an employee stole my laptop out of my bag. I have waited for over 10 days to hear back from U.S. Airways when I submitted my claim and concern for one of their employees stealing from the passengers. To date, U.S. Airways has not taken any responsibility for their employee's behavior and criminal acts, and they have not contacted me or indicated that I will be compensated. I seriously question the ethics of this large corporation; I also find it interesting how these large corporations conveniently hide behind the wall of workers or 'front men/women' who have no decision-making ability and are paid to keep customers at bay instead of taking responsibility for the criminal acts of their employees.

Your rude,arrogant,base airline just stranded 17 people at Phoenix airport. Anna L, the Ticket agent there just closed the door 10 mnutes before it was scheduled to leave. We took flite 1193 from Phll to Phoenix. Landed on time but crept to the gate. It took from 9:05 to 9:35 to get there. The pilot and flight attendants knew we had connections and never called ahead to our connecting flight..owe had to do an OJ from A22 to B28.....four terminals over....and was greeted by some b___h. I have used all my FF miles and will never use this dirty, sleazy, cutthroat airline again.

Another client ripped off by US air I will never fly them again they are pure s--it

i just want to let you know how much i appreciate your airline my wife and children live in canada and i live in tenn they came to see me this year for christmas and shes from a very small town in canada and isnt quite up to snuff on how things work here in the states she took someones advice at a travel counter in canada and booked her flight with your airline haveing never flown before she thought she was in good hands... Well she had to pay three times the rate (2700) american seems like a hell of a lot of money to me just to travel faster dont seem right im sure next time ill rent a limo and just be drove to the border this is the problem here at home everyone is motivated by a dollar bill and usually its on the back of people who cant afford to be taken advantage of when the airlines were falling into the crapper our (yours and mine) govt stepped in and gave you a huge amount of money to keep you afloat and you repay us the peop;e who footed the bill for you by gouging as deeply as you dare well sirs i for one want to tell you no more and personally i hope it all comes back a hundred fold to your company as i wish no ill on noone but your company is another matter i hope that it comes home to you any company who raises thier rates as much as you did just to take advantage of others goodwill toward each other deserve to took down a peg or too and maybe loose all they have accomplished thus far as im sure you didnt get where you are with these practices when you started sadly thiers no way to talk to anyone in your company with any kind of complaints i could leave a message here and there but nooone thats real just animated responses i would like to know when i get one of your employees into my shop as i would gladly repay the love i felt when paying for the tickets (whtch went up aprox 200% in less than a month companys like this is preying on the less fortunate i do wish we had the clout to take this into court as im sure price gouging is illegal but when you have this much money i guess you make the rules as to how and when you serve what to your customers but i and my family will never fly again as i can drive quite well we just wanted to spend as much of our time together as we could and a day driving is a lot when you have two small kids with you but they will understand im sure we have been together 5 weeks in 3 years and it takes all we can make for these trips to happen and when your airline rapes us for simple transit it makes it a lot harder to be able to do it again so in simpler terms thanks for taking all our savings for the entire year so we could spend christmas together i for one will never forget or forgive you hope it comes back to you in spades

I fell on a US Airways flight, which no one ever made any contact to follow-up on the incident. I had to fly the entire flight in pain and then it was another hour before I was taken off the plane to be left at the departure gate without anyone of concern to check on me. This is the most unprofessional and heartless corporation!!! I will NEVER fly with this company again!

The customer service at this airline is terrible. They say that they believe in customer service and community, which is totally wrong!!!!!!!!! I called US Airways in December to discuss changing a portion of my flight. I told the agent that I would call back if I decided to make a change. I called back on January 27, 2011 to make the change and found out that not only had the airline already canceled the US Airlines portion of my flight, they have also canceled the other portion of my flight that is with a different airline. When I asked the agent to correct this mistake (which they admitted they made), and reinstate my flight with the other airline, they told me that I will need to pay the difference in fare. I was told that I needed to submit an email to request that this be corrected without it costing me any funds. This is utterly ridiculous. US Airways made the mistake and canceled flights that I NEVER authorized to be canceled. I sent an email to the "complaint" department (because convienently, there is no phone number to call), and the reply email said that I would recieve a response in 5-6 days. MY FLIGHT LEAVES OVERSEAS IN 15 DAYS. I want this resolved now. I can be reached at Kelly.Robertson@zionsbank.com or 208-871-0810. If our customer service was this poor, the company I work for would be out of business.

Customer Service is a joke! Extremely rude.

I am so disappointed with this airline it's unreal. I fly quite a bit as it is the only direct flight to get me to PHL and they have lost my bags twice in the last 6 months. Both times I was flying first class, and once the bag was taken from me in first class and gate checked. The bags were found and returned, but I have never had so much trouble with baggage at an airline in my life - and I fly a lot. It's almost worth connecting on Delta to avoid having to fly this airline anymore.

US Airways booked our flight from DFW to Florence Italy. We departed Thursday, December 16 from DFW on US Airways Flt 714 to Philadelphia. We were supposed to depart 1:05, but it was after 3:00 when the plane took off. We barely made it on to connecting US Airways Flt 706 to Munich, Germany. It appears that our luggage was not transferred on to this connecting Flt 706 to Munich. In Munich US Airways switched us (minus our bags) to their partner airline Lufthansa Flt 1886 to Florence, Italy. Because of inclement weather Lufthansa landed in Rimini, Italy. Actually we were abandoned/dumped with no instructions/advice or agents to talk to. We were on our own -- 2 adults with 3 young children -- to navigate catch-as catch-can to Florence, Italy. Following a local policeman’s advice, we took a bus to Bologna, Italy and then a train to Florence. We walked 5 miles in the snow at night to our lodging in Florence. US Airways lost our luggage. Therefore we are filling a claim with you. Here are our tag numbers: Tag Number US735661, Tag Number US735662, Tag Number US735663, Tag Number US735664, Tag Number US735665. We are desperate. We have been getting a total run around. Will you please find out where our luggage is and let us know how you plan to get it to us. We are depending on you. We booked our flight with you. We need to talk to someone who is willing to take responsibility. You still have our luggage. We tried to file a claim with US Airways, but the agent refuses to take it. US Airways is putting the responsibility off on Lufthansa. We understand the problems you are dealing with due to this unexpected weather event. We hope you understand ours. We can be reached at cathycole@sbcglobal.net and/ or Cell # 718-977-5279 (US#) or 44 7550 050617 (Italy Cell #) or at 39 0552608965 (Florence, Italy) until December 23. If you cannot get our luggage to Florence and delivered to us before our departure date, we would like to make arrangements to have it delivered Rome. We will arrive in Rome on December 23. We will be staying at the Western Excelsior, Via Vittorio Veneto 125, Rome Italy. Their phone 39064826205.

Just sent you a message. Please do not post it. It was intended to get action. We are not having luck through any other avenues that USAirways makes available.

On today, Nov. 30th, I attempted to exchange a ticket purchased for departure on Friday, December 30, 2009. Last year in December I took a very serious fall and was hospitalized. I have been told that I can not use that ticket as it is no longer valid. I think that this is quite a mis-service to customers, as my new travel date is within the 1-year time limit. I attempted to call your corporate office and was stalled by a series of voice mails and a telephone service rep who was, in my opinion, reading from a pre-set book of rules & regs and was not able to hear me much less service my issue. I am a senior citizen who has flown this airline many hundred's of thousands of miles. I am a Board Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (The NAACP)and I am a frequent flyer, as are my fellow board members, of your airline. I would expect that a Customer Service Executive would contact me "soonest." Thank you. Annie B. Martin 212-203-9164

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