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I can't believe they can't train their employee's, ordered a bean crunch wrap and got beef, no beans, on top of that they charged me .70cents extra for the beans, went to get refund, manager said she doesn't know anything about the refund. Don't know how these people do business.

Dear Corporate Office Mr Glen Bell I ordered my number three Taco Surpreme w/o cheese combo meal today and I didn't mind the 20 min. wait but what I did mind was when I ask the person who prepared my meal to please prepare my taco like the ones in the picture are prepared because there is only a very small amount of meat and filling, Jessica the Assis. Mgr. said "Oh really!!" I sait to the lady I came in with "did you hear what she just said to me?" My friend said that was so rude! After my meal was served to me I opened it at the counter to see how it was prepared before sitting down and sure enought, hardly anything was in the taco. Jessica came to the counter and ask what my problem was and I said "why didn't you fill the tacos like they are in the pictures posted in your store?" Jessica said "those picture are not a real likeness of our tacos" so I said "then why don't you make the pictures look like my taco instead?" Jessica said "she would not do that" and I said "Is that your answer and Jessica said "yes"!! I am not looking for anything free but what I am looking for is good service, good food and employees who are not rude and don't work like snails!! The address I want to is 1109 Bishop, Rolla, Mo 65401 BTY, Tony the cashier was GREAT!!

Several days ago, my mother went to a local Taco Bell in the Portland-Metro area. While there, my mom began to choke on something stuck in her throat. Her airway was obstructed. I am a high school teacher, so I have had first aid. I have told my mother about how to rescue someone when choking. She knew at the time that she couldn't breathe, so she needed assistance. She tried to get someone to help her, but no one would. Even the people behind the counter did nothing -- which is what truly upset me. If I have to learn the Heimlich Maneuver, I expect that someone who works in a restaurant will be trained in this very simple procedure, so he or she can assist someone who could die and is, rightfully so, in a panic. I am infuriated -- to say the least. The only thing that makes this story any better is that my mother was able to, on her own, expel the obstruction, throwing up in the restaurant. After throwing up, she said, "Doesn't anyone here know the Heimlich Maneuver?" No answer from the people behind the counter. She was truly shaken in human nature and still is. Please Taco Bell: of all the trainings you offer your people, do you offer the Heimlich? If underage Boy Scouts can give it and save lives, I know that the adults behind your counter can administer it. At least, they should call 911 in the hopes that the person can be brought back to life my emergency workers.

We ate at Taco Bell in East Peoria Il. This will be the last time I ever eat there! First the employees and management (Michele) need to take in account that people actually eat the food and take care in how it is prepared! The taco was so disgusting/basically there was maybe a tablespoon of filling inside and shell was so stale that I asked for a refund. The chicken on the salad was minimal to say the least! Clearly Taco Bell has some improving to do!

I was very pleased to see that a Taco Bell had opened here in Irmo South Carolina as I've been a customer for 40yrs. On Saturday, September 4th at approx. 5:30, my wife stopped by to get some tacos, etc. I entered the store in which one register was open with a counter person attempting to take care of an order for another employee. It seemed that it took an inordinate amount of time to get the order straight and I foolishly thought the shift supervisor, who saw me waiting, would step in to help out. When the transaction was finally completed, I stepped to the counter expected to hear something like..."Welcome to Taco Bell, may I help you?" Nope, she stood there with a blank look on her face. Pretty much what you expect in most fast food locations but still irritating and I know that service is something that used to be provided in the "old days" but, oddly enough, service is still a priority in most other countries I've lived in or visited. Beyond the lack of service at this Irmo location what has happened to the amount of ingredients in a taco? I know the economy is screwed and the profit margins are harder to attain but please give me a little more than a sliver of meat and lettuce. Oh, and a bit of sour cream would make my day. Allow me to speak to the lack of courtesy I observed while waiting on my order. An older lady had opened the door and was holding it to allow her husband and son to enter but were nearly run over by the three Taco Bell employees exiting. Not surprisingly, they did not say "Sorry, excuse us" or any words to that effect. The lady looked shocked at the behavior and appeared to be pissed. Since this location has recently opened, problems are to be expected and can be excused but employees here need to be trained in customer service and to focus on their purpose. I'll give it another shot but if I encounter the same, I'm done with Taco Bell. Corporate needs to get a grip on what's happening at their stores or that profit margin will grow even less.

My husband is head over heels in love with your Taco Bell Lava sauce!!! I was able to talk a few staff members in selling me the entire bag of Lava sauce, but now I'm not able to purchase anymore...what are we to do? He puts it on EVERYTHING!!! Can we purchase this Lava sauce directly through Taco Bell HQ?

Self proclaimed manager, Keith at the Green Bay Taco Bell on Mason Street shorted us some of our food. The lobby was closed, so rather than wait another twenty minutes in the drive up line I called the stored. The employees kept looking at me from inside, but wouldn't answer the phone. So I walked up to the window. He scolded me and said they were busy. I simply told him they didn't give me all my food. He said I would need to "drive" around like everyone else. Seriously!!! So because I got to the window on foot and not in a vehicle he can't hand me my nachos? And Keith, PLEASE take a shower.

Taco Bell on Henry St. Norton Shores, MI. I do not eat steak, let me make this clear, I DO NOT LIKE STEAK, I WILL NOT EAT IT. I order a Chicken Taquito, get home and it's a Steak Taquito. I'm pissed off and give it to my brother. A couple weeks later I order a Chicken Bacon Chalupa... "Oh we don't carry those anymore." Really? How long did you carry it, 3 weeks!?! So I order a Chicken Taquito. I thought about checking it before I left the store, but I thought "no, they wouldn't mess it up again." Oh how wrong I was. I get home, it's a Steak Taquito! I'm pissed and call the store to complain. The manager never apologizes but asks if I'd like to come back for a different one, or be mailed a coupon. I told her I would waste my gas to drive back over. But then I thought, what if the workers are irritated with me? What if they spit in my food? So I change my mind and go to Burger King. I call Taco Bell back and ask for the coupon instead. I asked what the coupon will be for, she says "a steak taquito." I screamed "Do you mean CHICKEN!?!" Still no apology and she's says "yes, I meant chicken." So about 3 weeks later I get the coupon in the mail... guess what my coupon is for... A FRICKEN STEAK TAQUITO!

0 rating I don't get it! I can't believe that the Web Admin approved a sexual review in the type of taco Alex would have. What does that tell you about taco bell We appreciate your review, it will be added to our site as soon as a web admin approves it! Web Admin.......please removed at once. I am sure I am speaking for everyone. It was uncalled for. I can't believe you guy's approved it. The best customer service and food I have experiences is Chick Fillet. They care about their customers. I have only eaten there three times, but I can tell you, it's the best. It's closed on Sunday, because the owner is a Christian and does not believe in slaving their employees and (the) training that they have received is the best! I am highly impressed with the owner and the way he cares about his business. All Taco Bell customers, please take your business to Chick Fillet.

I had a taco bell about three weeks ago, which I became critically ill. I placed a call the following week, because I didn't have the energy and/or strength in calling and explaining what happened to me, much less to drive back to taco bell. When you call and complain, they make you feel like you've committed a crime and you're a criminal and you're on trial. I have rec'd more than one phone call from HR, and she left messages. First of all, she was extremely rude when leaving the messages and when I didn't call her back, she would then call me back, the same day. I then called her back, and left a message, she returned my phone call back, but only to have berated over the phone, belittled me and insulted my intelligence. You name it, she said it. I was told that this HR person is the highest that there is in talking to someone. I won't stop until I am heard. DON'T EAT AT TACO BELL, BECAUSE YOU WILL GET FOOD POISONING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/27/10 Normally a 5 star as I eat there every weekend. Tonight I ordered 2 mexican pizzas with no beans. Yes a pretty simple order and I got 2 mexican pizzas with beans. When I called to report this to the local manager she stated that she remembers ringing this up and then she hung up on me. I agree I am not the nicest person when I am angry and I was angry as I did not get what I ordered. It is not that difficult to get correct as you have a screen that tells you what to put on it. However she hung up on me because they made a mistake. If I would have gotten one sincere word all would have been fine. Things happen and people make mistakes, but I don't ever blame someone else for my mistakes. If this is the type of person that your company likes to employ then great, I will just stay away. Summerville, SC main street manager is rude and does not care about customers nor her job. I would never treat any customer with such disrespect. especially when I was in the wrong. Summerville, SC North Main Street Manager is rude and technically a thief. I paid for something I did not recieve and now have ill feeling toward a place I love so much. Creator of the 4th meal. Sincerely, A wronged customer

taco bell in grand prairie on hwy 303 is a very poor establishment.My daughter worked there and was forced to leave due to harassment from fellow employees.Taco bell refuses to address this very serious situation and i expect an impending law suit.I would suggest to anyone that wants there children to work at such a discriminatory place to reconsider.

Stopped by Taco Bell on Oxnard Boulevard, Thursday August 19, 2010. First of all floors were dirty, tables were filthy and trash cans were overflowing with trash. I stepped up to the counter and mentioned to the kid behind the counter. "Wow, this place is dirty" kid, responded, yeah the baseball team was here. I immediately, thought to myself, why didn't someone CLEAN UP the place. I didn't think it was my place to say that. When I placed my order, I wasnt quite sure if the kid understood me, as Spanish was his first language. Fortunately my order was correct. 1 tostada....

i visited a taco bell last night and accidently gave the server 14 bills thinking it was all ones three of the bills were hundreds just as i handed them to the server i noticed it, he lieds said no stole the money his name was alex and he was a store manager on the us 290 and senate. he put on the receipt that i gave him 14 dollars which i did but three of the bills were 100s. then he gave me 3 cents back but the receipt said i was suppose to get 2.03 and he knows that the other bills were 100s and has lied to the police and all. hope security cameras work !!!!!

i want to rate taco bell in commerce texas a 5+ the cashier i believe was ms keia sorry if that wrong she was sweet greeted me and did everythin she should. she is a good people person and who ever trained her did a good job.

We went to one of your Taco Bells yesterday to try your new tacos with the lime wedges. My husband and I ordered 2 each of the pork tacos without the onions and the cilantro. When we opened our 4 tacos, we found about 2 level tablespoons of gooey shredded pork in each taco. What a shock because the ads on tv as well as the store posters show tacos filled with chunks of meat - so much so that the tacos were held open to show the contents bc they were so plump with meaty filling....a far cry from what we received when we ordered them. We had a tough time trying to unseal our tacos' tortilla edges to see if there was anything in them bc they were so flat. What a waste of our money. HUGE DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING OF YOUR 'NEW' TACOS WITH LIME!! The meat looked like canned goo and smelled like canned goo......we tossed them in the trash because it made us gag to think of eating them.

Went to Taco Bell and had 2 regular crunchy tacos about 7 the other night. Only thing I had eaten since lunch. Woke up at 11 and was sick out of both ends. In the bathroom every 20 minuites until 4 am. Probably will never eat at a Taco Bell again. Obviously rotten food. Palo Alto , CALIFORNIA, East Charleston St.

I went to Taco Bell today and placed an order. The cashier clearly did not speak English and was not able to communicate well or understand. PLEASE honor the United States and hire workers who can speak the language if they are working in an area where they need to communicate with customers. Then when I received the order, inside is a coupon, 1 side printed in English and the reverse in Spanish. You know, other countries, especially in England, do not even attempt to offer information in all the various languages of people who live there. There are so many different languages they could not possibly do so. However, the people who live there ... learn to speak English. Other countries look down on the United States because as a country we are allowing the responsibility of learning English to turn into a responsibiity of English speakers to learn or provide instruction in every other language. It is just silly. If you are going to employ people who do not speak English, do not have them work in a position that requires English. You are not respecting America.

Hi, I have always liked the service and food from Taco Bell in Hidalgo area. I just recently moved to Kingsville. I have only been to the Taco Bell here three times. Service and quality of food is not good. I decided to stop by today at 11:00am because i was craving some crispi tacos, especial the meat that goes in it. today my food was cold. I was sitting down eating the tacos while a rep was cleaning the floor; I mention to the rep that the crispi tacos were cold. She was nice and told her manager. the manager shouted across the restraunant and said "they just came out they are not cold, and if they are cold it is because of the fresh veggies and soure cream" I believe she thought I was stupid. I decide to open a crispi taco to see how much veggies they put because i did not taste any meat; sure enought there was harly any meat - it was stuffed with veggies and soure cream. I decided to call the manager to my table and decided to show her the crispi tacos; she said that it was all the cold veggies but she would tell the cook add more meat. She tried to give me a free meal but I told her i did not her this because i wanted a free meal. I did not take the free meal. If Taco Bell would focus about hiring quality managers and focus on training them on good customer focus and their food; I strongly believe the company would prosper. Taco Bell makes good food when done right.

On the way to IL. We stopped at your restaurant young man at the register was kind ,kept apologizing. 5 ppl working behind the line, including the manager, Unreal we waited 40 min for our food. Not to mention, customers orders were messed up big time, ppl getting other ppl's orders. My 16 yr old Grandson, and my 8 yr granddaughter waiting in moter room close by, they wanted Taco Bell, otherwise I would have left. Customers all around us were complaining. here. I could not believe that the Manager did not step up to counter and apologize to us all. I was a GM in the Restaurant for 22 yrs, this was so uncalled for. There was definitely no "game plan" here. I lost count on how many customers were complaining about the long wait. I was shocked, fast food restaurant, really. I filled out a survery on opinion.com/yum Just would never take my complaint, too many or too few character. Store # 019694 Kingston TN. Put in order @ 9:17 PM.

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