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I live in Ft. worth Tx, and every time I order the Five buck special they put two much lettice or tomato and a tea spoon of meat. Then when you ask for meat on your b-bfcr they say it's extra for what they didn't put on there in the first place. Taco Bell needs to train their employee's on how to make it right the first time and not charge their custumers extra money.

Please for the love of god put more cheese on the crunchy taco! Maybe its just the store in valdosta ga, on bemiss road, im not sure. All i know is that when i open the wrapper, i sea an ocean of green lettuce and only a very small amount of shredded cheese. We're talkin like, maybe 4 little pieces of cheese. Com e on taco bell, you can do better than that.


l dont no where to start .there food is nasty you say something your afraid there going to spit on it . the manager sandy is very rude you ask for the regenal boss they say no. so i had to go to another taco bell to get that info and i no for a fact that this store has hired empl and new that the were drug abuser i dont no what you policy is but you should drug test at least (eric ewart)and some of the others there. if nothing is done about this i will make it my mission to get the word to everone. to no the nasty little secrets from this store an others just like it. this taco bell is (located brevard rd in asheville nc 28806) this will be posted on every website i find till somthing done. ps MR TACO BELL i would suggest you get some one on it very quick .mayby try to save some face around this area

Wish I could give it negtive stars the store 11000 se oak in milwaukie oregon is the worsr store ive ever been to the store is constantly understaffed for how many patrons it seems to have which amazing considering not only how,long the wait is consistently I understand having goals but putting of customers who come inside is crazy theres almost never workers making food on both sides I waited almost 12 minutes for a grilled stuffed burrito and only two other orders which were also small ahead of me this might not mattet much in a multimillon per store industrie but judging by tje reviews ive read thats slowly coming to an end

Taco Bell in Petal, MS is the worst Taco Bell in the nation. They have rodents in the store I my food was cold, I just threw my food in the trash it was pitiful and when I complained to the mgr. Raven she would not give me a refund. I also saw an employee trying to sell drugs to a people outside of the store. This store should be shut down.

I always enjoy eating at your restaurants I also buy taco bell stuff at the store I would like to see your nacho cheese sold at stores also as I can not find a cheese that's as good as yours my email is kmike94@aol.com don't no of anyone really reads these but hopefully I will hear from you

Your store in Siler City, NC....SUCKS.....being a combo Taco Bell / KFC never has any items we go in for whether its taco stuff or chicken....and when they do have what I want the shell is empty...my first job was at Taco Bell in Chesapeake, Va...I worked there for several years, even attended the world series of speed and accuracy....we made the food fast and the weight was correct....so it deff upsets me when I order a taco and there is very little meat,little lettuce and a few pieces of cheese...and just think..they dont have to shred lettuce, cheese, cook and drill beans.....what would they do if they had to do it old school, preparing everything in store......why can they not have the inventory they need to sell what the public wants when they want it...instead of telling you sorry were out???????????? I DO WANT TO SEND AN ACCOMIDATION TO THE TACO BELL IN RANDLEMAN, NC....EXCELLENT FOOD, SERVICE, CLEANLINESS, EVERYTHING IS PERFECT IN THE RESTURANT, IT IS ONLY 20 MILES TO GET THERE.....SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE IN SILER CITY, NC....CLOSE THE DAMN THING AND WE CAN GO TO ASHEBORO OR RANDLEMAN....IF THEY CANT GET INVENTORY TO RUN A STORE....AND IT WOULD BE A SHAME BECAUSE MY HUSBAND, DAUGHTERS, FATHER AND MOTHER IN LAW....LOVE TACO BELL.....

Hi, My husband and I freguent Taco Bell, # 022923 at least once a week. This is located in Jacksonville, Al. We stopped there today, Jan 3, 2011, and had lunch. Our order was # 279. I noticed the woman who was calling out the filled order numbers also was working by the torlillas or wraps. She dropped a spatula on the floor and then proceeded to pick it up and use it WITHOUT cleaning I was shocked. I called the store at 2:00 pm, and asked for the manager, shortly after we left and got into our vehicle. I felt this needed to be taken a step farther. Thank You. Sincerely, Helem M. Naysmith.

I will NEVER eat at a taco bell ever again. Ive got food poisioning twice in under a year. Mind you from two different taco bells. The first time was at one in cabot,ar I contacted taco bell they called said it was because my shells from the chulpas were left out too long. So I was like ok thanks and used them at one taco bell in Conway,ar. And it was fine didnt get sick. A few nights ago I was staying with my bf and got hungry had him take me to a taco bell in little rock,ar and again got food poisioning. Ive emailed them three times and no call no email nothing. If I would have had to go to the er they would have a lawsuit. The first time I was sick for three days the second luckly was only one night. Taco bell will never get my business again.

We usually stop at the Taco Bell off of Lyons in Valencia when we travel up north. If you have to eat fast food, TB is our favorite. The place was so filthy this time, we walked out. The bathrooms smelled, had no tp except for one stall, no seat covers and the sink was stopped up with filthy water. The trashcans were disgusting and the floor had a visible layer of dirt. the parking lot had trash strewn about. I asked the manager what happened and if the management was new. He said yes and that they were short staff. We walked out.

I visited our locate crap store here in Spring, TX. Store #019252. Why do I say crap? Because for the mere fact that it indeed is what it is. I ordered the XXL Chalupa Combo. The popular phrase comes to mind: WHERE'S THE BEEF? Would anyone pay this sort of money to be a vegetarian AND on a diet going through a fast food restaurant? I mean, really? I called to talk to the manager, and she didn't give two flying flips what my problem was. I guess I knocked that chip she had on her shoulder off because to be a manager, you'd think she'd try to have some resolution to the problem. It's simple...CARE and train your people to actually CARE and to go over and beyond. Nope, not the case in this day and age. I asked for sour cream on my taco. I did't get it. I even asked for extra meat, because it's not even a tablespoon. I didn't get that either. No tomatoes come on the tacos, UNLESS you ask for a taco supreme....so says this joke of a manager. I WILL NOT EVER RETURN TO TACO BELL! Back in the day, it was great food. That was a past time! Taco Bell can shove it where the sun doesn't shine!

okay so taco bell is bogus. like if you go to taco bell you are an idiot. Now ill give it to them that a long time ago they were doing all right, but in the past years i have no clue what has happened. So this is the story me and my mom went to taco bell on 12-20-2010. Now my mother works at jewel so she knows how customers should be treated and my mom knows what it feels like when customers treat you like s*** and then call and complain to your manger saying that she was the one being rude. so obviously this is not the case. My mother was not being rude at all. She ordered two tacos for me with everything but no onions. So then the lady repeats it back to her like this okay so you want two tacos with just meat. My mom goes no everything no onions. So then this dumb lady goes okay two tacos with meat and cheese. So then my mom goes no. Then they lady starts to scream at the top of her lungs at my mom when she was the one who was f***** mumbling. I swear when did these people think it was okay to scream at people like that. I bet this lady wouldn't have liked it if i went inside and screamed at her. All i have to say is that taco bell is the worst fast food chain ever. I personally will never go there again and i hope that everyone will spread the word around about how taco bell needs to be shut down. O and also the food i revived after this visit was cold and had spit in it. This is illegal btw or it should be so taco bell if you see this you better watch out cuz im sure if i got all the people on this site together a lot of them have gotten sick from your food. You better watch your back because this is an outrage and America or any wear els you have your crappy establishments at will not stand for this.

In my way home from work , around 1:30 AM, I stopped at the Taco Bell in Steubenville, OH. I used my debit card to pay for my meal. The next day I went to get gas, and I couldn't find my debit card anywhere. I then remembered that I had used it the night before. So I called the Taco Bell I had stopped at, and they said that it was in their safe. I got it back and everything seemed OK. A few days later I was trying to use my debit card again, but it was declined. I went to my bank and they told me that my card had been deactivated due to suspicious activity. It turns out someone was using my card info to download stuff for their xbox. Now my card had to be cancelled and I have to get a new one. I'm pretty pissed off about this. It has to be one of the taco bell employees that did this. I am currently attempting to investigate this and intend to call the Taco Bell corporate office. I

Oh goodness. Ordered a 5 layer burrito and. Medium sprite. We waited 30 min. If it had not been for my grandson I would not have waited. Very poor service!

The XXL Chalupa you get is the one they advertise. My first was in Coral Springs, Florida and it was short on ingredients, but the drive back was too long - not worth it. The second was in Store #016827, 2466 N STATE ROAD 7 in MARGATE, FL and it was ordered inside, as I expected the same treatment - yup it was short-weighted. I pushed my complaint until the manager (Otto) told the preparer to beef it up. It must be company-wide.

I love to eat at Taco Bell and so does my family. Everytime we go there and get home we have gotten the wrong food or not had it all and even received drinks half way full. When I call them they want to give me free cinnammon twist and that is it. So, the 5th time I warned them I was calling their coperative office if I had this problem again. Well one more time which I have been patient enough. I had finally gotten enough and I called them talked to the manager and obtainned the coperative office number and called them. I am still talking to their district manager who is going to call me and if not I will be calling him. Well they lost this time because one of the people I spoke with is sending me out coupons and called the store and made them redo my order and refund my money. However, even with this I still am going to talk to their district manager because he needs to get these employees straight or get rid of them and replace them because there is a lot of people out there looking for jobs who would be happy to work. But thank you from the first district manager I spoke with who understood me being upset did what she had to do and is still trying to contact the main person I need to speak with she was very nice and respectful.

I was recently at your taco bell location in Kendall, Florida. The one on 104 st and 152 avenue. It was 9:54 pm and the lobby doors were closed with the door saying close is at 10:00. I frequently go to this location and would like this fixed. Wouldn't want to make another trip to dine I the lobby and it's closed.

So, today Dec 5th, 2010, I go to Taco Bell beacause I saw an advertisement for a $2.oo special on TV. I asked for the special, the lady said it was 2.99 . I said I saw your advertisement on tv for 2.00. She said that was corporate and that they wer a franchise.So, what is the difference? It is still Taco Bell advertisements. If they aren't going to comply, they should have mentioned that in there commercial. Kinda of stinks, if you aske me. Needless to say, we left.

The store #003355 I have gone to this toco Bell several time never got good service but this last time was the worst. It was late and we decided to stop by since it was the close one to us at that time. We were asked to pull up and they will bring our order out to us we had to wait 15 min for our order then, once we received it the order was right for once, but they did not give us all our drinks. We advised the worker he said ok we waited five more min for him to come back with our drink he never went to the drive thru to advise the cashier she asked to see our receipt. We told her everyone received there drink except one she refused to give us our drink she said to call corporate office, but the number on the receipt is a disconnected number. I spent a lot of money for her to not give us our drink she was rude and and had no regard to for the customer. We will never go back there and I will tell everyone that I know not to also. Again we never have had a good experience at that store.The Cashier that gave us the problems name is Adrienne her number is 2967

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