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Your food is amazing and your stores here in the chicago land area are awesome the only i have to say is get rid of those cantina tacos the after taste of those things are disgusting and your people dont know how not to put onions on them when you ask for no onions other than that the food rules.

i work at a taco bell in the west coast. i have been dealing with gay discrmination for 1 yr and 4 months. do you think its fair that 4 people get hired an i stay at the bottom. i have an asstant manager that can comment on the district manager, and manager, about there gay dislikings of me. well if corporate is reading this, you have one hell of a problem comming.. hope you are all prepared. my hours have been cut so dramtic that i cant even feed my self let alone keep a roof over my head, as my boss watches me loss weight, i ask for some more hours.... 25 hours for the week, when i use to be at 40. there are 2 employes how ever, that have managed to have hours that go all the way to 40 to 45 hours a week. but cant afford that extra ten hours soooo mabay i can go food shopping. soo now i am stuck at the bottom an my work will never be good enough, cause gays dnt work hard... haha rite. those employes were jus hired to, an moved up to 8.50 or even 8.75.. while i make a lousy 8.30.. for the 1yr 4 motnhs of bustin my behind.. just to hear it's never good enough!!! soon, soon

Your TacoBell in 1190 Calimesa, Blvd, Calimesa, CA. 92320, franchise owned by James Dupuy.....I think they don't take any criteria to select their employees, per example: The actual manager "Jason", this guy doesn't have the minimum idea about customer service, and is very clear that "Jason" don't know the magical phrase "The Customer is Always Right".... This guy is very RUDE with customers, he look like a "Home Less", never uses the head net or the cap that is supposed to every employee has to wear, do u think that is good business for the owner if all "Jason" friends and family eat "free" ??? Yes "free"... This guy is the worst kind of employees that a business can have.....and of course he's not the only one doing this. It's a shame that when a customer want to place an order the cashier's are always outside smoking, and the customer have to wait more than 5 minutes some times place his order.....

I went to the Taco Bell 4903 Fenton Rd. Flint, Michigan. I purchased the new XXL chalupa. I was teased by the commercial. There was less than a tea spoon of meat, but it was filled with lettuce and tomato's. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

Your store in Osage Beach Mo. Should be closed the ppl there don't know what the hell they are doing I won't go back nor will I recamend it to any one

My local Taco Bell likes to close the restaurant area about 20min early. You would think after the second time I wouldn't return...guess the third time is a charm. Once again the doors were lock 20min early. The reason we wanted to go in is bc we had 3 separate orders. After being told we can't have separate orders, I will not return. We received our order and it was wrong! If these people hate their job so much maybe they should look for another. This is ridiculous. I'm actually in the drive thru now and the store number is 026023 . By the way those people are so rude!!

While traveling to the mountains of North Carolina we passed through Lenoir. The Taco Bell there was the most immaculate I have ever been in with a sanitation grade A. The staff all were extremely helpful and the food good. Great job!

Well i would never go back there because they have no good communication skills and are very disrepectful. I went to the one in saint louis mo, in OLIVE, an a young lady by the name of Brittay was so mean an gave me cold food, when i told her that my food was not made right. they yelled at,an i was told too go eles whear an eat, they dont need my money.

You know, I don't like doing this, making complaints like this. But more and more restaurants are not training or managing their staff well. I go occasionally to the KFC/Taco Bell located in Woburn, Mass. I went there yesterday on 10-13-10 and purchased a large Cole Slaw and one of the "New" XXL Chalupas. I drove home hoping to have a good meal. When I opened the box the food came in, boy was I disappointed. The NEW XXL (I assumed it meant extra-extra large)Chalupa was the size of a Soft Taco inside the outer shell. I thought like the ads seem to indicate, this was an extra packed item. While I am here, other times I have gone to this particular store and found bones numerous times in the b-b-q chicken sandwiches. Why doesn't a store Manager check that things are done, and people served correctly. This does not make for good business. I only hope someone in Corporate takes real notice of this. I used to think good about TB, now I am not sure I want to waste my money on things advertised as larger, more- only to find it untrue.

RE: Taco Bell in Rock Island, Illinois I visited this location with a relative and our teenage daughters. The orders were quite simple, however; it was taking a rather long time for the young female cashier named, "Ana", to find a button on the register for a "bean burrito with cheese". She scanned up and down the keys on the register several times. (I assume that she was new so we had no problem being patient with her, we were not in a hurry and we were the only customers there.) After looking over the register several times, she stepped back and "coughed" into her right hand (as if to buy her some time), then stepped back to the register and scanned some more. Instead of asking a fellow co-worker or her boss (who was within arms length behind her), she took a step back "again", coughing into her left hand....contaminating "both" hands. So I simply leaned forward and told her nicely that it was a "bean & cheese burrito". (apparently my daughter's "wording" threw her off.) You could see the light bulb come on above her...lol. (sweet gal)..."anyway"...so after she finished taking the rest of our orders, I leaned towards her and asked her nicely if she could please wash her hands before handling our food. (simple request, "everyone" wants to eat un-contaminated food.) I assume that she didn't even realize that she had just coughed into both hands because as I was getting my drink, I over heard her telling her female boss (short, stout, older woman with brown hair and thick glasses), that I asked her to wash her hands. I was shocked to hear the boss say,(almost yelling), "WELL WHO THE HELL DOES SHE THINK "SHE" IS??"....I looked over at her to let her know that, "yes", I heard her. We have tried in several ways to report this to corporate, but we have had no response yet. This happened a few months ago and I have sent off four letters now. (one per month). For years the taco bells around here have been slowly going "down hill". I am having a hard time finding good customer service, young kids jacking around instead of being professional & poor sanitation practices at all of the taco bells here in the Quad Cities and I am having just as hard of a time finding "clean" taco bells. The lobby floors, tables, seats & bathrooms are always disgusting....no matter which location we visit. (on both the IA & IL side of the river.) yuck!

Me and my wife decided to sit down and relax for a bit while eating lunch at the Taco Bell on Orchard Lake rd just north west of 13 Mile rd in Farmington hills MI. My wife ordered her meal minus a few things, ( sour cream tomatoes etc..) and I placed my order. ( There was no line at all) The girl at the cash register had no idea how to take our order ( as 5 other employees were standing right behind her). They couldn't take a hundred dollar bill, so I just paid with a credit card to make things easier on her. After receiving our order (18 minutes later), we sat down and tried to start eating only to find hair in our food. We asked to speak to a manager about the situation with absolutely no luck there. The whole crew behind the counter started complaining about us standing there and we could hear them talking to eachother over their headset intercoms. As a business owner, I know how to treat your customers to get them to come back and refer their friends. I also know how to ruin a reputation, which I will be doing for this Taco Bell as long as I'm in business in Farmington hills. The customer service was rediculous and the cleanliness was awful at best, not to mention a health risk. Corporate needs to step in and point some of these resteraunts in the right direction.

Have been buying the all beef goridta supreme from taco bell since they were introduced. On Septembe 30,2010 I purchased my last all beef beef gordita supreme from taco bel,. Taco bell like the other big companies are giving you less for the same price. An example is that the Puffs manufacturer gives you less shheets of Puffs each year and makes the sheets thinner. Well Taco Bell now packs my Gorita with lettece and some kind od strange meat but not the hamburger they used to use.Hardly any sour cream-no cheese and 3 o4 diced tomatos. No more for me- I will boycott this company. Taco bell is indicative of a profit monger that has cheapened their product to make more money. Want proof -just look at their board of Directors. Most of them are well experiened at "cheating " the public to make more money.

Taco Bell at Lake Mead and Civic Center in North Las Vegas Nevada, Is the most terrible place I have ever eaten at, They don't put any ingredients in the food, What happened to the days when 30 dollars could get a meal for 5 people, now they are discustinly gross, Ane my wors of mouth is going to stop any body I tell not to eat there, cause I am pissed. piss on Taco Bell and Kentucky refried chicken.

i have been to store #1986 several times and it seems the same problems are there year after year. wrong order.the reason i know the store # is because i.m still having the same problems at the levittown.pa store. i.m not driving 10 miles round trip to take back the wrong order.when will corp. take action? maybe they should go on the show "under cover boss" and show us they do care.until then, i"m not going back.

Prosser wa, literally is gross I found completely burnt rice in my burrito. This is stupid. I'm heated and I am never going there again!!! Doesn't even deserve a star.....

I saw the advertisement for the new chicken & cheese flatbread sandwich.. looked very filling.. went thru the drive-thru got me 2.. got home, and I am opened up my sandwich to find the amount of chicken & cheese was the size of a 1/2 dollar.. I have taken a picture and I will be sharing this with all the world to see on facebook.. the product you presented and the product you offer is two completely different items.. You talk about faulse advertisement... poor excuse for a company.. DO NOT BUY THE CHICKEN & CHEESE SANDWICH YOU WILL BE VERY SAD AND VERY HUNGRY... oh did I mention that the chicken that was in the sandwich was the size of a dime.. and there was only 3 pieces...

I want to complain about your survey contest. Your rules say entry is from Sunday-Friday. Yet no matter when you enter it says you did not qualify or win for that week whether its on a Sunday or a Thursday. I entered today Sunday the 19th at 2:48 and it gave me that message whats the deal. You want peoples business but you let them enter only once every 6 weeks. Maybe that's all people should eat there.

I went to a taco bell on the 3rd of September for my lunch break, came back to work to eat it, After eating half the taco a screw almost a inch long falls out half of what was left with the meat!!! HOW DISGUSTING!!! Went the other day to the so called "manager" to tell them and he gets the attitude with me, like its my fault they are unsanitary! Soooooooo Disgusted, Never again will I eat at Taco Bell, and I will let everyone know that they need to check for metal screws in their tacos!!!

On Sept 5,2010 I visited a Taco Bell in Lake Geneva Wisconsin I placed an order fot 8 tacos that totaled $10.06. When we got to the drive thru window i noticed a sign for a special going on 12 tacos for $10.00 I asked the cashier if I could pay the difference and get the 12 tacos on the special for the $10.00 she went and the the manager who came to the window and wanted to know what the question was. Again I asked the same question and then he got and attitude about the sign and stated it wasn't worth the hassel and was going to take the sign down. I told him I didn't think thi was a hassel I just wanted to take advantage of the offer posted in the window, since you don't see it till you pull up. He did let me pay the difference,but when he handed me the order it was put in a taco bell box that wasn't put together all the way and the bottom was falling out. his attitude was i don't care. On Sunday Sept 7th i went past this same store and he did take down all the signs that were posted for specials going on. This is now way to treat people or the attitude to take in todays times. I WILL NEVER VISIT TACO BELL AGAIN

I have been victimized by the local Taco Bell just yesterday on sept 13 2010. Last thursday the local Tacohell shorted our order 3 items. Yes 3. It was a big order. We tried to call their number to report it and it kept going to the fax machine. We live 10 miles away and weren't going to drive back that night. Of course we all got shorted food that night. Anyways yesterday we did a drive thru purchase and ordered their box deal. Of course they forgot the sauce after we had left we remembered. "Oh yeah, they ripped us off last time" So we drove back through and asked to see the manager, it turned out to be the assistant GM. Ok great we can take care of it now. When we notified her of the problem, she only offered to replace the missing items and demanded the receipt. We told her it was at home and would bring it back next time and take care of it then but we wanted the whole order replaced as we fealt very wronged and "ripped off" well this went bad very fast... she got indignant and extremely argumentative and after going round and round and her refusing to do anything we realized our order was cold and we were SO put off so we asked for a refund. She told us to give her the food and when we did put it on the shelf. She closed the drive thru window on us and let it fall to the ground. As we waited for our refund for about 7-10 minutes the local POLICE comes rolling up and she comes out pointing at us. Well he calls us over and asks us what was going on, we explain what happened and how they shorted our order and now refused to give a Refund and all he says its a civil matter and they have the right to trespass or refuse service to anyone "for any reason". So the police officer told us he agreed what they did was wrong and to call the corporate office, but it was not criminal , only civil and what we did wasn't wrong either but they have the right to do business that way. Btw , they even picked up the receipt and food and took it back in as the police was watching. So they have the right to STEAL your money and keep your food or NOT GIVE YOU what you pay for and if and if you don't like it, they'll call the "COPS" on you and have you "trespassed". This was an assistant GM! So its obviously the new TACOBELL policy. Welcome to corporate Hell where the crooks tell the cops what to do! On this site it shows how if you try to Steal food from the CORPORATES they have you arrested but if they do it to you, then its a civil matter?? WTF??? I am leaving out the location and names as I have been waiting for the local district manager to call me back, but I think shes blowing us off... Names and location of the "TACOSTEAL" WILL BE POSTED SOON!!

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