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My wife rented from the one hwy58 we find out thay thay have rented us some furniture that has real bad bed bugs so we are try to find how we can file a law suit


trying to settle with RAC on a final payment, lake worth,fl manager hasn't answered my inquiry planning to escalte

pissed off! box spring

i filed a claim regarding my box spring in the begining of july with serta.We got the bed and we paid off the bed from rent a center. after i filed rac was supoosed to come check my spring and pick up the bed tags. the people there at rent a center never came by my house to pick up the box tags so after calling in about why they havent came by, the guy i talked to said there is a new manager that just got promoted and he probably forgot about it. Wow i thought,he asked me to bring it in so i did. after waiting weeks and not hearing from anyone i decided to call in and check whats going on. when i called the man i spoke with said for me to call back, so i did. when i called the man said he couldnt look up any info. so the next week i came in to the store, the guy said for me to call back when the manager was in. At this point i am pissed off! i call in and ask for the manager, i am put on hold for him, then the man gets back on the phone and asks " is this about the box spring" i said yes ive been trying to talk to someone about it. he says to hold again then gets back on the phone and tells me the manager will call me back because hes busy. I CANT NOT BELIVE THIS STORE! so i called serta to find out if they know whats going on. we discoverd they never sent in the box tags. serts was to speak to the manager at rac to settle this. when i last talked to serta 2 weeks ago she said the manager from rac told her he was going to send in the tags that day! I STILL AM WAITING! i wanted to share my horrible experience with rac off of hatch rd modesto ca by email since it seems like i cant get through by phone. can someone in corporate please help me with this issue.

The one on wayne memorial drive in Goldsboro is the worse..they aren't very honest at all about anything

very unprofessional

I am a first time customer, you stand in the store no one helps you, they do not call up back . then when you call them and ask what happen they tell you can cancel as far as I am concern. what type for people for them.

bad business

I rented and still waiting to receive my furniture.every time they say they are delivering it they call and give me some lame excuse why they can't.I thought the customer is what this business is about apparently not.

very horrible service

Very very poor customer service we called to report a problem we were having from our local store because they gave us a couch infested with bedbugs and refused to do anything about it and hung up on my husband and was very rude! Will never refer them to anyone I know!! Very dissatisfied!!!

very unprofessional

very rude and aggressive, calling my job threatening to come to come there, like whats going to happen if you do, i will be returning what i have and never deal with these people again


They are bad and all they do is harass there customers I have a video of them threating me and corporate would nnot do nothing about it!

Horrible service

I was told today that my two grown daughters and I , with our 3 tax refunds in hand were not aloud to purchase from your store. I have never in life heard such a thing. I will be happy to tell you the details if anyone is interested.

Be very careful when renting from this company. They will post payments to a suspense account and pay late fees so you are continually running late. Poor customer service and communication

rude and horrible customer service

I will never again rent from these people. They are so rude and twist your words around and take everything you have. Their beds have bed bugs and they are "professionals" at looking for them. That tells you how many cases of bed bugs they have. Amd they are very reluctant to give you numbers to people higher up. Never again.

Unprofessionalism My son was a customer of "Rent A Center" in Lubbock, Texas. He was found deceased on Monday morning and his account had a payment due on Saturday. That morning the police had just given me the bad news on my son's death, when just a few minutes later two employees from "Rent A Center" were here to repossess his items that he was renting. I was shocked at the way that this matter was handled in my time of grief.

bad rent a center in Sebring Florida

They lie I paid to money for refrigerator still no refrigerator that cold

being ripped off

I have questioned why my full payment is not being applied to the balance on the item, and no one had an answer.... If the rental price for two weeks is 89.00, not including tax's then 89.00 should be applied to the balance which it is not.... feel like they are stealing money from people....

Customer service

Poor service ... Nasty employee ... most of the driver are pot heads ... Harassing and no customer service ...,they only have a one because of location .. Baltimore md route 40 office in Catonsville ( Baltimore national pike location. )

lack of customer service and threats

i leased a wii u game system a few months ago faithfully paying on it .. then i ended up in and out the hospital ... i just recently retrieved my phone and what do you know rent a center employees at the sebring,fl location calling leaving voicemails harrassing me about the game system stating they were going to call law enforcement on me over the game system and yes they are saved! hmm im sorry ive been in and out of the hospital like really rent a center was my last concern ... i have purchased so many things from them if i havent made contact common sense is something is wrong rude employees

This is NOT Customer Service!!

So we Rented a bedroom set.they gave us a used pillow top mattress with stains and what-not.we were promised a NEW MATTRESS.We ended up buying the bedroom set out and still no mattress.called corporate...spoke to a higher up.were promised a Mattress from them and its been months since then and I have yt to receive a phone call,mail or any notice of anything!!!


I make they payment and this is the second time they have called talking about the payment has not been recieved I will never give this place business again!!!! this is the store in Compton, ca

Mislead about prices

They are a joke. My boyfriend and I went in there and were told one price for the tv and surround system. I was told it would cost me 750 and with taxes about 800. If I paid it off in 90 Days I paid same as cash and no interst. Within two months I made two payments of 250 each time. I went in today to pay the rest and somehow was told that not only was a payment late but that after paying another 308 dollars that somehow I still owed another 80 on our surround sound. They are scam artists and will never recurve my business again.

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