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kodak 6150

Do not purchase kodak printer. There is no support at all. Email no help. Printer leaking ink all the time.


your support for14mp digital camera leaves noless than a lot to be desired!

Worst Product Ever

Worst experience EVER with a Kodak product...C310 printer barely gives you 10 printed sheets without screaming for a "new ink cartridge", which I don't have at 10:15 pm. So much for printing a very important document. The online support system is out of order and gives an error address. I am going to mail this piece of junk to the CEO to see if it works for him/her. What a scam to sell this kind of JUNK!

In my opinion, Kodak customer service is horrible and has deceptive business ethics. I will never purchases another Kodak printer ever again. Horrible company with atrocious Supervisors who don't know the meaning of customer service. To think all this over a print head, just pathetic

I bought a Kodak Office Hero 6.1. IT WAS CRAP. Kodak sent me a replacement and it was broke. They then sent me a 2nd replacement and it also was broke. They refuse to refund my money. Their plan is to continue sending broke replacements until you give up.

Kodak all n one printer 5210 requires heads to be cleaned too often and still black is not printer correctly. new Ink cartridges installed but still not printing very well is their any way I can clean

I've contacted Kodak help several times but each time I am transferred to India. They have told me that I have buy a new print head and inks which will cost £38 and the print head is only guaranteed for 90 days (my printer is only just out guarantee. This company just isn't complying with european law there should be at least 1 years guarantee and to be fit for purpose this would normally be 6 years. I'm so fed up with kodak that I shall give my printer a float test. I certainly will never buy another Kodak product again.

print head replace free

I have a problem with my print head they tested it and promised to replace it Neha G did one month later nothing came sent them proof of purchased nothing so I contacted and go Shruthi N she said no you have to pay32.50 for the print head they told me exact word were new value you as a Kodak customer and we value you mony so she would replace free of cost to me . Next no you have to buyit 32.50. This tell me there word is not to be honor I am sorry I have lost trust in this company and don't think I would buy another Kodak product . So out in the trash my printer goes

Kodak AIO ESP C310

Wow! what a piece of junk. I will never trust a kodak printer again. I bought this printer 4 days ago. I tried to print pics last night, used a whole ink cart., pics were awful, did live chat and got someone from india, what a joke, after quite some time, she was able to fix it, of course i am out about 70 pieces of photo paper, now today, i try to scan and it won't scan, i got india again and it took two times to finally get a document to scan, first person did not solve my problem, i hate this printer, i will never buy kodak again, they need to start making good on their products or they will find themselves with no american customers, i want my money back!!!

Kodak ESP C315

I am very disappointed in you product, I bought not even a year ago and it does not print anymore. Ink has been replace and it was a waste on my hard earn money. I ask a family member regarding her kodak printer and she too has had problems. You have lost 2 customers.

This is in a league with Enron, with the only exception being that--Forget the review. They are just plain CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are out of their mind in not helping us. I keep getting transferred to India to talk to them and I requested 4 times in the past 2 weeks from someone from America to call me. Someone finally did, left a quick message on my cell and said they will try later. That was 2 days ago. This is a joke! A kodak Rep from the USA told me in April this would not happen again from what I am experiencing and it is happening again.

As an older consumer / customer I grew up with Kodak and their products. I honestly have overall been satisfied with your company and products over the years. I know about the bottom line and I have no problem with that; but, I do have a problem with Kodak as a company forgetting who got you where you are today: US, the Customer. I have an ESP3 All in One printer and have had problems with it since the beginning. Each previous problem has been mostly resolved by: 1. Replacing a printer head 2. Replacing entire printer because printer head did not solve problem. 3. The replacement printer will not scan anything. I have replaced drivers etc. To no avail, nothing. 4. I just learned to live with problem as I needed the printer. 5. I use your products, ink cartridges, even using "YOUR" XL cartridge, wherein lies the problem. I recently replaced the Black cartridge and my monitor status shows I have 85% supply left in cartridge...if that is the case why can't I print a Black document? I know my color cartridge is low; but, I am using the Black cartridge nothing in color. I call the tech center, get told a technician will call me within 30 minutes, an hour later I get a call from India. The gentleman has such a heavy accent he was hard to understand. I explain the problem and the man says that "YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND..." I call for help and he insults me, your customer. I am in school and informed the technician I needed him to call me back the next day (9/18/2012) at 2:30 pm CDT and he agreed, even repeated the time and said he would speak to me tomorrow and solve the problem. What kind of Tech Support Department are you running where the customer (ME) has to call your (TECH CENTER)2 hours and 20 minutes past the time HE agreed to. When I speak to him he acknowledges who I am, mumbles something and says he will call me back in about 3 to 5 minutes. Guess what, it is 3 hours 4 minutes later and still no call. Last night he remotely connected to my machine, commented about how slow my machine was (I had told him I was running an older Dell XP), I watched as he manipulated my monitor and had the audacity to "CHANGE MY WALLPAPER IMAGE" without asking my permission. Ironically, all I originally had was a question as to why if my ESP3 Monitor shows I have 85% black ink supply remaining then why won't it print? It goes through the motions; but, nothing displays. I knew that I was going to have to answer a number of questions to inform the technician where I was coming from; but, I was NOT going to spend 1 or more hours having him ask me all of the things that I had already covered and waste my time. I am in College and I need a printer, I am having to utilize my local library because your machine will not work. I have a suggestion...send me a shipping case for the Kodak ESP3 printer, a check for 108.00 USD, and I will return your equipment to you for you to do whatever you will...I don't know, try sending it to the technician in India and see IF he is capable of "FIXING THE PROBLEM." I honestly doubt he can. Approximately 1 month ago I was entertaining the thought of purchasing one of your newer models with wi-fi capability, fax, etc. Now, I have to admit, once you get your machine back I doubt I will choose your product again. Your company's standards have dropped so low...you do not care for us at all, ONLY OUR DOLLARS. Prove me wrong. The following information is provided to you so there is NO doubt as to how one of your Senior Management personnel can reach me: Name: Mr. Doyne T. Greer I have been in customer service industries for 48 years and I firmly believe in a couple of things: 1. When YOU forget what it's like to be the customer, you've lost your reason for being in business. 2. CUSTOMER SERVICE is the name of the industry. Remember we, your customer, your stockholders, your DOLLARS are why you are in business. I can honestly say, "IF I were a stockholder in your company, I couldn't go fast enough to my broker to say, "SELL ALL OF MY KODAK STOCK." I know that you feel I am just another ranting, angry, dissatisfied customer, and you would be right. It is NOW UP TO YOU whether I remain one. Choose!!!!!

My Kodak Printer 2150 is a piece of junk. I had it two months before it started not printing. I went to support and was working with someone from India. They sent a new print cartridge which did not help the situation. I called again and this time they said it was the print head. They sent a new print head which worked for about two weeks. The support people will not tell you who to talk to in order to get a replacement. Now the printer is out of warranty and I am stuck with a printer that doesn't print. Kodak is selling a poor product with poor customer support. I absolutely will not by another Kodak product because of the customer support.

I bought a kodak 605 printer. I had taken m.c.fascility, dated 1-9-2010 with Rs. 15983 deposit. printers showing problems from the starting.your servicing staff came 4-5 times , but with no solution of the problem. now i was informed that my m.c. fascility is over. please look into the matter and do the needful. Thanks & Regards Sisir Bhadra Radha Studio, Andal, Burdwan, West Bengal, India

I have a Kodak ESP 7250 All in One Printer. I have in the past called Customer Service regarding the poor quality of the color given my former HP Printer. Recently, I called regarding a print cartridge jam which I am unable to clear, after reading the trouble shooting suggestions in the manual and on line. The people in Customer Support could add no further suggestions and did not offer any possibility of getting the machine repaired. I later got a communication telling me that we would be happy to sell me two ink cartridges and a new print head for $35.00. If I can't clear the current print head, how am I going to replace it with a new one? Dah!!! I have decided to move on, take my licking and get a reliable new printer, one that works and that I can count on from a company that is committed to customer service. I guess that leaves out Kodak out. In the past I have always looked up to Kodak products, It would appear that they have reached a new low.

I purchased a Kodak Esp 9250 printer last spring from BestBuy for $200, I haven’t used the printer in about three months. Today I turn the printer on immediately the red error light starts to blink with an error message stating (Printer head carriage jam ) I opened the top only to find that there was no jam, I tried to move the carriage myself only to find that the carriage will not move at all. I called Kodak and was informed that I have to purchase a new printer; I then asked is there any service centers I can send the printer to. I was informed there were no service centers, and that I have two options, 1. To purchase a new printer or 2. Purchased a refurbished printer. I was in disbelief that the printer I just purchased 13-14 months ago just stopped working and the only option Kodak have is to purchase another non-working printer from their FAULTY company. This is unacceptable business practice for a company to just abandon its customers like this with no solutions to the problem, other than spending more money on defective equipment.

I Bought a Kodak ESP315 Last November and was never happy with way it ignored print commands either with Wi Fi or wired. Last week it went completely mad to the point i got in touch with Kodak call center in India. The response was first rate and they agreed to send me a new printer,or so i thought. After unpacking and checking this unit over i found that the very part that seemed to be given the problem was the Print Head which was not included in the new printer.Not amused i set to to install to find that i had more problems than before.The following day through the post a package arrived with new Print head and both black and colour inks .After fitting these to the printer all my troubles were at last resolved. I have to say that if i have a comlaint i tell all but when i am highly delighted i also tell all.Regards and well done KODAK . A.Scougal

I've never had any printer issues until I bought this Kodak Hero 7.1. It is not worth a damn as a printer. I'm getting ~60 pages of draft quality B&W printing and suddenly my cartridges are empty. I've contacted Kodak Support who keeps telling me to buy more cartridges and report back if the issue persists... even though I tell them that I've ALREADY DONE THAT. This is what happens when you manufacture overseas and move your customer service overseas and when you don't give a crap about quality or your customers. Well, my money and time are not disposable like they apparently think it is for every customer. Kodak printers = garbage. My HP printers, nor my Lexmark printers, have ever let me down. I simply wanted to update and upgrade for wireless, better resolution for scanning and photo printing, and LOWER COST PER PAGE PRINTING - which is the biggest joke of all!

I have a Kodak Easy Share C190 Digital Camera and when I turn my camera on the screen it has "Memory card requires formatting." So I went to Walmart and purchase a memory card thinking that was the problem. But it has the samething on the screen with the new memory card. What's going on with my camera? And is my camera repairable?

This has to be the poorest excuse for a company for long time in American business history. The reason your ink cartridges go out so soon is that they dry out in the machines. If you are not going to use your machine for a day or two take them out and put in a very tight sealable plastic bag. Also the printer head problem is universal (I'm also having the same problem). If you get an overseas CSR ask to speak to a US citiaen, by law they have to connect you. However, the catch is that they will take your info and you may have to wait 24-48 hours, and get connected, if then. The people at Best Buy were correct when they said we would be sorry if we bought Kodak. Boy, are we SORRY.

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