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If it is true that you are partnering with La Raza, I will not be buying Tide anymore. Too bad, I have been using it 20 plus years.


I am a big tide user. I have sensitive skin, and your product is amazing. is there any chance you can send me high dollar coupons to help me to continue to use you great product. thank you. a very satisfied customer.


You guys have the most stupid, unrealistic and boring commercials ever!!!! Had to get that off my chest.

Febreze wax melts

I just tried the Hawaiian Aloha wax melts in my Scentsy and that particular scent is horrible. I have tried the candle and the plug in and love the smell of those but the wax melts smell like something has gone bad. I had to open all my doors and windows and air out my house. I also had to throw away the rest of the melts. At first I thought it was just MY nose but my family thought it smelled bad as well. Maybe I just got a bad batch. Help!!! I want my house to smell nice!


I am writing in reference to perfume that was on the market in America years ago. I thought that you quit carrying it. Now I have found out that it is marketed in the UK. I don't think that that is right. If you are going to continue to carrying the product it would be nice to be able to buy it in this country. I have used this product for years but when I couldn't find it anymore that is when I thought you did not carrying it anymore. What I am talking about is Le Jardin perfume. It you market in the UK why not have it in this country too.

Plastic beads in toothpaste

I can't believe P&G much less Crest of all brands would be so stupid as to think we consumers would not mind foreign substances in the products we buy that have NO BUSINESS BEING THERE! If I can find an organization that is planning to boycott your products because of that I will give them my full support. SHAME ON YOU!

Head and Shoulders Commercial

Why can't you produce commercial with people who speak proper English. Your commercial is the Vergara spoke person in commercial is annoy and offensive. Her English is very difficult to make out. You should use people like that for Spanish commercials and not for English one. After all we are in the USA. I won't purchase and anymore proctor and gamble products until that commercial is pulled.

bounce bar

I like the idea of the bar and have been using it since it was put on the market. However, the last 2 I purchased come off the dryer and the softener breaks. It's not cost effective if it only works 6 weeks because it breaks.

information of your wella distributor in UAE

Hello MR/MRS Im manager of arghavaan trading in Iran working on hair color and hair care products.I have been working with wella for 12 years. I worked with MADI International in UAE but they told me that they dont work with P&G from this month.' So I want to know your new distributor in UAE. Waiting for your information.....

Cat commercial

Your newer commercial w the cats and the two women is difficult to watch...bad choices Doesn't encourage me to purchase your products ...I actually won't purchase based on this commercial ...encourage healthy living .... Show women in a healthier light Disappointing

braun shavers

I own two braun shavers.both outer cases are pealing.i clean them in the braun provided cleaning device with braun cleaner.i understand that this is a common problem,and you have been and continue to sell this defective product.how can I get my money back ?


I give their website a 1 rating. I filled out all the paper work for a complaint but could not find a sumit. So I guess they do not want to hear of any complaints. I have bought their liquid DAWN for many years and the last bottle is very thin and does not clean propertly as in the past. Does not suds either.

Gillette Razor coupon

Today there is a coupon for $5.00 off razor cartridges. In order to use the coupon you have to buy another razor!!! Can not believe this stupidity or greed!

pringles chips

When will you bring back the pecan flavor chips. SOON I HOPE .

the website tells us to choose Canada- english/french. They have the nerve to post Chinese writing on their Crest ads. This is CANADA - we are English/French only. Foreigners are welcome to stay - they learn OUR language.

Fabulous Tide Coldwater He

You must have a genie in your bottle of Tide Coldwater He detergent. My whites have never been whiter or softer since I discovered this detergent. We have softened water so I only need 2 Tablespoons of Tide liquid in my front loading washer. Thank you so much for filling my laundry basket with pride.


Love your new commercial!!! Woman using her tide scented scarf to provide her some "relief" from people sitting next to her on an airplane!!!!

Prilosec Commercial

Larry The Cable Guy is not funny, slovenly, and obnoxious. He does not appeal to the majority. I will go out of my way to buy heartburn medication other than your Prilosec just because of that obnoxious redneck representing your product.

Puffs Tissues

I can't ever remembering purchasing any other tissue than Puffs. A few years back, puffs had such nice art designed boxes. Today the art designed on the boxes are just awful. I hate them !!! please go back to the nice flowers designed etc.....

paper towels

Bounty paper towels are a household name. The product is great. I thought it would be a unique idea to produce bright colorful bounty paper towels that would add a beautiful accent to kitchens and other rooms when you just need to grab that convenient pretty towel. I think it would be a great sell. Just a suggestion.

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