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My daughter has been working at KFC for six months. She was just fired for calling out on the first of the month. oct. 1. She had been sick for awhile, and going to work anyway, (which I find wrong, I don't want to eat food being prepared by a sick person)and had a note from our family doctor. They say it's in the rulebook about calling out on 1st of the month, and it is grounds for immediate termination. I had my daughter go ask for the rules, which she never received. She was told that they don't have a copy of them, they are in someones car. ??? Anyway, not that she really wants her job back, because she has been being ripped off of her pay. She is 17 and was told she can only work a certain amount of hours, so when she covered for someone else, which she often does, she was not allowed to be paid for all hours and was told they would give the rest in next paycheck. When next pay came and money still wasn't there she was told she didn't work that many hours. As far as I know they should be able to check computer. They clock in and out at their registers so how come they can't check? I am going to report this to everyone and anyone I can. I am outraged at this!

i work for kfc ive been there for 5 weeks. when i was interviewed i was told i would atleast have 15 hours a week. they kept cutting my hours to were im down to 4 hours. when i talked to my manager steve at the store on thompson, springdale ark 72764 store phone number 479-872-7311. he was a complete jerk. he keeps tell me he can fire me. really your going to bully me. i went to get my pay check which doesnt even have a scheduled day. which is unprofessional. he says i cant help when your check gets here it aint my problem. he tells me by the way you been taken off the schedule tonight. i start crying because im a college student i cant even get to school. i ask for the number for bob he tells me im not allowed to give it out. i feel bullied. this manager needs to be fired for his conduct.

I try to eat at the KFC here in Mountain Home, AR. but it is a trial to go there. I have to use a powerchair to get around due to my disability. There are steps to get into the store unless I go on the traffic side of the building and risk getting hit by passing cars. Also, God forbid that I need to use the bathroom facilities there. They advertise that it is a "handicapped Bathroom' but how can people in wheel chairs get into the bathroom when there are three steps leading down to the bathroom level? It may be handicap equiped, I don't know as I have never been able to get onto the proper level to access the bathroom. I have spoken to the manager and been told to "take it up with headquarters, we don't do that kind of thing here". The American Disabilities Act states that 'ALL' businesses shall be accessable for those with a disability. So, how can they say that they 'don't do that kind of thing (making it accessable for the handicapped)"?

KFC in Nashville Tennesse off of Bell RD forces my boyfriend to come into work sick. On Sunday October 10th and on Thursday October 14th he was told while he was throwing up and running a fever that he had to come to work. This is an outrage. I am currently enrolled in school to become a doctor and I am aware that this is a health risk to not only the other employees but to the customers. He prepares and cooks all the food while constantly having to run to the restroom to relieve himself. On Sunday I know for a fact he threw up at least three times while cooking. It is a wonder that he didnt throw up on the fryer or any of the preparatory counters... On another note, while running a fever you are still contagious 24 hours after the fever breaks. So on Monday October 11th, he was still contagious and still cooking food. This show just how "clean" KFC really is.

I went to get chicken for my Family.I asked for Crispy and was told that they longer served crispy at this location, You only serve Chicken I should be able to get fried crispy chicken not grilled or original.. Hell you are a chicken restaurant I hope they build a popeyes chicken right next to you. PS. But they will fry two Chicken strips and two pieces of cheese and add bacon. that is just a heart attack waiting to Happen.

We live in South Jersey and was suprised to see so many KFC's closing. I can see why now. WE went to the KFC in Woodbury the other night and ordered 2-2piece meals. We asked for a breast and a leg. We waited and waited and waited. While we were waiting, we saw 3 people walk out of there because the girl said she only had two pieces of crispy breasts and they weren't making anymore. We got there at 6:45, It was almost 7:05 by the time we finally got out of there with no chicken because she said it would be about 20 minutes or so. Why didn't she just tell us that right when she took our order. There are other things that happened also, but I'm not writing a book.

I just relocated to James Island(Charleston) SC. So far I have been to the KFC on Folly Road at least 4 times and it is always an amazing experience of the poorest service and a trial to get chicken at all. I have a older picky cat who only wants to eat KFC original chicken breast. This was no problem when we lived in Washington state but here in Charleston its been such a trial. First visit I sat at drive through for so long with no response I drove up to window where 3 employees did their best to ignore me. Finally I got out and tapped on the window. Visit #2 they had NO Chicken! Visit #3 was no original but crispy. Visit #4 was no original and such a old hard grilled breast that Elvis refused to touch it. Also the cost of the breast changes from 2.00 to 3.00 with no explanation and may i add the service is always nasty and you feel like you are bothering them! So much for southern hospitality! Poor Elvis... now I am trying to interest him in other chicken like Popeyes. When this franchise closes its doors I will know why! Ps. I did ask for the owner's name and number, and was told to call the 1-800 number on back of the receipt. NO MORE KFC FOR US!

Last Sunday we stopped at KFC and purchased a 20pc Bucket of Original Chicken and other items for a Family picnic.The Chicken that was given to us was nasty looking inside the bucket and it looked liked it was Mirowaved.Even the Chicken tasted old. We couldn't believe the dead beat service we had also that Sunday Morning. KFC: 770 34th St N.St.Petersburg,Florida

i ordered a doublious grilled combo, the chicken was over cooked, meat very dry, 1 piece of cheese some shredded lettuce and what looked like thousand dressing, all thrown together on a bun about 3" in dia. the cost on the drive thru was $7.07 i ask if that was right and she stated, there a special going on, its $5 today. i will not eat at kfc again. thanks

This is not about the food, this is about a so-called interview my son had at the resturant in nSchererville,IN.He was called in and not interviewed by the manager. This is the oldest trick in the book. This is a way for companies to see the race of an applicant. I maybe wrong, but most companies interviews are conducted by the manager. I think if the general public knew of this practice and all the Black customers KFC has, this would be a bad blow for busuness. This store should be investigated and should be told this can cause a lot of problems. This is 2010, stop this!!!

My child works at the local KFC in Summerville, SC (Charleston, SC area), under the Phoenix Group formerly known as Charlie Pryor, and there have been re occurring incidences of the employees not being able to cash their payroll checks at the bank that the check is drawn from. They have been told that there were no funds available to process the checks. What type of example is being set for the young people employeed in these stores that are trying to do the right thing. This is horrible business ethics. I understand that this occurred at the franchise level, but it is a direct reflection KFC Corporate. KFC is a well known organization that has been established for many years, and these type of business practices makes the entire organization look bad. They are paid weekly at this particular franchise and they hold two weeks pay on the employees so how can the funds not be available? I understand that this may be a growing issue with many corporations in today's economy, but attitude reflects leadership. So, the next time you wonder why customer service ratings are low this is why. Someone needs to be made aware of what is really going on at many of the KFC's in this area. I hope that someone from KFC Corporate will be concerned enough to correspond at P O Box 412 Summerville, SC 29484 and shed some light on this re occurring nonsense.

After getting the run-around for two weeks after applying. They told me they wouldn't here me because of fraternization, a policy the pres doesn't budge on, I was told; 'cos my boyfriend also works there. But, I've learned that family have hired other family at this location, and others who were in pre-exsisting relationships. They just weren't gay relationships. But, they did say they would definitely hire me if we weren't dating, which we've been solid for a year. I think I deserved an equal opportunity. They apperently didn't fuss over the other instances. Perhaps I should inform the BBB.

Your KFC in Nashville Tennesse on Charlotte ave. The past three weeks we have been there they are out of chicken. This is the poorest run place I have ever seen. With the laziest workers.

my name is tyler valerio, from seekonk, ma. do not continue to give kfc business, they are god awful. i got honey barbeque sandwhiches and the meat was old, hard, and the buns were cold and stuck to it. and i waited fifteen minutes just to order when noone was even in line! very dissapointed in the one on taunton ave in east providence, ri. you guys disgust me.

I ate at kfc on Monday, July 19, 2010. After eating there my stomach was hurting so I just took Pepto Bismol, I was sick on Tuesday as well, when Wednesday came I began to vomit from that point I had loose bowels as well. To make a long story short, Thursday, July 22, 2010 @ 5:27am I went to Greater Southeast Hospital where I was diagnosed with food poisoning. I haven't heard back from the manager @ the kfc on alabama avenue and it's ridiculous. My back and stomach was on fire. That is bad business.

kfc is my favorite chicken but the last three times ive gone there they were out of extra crispy twice and out of extra crispy boneless breast i ask you how do you run out of the only thing you serve??? when i said i would wait for them to cook some they said it would take to long but i could have some bbq i tend to go by the three strikes your out therory forgive my spelling i wonder if subway sandwich shops are owned by you cause they were out of bread last time i went there since then i have switched my loyalty to popeyes i have to drive by two kfc to get to popeyes now i know why there is always an add for managers in the paper sorry guys but i think the colonal i turnning over in his grave... ps the resturant in question is in battle creek michigan pennefield store

if there was an option for less stars then this wrould get it. i got a bucket of chicken from kfc in gaithersburg,md yesterday and when i brought the chicken home to eat, i bit into a breast and there was an internal organ in it, im pretty sure that it is a lung. i swear, i still have that piece of chicken in my fridge in a bag as proof. STOP EATING THIS GARBAGE IT WILL MAKE YOU SICK.

We just got home with out order from the KFC at 1552 Rosecrans St San Diego Ca 92106. They completely got our order wrong and the food was cold and dry. We ordered original recipe and got 5 pieces of xtra crispy and only one piece original. We have stopped going into this store because the help is always unfriendly and sloppy, and this is the third (and I might add, final) time they have gotten our order wrong. I have had good luck with other stores, but for some reason, this store is very bad.

I waited 25 minutes for a Double Down at the KFC located in Baltimore the Arbutus Store which is located 3815 Wilkins Ave. The cashier Chris said that it would only take 4. After waiting for the breast to cook the store was dirty and soda was spilled on the floor. Often, Chris told other customers that they were out of a lot of items. Customers were told that they didn't have chicken cooked and that it would be a short wait but it wasn't. After getting the Double Down I got home and realized that it was nothing but 4 pieces of bacon in between two chicken breast. This was the worst Double Down I have ever had. I drove back to the store and asked for a refund. KFC what a joke!!!

i have been eating at kfc for many years i live at 148 tyler cresent west portsmouth va 23707 i stoped eating at kfc because it became very hard to get the order thay way i orderd it and the people that kfc seems to hire needs to have more experaince in customer relations it sad to say that meny poeple i know think the same as i do it my be just the kfc stores arround my town but i just give up thank for the opertuity to let know your stores are going down hill SEBASTIAN ZAMMIT

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