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Where do I begin!?..A hair was baked into my biscuit. He got my order wrong... I had 2 separate orders and he crammed them into one box and shorted me 3 pieces of chicken. He told me it was $45, but it was only $27...what chicken I got, was very tasty though... don't know if it's worth the hassle though.

Auburndale Fl receipt different from bank statement

March 19, 2014 I purchased 12 biscuits and was told $7.48. When I got home checked my bank and Popeyes was $12.48. Contacted the store and with proof manager refunded $5. Manager had no clue how this happened. Duh! It's called stealing. I will contact corporate headquarters.

I purchased a meal at the Popeyes Chicken, located at 725 11th W. Ct., Birmingham, Al on 01/22/2014 @ 6:11p.m. The person at the window had no smile on his face, and only asked for my payment. When I received my order the mentioned person just handed me the order, with no hint of appreciation for my business. When I got home, I expected to sit down and have a nice meal, I was VERY disappointed as follows : the chicken was very cold, hard, old, and tasteless. The lemonade was the fountain water that mix with the powder, which was disgusting. I normally don't complain, but I will never visit that store again. I will also follow-up at Popeyes Chicken corporate office. Maybe the next person will be treated better.

Poor customer service

Chicken over cooked & greasy

Food ingredients

Many people I know like Popeyes chicken and therefore patronize your establishment regularly. Personally, I have gone to Popeyes since coming to the Philadelphia. Area. Several years ago (2) I was told that Popeyes cooks their red beans and rice and also their gravies with pork. I couldn't believe it so I asked one of the workers. They affirmed my question and I was totally shocked ! This is information that should be relayed to the public for a number of reasons. I do not patronize Popeyes as I once did because of this. I work for a large organization here in Philadelphia and I have made it my business to inform people I encounter. With our nation now looking to healthy eating practices, this a slap in the face. Most of your marketing is aimed at the black population that is already plagued with diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other medical issues. You are contributing to these causes. Change your recipes ! Stop looking at the bottom line----the dollar bill ---and look at the health of Americans!

bad service

I went to the branch on Saul village I'll 60411. I was not happy. I man said no fries no corn no potatos' so I asked for red beans and rice it was water in it. There was no honey or hot sauce. The manager had the nerve to be mad at me. I will never go there again.

debit card miss use

I grade Popeye's Chicken in East Saint Louis ,Ill...the women and men there charged me 71.11 for 3 pieces of chicken ...they didn't tell me that it was a mistake...I had call my bank cause of missing money when I found the copy ...the employee didn't say sorry or anything I give this restaurant a 000

Excellent Service

Ate at the establishment in Canal Winchester, Ohio a gentleman named Denzill waited on us - he was so friendly, nice and very groomed....he helped me with my selections, this was my 1st visit to a Popeye's Chicken.....he went above and beyond to make our visit enjoyable...he deserves a pat on the back...this employee is going places ---- to see such a nice young man working - and taking his job seriously is refreshing! You have a super star!!

Your product

I was an avid fan of Popeye's chicken until I found chicken feathers in the fried chicken. Needless to say, I do not patronize this establishment until there is proof that the chicken has been cleaned and is suitable for human consumption. Perhaps your CEO can do a surprise visit to this National City, CA franchise and inspect the process used in frying the chicken.

I never patronize your store in Detroit Gd. River again.

I love popeyes chicken and red beans, but I'll never again set foot in your Detroit Gd. River store again. I went thru the drive thru and didn't get any plastic ware for my beans and rice. I went inside and ask for some plastic ware and the worker just threw some plastic ware in the turn around. Another customer also saw this "she said oh no she didn't." If I hadn't just let Church I might not have been so kind.

Sick and tired of waiting

Every time I go to Popeyes, they always tell me, there's a 10 to 15 minute wait! They never seem to have anything ready. I'm a really dis satisfied customer!

ridiculously overcharged

To whom it may concern, Popeye's corporate, senior management and local management, I've been a long going faithful Popeye's customer. I rave about how good Popeye's chicken is better compared to KFC & Church's Chicken. I visited the location on Bethel Road, Columbus Ohio. I feel as if I was being apart of a in-store scam. That the clerks in charge would over charge the customer by a small amount. I'm no longer a happy Popeye's Customer. I feel as if corporate is not in the best interest for their customers. Popeye's employee charged my credit card of amount of $1,111 due to broken credit/debit card machine. Have issue'd a complaint with corporate and have received no contact/feedback. And the issue is still on going.

Completely Grossed Out

Went to the one in Mansfield #10543 today and ordered the chicken tenders. First off the chicken was dry and rubbery, but I was willing to pass that off. The worst part about it was that when I took another bite I bit into a finger nail. This is the most disgusting thing I've ever had happen to me. I had to leave work early because I was gagging and throwing up. I will NEVER go to another Popeyes again.

I'm very upset that I ordered a 14 piece chicken dinner with two sides and all I got was drumsticks,thighs,one breast and two wings.Really!!!! Watch your orders when your at the one on Addison/western in Chicago.

I was just coming home from work getting ready to go to my second job I thought I would get my family something to eat from Popeyes for dinner on Lee Road in Cleveland Ohio when I made it home the red beans and rice with stale smell like it was there for 4 days and my 11 PC was totally dry I call the store back and explain to them what was going on and they said very rudely bring it back we'll replace mind you by now I'm running late to my second job and of course I just wasted 30 dollars on a dinner that makes me very unhappy


The store #2384 as I walked in I was greeted with good after noon, how I can I serve you I placed my order and was greeted with thank you. Upon receiving my order I was again greeted with thank you and have a great afternoon.The employee"e there had great attitudes, the store was clean to include the wash room.I gave them a great Review. Katie

Bad service

Today at 7:15 I visit your store location on 1792 Sanford. I order all white 8 piece chicken dinner, I was told that I would only get two breast an four wings and be charge a up charge well as usual,I did get my order I got what they wanted me to have and was over charge. Your eight piece cost 11 dollars I was charge 18 dollars for my meal.

I go the the Popeyes in Fayetteville GA. The are awesome. Its avery clean store even the restrooms. My 1 problem is that its 45 miles away. I live in a college town and we really need a Popeyes some where closer. I live in Barnesville Ga we have a large college population and I'm sure a Popeye would do a booming business. I hope you will take a look into giving us a store. Thank You Tricia ps please please

Where's the quality ?????

I have been eating your Popeyes chicken since your est. and ever Tuesday for the special two piece since its est. without missing a tues unless I am sick. However the location I have been patronizing for the last 20yrs is pleasant run rd desoto ,1 incident the drive thru I waited for the attendant to places order, I could hear the employee laughing as there was some sort of party in the kitchen. So I drove to the window and ask the attendant was he and the others having fun? He asked me why?he did not realize the intercom was on when I waiting for him to take my order.incident #2 January Popeyes 2 piece was old and dried out (tough to chew)about 530pm It tasted like yesterday's chicken heated in a microwave . #3 incident January 5, order my usual 2 piece this time chicken was not fully cooked the skin was not crisp. The inside was not done.i am watching this store deteriorate in food quality. I could get better chicken from Williams or KFC . Please get some help there. Bring back what you were known for quality not quantity.than you

What Happened?

.......to the Popeye's I used to know and love? Stopped in today to my old favorite Popeyes and the food was a huge disappointment. Tiny little pieces, burned breading, what was there was tasty but I ate 7 pieces by myself when 3 is usually plenty. Sad.

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