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Serice and food

This chain has gone down hill food is less service sucks and tonight I got food which I thur up with in ten minutes of leaving store and when I called the guy was like I will have the manager call you tomorrow . What? Why can't you take care of it I threw up my dinner ten minutes of leaving oh well sorry he will call you tomorrow sure fat chance. I will never set foot in there stores food has gone down hill and so has there service under boss that. Very unsatified customer. Rate review not worth it less then one only way to tell you don't go

Ripped off

Your store in Sun Valley, CA, refuses to honor the deal I paid for on an offer from Groupon. I am now out on sandwiches I've already paid for. Contacting corporate offices of Quiznos has not provided any results. They ignored me.


I went into the Quiznos in Irving Texas and was informed that the last time I visited their store I wasn't charged for the soup I ordered, without even asking permission he charged me for 2 soups for the price of one and swiped my card. THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW and he had no right to do this. I ended up paying 10.25 for a tiny little cup of soup that wasnt even hot. ALSO I DID PAY FOR THE SOUP LAST TIME, very angry and corporate will be hearing about this.

pay me

When somebody buys a quiznos sub you expect payment right away, correct? and when somebody starts a franchise corporate wants there money right away I am sure. Well how come when i come in and take down your signs off your closing store in Illinois and Missouri it takes you over a month to pay me?? I have done 3 stores in the last 3 months and have been paid for only one. this isn't good will please pay me.

Your changes

I loved Quiznos. My all time favorite place to eat. I would eat their 2-3 times a week. How beer I stopped since they took my favorite sandwich off the menu. They need to bring it back and I'll go back to spending $50 a week there. Iv tried the other sandwiches they come no where close. My and half my work used to go there for that sandwich, we've all stopped now. Last time they took it off the menu the store next to our work closed down do we had to drive accross town once they brought it back out. Which we all did happily, and would again it they brought that back. I just hope of and web they do another store isn't closed down. Iv seen multiple stores closing in our Kansas City area.

Customer service

There are rarely reviews regarding great customer service, but I believe this deserves it. I recently stopped at the Buttonwillow Quiznos and happened to leave my whole wallet in the restroom. Alicia went into the restroom found it and contacted my back who then contacted me to come back and get my wallet. Everything in my wallet was still in it. I didn't have any cash but I am very thankful that they knew what to do in a situation like that. If I could do anything to repay her this is the least I can do. Thank you Alicia!!!!

Will not HONOR groupon

I recently visited Quiznos at 3171 W Holcombe Houston, Texas 77025. I presented a groupon reward voucher but they refused to honor it. It clearly stated it was for their location. I can't believe that they would loose a customer for not accepting the groupon. So I will spread the the word and I will no longer patronize Quiznos again.

I went to a Quiznos at 3417 W Century Blvd Inglewood, CA 90303 I only have 2 things to say please have your business clean. I will never go back.


In NY most if not all your stores open at 10 or 11am. There are no earlier breakfast hours like 8 or 9am when people are on their way to work. I was in California recently and found one if I remember open at 9am. You guys have great breakfast sandwiches, but not open early enough. Maybe you would like to look into that, you could be missing out on good profits. Just a thought....Thanks for listening..........


What's the point of even buying your gift cards? You can't even use them at a Hess station that has a Quiznos inside!! I will never buy a gift cards or eat at Quiznos EVER again!

You lost my business

I went to the Quizno store in Oro Valley, AZ arriving at 8:55 pm. The open sign was still on. As I walked to the door,, an employee saw me coming and ran to the door and locked it! The sign said they are open until 9 pm. Although the door was locked, the open sign stayed on until after 9, he finally reigned it off.

Angus or Roast beef

Why is it that basically ALL locations in central Florida are passing ROAST BEEF as Angus and charging roast beef like its Angus?, is corporate charging that much to franchise owners for their Angus?


In regards to the Lobster sandwich and salad, I was dissapointed in both. The flavor was good and both tatsed great but they sure are not anywhere near looking like your advertising pictures looked. I was expecting a "few" chunks of lobster at least and there were none. Your picture totally misrepresented the actual product, in my opinion. Please, in the future, give a more actual picture of your products.


You claim your sanwiches and slard have real lobster in them the fact of the matter is your lobster in ground up lobster and white fish. NOT REAL

Gift Card unusable

I've contacted the customer service number 3 times and emailed twice about a gift card I bought from a Quiznos for my stepson for Christmas. That Quiznos closed and now I have a useless gift card. I've been trying to get this resolved for over 2 weeks with no luck. Answer your inquiries and refund my money. Also don't let your restaurants sell gift cards if they're about to close.

Coupons, what is the point?

The recent Dec 12 Merry Quizmas coupon promotion "Celebrate the season with 2 toasty subs for the price of 1" went into store #8675, attempted to use this coupon, I had problems before so I presented the coupon BEFORE ordered and asked if I could use this on a large, first I was asked where the coupon was from (quiznos.com) it was on the bottom of the email, and was told he could only use this for a small "we lose money on the other sizes". We left.

Ive worked at the Quiznoz on grande ave in arizona for a month and a half and was laid off because i didnt call to know why i was gave 0 hours for the pay period. and in result of that they refused to give me my last check for over 200$. I still havent got it and they ignore my calls its been over 3 weeks. and to add to that they also made all emplyees including my self work off the clock at times and told us theres nothing they can do because the majority has to call on them and they have too many employees that wont call because there jobs depend on it, this is bull...

Im not a big fan of this sandwich shop-1: more expensive-2:they have a pre made menu3:service is usually very slow with attitude4:Went to order a BLT last night and when I asked what that was he was putting on my sandwich he said bacon bits-bacon bits for a BLT is unbelievable I would prefer to chew my own food and not have it ground up already.I have never been so pissed to have a product served to me in that manner.The menu reads BLT not bacon bits lettuce and tomato.5:at least the other sandwich shop gives you a choice 6 or 12 inches not 11.For the most part your paying more for less.I will never go back.

I absolutely love quiznos but I am very disappointed that the french onion sauce was discontinued and has yet to come back. I had to deal with this lose and try out the peppercorn sauce which is amazing I will give it that but the french onion sauce was like an addiction for me so I'm very sad its gone most likely permanently. Bring the french onion sauce back!

I visited the Quiznos store #7092 at 932 W. Atlantic Street, Emporia Virginia 23487. The store manager was standing outside smoking. She came inside to make my order and didn't wash or sanitize her hands. After looking around and witnessing dirt on the dining room floors, tables dirty and trash cans running over with trash. I decided to leave deciding I was no longer interested in placing an order/s. As I was exiting the restaurant I decided to stop by the restroom. It was disgusting- no toilet paper, unkempt and soap all over the floor. Thank you Store #7092 Quiznos (Emporia Virginia) for reminding me why I haven't been in so long! Quiznos store #7092 SUCKS. The store manager is very unprofessional, rude and DIRTY. The employee's need to be trained and need to take the time out to wash and clean their dirty uniforms. The store is dirty, unfit and need to be SHUT down.

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