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Sears Kenmore Elite Washer

Machine works fine. However, due to a small door stop worth about 50 cents that fell off, the whole machine will have to be replaced. The part is not listed in the parts manual and no one can find one. What a waste.


We have been waiting for 6 hours to get 4 new tires installed, after I drove off my automatic headlights that normally comes on didn't.. I don't understand how this could have happen after getting my tires installed. So, after I returned they laughed and didn't help me. HORRIBLE SERVICE and I do not recommend this place to no one


so bed service , not on time dellivary ,missing item after my dillivery date one week no one give right answer.


Bought a mattress and box spring but couldn't get them to deliver it at a time when someone would be home! When I called customer service all I got was the run around!! I cancelled my order and got a better deal and service at a different retailer!! I WILL NEVER SHOP AT A SEARS AGAIN!! No wonder they are going under.

Several appliances that don't work

UN-businesslike , unprofessional people who lie and mislead customers. Bad business practice, low customer service satisfaction.

Sears Auto, Landmark Alexandria: Do not go there, you will get new tires with no balance, or you will be talking to an arrogant dishonest manager...


l brought a harddrive and keypae and mouse from you thinking that l was going to get a whole computer desktop...anyway it broken......the rear fan is not working. l cant get anyone one the phone to help me with this situation, on how to get this fixed.


I worked for sears back in 1960 thru l67 or 68 please advise I have pension rights In Benton Harbor Michigan

Kitchen Remodel

Sears remodeled my kitchen and they did a horrible job. The kitchen was less than one year and fell apart. The floors started coming up. The cabinets are coming off the wall. The dishwasher was installed incorrectly. Sears refuses to make repairs because it was an inside scam with workers who hired a company that was not licensed and bonded..


Sears tries to manipulate fitness customers at the Cumberland Mall Location, Georgia. "If you spend your money, beware!!!!!!!

my layaway

I place a layaway order online. on my last payment the website want me to pay $10 extra on my layaway.i called the so called costumer care many times they did nothing but cancel my order i talked to costumer care and marketing manager and they said the gonna give a refund.that was 2 month ago no refund and they don't even want to give me my money and now costumer care don't care to answer my emails. i wonder how many people have the same problem?

Kenmore Washer

I recently bought a Kenmore Washer from our Sears store and it does not work like a machine is supposed to it does not rinse it throws water on the clothes but does not fill the tub no one will help me with this. Talked to the owner of the store & got no where. I can't afford to keep a machine or pay for a machine that doesn't work right I don't know what to do next.

Poor Service and Terrible Refrigerator

I purchased a Kenmore bottom freezer refrigerator from Sears. Within 2 weeks it stopped working. I was on vacation. Food was spoiled. The repairman said it would take 2 weeks to get the necessary part. I decided to exchange the frig. When the new one came it was dented so badly that the delivery man just left it on the truck and took it back. I decided to ask for a refund. Got the price of the refrigerator but Sears refused to refund the $69.99 delivery fee. So I paid the fee for something that I never got. Bad business.

Repair Service

I purchased a warranty on my washer that was about 6 yrs old. I wasn't mad that it was the third time they had to come fix it in 4 months. I was mad that they couldn't get there within 10 days!! Then the 11th day on a Sat they were suppose to come fix it....they called to cancel. Couldn't get me in to Monday without an explanation. Then I was disconnect....when I called back the next apt was 10 days out. That puts this repair on a service warranty out appox 22 days!!! So glad I bought that warranty. NOT.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator

Purchase my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator July 2011 and it has been nothing but problems. Frist the Panel, fan, icemaker, the rubber around the door, freezer went so my food went bad, water stop working, needed a new computer and now notice the inside bottom refrigerator door part is broken from the last repair guy did. This getting to be too much and no matter how many times I make a complaint to Sears Headquarters Solutions; all they can do is send someone out again to half fix the problems and a gift card or offer to give a rebate if I purchase appliance worth $85.00.

delivery department

I had a GE cafe refrigerator delivered to my house. In the process of it being installed it was damaged because of them rushing the job. Then they leave without making sure everything works and leaving all the wrapping on the refrigerator telling me its my responsibility. The refrigerator was scratched and it also had component defects with it. I told them to deliver a new refrigerator out to me week or so later the delivery people show up with a new refrigerator and pieces of the new refrigerator missing. now i have to wait another week or so before a new refrigerator will be delivered in the meantime i'm still waiting for sears to repair the the front door damage which occurred when they tried to shove the refrigerator through my front door I never received a call back about my front door damages

Dishwasher doesn't clean

I purchased a Kenmore dishwasher in Oct. 2013. I have had a repairman work on it numerous times because the dishes are not getting clean. I have been told that I must wash the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher. I have never had to prewash with any dishwasher I have previously owned! Because I did not exchange it within 30 days, I am stuck with it. I would not recommend purchasing a high dollar Kenmore dishwasher with Turbo boost. You will have to do twice the work to get clean dishes! A call to corporate customer service is a waste of time.

getting money off

To whom it may concern, I went to buy some items at the Sears store in Virginia Beach Va. the sales clerk said it would take just a few minutes to get a Sears card approval. I explained I only had a few minutes. Well 20 minutes later and being asked stupid question and yes I mean stupid questions like what sign are you. I finally got my credit but I was very late for my other appointment and When I asked for the manager they said he would call and he didn't. I would like someone to contact me please . Cathy

Automotive warranties have ridiculous stipulations

I would rate lower but they make you select at least one star. BUYER BEWARE! Automotive warranties. An alignment is a services not a part. If you purchase the one year unlimited tire alignments you cannot get your car repaired anywhere else otherwise it voids the warranty. This is ridiculous. Needed repairs are needed repairs and if you need an alignment that fits the repair what difference does it make where you get the work done. You just lost a very loyal customer. Still had 11 months to go and my warranty was voided. Sears sucks!

Purchased a refrigerator at Sears, Chanute, Kansas -great Purchased Builtin oven on line, interior glass broke in about 3 weeks, Dec. 17, have been trying to get it replaced for the last month, lousy repair service.

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