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The Worst

You get what you for. Cheap tickets, poor customer service! Never again. It is shameful how companies rip people off.


Worse company I ever dealt with. You set up your itinerary, then are prompted to pay for the same itinerary and after payment your itinerary changes. Then we you talk to customer service it is the pound sand mentality from them. What a crappy organization

false advertising

The worse expiriense ever! Booked my vacation on Priceline.com The location was advertised in Palm beach and was actually located 4.5 miles from Palm Beach. The customer service would not provide me with a name of a person in charge.

Terrible Service

Priceline Customer Relations has awful customer service. They will not refer customers to supervisors, and they enter false information on rental agreements.

bait and switch

This company is a scam , we did express deal , the list of hotel they showed had elevator, my husband a disabled vet, they one we go was not elevator at all , it was a motel with no security on site. When we called we got customer service in India , they are robotic , does priceline care about customer no way. these fat cats making six figures are not earning their money honest. rip off this is robbery...same on priceline. What does the government let companies like this rip us off...


Stay away! No service after the sale. On $3,400 worth of purchased airfare, Priceline wanted an additional $1,000 to correct the spelling of the names on two of the tickets my family had purchased (incorrect because their system auto-filled our names incorrectly). "We can't do anything about the mistake--you need to deal with your airline." Can you imagine? Go elsewhere or be left as RADM Kirk would say, "in the final frontier!"


Bankrupt company 2b!

Can't-do Company!

Customer service doesn't exist after the sale. It would have cost $1,000 to correct typos (due to auto-filling on their request form) on two of the three airline tickets that were purchased (for $3,400). Customer happiness after the sale is their "final frontier." Go elsewhere!

Bait and Switch

I find a good deal on priceline, every time i go to book it, the price jumps up, i even have a confirmation number, they said the price not avail. anymore, that's not true because i see that price again, i try calling the whole company and only get automated and no people, i call main office , i got one person and they put me on hold and never came back, this is not the first time i noticed , things like this going on, and fake prices slashed with a discounted offered, but i know my prices.buyers keep away, worst customer service in the industry

Flight Money Scam

Priceline booked my flight for the wrong dates. I lost $500 worth of tickets because they "can't do" anything about it. I cannot believe a company like this even exists. I was a loyal customer until they pulled this. Never again will I ever book with these scambags. Scammers! stay away!

customer service

poor service could not give corporate number but was able to find on google after 5 employees said they had no contact number to corporate bold face lies just like name your own price is no better than regular published rate because of fees there is no discount especially not 60% false advertising,please forward legal dept. phone # so my attorney can ask questions before class suit is filed , thank you

refusal to return fee

In good faith I made airline reservations thru Priceline. The airline cancelled the reservation and priceline refused to return the $14 fee that they charged. BEWARE

Never again!!!!

I booked a car rental for mid July and unfortunately received the news my grandmother passed away the day of pick up. I called Priceline to inquire about a credit to use for a later reservation once getting back into town from the funeral. They informed me I was charged for the reservation of the vehicle and I could not get any type of credit because the pick up time had past. I feel like there should be something in place as no vehicle was used and I don't want the money back just a credit to use for the company. Death is not something you foresee and calling them at my time of grief was the last thing on my mind. I'll definitely would never recommend the service to anyone.

Very poor customer service

I booked over 2,500 in travel services with Priceline in the last four days, first and most likely last. Prices were good and all the reps that initially take your call were nice and super polite. However, the financial reps that I was referred to about a "holding double" of my fair were so rude and awful. It seemed like they didn't even want to try and understand the problem I was having. After getting no where with one, i politely asked to speak to someone else. She put me on hold and never returned. The second one was worse, she too could not comprehend my issue and kept repeating herself like a robot, neither spoke good English. I got the second rep to three way call my bak cause I was not getting anywhere. She was just as rude to my bank as she was to me. She cut both of us off and rudely left the conversation when she transferred us. I rather pay more money than be tested with such disregard. No more priceline and I'm not done with letting people know of my experience.

Low Price Guarantee??

Booked a flight through PL. After confirmation, up popped the car rental specials. I requested a class of car that was listed at $28/day. I submitted my request and paid. BEFORE leaving the site, I went back and changed my seat assignment for my flight. After confirmation the PL website took me right back to the rental car section and ALL of the prices were lower and my $28/day class was offered at $24. Online chat suggested I cancel my current rental for a $28 fee and reapply. I called Customer Service who said that the low price guarantee did not apply. Really? I never even left their website, was offered a lower price on THEIR website and they don't consider that a low price guarantee.


I used price line for the first time and showed up for the stay I didn't cancel but the trip was a bust. Stayed one night instead of two and price line would not refund the second nights unused stay. They have no consideration once they have your money. Called cooperate got no answer.

Don't deal with priceline

Never deal with Priceline ! When they sell you say a hotel room, they are done with you.They will never give you any quarantees or refunds for any reason ! A word to the wise.

Americas Best Value Inn

This was the crappiest hotel I ever stayed in. This the list of amenities op Amenities Free high speed internet connection Pets allowed Restaurant Non-smoking rooms (generic) Free parking Cable television Hairdryer the hairdryer was nonexistent. The room had not been cleaned properly. The room reeked of cat urine. The curtains were dirty There were cob webs in every corner. I i complained to the desk clerk no effort was mitigate the circumstances. The pictures show a beautifully decorated room instead I got 21st century flop house


Priceline allowed me to book a hotel that is CLOSED (Sandpiper Inn) and gave me the ring around for over an hour that they can't give me a refund because of the cancellation policy. A cancellation policy that is in force if hotel is AVAILABLE. You scammed me, shame on you. I will not stop to bring this fraudulent activity to the public. Do not book thru Priceline! They are a big fat giant corporate scam. Owners should be in jail.

False Advertising

Booked an express deal to save 20% plus an additional 5% over the lowest published price. Went to the hotel site that I "won". Difference in price was $186 priceline vs $191.20 hotel site. You do the math... Less than 3%. I called and gave "Customer Service" the chance to correct their blatant error and they did absolutely nothing. See you in court!

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