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I lost my passport on a U.S. Airways flight to Charlotte, NC. I put it in the seatback in front of my seat and forgot to take it out once we landed. The lost and found department has been so pathetic and the warehouse does not even have a direct number to make inquiries. This is a passport so it could not have been stolen by someone, as it would be of no use to anyone. I am so livid as it has been 2mnths now, and still I have not been able to get any proper assistance.

Concerned Consumer, I applied for a US Airways, Dividend Miles (member # 00461473548) Barclays Bank Master Card on May 23, 2012 aboard a US Airways flight to Aruba. The brochures and explanation of the flight crew indicated that I would receive 30, 000 and 500 bonus miles if I completed the application on flight, pay the annual fee and purchased any item using the card. I completed all those requirements and booked a flight aboard another US Airways flight on July 23, 2012. I wanted to use the early boarding advantage to get seated early. I was told after the fact that it would take up to 60 days before the miles would be added to my account and I couldn’t use any of the benefits. This information was not disclosed in the brochure or by the US Airways personnel explaining the requirements when I applied for the card. I believe this is false and misleading advertisement or not full disclosure. I was lured into getting the card and flying US Airways again based on benefits that I cannot apply in a timely manner. These conditions should have been disclosed at the time I applied or at least in the application and brochure.

It is apparent that US Airways does not support military/uniform service members or their family members. Keep my money as you have not earned it and my husband will continue to defend your freedom and ensure your well being. Me, my mother-in-law, and my four month old child was scheduled to attend my husbands commissioning as a military officer but was unable to attend because I was hospitalized for two weeks and almost died (I have the medical documentation). My husband contacted US Airways, informed them of the situation and they assured him that the ticketed passengers would receive a credit for the original amount and waive a change of flight fee with proof of hospitalization. I called to use my credit and was told that I did NOT qualify for a medical related waiver of any fees. The US representative's name was Jason and he said that "the seated passenger only qualifies for change fee waiver if a family member is hospitalized, not if the seated passenger is hospitalized." I asked for a copy of the policy and Jason told me that there is NOT a policy available within the organization. This makes complete sense (sarcasm). Did I mention that the other ticketed passenger forfeited her ticket becuase of the fees that were supposed to be waived for all passengers within my party, US Airways once agian continues to be paid for unrendered services. The old adage fool me once...

Our travel agent booked us a flight to attend our granddaughter's wedding. Three days later the wedding was cancelled. We had purchased insurance which we were told would permit us to change our reservations within a year to whatever destination (if more expensive, we would pay the difference) without paying a fee. They lied, we exhausted all avenues of help, including a heartfelt letter to the CEO' We are 85 and on a limited income. We are out of $645 and have not received any answer from USAir. We live in a 500home retirement community. I plan to advise the residents at our next Homeowners' meeting to ban USAir. Each day we are losing more pride in the country we have so loved.

My mother had a special love for the Hawaiian Islands throughout her life. Through the years we have made numerous trips there of which I have very fond memories. She always intended to make a trip with my children, but in her later years her health prevented her to do so. After her death and my fathers death, I took a portion of my inheritance to make that special trip for me and my children who are all grown now and starting their lives. My son and his girlfriend are going and his secret is that he plans to propose on this trip. In the midst of this euphoria, one of my daughters has become terrorized by the thought of flying. She is mentally retarded and is handicapped and is wheel chair bound. So her reasoning is quite different from normal. I contacted US Airways to request a possible name change on the ticket to another family member so as not to loose the use of the ticket. I did not request a refund. I was willing to pay any change charges that the airlines might entail. I was abupted told that they did not issue refunds. I did not request a refund. Again, I was told ...over and over. Does this airlines understand the difference. Anyway. in the final matter, I was told that there would be a voucher given for a future flight that would be issued in my daughters' name. Do they not understand that my daughter will never use this ticket voucher. She is physically and mentally unable to travel alone for one thing. And the second thing, what is going to make her come to terms with getting on an airplane in the future? $8,000 dollars with their airline. I dont want a refund. All I asked for is to change the name on the ticket. What started out as a beautiful experience for my family has become tainted with the unethical business practices of US Airways. I can understand about the no refund policy ...but to not allow a name change is not taken a dime out of their pocket. It is inconceivable that someone in an industry that serves the public could be as un mitigatedly callous as this. This is not even about money.... its just bad business practices. Thanks for tainting a once in a lifetime beautiful experience for my family cherishing the memory of my mother and my son and his future fiance's future. We will never forget you.

This AIRLINE should not be in business as they have no concept of how to treat the public. They treat you like cattle and don't give a damn. They no longer care what happens to you or to your bags, as my wife had a bag and they said she would have to tract it down herself and also make the calls to see if it shows up and then she would have to pick it up if she found it. What bullshit. Also when you look at the flight boards they are not even run by this piece of shit company but by an outside company so you can't even trust the boards. When they show a flight leaving and especially during delays don't trust it. These individuals sitting in the cooperate offices are a bunch of baboons and don't have a glue so please go bankrupt and get out of this business for the sack of us all. I will never fly or deal with this entity again and will recommend no one else deal with these boneheads as maybe they will be gone and good riddens to them.

I have an issue with TSA & Airline policies permitting the travel of pets within the passenger compartment of the aircraft. I and many others are allergic to animals and traveling with animals on board presents a health risk. Airlines are not currently required or voluntarily notifying passengers of the presence of animals when aboard. Due to the potential server allergic reaction potentil and the gret number of persons suffering from allergies I request that a notification policy be enacted for passenger health and safety. I further request that airlines be required to provide "pet/animal free" flights for those specifically affected between the major hubs for each airline. I further request that any and all animals should be specifically excluded from first class and also restricted to seating in the rear of the aircraft. Thank you.

Actually if there was a ZERO rating this is what this HORRIBLE Airline would receive. On January 15th I booked a flight leaving Laguardia, in New York on Monday, February 6, 2012 and arriving in McGee/Tyson on the same day. It was a round trip ticket for my brother, Jose Velez who was coming to Knoxville to help me drive cross country to Phoenix, Az at which time he was to depart from Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Az and Arrive into Newark Airport on Monday, February 13, 2012, te final leg of his round trip fare. Due to unforseen cirmcumstances, I needed to move up the date of this departure and return trip by one week. On the week of the 23rd of January 2012, My brother contacted US Airways to change the DATE ONLY and NOT REQUEST A REFUND! Us Airways accomodated us by doing as we requested so the very same trip that was originally scheduled was changed to departing on January 30, 2012 and returning on February 6, 2012. My brother strongly advised that I contact US Airways to make sure I would not be charged AGAIN. I contacted US Airways and they assured me profusely that they were NOT CHARGING ME FOR ANOTHER TICKET! They did say that if I changed my mind again, they would be a charge for this. The person on the phone was very nice, unfortunately she lied. because US Airways took upon themselves to charge my debit/credit card again. Since origianl amount charged on my card on January 17, 2012 was for $341.90 and then on January 22, 2012, the amount changed to $316.90 they are now refusing to refund me the money for obviously, was for ONE TRIP ONLY!!!. Needless to say'; I did not discover this fraudulent charge until I received my statement in February. After countless phone calls to both US Airways customer service and also, emails. They refuse to return the money that they took out of my account without my approval which is for all intents and purposes, stealing. My credit union in Knoxville, Tn where I no longer reside since I now live in Phoenix has advised that I need to go back to US Airways because their credit card dept cannot assist me with this issue any longer. I sincerely hope that US Airways especially, in the tough economic conditions we all now live in would at the very least return the money to my account that they took so easily for the purchase of one ticket. I guess BUYER BEWARE!! If you purchase a ticket from US Airways and GOD FORBID you need to change the date, they will charge you a simple $50 fee but they will go into your account and charge for a WHOLE OTHER TICKET!! I will be contacting the State Attorney General about their obvious fradulent business practices!

On my flight from Phoenix to Laguardia via Charlotte, I was forced to check my carry-on bag due to running out of overhead space. When I get to New York, I find out that they put my luggage on the wrong flight to Laguardia and wasn't getting in until the afternoon. When I finally get my luggage around 12 hours later, I find over $1500 of camera equipment to be stolen. This is absolutely unacceptable: 1) for them to charge people to check bags and not be able to ensure carry on space for EVERY ONE, not just the privileged few who could afford a zone 1 or zone 2 ticket, 2) the incompetence of checking luggage at the door and not getting it the exact flight that it needs to be on correct, 3) entrusting their customers luggage to shady delivery services.

It has been 6 weeks since I was to receive a refund due to a bereavment ticket. I know $150 isn't much to some, but a $150 is $150 its important to me ESPECIALLY in the times that we are in. I've documented the SEVERAL dates I've called and NOW faxed (4 seperate times, as it was recommended by customer service). I only receive excuses and delays from Customer Service . Come-on US Airways, its bad enough to have to bury your parents, and all the emotions that go with it. (not to mention the expenses involved)Can you at least send me the refund!. Please, for goodness sake!. I would like to move forward!

I took a flight out of Salisbury Maryland on the 28th of Oct, I was in seat 8F and all I heard on the way to Philly was a loud noise buzzing/whistling sound, close to the end of the flight the attendant came over and told us it was nothing to worry about it was the seal on the baggage compartment. I paid top dollar for a very annoying flight. I find it hard to believe that you cannot take 5 mins to replace the seal.

A large airline like usairways did away with curb check in .I am a senior and always checked my bags out side ,well to my surprise coming from Las vegas one of the most busiest airports they didn't have any curb check in, In side checking was a nightmare not enought workers too help the hundreds of people checking there bags .Than going thru the metal detector one malfunction ,I had my personal belonging on the conveyor,they told us to go 3 rows over from were my personal item where to go thru another medal detector ,than when I run over to get my personal belonging off the conveyor the man standing there was very rude .I telling you it was a day of hell just cheking my bags,besides that I had a 2.35 flight and that airplane had too be grounded was'nt fit to fly,They finally got a another airplane we left las vegas After 10pm that night.

i wish US air lines had an option for rating of 0 because that is what they deserve. My flight was canceled and i missed my brother wedding since they did not notify me. i called customer service and they said they tried to contact be via email but i never go one. their was a lot of people who also did not get notified. what is wrong with their system? this is the first time that this has ever happens and the worst time, i missed my only brother wedding don't you guys even care about your customers? there was no explanation on why this happened and why we did not get contacted.

Heartless, cruel people. Systems are unreliable. Only way to tell if you're on your flight is when you're up in the air. Have fun in Phoenix if you have the bad luck of ru into Super_bi@th Denise. What a terrible person. Never fly this airline!

Thanks to U S Air for helping me change my flight when my mother died, and for refunding the $150.00 change of flight fee once I faxed the death certificate. They were very friendly and helpful. They even offered me a flight the very day I phoned! I took one for the next day and it only cost $15.00 for the difference.

How I wished that I had seen this site BEFORE booking my trip through Expedia. I concur with everyone on this site who have concluded that US Air should pack it in. From customer service, to antiquated, broken-down aircraft, to inept luggage handling, this airline should not be allowed to operate. FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK . . . .

My grand daughter is so afraid of flying and is traveling with relatives-care givers. Booked well in advance and chose seating assignments so her Aunt and Uncle would be on each side of her. Last minute US Airways for unknown reasons took it upon themselves to change the seating arrangements and my Grand daughter is now sitting inbetween two strangers on a 5 hour flight. Trying to get someone to help is so bad, I will NEVER book another flight on this airline ever again...30-60 minute wait to hear an agent tell you nothing can be done you have to go to the airport. So people cut their vacations short, travel to a congested airport to get the wrong....corrected.....WHY? Try to get a call through all their offices are closed, Mon-Fri and NO emergency numbers. What do you have to say US Airways?????? Write me PO Box 5752 Reno, NV 89513

US Airways Should just close down! They are a waste of air space! They have NO standards when it comes to hiring customer service reps AT ALL! I work in the customer service industry and if I ever acted close to how these people act I would be unemployed! So US AIRWAYS do your self a favor and shut the doors because I am pretty sure your in the top ten most hated corporations in America and through my experiences I can see why!

This company SUCKS!!! Their customer concern is BULLSH*T! See all of the comments above and just add my specific scenario to it. If money is all they care about then let's use our voices through our dollars people! DO NOT FLY THIS AIRLINE EVER!!! Hit 'em where it hurts. Show them we won't stand for their sub-par service.

I booked our family vacation on US air and it was the worst travel experience of my life. From the beginning, a problem with our booking was dealt with by the so called customer service reps with lies and being hung up on repeatedly. I spent 2 hours on the phone being jerked around by US Air. My problem was finally resolved only after insisting to speak to a supervisor (who I was told wasnt there) and an adittional $850.00. So we took our vacation. When I went to their websight to check in and print boarding passes for our return, the websight wouldnt accept our. confirmation number. After being lied to and hung up on 3 more times again, the supervisor I insisted on speaking to did a 3-way confrence call with their IT dept. She actually did a great job, stopping the erroneous info being given to me by IT and after only 1.5 hours I was able to print our boarding passes. Way to go US Air, I will never do business with you again as long as I live and I'll make it a point to share my experience with as mamy people as humanly possible!

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