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Unprofessional counter management in transfer Copenhagen

Think MAC should look into how Denmark represent MAC. I always thought of MAC as a professional company, who took care of their employees. But boy was I wrong. Counter manager in transfer CPH who is manager while the normal one is on leave, is he most unprofessional, rude and cruel person i have met so far. While she have been in charge, all 6 employees is either fired cause she feel threathned by them or just dont like them and rest quit cause of her. Especially one girl she was very mean towards, simply cause she didnt like her. When staff takes it to a higher lvl.... They just back her up without even looking into it.... What the hell is up with that??? We even found out that she has a criminal charge. So a complaint is on its way, for both Denmark and the US on behalf on 5 of the former employees.

MAC is something wrong at Stonecrest Atlanta Georgia

I am here to register a complaint but reading all the other reviews i can see that there seems to be a big problem with MAC choosing good representatives to sell their products!! I am so offended by my experience that i have decided to contact corporate personally, live and in person! Like so many others here, i am a long time customer and can not for the life of me figure out what has suddenly happened with MAC employees!! They have turned rude and snippy and ignore customers! I absolutely LOVE MAC products and have spent thousands over the years with MAC because i am an entertainer. After my humiliating experience this week..i think MAC just lost one! Do you know that you're never as effective as a company until you pay attention to how you treat your customers? Shame

Do I like to know where I can buy shade smoked ruby, if it was not possible to return to make?

Tint toons

Please please please!!!! Bring back tint toons!!!

Bad Customer Service

I have been shopping with MAC..for almost 9 years and a big fan. But now really upset with the serviceis and attitude of your store in Union Store ( Macys) SF. Staff is store is rude and not at all willing to help. from November 2014 - till date, have visited store 3 times …..to buy products and exchange my empty boxes but end up doing nothing after looking at attitude of staff. If you want to get insulted walk in the store..this is what I feel all the time. Staff is busy talking among themselves rather than helping customers and giggling. Don't wana enter any of your stores…strongly believe done with MAC.. Making products is not enough, you have to help and delight customers not ignore them. So many things I wanted to do, book my lessons … buy products …. now.. its like not with MAC…..

Night employees @ Macy's Reno, especially the Mgr..trying to use their recycle program. I had 12 items, 1 tube of lipstick that was not Mac that I didn't realize was not Mac. I apologized x2-3, Mgr kept saying had to call Corp <10-1030 pm @ Corp funny!> X 2-3 times. I asked for my recycled's back, "oh we are digging them out of the trash" really ?" It was by far the worst retail experience I have had in a very long time! I will never go back there.

Terrible-losing a long time customer

The compact StudioTech NC 55 and 50 are "discontinued, but you can order online". Since those are the darkest tones in the line, the merchandising looks very suspicious. Thanks but no thanks.

My good friend

Can I just say that it is appalling to find out that the Mac employees in the Bay Shore mall are so discriminant towards transgender customers! After all the that society has taught us! People just want to look and feel beautiful without critisim!

Bad Customer Service

I live in NW Las Vegas and went to the MAC located in Town Square Mall, Las Vegas, NV. It is more than a thirty minute drive from my house. I handed the associate the product I wanted, and she went to get it for me. After I got home, I found out I was given the wrong color, so I had to drive back to the store to exchange it. I told the clerk I was very upset that I had to drive more than an hour to exchange this product, and could I speak to a manager. She said, it was only a mistake. She made no effort to apologize or anything. She was very rude. I won't be visiting this store again.

Horrible Servive at Firewheel Mall

Mac Cosmetic @ Dillards Firewheel I stopped the MAC counter that is licated inside of Dillards and I received not one acknowledgement. Then when trying to serve myself, I was reafing the name of a particular eye shadow I was considering. The RUDE sells clerk immediately yelled not to touch that eye shadow because that was for them. I was only trying to see tge actual name of the shadow. I walked away all together. My daughters had mentioned that there was an older lady that worked there that was sooo rude. I never encountered her before. Well, now I have. I wont shop there EVER again.

Bring back Stilleto lipstick

I don't wear make-up but I must have lipstick on. Sadly, Mac discontinued Stilleto and Rocker lipstick and have not found any lipstick close to them at any store since. Please BRING them back,,,,,!!! Thank you from Azusa, Ca.

Horrible service at Nordstrom Freehold Mall

The three people behind the counter totally ignored me; did not even ask can I help you with something. I had to go up and ask if someone can help with me with some products. When the girl came she acted like I was bothering her.

Sale of expired product

Bought a eye liner brush in march / feb 2013 which showed expiry da te of October 2012 from M.A.C at Select City , saket, New Delhi store. When contacted on the same day the store manager replied the expiry date is only there as it the government policy. It does,nt get expired. So far nothing has been done.

Mac isnt prepared for international clients.

A Brazilian friend bought a lipstick from Brazil and asked it to be delivered in my house. She paid extra for the 2 day shipping. It was last Saturday, the product should be in my house yesterday (wednesday), but apparently it was sent back to the company because the package contained hazardous material. I cant get any info because I'm not the cardholder, even if I am the recipient... Ridiculous! I rather buy at Sephora.

MAC at the Macy's in New York City

If you are in New York City and are a MAC lover then bypass the Century 21 store and head straight for the Macy's. the customer service here is phenomenal! Ask for Vaughan because he was unbelievably helpful and patient! I will absolute be back!


I've been performing on Broadway for years. With a recent bout of Breast Cancer, I was unable to renew my Pro Card. When I went to the Pro Shop, not only were they extremely nasty, I called corporate to see if they could expedite my renewal since I am back on the NYC stage in a high prolife venue. Corporate said, "Absolutely not. You need to reapply and wait 6 weeks". Very "ghetto", very arrogant and just disgusting.


I was recently shopping in the Dubai Mall in The united Emirates and called in at the Mac counter .I walked into three British girl who were chatting away to each other completely ignoring me a young man helped me with my products.I was left at the counter for payment where two of these girls were still chatting i was not even acknowledged by them as i waited another person walked up to the counter and the girl started dealing with a phone call for that person Had she asked me if i minded waiting while she sorted out the problem i would probably have been ok with her behaviour needless to say i left all my products there and walked out .What is going on at Mac counters in Dubai ??This is totally awful service.I have been a Mac user for many many years and i can honestly say the service at the Dubai was the absolute wort i have ever encountered . Needless to say i will not be calling there again .


I have been shopping at MAC and been a loyal customer for at least 6 years and had bough products on MACS online website and when received maybe didnt like the color in person and would go and exchage out for a color I did like with no problem, I had gone back to my location I always go to In Santa Ana at Mainplace mall and from the minute I had walked up I have never been treated so horrible in my life, she wanted nothing to do with me I had showed her all my brand new lipsticks in the MAC bag and all in MAC boxes other than one lipstick that I had the email receipt for on my phone and she told me just hold all my stuff pick other colors I want and she will deal with it then, she then followed me around the store with her hands on her hips with an irritated attitude as if she was bothered by helping me and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. The lipsticks were melted and destroyed as I was trying to look at the colors of the pro long lip wear and she never offered me a tissue or wipe to get all the lipstick off my hands or apologized for the disgusting condition of the lipsticks. I only found about three colors to out of the six to exhange out and wanted the credit for the others so I can return when there were new products out and she basically told me they were doing me a favor and they will only do two items not the third as I would have to go to the MAC store smirking talking down to me telling me I know its confusing and I understood the policy and she doesnt make the rules it was the way she went about telling me and her entire attitude. I was extremely offended and set back by the entire expieriance, I will never go back to this location and am seriously reconsidering my loyalty with MAC as these are the people they are choosing to represent them.

Stole my Visa Information

I will never shop at a Mac Store again especially the one located in Sherway Gardens Toronto, Ontario. A sales associate stole my Visa information. And As for the Customer Service they directed me to in the US it was so nasty and rude makes you wonder how people get jobs in customer service. MAC your products are over priced especially your brushes There are better or equal such as Sigma Brushes. Never Again Mac.


I have been a loyal customer of MAC for around 15 years or longer. When I found out about Back To Mac I immediately began saving all my old compacts. I don't go though them very fast so I'd been saving them for at least 10 years. When I went to turn them into my local counter in North Hollywood CA, I already had an idea of what lipstick I would pick. All my money spent, and time saving these things had finally paid off! Long story short, the MAC employee told me she thought 2 of my 6 compacts were counterfeit! WHAT?! First of all I only by MAC from MAC counters and stores, secondly, I do not buy counterfeit anything! I was totally taken aback! She said she would research it, but it would take a while. I told I had all the time in the world! She went off somewhere and came back saying she still thought 2 of my compacts were counterfeit but he would "let me go this one time" I was seeing red at this point but I took my lipstick and left. I have NEVER been made to feel so low! I'm glad they got all my old compacts, because I most definitely will never buy a MAC product again!

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