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I had a horrible experience at the Altamonte Springs FL location on 436. I was stuck in the drive through for over 40 minutes!!!! Then when I finally got to the window I was told they were out of mild sauce...I just can't eat their food unless it is covered with sauce. Needless to say. I drove off after wasting my valuable time without any food. This was by far the worst "fast food" experience of my life!!!

Try getting shrimp tacos..I was told the wait time was 20 min! Does this sound like fast food ??? So wataburger it was,easy decision because they dont false advertise!!

Taco Bell Store # 002372 You claim your meat is 88% beef and 22% seasoning. I wouldn't know because the last three times I've been to this store I haven't received any meat at all on my taco's. The pizza besides having no meat was broken not cut, was all over the box as if it was held upside down actually seeping out the box, and when I did try to eat it the beans were hard and crusty. My brother on the other hand got the wrong order and it sucked as well!! The service at this Taco Bell has never been desirable. They are dirty, rude, and really don't give two craps about Customer Service. I don't think they know what Customer Service & cleanliness is! Don't you have managers? I am trying to get a refund but they won't give it. I will be seeing the day manager tomorrow! Store # 002372 Oaklyn New Jersey, Reg 4 order #308 cashier 500 Drive thru. I want to speak to someone at corporate My e-mail is jstyfymythug1 @ aol. com

you use to have the best barritos, Where 's the GREEN sauce. Why did you get rid of the green sauce .

Pocatello Idaho. Purchased food for a cub scout troop. (11 kids, 2 adults). $60 order. Got the food back to the house and I had half of the order missing. Immediately returned to the store; its a 10 minute drive, and showed them the receipt and the bag. The man at the cash register asked if I was sure we hadn't eaten the taco's prior to returning. (It had been 15 minutes since I had gotten the food) I asked to speak to the manager. I got a young looking girl (early 20s) who listened and said they would make the taco's. I waited 10 more minutes, went back up to the counter and mentioned that I needed to get back to the house and feed the troop. The manager ROLLED her eyes at me and said "there ARE other customers." I replied "How many of those customers have had to make a return trip to correct YOUR mistake, and been kept waiting?" Her response was "Fine, then just give her a refund," to the cashier. I got my money back and went through KFC. HORRIBLE customer service.

Last night (March 3, 2011) at 6:27 pm we went to the drive thur at Taco Bell in Wallace, NC. When the girl at the window finally seemed to understand what we were ordering, we pulled up to the window and was ask to pull around to the other side and someone would bring out our food, of course this was after we paid for it. When we pulled around, there was at least four or five cars waiting and within minutes the line grow behind us. The line inside the store was backed up to the door, and no one coming out. Finally one of the employee's came out with a bag of food, but no one had ordered what he had in the bag. Unfortunately this happened repeatedly. I started to go in and get our money back and was meet at the door be another customer who had gone into get his money back, he said save my time that he tired and the manager would not come to the counter to discuss the problem. By this time people were backing out of the drive thur. At 6:48 we finally drove off without our food or money back as we had to be in a meeting at 7:00. As a one business owner to another, perhaps you should consider the status of this facility. This is the worst advertisement for Taco Bell.

I worked at taco bell in 2010. I simply called to ask if the tax forms have been sent out, and the manager on the phone was terribly rude. Told me not to be calling during rush hour and then hung up on me. Its for this reason i see why taco bell cant keep good workers and the turn overrate is high.Well in London, oh anyways. Not only am i glad i no longer work there i will also never be eating there again. THANX LONDON OH FOR OPENING MY EYES

The Taco Bell on Kissimmee Park Rd, Saint Cloud, FL is one of the worst stores I have ever been to. I have been several times, one time I took the food back to the store and so were other people and that was after waiting 20 minutes to get it. I gave the a second chance today and on the menu the price was listed at 2.89 and I was charged 2.99. When I got home there was no napkins or fork/spoon in the bag. I guess that is how they make there money. Not mine, not anymore.

To Whom It May Concern I am a person that has patronized Taco Bell, since it's beginning in the 70's. Yet, I have never at any time had the insensitive treatment that I and my family had at your Taco Bell, Located at: 8000 Providence Rd., Charlotte, N. C.. The service both from the daytime manager, and window help, and staff prep people on 3/3/11 was less than acceptable. Their attitue, the packaging, and products were all unacceptable. No more than an a teaspoon of meat,a couple (sliver's of lettuce, as well as cheese) were in each of our 10 taco's. They may think this is being funny to do to the unspecting drive up cars, but being a business person myself, I find no humor in this. No sauce was offered with my order, and I had to circle the building to get the packages. The smart mouthed,nasty attitue manager said "you have to ask for sauce with your order. I have always been asked when driving up to order ... would I like "hot, mild, or fire sauce. I am very reluctant to patronize this establishment and will tell others to be careful if they do so.

Dear taco bell, for starters your commercials are misleading prices and closing wise. i live in beckley wv and the taco bell closes at 10:45 when they have a sign up that says 1am or later. and also the quad steak is something i will never eat again. i told an employ there tht i have developed an reaction and ask to speak with the manager. she leaves then later comes back and says tht the manager is to buissy to talk with me and i look and see the manager hitting on one of the female employees if this is the way you get buissness and get your qworkers layed im never going back. thnks to the manager who DIDNT HAVE TIME TO SPEAK WITH ME BUT COULD FLIRT WITH THE EMPLOYEES. my throat is now swollen just cause i couldnt get the ingridents.

Taco Bell in Las Cruces, NM inside Truckstops of America I recently drove from Las Angeles to Jacksonville and I always stop in the TA's (Truckstops of America) to shower and refuel. Well I walked into the Taco Bell located inside and I found one of the friendliest faces I have ever seen. The young lady behind the counter was very polite and even greeted me as I walked in. Her name was Kim. I was unsure as to what I wanted and she suggested the burrito supremes, letting me know she had a 2 for 5 deal. She even described what came in the burritos and made them sound so delicious. The other young lady that was working with her, I think her name was Tony, was equally hospitable. I paid the young lady, got my receipt and I didnt even make it to fill my drink cup and my food was ready and very delicious might I add. I was surprised because I had never received such great service and in such a timely manner. These two young ladies deserve a thank you call from Taco Bell's head office. Every person I know who drives the same route will stop and eat at that Taco Bell. Thank u again ladies!!

Tonight I went into the Taco Bell near my home and tied to order some dinner. As I stood at the counter trying to make my order, several friends of the employee and man in charge this evening were all speaking to each other in a very loud and rude manner. They were so loud and rude and the employee lady at the counter did not even understand what I ordered and did it all improperly. I asked for the man in charge and told the friends there at the counter being so rude, to be not so loud that I cannot get my order in. They then wanted to start a fight with me and the man there in charge seemed to be friends with them and would not help me at first. I then just requested my payment to be refunded and he and his pals kept being rude and threatening me to go outside and fight. I refused a fight and called the police. The man in charge then refused to give me his name and told me to leave. I refused to leave until the police arrived. I was being threatened by his friends there causing this problem in the first place. He then finally gave me my money back and again told me to go, but I refused until police officer finally did arrive. At that time I tried to explain it all to the officer and, of coarse, they all stuck together and denied everything they did and the man in charge told the police officer an incorrect expanation to cover his pals. He then told the police that I had to go and would not serve me correctly. This incident happened about 8:30 pm tonight at the Taco Bell on 4th Street North and about the 36oo address. This is not an acceptable business opperation for any business and the situation needs to be something done about right away. The Police officer involved is PFC Brian Lynch and I will go to report it all at the police station also tomorrow morning. I do expect some reconsideration on this event and the man in charge there with his pals while normal customers try to place an order. I do hope to recieve some response on the report I am notifying you of tonight. Sincerely, Captain Robert Barrett

I have always loved Taco Bell!! I even got a after school job at TB when I was in high school. I also have 6 yrs as a manager in TB. I have not work for taco bell in the last few yrs. My family loves eating there. I have to say the taco bell in our town(Trenton, GA) is one of the worst I have ever seen. I keep going there hoping something would change but leave unhappy. I have done the opinionprot.com and I still see nothing changing. I have called and talk to every manager there. The last Manager I talk to started talking to the crew members while I was still on the phone with him and not once said Im sorry or how can I fix this.

About one month ago i sat down to eat my taco, which i have been craving since finding out i was pregnant, I unwrapped my taco to take a bite when i looked down before i bit into it, i saw a big black beetle crawling across my cheese. Ever since then i have been traumatized and look at everything I put into my mouth before eating it. I will never ever go to Taco Bell again, especially the Taco Bell on North Main st. in Salinas California. I have been trying to call Taco bell to let them know, but have been unsuccessful. All i get is a recording! I never thought that kind of thing would happen to me. I mean i hear stories about it, but i thought they were just stories.

yes i would just like for you to know that the tacobell 015897 should be check in to we went in there on the 20 of FEB. at 7.34 after church.we park in the lot got out of our car start in . there was two car park . with africa american and white people in them . as we got our of our car they got out of theirs .children an adults. and started runing to the store they ran over us . after they got in they stood in line and did not order . the guy that took the orders ask them to move . they move . he took our order . then they got in front of him . people had to walk around them or he ask them to move . one of the ladys that work ther stood for and hr or more talking to them . at the bar. the children was all ove revery thing swinging on the bars and tables. two of the women went behind the couner and got cups all got free drinks. about half doz . of them . the little boys pants was down all the time and you could see !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. and go was one of the little girls . she had on shorts. as for the guy that waited on us was great the food was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . the place is the cleaness fast food in town. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i just thinke the one in there that run the place should of spoke up .evening if it was the one that was speaking with them . thanks a well please customer except what what went on at the place . people could not enjoy their food for them . it a place to eat not a company park or play ground.

I went to the taco bell in clarksville tn i payed for my order at 11:55am and at 12:25 i finally got what i thought was all of my order. I didn't just get food for me but for the guys i work with. When i got back to work and went to get my food i found part of my order missing i ordered 13 items and 1 drink so it was not a small orer, I will not go back. If they cant get my order right after waiting over 30 min then they need to have the big boss come down and clean house and get people in there that do want a job and can get it right. So you will know exactly what store I'm talking about the store number is 022800 the cashier was very apologetic Dana k for the lack of her co workers ability to do there job. i tried to call the regional manager Shaun Southworth and could not get through all i herd was this number was not a valid number and its the number on the recite 931-731-8714. If corporate would like to contack me they can send a e-mail to kelly.barber@ferguson.com

I went to Taco Bell in Flint, MI today. 3101 Clio Rd This was the worst one I have ever been to! Our food Was disgusting!!! I used to love Taco Bell it is terrible Anymore. Our food was wrong, it tasted old, the Bach chips Were old. I'm so disgusted I don't believe I will be eating Taco Bell ever again! My four year old got sick everywhere! Worst Taco Bell I have ever went to! Rude employees too.

I went to the taco bell In denton texas. At colorado boulevard in south loop 288. There were 6 employees,, Just standing around Laughing and giggling. Going in and out of the front door. Trash all over the floor with food. The store was a total mess. It seems to me That the manager wasn't around.

i went to high st hamilton oh.they gave us are change its cool.....

How come Florida is not able to get the green sauce? Other States do.

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