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the rent a center is the worst furniture place I ever rented furniture from, they harass you talk to you like trash, say un necessary verbal language to you tell your business to neighbors . I would never recommend any one to rent anything from there especially the one on 199 and 441 in Miami gardens,fl

Misleading pricing

When I called into the store here I. Warrensville Ohio I was quoted one price and charged a much higher price once washer and dryer was delivered

rac sucks

RAC #2237 in houston sucks i was trynna do same as cash but it didnt happen i paid off furniture and end paying for my dryer for over a year got all the way dwn to $48 and they came topick it up for being 7days late i paid off but will never do biz again horrible cs!!!

un lawful behaviour

we rent from rent a center and they came to pick up some stuff but left some some stuff flipped off my room mate gave a certified letter to contacted them in 3 days or have serious consequence the same day we got served with a summions to go to court for the bunk beds that were broken when they bought them to us and sayed we olny owed 175 dollars and they are suing us for 3745 dollars and 45 cents my wife health hasn't been good and her dad at Gillette is dieing and they didn't give us pitty

Never again

Worked wit me at 1st was great and friendly then they worked out good deals for me then my payment way for may 8th and they said it was for may 4th and said if I don't pay they will take my stuff and i said its due the 8th they said no u are late i said I will be there to pay it today and guy said thank god I don't have to waste time calling you anymore will be call to return

not satisffed

the rac in thomasvillie nc they are not friendly to there customers an they don't help people when they has income promblems there is one lady at bthat located that is ruded to people an they harass u when are like one day late that is why people go to Aarons instead they are nice an friendly


These people act like you need to reminded about your payment I pay my bill every week on time every week and have been for 4 years now but they call me 4 times a day to remind me can't wait til I'm all paid up I will never return they are horrible


I ordered a bedroom set a livingroom set and two tv stands. These items were online what we ordered from the store on broadway in riviera bch florida. The manager miss monica told us two weeks. In two weeks furniture was not in. We ended up waiting two months till she told us they dont have sectional. The reason why im writeing this review is why you got items online if you dont have it in stock. Then no contact from store about funiture not being in store we had to keep calling. We call and still no furniture. So on may 3 i returned to store. I had to do another order even for the things they have in stock this whole month we been waiting we only got mattress boxspring. To me that is very poor service seeing how some of my stuff i just had to reorder because its in stock but never recieved. Seeing how im a long time customer im still there with new order but i belive some kind of dicount is do to the lack of customer sevice.

not please

I have been renting from rental companies for years and was never treated or spoken to so rudely. I spoke with a manager today and stated that i wanted to return my living room set because i found it some where cheaper. She proceeded with loud talking and telling me that i can return all of the funiture. Yes, I did follow back with the same tone because if I am a customer (not saying all customers are right) but if paying for my products and i decide that i no longer want them because i found something different at a better price than i have that right. Its not good business to dispute or argue with a customer. Furthermore you have lost a good customer and being reported to BBB.

i just got a computer for my daughters 16th birthday and was straight up lied to. i was told it was brand new and the only reason it appeared on the tag as used was that it was ordered and they didnt want it when it arrived. After having it a few weeks, we called heweitt packer to assist us with difficulties in installing apps, and was told the computer was a year old. we were lied to, needless to say the computer will go back and you will no longer get bussiness from me or my family. A big loss for your company.

Not happy!

I have had 2 accounts with rac ... Recently I have been called over and over about my payment being due! I have even been called blocked which is unacceptable! What really piss me off is when they called my work! I made arrangements to have my stuff picked up! The day they were supose to come I ha to leave work 2 hours early and no one showed up! This is truly ridiculous! And I will never do business with rac again!


I have had four accounts with RAC. I just paid two off in January 2013, the 3rd is almost paid and the fourth is new. My store is in OKC on 23rd & Western. These guys have worked with me through hard times. Yes they do call when I'm late. However, communicating and telling the truth about when I can pay has always worked for me. Thanks guys...Maybe it's just a "Thunder Up" thing in OKC.


i am not happy at all with ur employees in sandusky ohio at the cleveland rd store.. they have been harrassing my kids and they walked rite in my door today.. i will not pay a dime for what i have after all ive been though with them

you suck

No rac come too your door too see if we need more time you come after what you want. you all suck and should close every store down in every area. I;m from frostburg and I know


i work at a rent-a-center.i hear people complaining about rac not qorking with customers if they have a hiccup in their income.but u have to earn that help by making previous payments on time.also we dont call unless u are passed due.so if u get called 30 days in a row and u are trying to make it sound ridiculous..it is..its ridiculous that you would get that far behind when u are allowed to come back and get ur stuff without losing the money u paid...and knocking on ur door for 30 min.? we come to ur house when u ignore our calls when we are calling to see if u need more time.

bad business

We had bought a washer an dryer from rent a center in newnan ga back in 2011 when my grandaughter was born we made our payments on time after my husband lost his job we got behind a little .. All they did was call everyday 3 or 4 times a day so we let it go back... After it went back we got a voucher in the mail for the amout we had paid on it they said we could pick something out in the store for that amout so we did. we did the 90 day same as cash deal .. well after a month my husband wasn't making alot of money so the 90 days passed now they are saying we owe them over 500 for a used sofa an loveseat ... I WILL NEVER NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN EVER THE WORST SERVICE THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS AT ALL .

i;ve deal with rac for 20 plus yrs.. this is the first time and last time they will ever get my business from me anymore they are very rude ,,, don;t care how they bring stuff in your house,, mud on floors and furniture look like it came from the goodwill and I live in Frostburg md.

They suck big time!!!!

I went to Rentacenter in Peekskill ny and was supposed to get a new table, delivery was delayed like 4 days and they showed up late with the table "assembled in the truck" supposedly, they left and my husband was inspecting the table nd noticed it was dinged up and the table was chipped, clearly not new so I called the next day and spoke with the manager and almost a yr later I've had about 20 convos none noted by the way and the situation remains unsolved I overpaid for the table that is now broken due to its cheap quality screws and no one will respond to me about why I signed a new contract for a New table and received what I believe is the display model it's disgustingly terrible how they operate. Do not even waste your money on them!

Blowing up my phone.

The guys at the nearest Rent-a-Centet are extremely nice and I appreciate them being nice when I call to make my payment, but what I don't like is my phone having 12 missed calls. I don't appreciate that! I hope they understand that with cell phones now a days we can see all the missed calls and better yet we can hear our voicemails, All 5 of them. I know they're doing their job, but so am I. And I can't do it when my phone is ringing every 30 minutes. I need the job to be able to pay in the first place.



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