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This airlines is horrible. They are not friendly toward U.S. Servicemen nor treat like the other airlines. The veterans organizations should put a ban on this airlines.


will avoid your airline until the person responsible for not helping the soldier with his dress coat is fired.


your treatment of the AMERICAN SOLDIER was horrible. not hanging up his dress blues jacket for him. that stewardess should be fired. who does she think SHE gets HER freedoms and liberties from? disgraceful.

Active Duty/Veterans

Apparently US Airways despises military personnel both active and retired.

Flight Attendants

Can't hang an Army Rangers coat because he was not first class? YOU people are not first class...if it were not for the military you would not have your jobs. They are ALL FIRST CLASS. Never fly your airline again!!!

Worst airline ever

They refuse to call you back or answer emails regarding complaints, like it's not their issue. I purchased 2 first class tickets and the flight was canceled. They rebooked 2 economy tickets and told me it wasn't their problem. I'm am truly disgusted with this airline and the lack of customer service I received.

Never again, not one more $

After jerking us around for 32 hours on a flight home from Turks & Caicos, your customer service feels you satisfied me with a couple vouchers. You sold us a bill of goods and did not deliver. I will not be satisfied until I get a 100% refund on the money we spent with your completed screwed company. I can't wait to see your company fold.

A Sad Day For This Airline

I purchased a ticket to see my sister across the country. A month later I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which includes chemo and radiation. I notified the airline and they refused to refund the cost of the ticket. My Mother was able to get her money back from Southwest airlines within two days, no questions asked. This company cares more about money than people, so buyer beware and FLY SOUTHWEST!


You are absolutely no help.

Frequent Flier

Is anyone on the executive team reading these comments?

Left a minor overnight in Philadelphia Airport

My 17 year old daughter's flight was cancelled and they promised her a room in an hotel but because of that hotel wouldn't accept a minor, they brought her back to airport and said that they would find her a different hotel to accommodate her but instead, the agent disappear and left her alone at the Philadelphia airport, literally disappear and she was the only person left in that airport. She had to spend the whole night alone at the Philadelphia airport. They lied to her and told her to stop her crying and were rude to her. Worst customer service ever. They didn't want to have to bother with my daughter.

US Air throws disabled off plane

shame on you and your Airlines for removing a blind man and his seeing eye dog from your plane.it has been reported that there was no upset and the dog cause no commotion and yet you had federal marshals remove him from the plane. A blind man. How shameful.I will never use us there again

Waiting for a response to my second e-mail request as to why US Air had no idea where an unaccompanied minor from Madrid, Spain was for 60/75 min in the Philadelphia International Airport. Her parents had paid the mandatory fee of $ 100 each way to have her escorted by a US Air employee from the plane ,through US customs so that I could find her. When she was finally located, I learned that she had been placed in a room with 2 other unaccompanied minors from Spain. This room apparently is the room where the custom officers take passengers entering the US to be searched. She explained there were several " policemen " in the room searching people who had large amounts of Euros inside a quilt and hidden on their clothing. Again, no one @ US Air knew these children were in this room.Is this any way to provide security for minor children ? This was flight 714 from Madrid , Spain on 7-03-13.

I Would Like To Say Thank-You To Our Flight Attendant Jo-Anne Warshaw On Our Recent Flight Monday May 13, 2013, From Philadelphia To San Diego. What Great Service From A Great Employee! She Thanked Everyone Personally For Flying USAir, Best Flight Service I Have Ever Had! Thank-You USAir And Jo-Anne Warshaw

Gross Customer Service

After reading a large majority of reviews, I see that my complaint is one of many about the poor customer services. My husband and I travelled with US Airways in February and returned in March ... I voiced a complaint in March and initially I thought they were seriously looking into my concerns... however a month later I am still waiting for a response. I will proceed to the media and social medias to ensure they understand how horrible their service really is!


I would like to commend Leeann J., flight attendant, PHL to BGR, flight 3186 on April 21, 2013. She made me proud when she recognized the service personal and veterans in welcoming the passengers. She was very attentive to us and she herself should be commended. Please let her know how professional she was and how I appreciated her.

Worst of the Worst

By FAR AND AWAY the most incompetent IT Dept on the planet. Great to see outsourcing to India is working so well for you. LOL I will be happily cancelling my credit card with you. Keep the stinking miles (besides you can't use them anyway. Their book online system is a scam. 65,000 miles to book domestic flight!!!!!!!!!) Wish there was less than a 1 star rating available.

Customer Relations

Very disappointed with the Customer Relations Department. You can never speak to someone only correspondense is with email....so if you are disputing something you have no recourse if they ignore you, which is happening you just lose out. Very poor business and I am looking for a new airline to fly.

I will never book a flight with you again. Your employees need major training in how to talk to people, especially when you have made the mistake.

US AIr Sucks

My daughter was delayed in Charlotte NC sat on the tarmac for 2 hours and then the plane returned to the terminal and de-boarded. She was forced to spend the night in the terminal. a 2 hour flight turned into a 24 hour ordeal. No weather or mechanical problems, poor flight scheduling. No one was available at customer service, called every phone number on the website no human ever answered sat on hold three times for over a half hour. I will never fly US Air again and I will do my best to tell everyone I kow not to us US Air as well.

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