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I am so very upset that coupons now being printed out from P&G brand saver are now being printed out both in english and spanish where's the german ,french,and many other languages I am sick and tired of us catering to a population that is here most;ly illegal if they want to be here fine but learn the language when our relatives came from italy and france and china they came here legally learned the language we did not cater to them this is so getting out of control I cannot even go to a walmart and find someone that speaks english sam walton must be turning over in his grave you do not have to cave into the spanish are you that greedy that you don't think they can see the picture and not know what your talking about I am really fed up with all this crap and like the lady above I also agree now you are teaching people to lie what kind of morals do you have or is the money clouding your mind

I am appalled at the Tide commercial where a daughter asks her mother "Have you seen my green sweater?" To which the mother responds "It's not my style." When the daughter leaves the house, the mother runs up to her dirty clothes hamper and pulls out the stained sweater which she had worn out for a night with the girls. She removes the stain, washes the sweater and hangs it back in her daughter's closet. When the daughter returns in the next frame, she is wearing the sweater her mom had "lied" about wearing. To me a lie is a lie and to encourage children and/or adults to LIE is very discouraging, especially when you are always telling your children to tell the truth. Between your commercial and the one from WalMart encouraging children to LIE is morally offensive and an out and out lie. I wrote a complaint to WalMart and now I am writing one to you. I will NOT purchase the Tide advertised in your commercial until I see some positive commercial material that will change my mind. That is all that I have to say.

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