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If it was possible to give less then one star then I would have done that T-Mobile has the costumer service it’s been 2 months I bought a new phone T-Mobile came out with Samsung galaxy and in those two months I have replaced it twice and now it still isn’t working properly tried calling T-Mobile the wait time is 2 hrs is simple words T-Mobile sucks I would not recommend any one to get T-Mobile

ok so I have an sidekick 2008 phone,and when I called tmobile because it stopped workin the way it was suppose to they said since I've had about 10 replacement phones and they keep giving me the same problem and they didn't make this phone anymore they asl me did I want the garminfone because this phone was giving me the same problems.I said yes so once the phone was suppose to ship,in ups system it says the phone was delivered but I called tmobile and told them I've never received the phone and they did a handset research and ups doing their part to try and locate the phone, I don't understand what the handset research team is doin because everytime I call tmobile they have nothin nobody called or nothing and then everytime I ask to speak to a supervisor its either (there is no supervisor on the floor) or I get the hold in the the phone hangs up!!! Like wtf type of customer service is that!that's bullshit how is it there is always no supervisor!and I've been waiting since nov 19th for the phone and they still found nothing ups said they couldn't find the phone and that when they talk to the handset research team they couldn't find the phone neither so I don't see what is the problem why can't they just send me another damn phone! Apparently the phone is missing nobody gonna return a phone shit ups prolly sold it!and b4 all of this I loved tmobile but now I see that when u really need help they don't like to help u and they are rude! I've spoke with about 10 or 11 different reps and none of them help me only 1 and his name was nate.im sick of tmobile im calling corporate!

I had place my order 3 times for the Hd2 they told it was being ship to me. When it did not get here I called them again this time they said they did not have it in stock. I have been waiting for a month now I order it on 11/1/10.

I have the htc2..this is the worst cell i have ever had in my entire life of cell phones....i cant even express in words the trouble and emtional stress this phone has caused me...I think it should be pulled from the market. it freezes up..have to factor reset at lease one a mth have to pull battery to reboot at least one a day...if a text come through it freezes phone...OMG!!! it makes me not want a cell ever again..and to think i left att for this...i feel like the biggest fool on earth for leaving att...

Wow, I was with T-mobile for 7 years from 1999 to 2006, ALWAYS their 'customer support' staff has been the most incompetent, and steadfast morons, ALWAYS to get any changes to the account took 2-3 calls to successive 'care agents' before the change was finally CORRECTLY implemented. Now I have a phone that doesn't work, a G1, never did with a bluetooth, and the state law says you have to use a hands-free device to drive and talk - can't do that with my non-working phone, can I get out of the contract (that T-Mobile logically VOIDED by selling me non-working CRAP) - can I??? NOOOOOOOOO - they WANT that $200 disconnect fee, and will give blood to get it, hopefully all these other majorly dissatisfied former customers will act with me to let their family and friends know what a company-wide system of dopes runs this company, and we can turn T-Mobile into the next Sprint (Losers) a 5th-6th place also-ran - your company is only good for people as stupid as your barely-functioning 'support' staff, who seem Universally to barely qualify as functioning People, much less Customer Support. Ride the wave, short-sighted rip-off artists, the market knows of your severe inferiority, no amount of marketing can cover up the mounting tide of dissatisfied former customers..

Tonight I was actually told by a T-mobile Customer Service supervisor to "shut up" because I was asking about the validity of being charged for supposedly receiving over 250 "picture messages" in one day. I'm a pre-paid customer and barely use my phone. I have not received 250 "picture messages" in my entire life. T-mobile customer service supervisors refused to accept responsibility for the error and only offered a partial refund. I even asked if he was actually telling me to "shut up' and he responded "yes, shut up and go away." I spoke with ten different t-mobile representatives tonight after being hung up on and placed on long-term hold and disconnected. I was told to write to the C.E.O. and the Legal Department. Wow, really? This is a new low in my experiences with large corporate customer service people. I was not even rude, just asking for help. Before tonight I had a positive impression about T-mobile. That has gone by the wayside.

You have the absolute worse customer service I have ever dealt with! I have My Touch Slide that I have had to replace 3 times for the same issues every time. When trying to deal with customer service they all understand my concerns but are of yet no help. Have offered to replace the My Touch Slide with phones that are less than comparable feature-wish and price-wise. Even offered a phone when that when I asked in the stores if I could try it out they told me they no longer carried it because it didn't sell. Offered me a Blackberry, if I wanted a Blackberry I wouldn't have purchased an Android phone. Was told I could get a 5th My Touch Slide, I don't want the same phone if the first 4 didn't work. Had one girl tell me she would call me back in 5 minutes, it's been 5 days and have not received a call back yet.

Dear tmobile between ur customer service and ur sales call center plus ur billing dept,are the worst in the industry.i brought ur new htc 7 phone over the internet and had to send it back the same day i recieve it.It was the worst experince i ever had with a company. i was tranfer to over 5 different dept and was disconnect twice and spend over 3 houe the phone trying to get a problem solve.i was once loyal to this company but not any more. so t-moble take all ur phones and shove it.

I had to call corporate on the 16th after a very negative experience with 611 and they were trying to get me to purchase the Samsung tablet and I was asking for the Galaxy phone. I was connected to a representative name Poncho at Corporate. This man was a professional the whole time. I explained the situation and he explain to thtat the tablet was not a phone and the reps at 611 did not explain to me what it was. Thank you Poncho. For all my years (9) with T-Mobile, I have dealt with very nice reps at 611 but these last 3 individuals at 611 left a really bad taste in my mouth, but Poncho changed that and thank you Poncho for everything.

I have been a customer with T-Mobile for 6 years. I must say I was fine until I bought that HTC HD2 phone. The phone was purchased in July and since then I am on the 3rd phone. What is the problem? It seems to me that they are so in a hurry to compete with other carriers that they forget about the loyal paying customers. I bet we can't get our money back but yet they want us to continuously receive these phones that they know good and well don't give the performance they advertise them to do. I have been on the phone all weekend with T-Mobile only to be told it is nothing they can do because the phone carries a 12 month warranty. THIS SUCKS>

There is to much to say about how bad T-mobile sucks...I've been with them for 7 years and I use to love them. Don't know what happened but the customer service has gone down hill!

I travel out of the country every month. My business is connected to my phone. A few months ago my phone started turning on and off on its on while in Dominica Republic. My phone bills were $1000 dollars. A couple of times when I saw my phone was turning on and off on its own I took the battery out.The on/off button would not even work. I have been a customer for 7 years and t-mobile has gotten progressively worse with customer service. They leave you on the phone waiting forever now and the people dont speak or understand English well. I asked for a manager(which they can never find) she came after 30 minutes and was very nasty to me. I just hung up. I paid the crazy bill. I need my phone to communicate with my kids on my plan and run my business. I just feel so helpless its sick. I called this morning because my bill is showing that I was on the internet every other minute while overseas. Anyone in there right mind knows something is wrong. The operator could not help at all and a manager would not come to the phone. My bill has 600 dollars internet charges and I could not use the phone cause it kept going on/off so I took the battery out again. Managers are so unhelpful when I request one. Cell Phone Hell. T-mobile does not care about its customers I now. I am so frustrated with this company now. I am calling corporate to get some answers. This will be my last attempt after 7 years this the crap customers get

T-mobile is installing a 52-foot cellular tower on a quiet residential street between an elementary school and a middle school. Dozens of children walk this way every day on the way to school. For over a week there was a hole with no fence surrounding it to protect the local citizens. T-mobile has exceeded the rite of way and intruded on the property adjacent and destroyed property. Only 2 neighbors were notified and one was not the owner of the house adjacent. We know that t-mobile has a history of misleading the public about these cell phone towers and the antenna that emit stronger and stronger emissions pointing downward. This area of Sherman Oaks,CA is all residential. There are major streets with commercial business which would be better suited for this tower but T-mobile in it's zeal to make more money has chosen Albers street (site #SV11818D Albers row JPA) to install this ugly tower. The tower will ruin any view of the mountains north and south for many homes, it will lower everyones property values, and it will be just plain ugly.

I don't kno whats everybodys problem but I never had a problem. Even when I did have a problem, they fixed it immediately. I have been with their service for years and I never had a major problem. I also love my Samsung Vibrant. We have a big family and most of us have a tmobile phone and the bill is very fair. I personally love tmobile and I don't plan on changing it any time soon.

i have purchased a t mobile clique for my son a few months ago today when he got in the car from school he powered up the phone and the screen cracked and do that its a touch screen the phone will not work now so i called t mobile because its under warranty they said that it is physical damaged if you can see the damage then they will not replace the phone i can either pay 200$ for a new phone or 150 $ to the insurance company for a refurbished one ...now i refuse to pay any money for this phone because all my son did was push the on button to power it up and it cracked see they get you ever way they can it don't matter if your a single mother trying to give your kids the best or not CORPORATE America has found a way to sick up mine and every customer no matter what that is what is wrong with this country now you have to be ruthless and money flipping hungry and heartless to make it in the world now days!!!! see at this point i would rather sit in jail and eat a slice of bread and drink water then pay t-mobile another dime for something that is not my fault or my sons fault its not right and yes i know they pay very little for the phones and if i was to send it to t-mobile and they switch it out and they get this one back they will just send it back to the manufacturer and get credit for it no real loss to them forget that it will cost me out the butt to get my son a new phone either way i go its going to cost me and they get a credit for his old one and i take ANOTHER flipping Fuking from this company just as i did with AT&T there all the same in my book now i wish i would have never even bought into the whole cell phone thing period!!! Signed a very dissatisfied customer Tonya Johnston


TMobile is the worst telephone company i ever had to work with. They consatntly made me false promises and when i wanted to talk to a supervisor this lady named Meg was very rude and ugly and then just put the phone down without any explaination I was on hold for over an hour I could hear everything that was said in the back ground and she refused to come back to the phone. I absolutly not recommend T-mobile to anybody my worst enemy. I have never in my life experienced unprofessionalism like that woman named Meg in costumer service. I will make it my business that anybody I know will know how T Mobile conduct business. For sure!! ...Shame on you T Mobile!!!!

I have had this BS phone company for about a year and a half...... And it has been the worst experience that I have ever had might I add. In this short amount of time I have had to exchange my phone more then 10 times.... And still to this minute my phone does not work correctly. It never fails every time I call t-mobile I have to wait 45 minutes to talk to a rep and still get NO help... I pay 100% of the bill so I want 100% service! this company is full of scams! they care nothing about their customers all they want is the money!!! Highway robbery is what I call it!!! T-mobile is a sorry behind excuse for a phone company!! U can go to a pay phone and get better service then this SHIT!!!!


i have a BB pearl that i absolutely LOVE & have hadi had to have a landline put in at home because my phone doesnt work inside the house.... i got tired of having to go out on the balcony to use the phone. when i called tmobile they told me that i'm in a covered area, maybe i was "in a pocket" a pocket??! i moved 3 blocks from my old apartment where it worked perfectly fine.. & now get ZERO reception in the house. unless i want to call 911, my phone is useless. thanks tmobile for $120/month access to 911. BTW... go to mysimplemobile.com. $60/month unlimited everything. you only have to pay $25 for a new SIM card & you don't have to have your phone unlocked because simple mobile is the contract free tmobile network (like metro pcs)

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