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I wish they had a NO STAR rating

O'reilly preys on seniors, selling parts they do not need and refusing to take back the un-needed parts. What a scam. I, as well, will be contacting corporate. Dallas, TX

O'reilly auto parts out of business

Close all o'reilly auto parts nationwide. That o'reilly's auto part store Steal the former hollywood video building. And all the store building.

retail manager

I used to work for o'reilly in ontario oregon i loved my job helping customers out the best i could. I transfered to store 3150 we ended uo with a new store manager. The store manager had took my manager pass work from me and never explained why, when i had a chance to talk to the dm he told me pretty much that it didn't matter because i already put my two weeks notice in. I left o'reilly auto parts making 11.25 went to a competer msking 13.00 an hour that's what a store manamer makes at o'reilly.


I recently had the dis honor of going to Orielly's in Madill Okla. The BOY that helped me was very rude left the counter for over 5 minutes whilke I was trying to get parts I needed. The other kid was sitting in the chair looking out the window, Just to get the 6 parts that I needed it took over 8 trips to this store. They gave me the wrong parts every time. I was having it worked on by another man and on sunday the same kid gave me the wrong parts I then called up there told him "Jamie" I was 2 minutes from the store this was at 5:50 p m. Up on arriveing at the store at 5:57 the doors were already locked I kid told me he would wait. In my opinion this is not a store where you have professional or knowledge people working. I will be in touch with corporate office.

I really wanted to like O'Reilly... Its true when you hear "one bad seed can spoil the rest". When an employee brings it to the attention of the store manager that a transfer is needed (for justifiable reasons) everyone involved needs to be PROACTIVE about it. Okay so transferring an employee can take time but when does a person draw a line? My husband has been told "oh 2 weeks and were sending your replacement", 2 weeks go by then it's "oh give me one week to get this person trained." Seriously? get it together, its been 2 months. Is this a game? How hard is it to train someone? I've worked retail 10+ years I know it doesn't take months to train someone on RETAIL. Corporate might wonder why they have a high turn over rate? Well TAKE CARE OF YOUR EMPLOYEES, LISTEN to THEIR NEEDS. An employee with good moral is going to stay and put forth effort. Ignore an employees needs and they will leave.There is no loyalty to employees in many companies anymore, there is NO TEAM either. It's truly disheartening as I watch my husbands faith in the civilian world dwindle. Our family needs his transfer and at the pace this is going he's going to be forced to leave bc a manager is playing games and acting incompetent.

Used to be a nice place

When Oreillys opened up in South Holland, Ill I was very excited. I ususally went to a different auto store in Lansing. I am 62 so I didn't like driving to much..The people there were so nice, and everyone seemed to get along with each other. I met one woman who was very helpful and cheerful. Always a smile on her face, and was very sweet. Well......Not ANYMORE! I went to the store on June 25, 2013 and the manager Mary told me she doesn't work there anymore and started smiling. I asked her why she was smiling, and she told me she wasn't doing her job right. That is so hard to believe. Every time I came in there, she was either, helping a customer, answering the phone, or doing her job as a merchandiser (which she had to me that was her main job). She even told me she makes deliveries. I then asked mary if I could get some wipers put on and she told me I would have to wait. I guess she was busy (altho there was only one other person in the store). I didn't like her. She made me feel like I was bothering her. No smile, No how are you today....NOTHING!!!! I don't know what happen to Val but, I will not be going to store 3900, until she comes back.......

July 4

I can't believe my son, who works at O'Reilly's, just told me he has to work until 11 p.m. on July 4th. Really? Do you really think you're going to have business beyond 5 or 6 p.m.? How completely unamerican can you get?! You should be ashamed making your stores stay open on July 4th. Pure greed!!

Happy customer

I work in Joplin Mo at auto repair shops. I find the expert desk to be very full of knowledgeable ,professional parts people who are there day after day getting the orders out to the various shops. Sure it is not perfect but I feel like I am dealing with a professional bunch that do their jobs very well and the best they can.Just try to stay with the better name parts for the best results.

New Hope

I am ouite used to walking into just about any chain auto parts store and having to teach the less than knowledgable Kid behind the counter about what I'm looking for. I expected the usual when I was pleasently surprised by a clear , intelible and very helpfull vioce on the line. When we arrived both of the men working were over the top helpfull and curtious to each customer that came through in the time it took me to get my vehicle back up and running. I will go out of my way to give business to the O'Reilly's in Bethany, Missouri if I am anywhere near. Clark and Reilly were a comforting change from the norm and an incouraging hope that great service is still out there.

I was in oreilly in rainbow city Alabama and Sam the guy behind the desk called his co worker retarded well my son was born with Down syndrome and passed in October he would have been one april27 . I am highly offended in the choice of words he used . I told him to and called cooperate . U never no who is standing around and u never no anyone's storyu , I hope something is dun about this . It makes me sick

terrible service treat walk in better than the shops who do thousands of dollars worth the business will take my business else where

you stand in line to get waited on, there is four in line and she is taking order for parts and talking to customer brings part out customer pays and keeps on talking i been there ten mins then another sales person come out and you think he going to take another customer and he starts talking to one she talking to and customer has his parts... i work for a company in nashville and we by 95% of our parts from oreily parts store #915 and been in there store and never been done that way . the store that need to be look at is in lebanon tn thanks for letting me vent , i went down the street to napa and got my parts

i go to the oriellys in keller,tx , only when i have to,but recently i witnessed intimidation towards the older workers . parts delivery .This is against labor laws. the manager yells at some of the drivers in front of customers. this is so wrong. i guess he didnt see me in back of store. next time im recording it.

I purchased a starter at one store where they gave me the wrong starter.I called another store and was helped by the store manager. She was able to order me the right starter. The problem is the asst manager gave me a hard time returning the starter and kept insisting that I gave the other store the wrong info which lead to the wrong starter. I then told him that I was there to buy the new starter and that was it just to sell it to me.What a nightmare this was.

Purchased a generator from this store on August 29, 2012. Generator was defective and never worked despite any efforts and several attempts at getting it to start. Even contacted the 1-800 help line to ensure that I was following the instructions to work the thing. I attempted twice to contact the store manager of the Clinton, MS store and he made no effort to speak to me in reference to my issue despite my attempts. Ended up contacting his manager who stated to me that he could not refund my money because of policy. To parapharase the reason that he would not refund my money was that he would lose profit on the store's inventory. To make a long story short, I am stuck with a defective generator that was bought new and can not get a refund even with my receipt. This is a horrible way to deal with customers! Simply bad business!

I am still an employee for Oreillys, but not for much longer. They want to transfer me to another store for a complaint from one of our accts. Im innocent of whatever the accusation is. They shipped our ISS to another store due to complaint from one of our accts. They are not saying anything that makes since. They put an ISS that people in our town and the town next to us hate. Our store was one of the happiest places to work. We truly were a family. I will miss my whole team. Our Oreillys employees werent perfect but they all tried hard. How can our dms have so much power. They show lots of favoritism to certain managers(usually their drinking buddies)and some of these managers know how to suck up to these dms. I refuse to suck up to any of them. They tore our tight hardworking crew apart for something so stupid. I believe they are trying there hardest to make my manager fail. I would like to challenge the big wigs to spend a day or week in our store and see how hard we work together to make oreillys what it is. So that you can see an awesome team work. You would then see an oreilly culture story. They say one person cant make a change, I dont believe that. Some one up there in corporate has to be reading these complaints. I want to stay in this store that ive been with for the past almost two years. When does this company truly care about its customer service? Ive had so many complaints from customers about me leaving and accts threatening to take there business to 4m and napa. Why would you still move people around if you care about your customer service. Do yall even know what really goes on down here in Texas. When a store is doing as good as ours why would you move people. Our numbers our down since we lost our ISS and since people found out i was leaving too. I cant work for a company like this. Last Saturday was the saddest I think ive ever been. Hugging my crew members and we all had tears in our eyes. All the I love yous that were said were amazing. My manager is a wonderful hardworking man. Why their doing this to you Chris I dont know. I wish the best for you and the crew thats left. Maybe they'll accept the challenge. If they dont it just shows the type of company they really are. Good luck guys. PS: Im looking for a new job as we speak.

O'Reilly's is a terrible terrible place to work. They don't want a company filled with long term pro employees. They keep and string along their few chosen 'steady' employees but trash everyone else in a never ending recycle with fresh blood method. Pay is beyond bad-All but the top fellows must work outside jobs to feed families. Pay freezes for entire districts that last years are not uncommon. This was very sad and discouraging to see for store 'team members' who were trying to make a career of auto parts. DM's and Warehouse Mrgs behave like Gods (and are supported by corporate in this attitude). Office workers are often judged in their company allegiance by the grandeur of their O'reilly 'shrines'..where they display O'reilly trinkets like pagan fetishes after a Catholic shrine tradition. As for their parts...if you don't mind being lied to about availability, being serviced in sarcastic tones, and getting the wrong parts consistently then they are the parts store of choice. Incorrect fuel pump, wrong starter, wrong ball joint, poorly surfaced pressure places, etc etc. (and whatever you do don't use their engine machining service-you wouldn't even believe how many engines and parts they screw up daily) Company tolerates discrimination based on regional needs...ie whiten it up in midwest, darken it up southerly and English speakers get pissed on in Texas and out west. Age discrimination is a wink wink phenomenon observed throughout the company. On a lighter note-the IT guys do have a cool club where membership is determined on whether you have had sex on the VP's desks. It is called appropriately enough VPDC (or -vp desk club. The more desks you copulate on with a woman the more respect you earn). The biggest horn goes to those that have done the naughty not just on VIP desks but also have hatched up the board of directors table. & Yes Doy you uneducated nazi dwarf they have sex on your desk too.

I was in Hurricane Isaac. I bought a generator on thurdsay evening. I used it until Saturday morning it died. Try to crank it, it does not get spark. I tried to exchange it because I only bought it on Thursday. They tell me all sale final on generators. That is not printed on the receipt I was not told that at the time of purchase either. If I was I would of walked out and went some where else. I am in dire need of this generator because I am out of power due to the storm and possibly until the middle of the week. I paid 699.00 plus tax. ALso the manager had enough nerve to tell us you pay for what you get. OMG I paid over 700 bucks. Then he brags about how he paid 3 times more for his at his house. VERY RUDE AN UNKIND when all I want is my generator exchanged. I was a regular customer. Not anymore.

Horrible company! They fired pregnant women for stupid reasons!!!! I lived my job did what i could but at 9 months preg its hard to do anything. Even with drs letters and all they still found a way around the law and let me go for Lack of job performance. Well no duh. It was hard enough for me to walk but at least i came in and did the best i could but my butt (in nice words) of a manager let me go anyways.

I must say that I wont step foot back into the Garden City Ks store ever again! I have done a lot of business with them in the past, BUT I went in the other day and there was three employees standing at the counter talking, the problem I had was that they never once acknowledged me, never said hi, welcome, nothing, I was in the store for about 15 minutes and not one employee asked if there was something they can help me with. I ended up leaving and yet again not one person acknowledge me leaving. I will for now on give Auto Zone all my business.

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